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  1. G - 11 S - 10 B - 19 Honorable Mention - 21, 16 16 and 19 are essentially the same design. Not knocking you guys because both were very well done.
  2. Yeah but they used white jerseys on that template this year. We'll have to see. I think the NFL might be switching to the VU soon.
  3. With the Vapor Untouchable template, I think Nike can match the greens. The jersey seems to be all the same material.
  4. G - 22 S - 10 B - 2
  5. After thinking about this and looking at some UA college teams, this actually doesn't seem like a bad deal. Teams need to lay their foot down when going through the transition though.
  6. They had some games on the One World SN. Recognized some of the American players' names from when I was in an AFL fantasy league on the boards.
  7. I still think the current logo is good. Put the CR striping on current helmet and do what you said with jersey and pants and Broncos will have a top 5 uniform in the league.
  8. I'm doing an event that happened in 1966. I know I have to include 1966-1996, but do I have to say "50 years" or "50th anniversary" in my entry?
  9. How? Whoever gets elected will screw up this country even more. If the opposing party in 2020 can put out a strong candidate, then I wouldn't be surprised if he or she wins.
  10. I'm writing in my vote. Can't deal with either of these people. Thankfully there's no way either of them get reelected in 2020, so we only have to go through 4 years of Trump or Hillary.
  11. I'm sorry, but these designs are very bland. Maybe it's because they were made in paint, but there's just nothing exciting about these designs. Only good thing I see is the interlocking "IC" logo.
  12. My guess is that BYU inspired it.
  13. Chief Wahoo can be done without being racist. Below is San Diego State's logo from 1997-2001. Yes, they made his skin red, which was a mistake, but if they make his skin tone an accurate color, then I have no problem with Cleveland using something like this. The facial design is in no way shaming indigenous people. It's depicting an Aztec warrior looking noble and proud.
  14. color rush

    The last matchup is beautiful. The toned down look of that Cardinals jersey actually makes me like their mid-2000's template. The gold-accented Niners uniforms is fantastic though. Much better than their black alt.