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  1. Basically a Sports Show

    I'm glad everything is OK after your "eventful" weekend.
  2. McDonalds customer pays for order of nothing

    I probably worded it poorly to how I was trying to get my point across - it would have been better to say that there are multiple reasons why a machine might replace a person. The employee being replaced by the machine should hold as much responsibility for being easily replaceable as other reasons such as companies cost saving and customers choosing machines over human service. I don't think it's 100% the replaced employees fault. I'd much rather live in a world where everyone has a job and people prioritise true value over just the cost of things. I think we're a long way past that point now though.
  3. McDonalds customer pays for order of nothing

    You can't moan about companies that use these automated processes if you continue to buy goods from that company... and maybe if you lose your job to a machine, then it's your own fault as much as anything else. En masse, we as consumers seem to always demand the cheapest prices and will overlook spending a little more to get a superior service or product / or something which is more beneficial to our own community. It's similar to why huge national supermarkets have largely replaced local family owned stores. It's easy to blame the companies at the heart of these kind of things but it's only because their customers still buy things from them and that allows it all to happen.
  4. Basically a Sports Show

    A partially formed idea I have that you are welcome to discuss or even alter to suit your needs is... I no longer really have a football team that I follow. For almost 10 years I was a fan of the San Diego 'Super' Chargers* and also Penn State** for around 5 years. I don't think it really needs explaining why I no longer have an affinity for either team. I know that you can't just decide to start supporting a team all of a sudden. I believe that something will happen when you are watching the sport which will spark an interest in a certain team and the fandom will naturally grow over time. Considering I am not tied down with geographical connections, are there any teams you would suggest would be good teams to support? Any teams to avoid like the plague? Or... just be like Greg and have 7 favourite teams? This could be extended across other sports too, I guess. *I followed them because they had a WR called Keenan McCardell. This is similar to my surname (of which 'marble' is a simplification) so I watched a few of their games. Watching LaDainian Tomlinson play was incredible and I became a fan. **I actually chose Penn State because I thought that they were a school with genuine values - not as flashy as the other teams and put an emphasis on academic performance too. There were plenty of issues at the time surrounding teams violating NCAA rules about giving players cars and housing their families etc. I thought by choosing Penn State that I could have a clean conscience because they seemed like a school that would never be involved in a scandal. Well, that didn't exactly go to plan.
  5. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    I agree 100%. I've never heard of it and it doesn't need to happen. People will buy both though. I can't see any other reason why this would exist other than that. Similar to how teams used to have kits for 2 seasons but when they realised that the fans would buy new ones every season it became standard practice to change them every season.
  6. Basically a Sports Show

    I will chime in too as all of the other cool kids are doing it and I don't want to feel left out. Spoilered due to length.
  7. International Football 16-17

    It's good money, sure. It will be interesting to see how ready Trippier is to make the step up - assuming that's the plan and not to buy another RB. I am a little uncomfortable that he has been sold to a rival within the same league though. Walker has been consistently the best English RB for a while now and no doubt one of the best in the league. He will instantly improve City as a team as I feel that the full back positions have been a weak area for them for a while now.
  8. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    In answer to your question I would say yes. However, I think that once you are over ~ 13 years old you shouldn't be buying jerseys with names and numbers on anyway - unless it is for display purposes. So perhaps my opinion is not the best to listen to haha. Something maybe worth trying that you might not have thought of is contacting the l'OM kit man or even Mandanda himself to see if they have any old ones they could send you. Alternatively, there are websites out there which sell old player issue and match worn stock. Probably not particularly cheap or easy methods I have just suggested but it depends how much of a must have item it is for you.
  9. Republic of Ireland Kits

    I'm not a huge fan of the font either. I'd also maybe like to see a dash of orange on the shorts and socks to tie it all together - I know this goes against what you were going for with the classic look but I personally think it would improve the overall look. I can get on board with everything else though. Sublimated patterns seem to be popular right now and the celtic knots are a great idea for the ROI. Overall, there is a lot more that I like than that I dislike. @Whitefoot I think the shorts and sock combos should stay as they are because that is the traditional look for them as seen HERE. I'm not saying it can't be done (see the post above for example) but green/white/green is their look and I don't like the trend at the moment of teams moving away from tradition.
  10. UFC Thread

    We have an almost daily discussion at lunch in work as one person who sits at my table is an avid boxing fan and the other is a huge UFC fan. They had a wager with each other before the fight was even announced. Obviously anything can happen but I think that most people seem to think that Mayweather will just be the better boxer and will have the upper hand but it won't be an early knockout. I personally think that McGregor won't be able to deal with Mayweather's speed and will struggle to land anything that will cause proper damage. He will have to try and land something huge and that will leave him too open. As far as the road show goes, it's just something that you have to accept with these big money fights. The reason they get paid so much money is because the fights make so much money from PPV sales. They have these press conferences to try and maximise interest and PPV sales. So long as they don't end up hugging each other after the fight and acting like best mates then I can live with it.
  11. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    I can't quite figure out how to articulate it properly but both of Everton's kits look like training tops to me.
  12. How do you folks make your iced tea in the summer?

    The only tea that is required... + + =
  13. Basically a Sports Show

    On the subject of the upcoming anniversary and moments that stood out to me. When the Cavs won the title and the podcast was played out by the full version of Cleveland Rocks by Ian Hunter. When I heard the song start I was like, "Of course they've chosen this!" It was so fitting.
  14. 3rd Annual - BASS Ask Us Anything Show

    Do you think Kim Jong Un will retain the GToV title next year? Since you first began recording the show many years ago, are there any sports based opinions of yours which have drastically changed? When did you update the logo? I only noticed it the other day. I quite like it by the way.
  15. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    @Gothamite - The link you posted for the Arsenal retro line is by a company called Score Draw which get the license to make and sell retro designs. They're pretty widespread and make shirts for a whole bunch of clubs (which can be seen on their own website). With clubs changing manufacturers so often it makes sense to license them out in that way. Also, clubs and manufacturers are not as controlled by the leagues like they seem to be in North America. So clubs probably have more control over their own merchandising but are also not encouraged as much to produce throwback/breast cancer/military appreciation kind of things as is the case in US sports. Throwbacks may not be as common over here but you will probably find that most fans love a retro shirt. Often, the more "hideous 90s" it is the better.The "it's so bad that it's actually good" kind of reaction. The image above is a great example.