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  1. Are the Colts still your favorite team even though you work for the Dolphins?
  2. It makes me cringe when I see them not wearing cleats. Must be hard to run without them.
  3. That new Auburn look seems like something Virginia would wear. I like the first one a lot better.
  4. You do realize that the teams tell the designer what they want right? And besides, he created the new Pac-Man logo, whihc is great. The alternate logo with the wings was done by another design firm. I may be a bit biased, but I love the Hawks' new branding. The volt is unique and the new wordmarks and Pac logo look really good.
  5. So do we know what Nike is going to be doing template and warm-up wise for the NBA. They unveil in less than 4 months and we've basically heard nothing about what they're doing.
  6. Light grey looks really good. It allows for everything to pop without straying too far from Vegas' color scheme.
  7. Any C&C?
  8. Maybe lighten up the blue a little bit? Right now it reminds me too much of the Rangers' navy alternate.
  9. Sorry for the long absence. I had spring break and midterms before that. Next up are the Columbus Rivermen. Logo is a circle featuring the letters CRFC. Under the R are 3 waves signifying the Chattahoochee river, which runs through Columbus and creates the border between Georgia and Alabama. Primary kit is light blue and features the waves from the logo. Secondary kit has a light blue dashed sash. Hope you guys like it. This is definitely one of my favorites in the whole series.
  10. I will gladly buy that Miami jersey when I get paid at the end of the month. Any way you can take it down and add I can pm you when I get paid?
  11. Waldo Jersey the Answer to US Soccer's Identity (via ) Was reading this article today and I must say I agree with what they are saying.
  12. Bump. Anything guys?
  13. These are pretty nice and you also have my favorite username on the site now. Love Francis of the Filth.
  14. You could always angle the wings upward.
  15. UCSB is definitely my favorite so far. Love the pattern. Are there any other logos in UCSB's identity that you think would look good on the helmet just to give more logo options?