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  1. Love seeing stuff like this, i used to do this too. Combine USFL( the 18 1984 teams) WLAF(The 10 1991 teams,moved the Riders to Austin and Fire to Orlando to avoid conflict with the Gunslingers/Stallions, everything else intact), make schedules with 28 teams which was cake but fun. Very nice work, especially the originals like Toros,Wolfpack,Hurricanes(you beat the NHL by a few years so awewsome!!!) Tornadoes, etc etc
  2. for what reason would blue and black be too early for '82.......Remember the USFL Outlaws doned all Black uni's in '84, mostly likely that idea being hatched sometime in '83.
  3. I think the Black helmet w gold crow would work best. the only other black helmet in the league being the Miners.
  4. Bobcats look 100x better. Bring on the Crows
  5. The Bobcat needs a white outline to pop out more on the red helmet, or is that in the cards in the future?
  6. Remember the San Antonio Riders of the WLAF. Well this is how they shoulve looked instead they had purdue gold pants yellow face mask orange stripings,what a mess that was lol. Love the throwback too! Good work on the league as a whole
  7. Beautiful. awesome logo. This just trumped the Raiders as my favorite. I like the Toronto team as well
  8. Always will be a complimentary thing when i say peoples work reminds me of USFL teams, that league had some of the greatest looks ever in the history of pro ball. Alot of them surpassed the boring and staid NFL, in my opinion. Looking foreward to Vancouver, the logo is a masterpeice in my mind already can;t wait to see the full enveiling...
  9. Love the Raiders look, reminds me so much of the Federals. I think this is my favorite so far. Also, like the Capital alot too especially the road uni's!!
  10. Mariners logo is cool, the colors are very similar to the Miami Marauders of MLF. Were you meaning them to be similar?
  11. I loved the MiLF league! (just jokin haha) one of my all time fave threads as well Looking forward to this series, already lookin' good!
  12. United North Gridiron Alliance (Please Join In!)

    Location: East Rutherford State: New Jersey Team Nickname: New Jersey Nads
  13. NFL Alternate Universe - 2009 Offseason

    I agree, the Jaguars have something missing. Maybe the Teal,Black and Mustard dont really mesh well together. Or better yet this is how i felt they should've looked
  14. NFL Alternate Universe - 2009 Offseason

    Am i one of the very few who hate what the Seahawks have done to their look over the years?? they look like dog in my opinion. What they shouldve done was keep the silver lid but darken the blue kept green same shade, no neon Orlando Thunder green, keep that in the 90's where it belongs