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  1. I should've specified with that one. I want it to be seldomly used, so it would be for Thursday road games only. Also, I'm going to see some other options with the brown alt tonight.
  2. So after looking at the Padres' past uniforms and what they have now, it's obvious what they used to have is better. I wanted to bring back brown but use a color from their recent history, so I went with the powder blue from the logo used 2004-2011. One of my biggest design rules is, with a unique color scheme, you can have rather simple uniforms. So by using powder blue and brown, I think the Padres can have a very unique look while doing something new. The home uses the script from 1974-1977. I used the original primary logo on the sleeve but made it brown and white. Finally, the cap logo from 1985-2003 is found on the hat. The away uses the wordmark from the 1991-2003 roads sans dropshadow. Primary Alt Road Alt C&C appreciated
  3. They're not moving to London lol. I just did a tour of the stadium 2 weeks ago and seeing all the money they've put into improving it the last 5 years is proof that they won't move.
  4. If they insist on keeping navy, then add some brown to it at least.
  5. Boise State killing what could be a good uniform matchup against Air Force by wearing black helmets with white jerseys and pants.
  6. If they were in all navy it would look so much better.
  7. G - 6 S - 2 B - 11
  8. G - 4 S - 7 B - 6
  9. Can there be a partial logo in the wordmark?
  10. G - 9 S - 4 B - 1
  11. These uniforms were pretty good IMO. Especially on the older template.
  12. This is the best Maryland helmet of the past 5 years.
  13. Someone made a concept that updated this logo a year or two ago. Can't recall who it was, but it looked pretty good. Might have been BMac.
  14. G - 1 S - 8 B - 20