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  1. Yeah that's probably true for most countries. I was trying to be specific to the USA though which I believe already comfortably has the resources to host a 48 team World Cup tomorrow if it needed to. There are 22 MLS teams, 32 NFL teams and dozens of College campuses which have adequate training facilities - remember that not all teams have the budgets/requirements for a top class facility. There are easily 48 of these facilities with adequate hotels within comfortable travelling distance. Going back to what you just posted though, I do think that joint-bids will become more prevalent. They have worked in the past and there's no reason why they wouldn't work in the future. I guess it all comes down to who is the highest bidder really $$$. Euro 2020 is going to be held in 13 different countries. It will be interesting to see how that works out and if it is to remain a one-off special as originally intended.
  2. I don't think the increase in the number of teams will be as bad as I originally thought. Euro 2016 was generally quite exciting in the early stages with a lot of teams competing for the first time or first time in a generation. Granted, the latter stages were a bit of an anti-climax and the 'best' 3rd place teams going through wasn't ideal. What concerns me is the change in format. The current system pretty much guarantees you need to win a game to advance. This new system doesn't do that and could lead to some negative tactics. I'd also be interested to see how the seeding would work for the last 32 as I have some concerns about that too. It's pretty much standard practice that international teams operate from a single base during a tournament, travelling to each game when required. I don't think anything would need to change from that in your example.
  3. The Heisman Trophy pose is perfect for squeezing out a difficult fart.
  4. In rather unsurprising news, the Manor F1 team are in deep financial trouble. It went down to the final race as to who would finish in last place in the constructor's standings between Manor and Sauber. Unfortunately for the British team, Felipe Nasr picked up 2 points in the Brazilian Grand Prix which leapfrogged Sauber ahead of Manor. This had deep financial implications because the prize money for teams in F1 is based on the constructors standings and is notoriously unfair on the smaller teams. This result is reported to have cost Manor around £10m. Until the revenues are shared more equally, we are always going to have teams living below the breadline and depending on pay drivers and other investors to survive. Manor Racing enter administration and are on brink of collapse
  5. ...looks like the local journo was right. I have no idea whether this is a good appointment or not to be honest. I guess it all depends whether the owners back him during the transfer window and if so, will they buy sensibly? Marco Silva: Hull City appoint ex-Sporting & Olympiakos boss
  6. Every now and then in soccer, the referee can decide on the day that there is not enough of a difference between the two teams uniforms. The away team normally only brings one uniform with them so quite often they are forced to wear the away uniform of their opponent. This has happened twice for my local team Tranmere Rovers to my knowledge. Below is Colchester United vs Tranmere Rovers in 2014. The guy on the right is Tranmere player Max Power (best name in sports) wearing the Colchester United clash kit. Tranmere won the match 2-1. A bit longer ago, Sheffield Wednesday visited Tranmere Rovers in 2000. The referee deemed that there was not enough of a clash between the two kits, so Sheffield Wednesday had to wear Tranmere's green away kit. The real Tranmere Rovers won the match 2-0.
  7. Favourite beer at the moment is Elvis Juice. It is a grapefruit infused IPA and tastes very similar to a soft drink we have here in the UK called Lilt. I'm not sure if either of those are available in North America, but if you see a grapefruit infused IPA I would highly recommend. It's a lot more refreshing taste than it sounds. Favourite wine is a Merlot by Yellow Tail. They also do a good Shiraz. It's nothing fancy and is priced at around £7 a bottle here ($9 USD / $12 CAD). However, I just prefer it to other brands. I can't really explain why but again I would recommend it to anyone if they see it. I've also just been given a bottle of Ghost Ship to try by my friend in the military who is based near the brewery. He has given rave reviews about it. I have no idea what a 'ghostly' pale ale is supposed to be but apparently there is a strong citrus flavour to it?
  8. ^^^ what he said. The black socks and off-white really work well for a throwback kit.
  9. How about a Team GB style lion in the shape of the map of the UK/Great Britain?
  10. Not sure if this link will work: It was just something I rushed during my lunch break - the nickname of the team and stadium name and location in Copperplate Gothic Bold because that font is used on the team logo (Tranmere Rovers). I'm thinking that maybe outside the obvious of the design itself not being very good, that perhaps they're reluctant to have big businesses use community submissions when they can have the club pay for one of the event ones?
  11. Less than 24 hours it seems.
  12. To be honest, it never even crossed my mind that these could be submitted by the public. Thanks for sharing. I've just submitted something for the stadium of my local soccer team. I wonder how long until I get my rejection email.
  13. Sorry this isn't the most helpful feedback but great job again. You are consistently doing a fantastic job of creating realistic identities and kits. It's always enjoyable to check this thread.