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  1. With his impending trade and this being the first season of these away jerseys, Marc-Andre Fleury is in the wrong uniform here.
  2. hettinger_rl

    Hmmm that logo looks very familiar...
  3. That would be a nice logo for the LA Bolts arena football team.
  4. Great looking Alamo Bowl. OK State wearing their fantastic black Paisley helmets with white jerseys and orange pants, while Colorado goes with its classic gold/black/gold.
  5. nfl

    Why aren't those on the Vapor Untouchable template?
  6. LA Tech and Navy get my nomination for bowl uniform matchup of the year so far.
  7. nfl

    All navy looks better than Columbia over navy by a mile. Columbia over navy looks awful because of the poor color balance.
  8. My goodness, the Giants look magnificent.
  9. Does Jackson wearing 44 in an A's uniform count as a player in the wrong number too? Its his right number with the Yankees, but 9 is his number in Oakland.
  10. nfl

    The biggest problem I have with the Niners black alts is the lack of gold. The metallic gold swoosh on the sleeve looks good. I think if they outlined the numbers in gold and added gold to the pants stripes then the unis would be more tolerable.
  11. Insert this with Vontaze Burfict.
  12. Metallic gold facemasks would've looked nice for the Rams. Hawks didn't look terrible. Definitely wanna see what it looks like with navy pants.
  13. Pittsburgh Steelers and Stetson University one please. Please use the logo below for the Stetson one. Primary color should be green. These look really good.
  14. Would you mind PMing me some screenshots of this process? I made mine in Inkscape.