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  1. I think you need to make the stroke on the numbers for GW less thick. It looks too rounded right now even though the Michigan State font should have sharp edges.
  2. Xbox One: griffdawg6
  3. The foreign translations in German, French, and Spanish for the "The LAst Jedi" were released on Friday. It is indeed referencing more than one Jedi considering the fact that "Die", "Les", and "Los" are all plural forms of "The".
  4. Bump. Probably posting Albany tomorrow.
  5. Next up is State Line FC based out of Valdosta. The crest is based off of AC Milan's. The V represents the city of Valdosta. Next are the kits. The primary features black pinstripes on an orange jersey while the secondary had a dotted belly stripe. Hope you guys like it!
  6. Sorry for the delay on the next team. Here's the Savannah Colonials. The four stars featured on the crest represent Georgia being the 4th state to ratify the US constitution in 1788. The 1733 represents the year that Savannah became a city. The primary kits features horizontal, alternating navy and gold stripes while the secondary has vertical, sublimated stripes. Also featured on the right sleeves and lower right side of the shorts are the four stars to represent Georgia as the fourth state.
  7. Bump. Anything for Brunswick?
  8. Updated the white to clean up the area around the logos. Anyway, here's the Brunswick Islanders, the first team from the Southern Conference. Here are the kits. Primary is monochrome blue, white the away features chevrons on the chest.
  9. So here are some updates to King and Queen FC. Took @XenonDesigns suggestion and put "KQFC" in the crest. The kits got an update with the new crest. The primary has the back striping over the chest now and the secondary features a 90s design on the front.
  10. For real man. Like what the hell is BucsFan's problem? Dude needs to chill out. Acting like he's on twitter or something.
  11. Next five years of new members commenting here will consist of this... NFL: New England Patriots
  12. Wow, the disrespect towards the Falcons by people in this thread disgusts me. I may be a Steelers fan till the day I die, but I've lived in Atlanta practically my whole life and the Falcons have a special spot in my heart. I just feel sorry for all my friends back home. They've had to deal with this stuff for their entire lives and this was like icing on the cake for sports depression for them.
  13. Next up is King and Queen FC. What does this name mean? Well, the names comes from the two famous buildings that have stood next to each other since 1991. The club's crest proudly features the tops of the two buildings. I chose purple and gold for the color scheme a. because I like Orlando City's identity and b. because King and Queen = royalty and the color for royalty is purple. The kits feature the tops of the buildings from the crest sublimated.
  14. Where are you getting these kits from and do they ship nationwide?
  15. Good suggestions. Here's the updated look for Chattahoochee.