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  1. You can add my local team Tranmere Rovers to that list too, so with them being a 5th tier side you can assume that this template will be used all over the place and not just for the top teams. I own the new shirt and I'm not a huge fan of the chevron gradient thing but blue on white seems to be a better combination than some of the others I have seen. To be honest, I am glad that Puma have gone away from the template/cut of the past few season of having a stripe along the top of the sleeves. I got kind of bored of that.
  2. Interesting to know and a well timed "Paul Stanley" or "Cleveland Rocks" always goes down well with me.
  3. Greggie Midnight.
  4. ...or is it that he comes out with so many thoughts and ideas, that every once in a while he is statistically bound to come up with a good one?
  5. I have seen the same one before. It's reassuring to know that it's not just me. As you say, it's oddly specific and not really that relevant.
  6. The reason for the anger was because the design was changed/moved without consulting the Hillsborough Justice Campaign first. I believe the families support group were consulted though. I don't think they hold any particular preference to one design or place, although it seems obvious that any design should be centred around the eternal flame, so long as it is represented somewhere. Like Gothamite says, the design could theoretically be tweaked because the symbolism of the flames is what is important and not the current logo itself.
  7. Merry February everyone. It''s almost that time when the F1 teams release their cars for the upcoming season. Just like in 2015 and 2016 I have made some F1 concepts to tie in with that, which I hope you will enjoy. This year will be slightly different though. I have already created a concept for each team based off a combination of what I think teams will look like - slightly modified to my taste. Once the actual cars have been released, I will modify my designs again based on them and also any C&C that has been given. There will also be some bonus concepts just for fun at the end - suggestions welcome. 2017 will be interesting because of some significant rule changes which affect the design and look of the cars. This has meant a slight change in the template I use. The .png is below for anybody to use. I have created my concepts using Inkscape from an .svg file. If you would like a copy of that .svg then PM me your email address. UPDATE: Basic "Shark Fin" added.
  8. Not to worry. I'll check some things within the app and see if it fixes things - it's helpful to know that other apps are working. Like you say, thankfully they are plenty of alternatives.
  9. So I've been having some technical issues with the podcasts on my incompetent phone recently which I will put in a spoiler below. It's not the absolute worst thing in the world as I have been able to catch them on youtube from my PC with no real inconvenience. Great shows as always.
  10. From what I've seen on your portfolios, posts here and twitter I've seen that you're a big motorsport fan. What is your favourite F1 paint job for this coming season? ...and favourite current and all-time F1 drivers? Also, you have posted about your college education but prior to that what was it that gravitated you towards graphic design? Is there a particular moment or person you remember that inspired you to make this career choice? Has creating logos, uniforms, posters etc. been something you have always had an interest in from an early age?
  11. Just throwing these last four teams out before the real racing begins this weekend. No shocks anywhere here. ^ Awesome update in real life from Toro Rosso. No need to change anything in my eyes. ^ Haas with a decent update on a solid look which really grew on me during 2016. Again, very subtle changes if any. ^ Same again, unsurprisingly. Not a fan of the drivers race suits so I had the polo shirt styled like this and the idea was to go with black pants. ^ By no means perfect from Sauber but a nice look to commemorate 25 years in the sport. ^ Manor Racing has passed away. RIP u will live on forever. Cant believe it. I wanna run to u. Really cant believe this. @
  12. So they have ditched the above look and gone with a pink livery thanks to new sponsor BWT. I'm not a big fan to be honest but I will at least wait to see it out on track before I pass full judgement. In a similar fashion, the shark fins don't look too bad on the circuit but were a big shock when first seeing them in the HD release photos. Williams Not much see with Williams, just a return to what they have in real life and inclusion of a shark fin. The Martini livery is one of my favourite in motorsport. McLaren So for 2017 McLaren have finally returned to a classic orange look. This is no doubt a popular choice with F1 fans on the face of things as recent years have been pretty uninspiring. However, when the car was revealed a lot of people were comparing the look to that of several recent back markers. Manor/Marussia, Virgin and Spyker for example. For me, a big reason for this is the white lines between the orange and black. I decided to ditch these and also reduce the amount of black on the bodywork and move it to the front and rear wing end plates. The team apparel has also been altered to suit this. 4 more teams to go. No surprises coming up really, so these shouldn't be too far off. Bonus concepts will begin after that.
  13. I can't wait to see the "smart matte finish". The drivers helmets will be changed to feature pink too. Not sure to what extent but they have really embraced this new change at Force India that's for sure.
  14. Ferrari So, I was delighted to see the design Ferrari used on their shark fin. It was something I had put into my original concept harking back to this era. Again, I removed the large Scuderia Ferrari logo from the engine cover. I don't think it's a terrible logo itself, just don't like it when it's placed there. Force India So, I really don't like the direction Force India are going in. They had a chance to make orange and green their signature look. They started out that way but seem to move further away from it every season. Now, with McLaren returning to orange, I decided to create an Indian identity with a different approach. I took the shades of blue that the Indian cricket team use and went from there. I put the Indian flag design onto the shark fin, because why not, and altered the shape of it slightly. Overall, it kind of reminds me of Gulf Racing liveries which can't be a bad thing, right? Williams and McLaren up next... hoping to have them posted this week some time.
  15. Back with updates. Most of the grid is now finished so I will be posting a couple of concepts at a time. Then after that some bonus ones if any interest remains. I have included my original idea with the updated concept below. Mercedes So the updates to the 2017 car are pretty minor compared to the 2016 car but I do quite like the new design on the turquoise area of the car. The turquoise of Petronas and silver of Mercedes work well together so there wasn't really much need for change. A subtle update was the right decision, so I tried my best to recreate it. Again, removal of black from the engine cover and no shark fin or T wing. Red Bull So, another car where they have just moved their old livery onto the new 2017 design with some slight changes and that is satisfactory. Again, I have tried my best to just recreate it as I don't deem any changes necessary. A simple attempt at a shark fin here too.
  16. The first post has been updated with a template featuring a rudimentary shark fin design. I have started updating teams based on what has been unveiled in real life, so some of these should be up soon hopefully. I agree! I got into F1 during the Damon Hill title winning 1996 season when I was 6 years old. For many years, all I had ever known was a fully red Ferrari. Then I started watching videos of classic F1 seasons and grew to like the late 70s designs. I know they used a lot of black in the late 80s and early 90s but I'm really not a fan of that look for them.
  17. Not directed at me I know but I can also agree with what Wildwing says. I stayed with family in Oakville about an hour away and just travelling up on the day was enough to see and do everything. It was the 4th of July too so the number of people there was probably above average if anything. Also fun fact: whilst in the queue for the Maid of the Mist the guy in front of us was struggling to put on his waterproof poncho thing. So we helped him out and it turned out that he lived under a mile away from where we do. Funny how you can be 3000 miles away from home and randomly bump into someone from the same village as you.
  18. FIFA (and by proxy, UEFA) is renowned for intervening when governments interfere with the running of Football Associations. It's a strict policy that they have. If any sort of travel ban was to prevent players competing then that could certainly fall under that policy. Also worth noting that FIFA (and again UEFA) try to separate nations with any kind of conflict so they don't face each other in competition. Examples have included Russia and Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan and also strangely Spain and Gibraltar. So, the UEFA president can try to take the moral high ground on this all he likes but the policies that they implement aren't always consistent or fair either.
  19. Haas probably has the shark fin with the nicest profile to it. Fairly large winglet below the US flag on each side too. I also agree that is a fantastic new livery for Toro Rosso.
  20. Yeah, Force India has the perfect opportunity to own the orange and green and it would make perfect sense. They move further and further away from it every year though. Two more unveils today. The new Ferrari SF70H. Note the shark fin and T-wing. Less black which is a good thing and the shark fin is reminiscent of lauda era designs which I like. Still not a fan of the big Scuderia Ferrari logo next to it though. The McLaren MCL32 and a completely new look which takes inspiration from the Bruce McLaren days. I'm not overly impressed personally.
  21. Car unveils are definitely more interesting when there has been a major rule change. It's interesting to see how different teams have interpreted the new rules. There are two things I like on the Mercedes car purely from an aerodynamic point and not necessarily for aesthetics. 1) It's hard to get a good picture but there are two significant winglets either side of the Petronas logo on the nose. This is only possible with the new rules. 2) It will also be fun to see whether this T-wing just in front of the rear wing gets outlawed or not. It is probably doing the same job that the shark fin on other cars is doing.
  22. If I won the lottery I would probably just travel the world watching as many sporting events that I could. Definitely the following: Follow a Formula 1 season from start to finish. Follow the England Cricket team for a full year - basically drinking beer all day in the sun and getting rowdy and sun burnt in far away commonwealth countries. Rugby World Cup in a southern hemisphere country (although Japan 2019 would probably be quite cool too). Some ideas which are more realistic but still bucket list worthy to me: There are a few theme parks, and particular roller coasters, which wouldn't be too difficult for me to visit. Thorpe Park (London), Phantasialand (Germany), Efteling (Netherlands) and Gardaland (Italy) for example. Ireland (and NI). Particularly Co. Monaghan and Co. Armagh. My surname is Irish and my ancestry can be traced back to these places. Considering how close I live to these places and how easy and cheap it is to travel to them, it is amazing to think that I have never even visited these countries and seen what they are like in person. I could literally walk to the ferry terminal from my house and board a ship that day for less than £50. Just travel anywhere on a BAe 146 / Avro RJ aircraft. I have already done it when I was very young but would like to do it again. It is my favourite aircraft, which I realise makes me a massive nerd to even have a favourite, and as it is a regional hopper could be tied in to a city break somewhere on mainland Europe. I have a degree in aerospace engineering and I just like some of the unique and quirky design features which give the plane some character. A lot of these aircraft are coming to the end of their service history or being sold/leased to foreign operators.
  23. What's in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet
  24. So it would be OK for his Grandpa to sing a song about it but not him? (Just playing devil's advocate here for the sake of a little fun. I have no horse in the race but find it all quite funny)