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  1. How about that? The Pirates swept the Cubs. Taillon pitched great and I think they discovered the Cubs' weakness; their bullpen. Oh and Adam Frazier is pretty good too.
  2. Lol Calvert only got suspended one game for his assault on Kuhnhackl. What a joke.
  3. Okay, top 3 worst.
  4. Those are the worst jerseys in NHL history.
  5. Really like the look for UNCG. Greek pattern look great as shoulder striping.
  6. I disagree about the blue. I think it looks cool. The light blue is clearly representing a lake, while the darker blue is the sky. Great job on the uniform as a whole as well.
  7. Barstool is definitely catered to 18-24 year olds. While much of the cast are in their late 20s to early 30s, they are very bro-like, which interests douche bags and frat boys alike.
  8. As long as SJSU keeps their helmets. Those are some of the best in college football.
  9. It's a shame that they've stopped embracing teal. They used to look so good.
  10. This sure is something. He's lucky this happened in New York because I see no way this would've blown up if it occurred anywhere else. It seems so appropriate though that Tank of all people from this site would blow up into a meme. Gotta love the internet.
  11. Another player in the wrong uniform in that pic is Jeff Teague.
  12. Perfectly describes the Braves franchise. Also, if you're going to move out of a boring ass ballpark, then at least make the new one look unique.
  13. Looks great. I'm glad that you made the brand cohesive. Would like to see an alternate road with white pants though, and maybe you could try your hand at some baseball unis too.
  14. Marc-Andre Fleury and Chris Kunitz in the new Penguins road uniforms that debuted this year. This is will most likely be their last season with the team.