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  1. I can't wait to see Phil Kessel in that USA uniform....oh wait.
  2. Anaheim Ducks Angels
  3. Teams have been doing that for a few years now.
  4. To be fair, they did used to wear the throwback uniforms with the yellow numbers. It'll probably be similar to that. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if it was that jersey with the italic font instead of block.
  5. Sounds like it's gonna be pretty tame. Wouldn't be surprised if it's similar to Mizzou or the Hamilton Tigercats.
  6. Funny because I'm watching that movie right now.
  7. With the logo, here's what I would do, 1. Duplicate the logo. 2. Make the outline of the duplicate your desired color 3. Now hit "Page Down" and move the duplicate under the original 4. Make the outline of the duplicate bigger with the "Fill and Stroke" section Now repeat the same process for the numbers.
  8. Bobby Abreu as a Yankee isn't wrong.
  9. Since the Steelers announced they are retiring the Bumblebee uniforms after this year, I think they should do new throwback uniforms. They don't have many options left at the moment, so here is what they could possibly go with. The 1963 away uniform. Obviously this could translate well to a modern uniform template. They would only wear it on the road though because I see no way the Steelers ever wear white at home. If they don't use this next year, then I'm sure it'll be an option for the NFL 100th anniversary in 2019. Next we have the 1967 home. The only pre-1970s home uniform the Steelers have not thrown back to. This uniform could only work if they use the Vapor Untouchable template, which seems like some players have already worn at the end of last season.
  10. Yes, but they also have interchangeable turf unlike Miami and Pittsburgh.
  11. the Michigan State font ruins those Georgetown uniforms. A simple block font or whatever they use for basketball would be fine.
  12. Steelers announced that they will wear all black 'Color Rush' uniforms on Christmas day.
  13. Don't start a concept thread unless you already have something made.
  14. I have the orange hat with the blue and orange batterman too. If no one else posts a pic then I'll do it.
  15. Anyone worried about Stance socks in the MLB shouldn't worry too much. All the players on the Mets wearing short pants today have solid Stance socks.