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  1. F1 2018 Car Template (MS Paint)

    sĂ­ por favor.
  2. I think most Hull City fans would agree it's not the most professionally designed tiger logo in history but it's "theirs" and they are quite sentimentally attached to it.
  3. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    ...and this is exactly what a national team's kit should do every time.
  4. Johnny's Soccer Team Concepts for 2018-19

    Great job on Tranmere, especially the home.
  5. Leeds United New Crest

    I think I agree with this statement the most out of anything else in the thread. This logo is almost perfect for a supporters club to use or an SB nation type thing but not for the football club itself. IMO, as mentioned earlier, they should build something off of the '84-'98 white rose logo or even just a modern update of it.
  6. Johnny's Soccer Team Concepts for 2018-19

    Good solid concepts and very well presented. Not much to say in the way of critique but the Tottenham 3rd kit is probably my favourite. I knew exactly which kit you were basing it off before reading the text above it. I'm enjoying the series so far and looking forward to more. I was going to suggest Mönchengladbach myself, so that's a nice coincidence. Maybe if you're looking for an obscure request then how about English 5th tier Tranmere Rovers? They're my local team and I have a season ticket. They came fairly close to promotion to the Premier League in the early 90s but are now kind of a "fallen giant" living in the shadows of nearby Liverpool and Everton.
  7. US Cricket League - Beltway and Chicago logos open!

    I think it's good that people who are not 100% familiar with the sport are taking a stab at it - with the help from some people who are. You get to have a fresh look at things without bringing any bad habits. If I was doing something like this it would probably just be a carbon copy of the english counties onto US city names. I'd 100% like to see the stadiums if it's not too much hassle. Another great effort with Denver, particularly the uniform. I always think cricket kits can have too much piping and gaudy designs which age extremely quickly. All the designs so far seem to avoid this.
  8. US Cricket League - Beltway and Chicago logos open!

    Excellent idea for a thread and good to see a sport with a small following in North America getting some love on the boards. You've identified a real 'gap in the market' with the missing step in the pyramid. I think there are probably enough immigrants or even people with heritage/ancestry from Cricket playing nations in North America that there is potential for growth of the sport if the setup and organisation is correct. Something I like about County Cricket in the UK is that there's still a large element of players representing the area they were born in/live in. It's not quite lost it's 'soul' to money as much as other sports have in that respect. As such, the identities of the teams is still very important and as you mention, the logos are simple but iconic and very relevant to the Counties. The Roses Match between Lancashire and Yorkshire being a good example of the symbolism utilised by both teams reaching way back before Cricket was even invented. As good as the actual Cricket in the IPL and Big Bash is, the idea of "Franchises" isn't one I'm particularly fond of. Especially when they are playing at iconic venues with an illustrious history. I suppose when I see the CITY + ARBITRARY MASCOT format it feels a bit MiLB to me. From what I have seen so far of the concepts, everyone has managed to get the balance right with the simple and iconic idea. The use of Don Bradman cricket to show off the concepts is a stroke of genius too. I've not played this version of the game, only the first one they released, and so I haven't used the stadium creator. One thing I think could be cool would be for some of the stadiums for the teams you plan to have been around for a long time is to have a mix between old and new elements. If you look at Lords Cricket Ground and Old Trafford Cricket Ground, you will see the original pavilions remain but are surrounded by brand new stands and media centers. Just an idea.
  9. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    I agree 100%. I've never heard of it and it doesn't need to happen. People will buy both though. I can't see any other reason why this would exist other than that. Similar to how teams used to have kits for 2 seasons but when they realised that the fans would buy new ones every season it became standard practice to change them every season.
  10. International Football 16-17

    It's good money, sure. It will be interesting to see how ready Trippier is to make the step up - assuming that's the plan and not to buy another RB. I am a little uncomfortable that he has been sold to a rival within the same league though. Walker has been consistently the best English RB for a while now and no doubt one of the best in the league. He will instantly improve City as a team as I feel that the full back positions have been a weak area for them for a while now.
  11. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    In answer to your question I would say yes. However, I think that once you are over ~ 13 years old you shouldn't be buying jerseys with names and numbers on anyway - unless it is for display purposes. So perhaps my opinion is not the best to listen to haha. Something maybe worth trying that you might not have thought of is contacting the l'OM kit man or even Mandanda himself to see if they have any old ones they could send you. Alternatively, there are websites out there which sell old player issue and match worn stock. Probably not particularly cheap or easy methods I have just suggested but it depends how much of a must have item it is for you.
  12. Republic of Ireland Kits

    I'm not a huge fan of the font either. I'd also maybe like to see a dash of orange on the shorts and socks to tie it all together - I know this goes against what you were going for with the classic look but I personally think it would improve the overall look. I can get on board with everything else though. Sublimated patterns seem to be popular right now and the celtic knots are a great idea for the ROI. Overall, there is a lot more that I like than that I dislike. @Whitefoot I think the shorts and sock combos should stay as they are because that is the traditional look for them as seen HERE. I'm not saying it can't be done (see the post above for example) but green/white/green is their look and I don't like the trend at the moment of teams moving away from tradition.
  13. UFC Thread

    We have an almost daily discussion at lunch in work as one person who sits at my table is an avid boxing fan and the other is a huge UFC fan. They had a wager with each other before the fight was even announced. Obviously anything can happen but I think that most people seem to think that Mayweather will just be the better boxer and will have the upper hand but it won't be an early knockout. I personally think that McGregor won't be able to deal with Mayweather's speed and will struggle to land anything that will cause proper damage. He will have to try and land something huge and that will leave him too open. As far as the road show goes, it's just something that you have to accept with these big money fights. The reason they get paid so much money is because the fights make so much money from PPV sales. They have these press conferences to try and maximise interest and PPV sales. So long as they don't end up hugging each other after the fight and acting like best mates then I can live with it.
  14. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    I can't quite figure out how to articulate it properly but both of Everton's kits look like training tops to me.
  15. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    @Gothamite - The link you posted for the Arsenal retro line is by a company called Score Draw which get the license to make and sell retro designs. They're pretty widespread and make shirts for a whole bunch of clubs (which can be seen on their own website). With clubs changing manufacturers so often it makes sense to license them out in that way. Also, clubs and manufacturers are not as controlled by the leagues like they seem to be in North America. So clubs probably have more control over their own merchandising but are also not encouraged as much to produce throwback/breast cancer/military appreciation kind of things as is the case in US sports. Throwbacks may not be as common over here but you will probably find that most fans love a retro shirt. Often, the more "hideous 90s" it is the better.The "it's so bad that it's actually good" kind of reaction. The image above is a great example.
  16. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    I wonder what their sponsors do.
  17. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    Maybe because this design is based off of one Club America used in the past... whilst Adidas was the manufacturer.
  18. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    Does anybody know if Arsenal get custom colours of goalkeeper kits from Puma and are the only team to do so? Last season I can't remember anyone else having a green GK kit like they did, just the CMYK colours. This season, Leicesters are all based around orange and I was wondering if that is going to be standard? Not gonna lie, the only reason I am asking is so that the kits for my fantasy teams on these boards are realistic. Also, will all (or any other) Puma teams be getting those design socks? I don't think I've seen them anywhere else and my local team Tranmere revealed their kit with plain socks but I don't know if that was just a placeholder or not.
  19. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    Gold trim isn't a permanent feature for Tottenham. Last season was the only time it's been used on the home kit. Occasionally they go with yellow trim but more often than not it's just white and navy, so it's not surprising that Nike have gone with this. I agree that the execution of the shield is poor. You can clearly see the difference in the background colour of the shield and the main colour of the shirt, which is what I think contributes most to the tacky look of it. Couple that with the bland, templated look then the end result isn't great at all. I don't think I will be buying one.
  20. Formula 1 Grand Prix Branding

    I'm a big fan of most of these and could see what you were trying to do with the Chinese and Mexican ones with reference to the track layout. Maybe I'm just too much of an F1 nerd though. I like how they all work in multi colour or single colour applications too. They either convey speed or a renowned international symbol (or both). I don't think this type of branding would ever have gone down well whilst Bernie Ecclestone was in charge because so much was driven by sponsorship and the money that brought in. Under Liberty Media though I definitely think that they could do something like this. Similar to the Premier League dropping Barclays to make their own brand stronger. Whether or not each circuit would be willing to comply is another matter I guess but I do like the idea.
  21. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    You can add my local team Tranmere Rovers to that list too, so with them being a 5th tier side you can assume that this template will be used all over the place and not just for the top teams. I own the new shirt and I'm not a huge fan of the chevron gradient thing but blue on white seems to be a better combination than some of the others I have seen. To be honest, I am glad that Puma have gone away from the template/cut of the past few season of having a stripe along the top of the sleeves. I got kind of bored of that.
  22. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    The reason for the anger was because the design was changed/moved without consulting the Hillsborough Justice Campaign first. I believe the families support group were consulted though. I don't think they hold any particular preference to one design or place, although it seems obvious that any design should be centred around the eternal flame, so long as it is represented somewhere. Like Gothamite says, the design could theoretically be tweaked because the symbolism of the flames is what is important and not the current logo itself.
  23. marble21's Formula One 2017

    Merry February everyone. It''s almost that time when the F1 teams release their cars for the upcoming season. Just like in 2015 and 2016 I have made some F1 concepts to tie in with that, which I hope you will enjoy. This year will be slightly different though. I have already created a concept for each team based off a combination of what I think teams will look like - slightly modified to my taste. Once the actual cars have been released, I will modify my designs again based on them and also any C&C that has been given. There will also be some bonus concepts just for fun at the end - suggestions welcome. 2017 will be interesting because of some significant rule changes which affect the design and look of the cars. This has meant a slight change in the template I use. The .png is below for anybody to use. I have created my concepts using Inkscape from an .svg file. If you would like a copy of that .svg then PM me your email address. UPDATE: Basic "Shark Fin" added.
  24. From what I've seen on your portfolios, posts here and twitter I've seen that you're a big motorsport fan. What is your favourite F1 paint job for this coming season? ...and favourite current and all-time F1 drivers? Also, you have posted about your college education but prior to that what was it that gravitated you towards graphic design? Is there a particular moment or person you remember that inspired you to make this career choice? Has creating logos, uniforms, posters etc. been something you have always had an interest in from an early age?
  25. marble21's Formula One 2017

    Just throwing these last four teams out before the real racing begins this weekend. No shocks anywhere here. ^ Awesome update in real life from Toro Rosso. No need to change anything in my eyes. ^ Haas with a decent update on a solid look which really grew on me during 2016. Again, very subtle changes if any. ^ Same again, unsurprisingly. Not a fan of the drivers race suits so I had the polo shirt styled like this and the idea was to go with black pants. ^ By no means perfect from Sauber but a nice look to commemorate 25 years in the sport. ^ Manor Racing has passed away. RIP u will live on forever. Cant believe it. I wanna run to u. Really cant believe this. @