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  1. New Jaguars Uniforms

    . Think most jags fans would agree. Its not just looks its also sentimental value. I see those and think of that 62-14 beatdown we gave the dolphins in the playoffs in 1999. Im worried that if they do something to top that memory in these stupid helmets, we'll be stuck with them forever.
  2. Titans concept

    Looks really good, but I think the titans need to keep their shoulder yolk (sp?), cause it works for them for the most part. I definitely think they should use more red like you did here though
  3. New Jaguars Uniforms

    Welp, I had my brightness down on my screen. That's just mesh. My bad
  4. New Jaguars Uniforms

    You can also see that hexagon pattern thats been on the website in the shiny part. Anybody have an updated mockup of this?
  5. 2013 NFL uniform/logo changes

    That's pretty close to me
  6. 2013 NFL uniform/logo changes

    it's a jags hall of fame. So far it has Boselli, Freddy T and Wayne Weaver
  7. 2013 NFL uniform/logo changes

    mark lamping actually said that teal will be on every jersey with the new stuff. He pretty much said that teal will be designated for when we put somebody in the pride of the jaguars and other special occasions. I was glad to heard that
  8. 2013 NFL uniform/logo changes

  9. 2013 NFL uniform/logo changes

    I don't mean fan stuff I mean stuff actually put out by the jaguars. They had ticket info pamphlets w/ the helmet on it. Based on the picture we're getting the old helmet with no teal and at most a sublimated thing like the Seahawks
  10. 2013 NFL uniform/logo changes

    With a de-emphasis on teal with the new set, I would expect it to be gone. I'm pretty sure they aren't changing the helmet too drastically though. Some stuff I got from a fan forum the other night has an all black helmet w/ the new logo on it and nothing else
  11. Jaguars 2013 Uniforms - Military theme Concept

    Instead of having a full-on cowl over the shoulders, have you tried cutting the teal off at the sleeves? Kinda like tcu has now http://assets.nydailynews.com/polopoly_fs/1.1165643.1348364906!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/tcu-brandon-carter.jpg
  12. Talk of possible new Jaguars logo

    Tomorrow @ 4 pm
  13. Talk of possible new Jaguars logo

    that alfie guy is just messing with people. Cool your jets man
  14. Talk of possible new Jaguars logo

    THIS >
  15. NFL Minor Leagues

    I think d would look best on a helmet, but idk about football and pink