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  1. And the wrong color to boot! their pants in '83 were gold color though and honestly it was pretty damn ugly uniform in '83 They got it right in '84 in what amounts to my favorite uniform of all time
  2. A little bit better out West! I really like Utah's colors resembling the Breakers(!!!), count me in. SD Fleet? WTF! Worst ever nickname for a sports team right there. Hotshots? 2nd worst ever, congratulations AAF The colors and logos for both are nice though please change those nicknames San Antonio is solid, cool nickname I felt the WLAF approached USFL levels of gorgeous eye-candy maybe even surpassed them, anyone agree??
  3. mkg74

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Or at the very least they follow the Denver Gold model, sign no superstars play decent football; make a decent profit. I'm a dreamer, i know...
  4. mkg74

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Despite the lame logos and nicknames out East, I havent given up hope this could still be another USFL, mind u the one of 1983 model where David Dixon's plan was in place...the pre-Trump model. Do we have a player signing with the magnitude of Herschel Walker in our Horizon, wouldnt that be fun to imagine? and if so, who would that player be?...
  5. I agree, your ideas are much better/legit than these jokes so far, not passing judgement yet(for the league on a whole) til i see the West teams. I mean, they could do no worse than consult guys like you or hugevolsfan or Veras for original ideas,imho. I;'ll be honest i dont like one team logo from the East, i'm not excited
  6. mkg74

    Major League Football is back and better than ever

    Im in awe of all these. I followed MLF first time around and so much has improved. The little touch ups here n there has greatly improved every team. Cant wait for the Seattle team as u say you've totally re-done the logo. I love the Rhinos, reminds me of an all-red Memphis Showboats!!
  7. I like Rome a lot. You turned a standard black n red team into something more interesting. Welll done sir!!
  8. mkg74

    Wideright imagines the AAF

    2nd that !!!!
  9. mkg74

    Wideright imagines the AAF

    Dang good looking set for the Sol.
  10. mkg74

    Wideright imagines the AAF

    Wow. Very creative set there. Amazing
  11. I like how you darkened the gold a little from the previous tan gold. looks much better imo
  12. Nothing against the nineties you were throwing out there previously but i honestly welcome the change to simpler less busy uniforms, things of beauty i tell ya, things of beauty!
  13. Keep it classic. B
  14. Like the copper pants looks much better than white
  15. mkg74

    Wideright imagines the AAF

    He was overrated anyway. Time to give up the ghost
  16. Love this set the colors go awesome together reminds me of a certain NHL club no need to say whom. Great job boss !! edit. Would a pair of bronze pants work on the road maybe ?
  17. Nice, i love the almost black but it's still deep blue color
  18. Brewers get my vote
  19. Dumb question. Is that black or just a really deep blue for the avengers ?
  20. Helmet #2 gets my vote! Well done sir
  21. Maybe with a white outline to make it pop out on the black helmet
  22. What color is the helmet ?
  23. Very much improved like the colors too, glad the keyboard element was taken out, it was kind of cheezy LMAO