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  1. After seeing the Houston uniforms on an actual padded up player, I realize that they desperately need tv numbers. The shoulders look so empty.
  2. If you're going to use three very similar logos for the caps, then at least change the bill or crown color. No one would be able to notice the difference from far away in real life. Other than that, Columbus has a solid set.
  3. So it's basically a cheap looking version of the VU template.
  4. I'm really just interested in international soccer, so I don't know too much about league play. Why do teams get new jerseys every season? Is it tradition?
  5. Is that the vapor untouchable template? How did an FCS school get it?
  6. Wow, it's depressing to see this happen. I used your fonts for so many concepts ever since you started making them. Sad to see some people have no integrity when given the power to use them.
  7. That's because ESPN sucks when it comes to baseball. MLB Network is so much better.
  8. And so will a picture of him in a Cubs uni.
  9. The first version of the fighting ducks uniform had Puddles on the shoulders which was different than the wings they had. I see no problem with them doing that again.
  10. Wow, Houston just did Wisconsin better than Wisconsin.
  11. I completely agree. A unique (and good looking font) can add some flare to rather simple uniforms.
  12. That looks great.
  13. This is already a thread with over 80 pages.
  14. Yeah those do the perfect job of balancing the red and blue. Love those uniforms.