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  1. What an awesome series. You sir, have a great sense of 90s aesthetics for sure.
  2. Certainly was. It even had the original tags on it too. I was incredibly pleased with the find.
  3. I knew the color of the jersey was wrong but thought maybe that was just a factory mistake. The patches and numbers seemed a lot higher quality than any other fake jersey I've ever seen.
  4. So I was at Plato's Closet yesterday and found a rather interesting Anaheim Mighty Ducks jersey. It looks VERY authentic, even including a fight strap. Everything sewn onto the jersey is very high quality, but there's something off about it, and that's the main color of the jersey. It's actually maroon instead of the purple that the Ducks used. Could this maybe be a prototype, or could they have possibly used a base for an Avalanche jersey at the factory by accident? You be the judge...
  5. Went to Plato's closet yesterday and found a brand new (with tags) 2014/15 Scotland Soccer Home jersey for $16. Huge fan of the tartan pattern on the sleeve cuffs. Tartan pattern is also a panel that goes down the side.
  6. It reminds me of the association in the movie Dodgeball. The ADAA (American Dodgeball Association of America).
  7. Saw War for the Planet of the Apes today. Definitely better than the sequel (which wasn't bad). Overall it was a very sad and tragic movie. Can't wait for the next one.
  8. For what the new Suns set is, it's not that bad. Would look really good without the leveling though.
  9. IMO it looks fine because hes such a large human. If he were some 5'10 175 pound player then it probably wouldn't look good, but it works for him.
  10. I'd like to see them wear white shorts with this look as well.
  11. I love how Boston's stars and stripes hat looks with the road uniform.
  12. My guess is that number 23 in the front is from Mizzou and the all black is Iowa or Grambling State.
  13. Yup, this post is now valid.
  14. Currently eating tacos waiting for the unveiling.
  15. So does anyone know what date Nike is releasing the uniforms for the whole league?