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  1. Not sure if this link will work: It was just something I rushed during my lunch break - the nickname of the team and stadium name and location in Copperplate Gothic Bold because that font is used on the team logo (Tranmere Rovers). I'm thinking that maybe outside the obvious of the design itself not being very good, that perhaps they're reluctant to have big businesses use community submissions when they can have the club pay for one of the event ones?
  2. Less than 24 hours it seems.
  3. To be honest, it never even crossed my mind that these could be submitted by the public. Thanks for sharing. I've just submitted something for the stadium of my local soccer team. I wonder how long until I get my rejection email.
  4. Sorry this isn't the most helpful feedback but great job again. You are consistently doing a fantastic job of creating realistic identities and kits. It's always enjoyable to check this thread.
  5. To be fair, my reaction to most of these has been "neato". So nobody can claim false advertising with the thread title. Navy pinstripes on gold is a look that I wasn't keen on at first - especially when Spurs released their 3rd kit (below) this year but it has grown on me. I think that it definitely works for your Brewers concept and like you said, it embraces the whole point of Color Rush.
  6. Said before but worth repeating I guess... In the UK "Trump" is a word we encourage young children to use for flatulence because the word fart is deemed too rude for kids to say for some reason.
  7. I can't really comment on the track layouts themselves as oval racing is a pretty foreign concept to me - not being from North America and all that. But everything else you have considered, such as commentary booths, parking, lighting, seating etc, makes for some interesting concepts to read through and view. As usual they are very well presented - even by your high standards.
  8. So, as previously hinted, K-Mag is leaving Renault at the end of this season and will drive for Haas in 2017. It's hard to tell whether this is a step up or down because both teams are looking to improve next year. Renault have shown their intent by recruiting Hulkenberg and Haas will have learnt a lot from their mostly positive first season in the sport and have a good foundation to build upon.
  9. I remember when the Brexit vote happened. People said... this won't happen with Trump. Well, here we are.
  10. Pretty much my thoughts too. I originally thought more red to acknowledge the Ferrari link would be better but as the season has gone on, their actual look has grown on me significantly and I think it would seem weird if they changed it much for next season. Not too different to what happened with the real McLaren liveries to be honest. They went to a lot of effort producing the chrome and red livery used 2007 onwards only for bottom of the grid teams like Hispania, Virgin and Marussia (as you point out) to produce schemes which looked similar at first glance.
  11. I believe he was exaggerating for emphasis.
  12. An observation rather than a complaint - that must easily be the shortest episode ever?
  13. I don't think you'll be in any hurry to wear it again after that result.
  14. Chelsea have reportedly signed a £900m 15 year deal with Nike to start next summer. This is a record breaking amount for a single deal but does not beat the £750m 10 year deal that Manchester United currently have in terms of amount per year.
  15. I will send you a PM - and anyone else after it should PM me too. Keep this thread clear for Raysox's concepts. The source image I used to make my template from is all over the internet though. Making your own templates is fun and a useful skill to have. Yeah I noticed a like on my McLaren concept and thought it was really random until I saw this thread haha. I'm very familiar with that video and YouTube channel. He was invited by Codemasters to help develop/give input on the F1 2016 game that came out recently and made some videos about it. I have noticed some people using PC mods on this year's game but I'm not expecting you to do the same. Was just trying to influence you slightly haha.