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  1. frosty06306

    Braves to Show Off “Refreshed” Uniforms This Weekend

    While I like the Sunday cream throwbacks, I'd prefer they throw it all the way back to these. Additionally I'd like to see a throwback road kit, or styled this way - with a more old-school flannel looking grey fabric. 2nd example (Better look at grey flannel color) Lastly, while I'd prefer they get rid of the all-blue cap. IF they keep it to wear on the road, I wouldn't mind the road uniform to revert to a navy colored script - or an alternate where this is possible. At least, Lord willing, that blue alternate will have some color beaten into it. I presume we're gonna see 5 different looks - there are a lot of acceptable ways this could go, hopefully they don't find a way to ruin a great look.
  2. frosty06306

    NFL changes 2019

    -Number Font -Absurd Piping Its merely worn out its welcome imo. It isn't special enough to be considered a classic - its just very of the time. Much like the Bengals, and the prior Seahawks set. Just time to move on - or in the Falcons case, back. Break it down and simplify.
  3. Haha, you don't have to tell me that we're 2-5 in non-preseason contests (2-3 blue socks, 0-2 black socks) wearing them - only wins coming over the Bucs and Jets. 4 out of the 5 games in this awful streak have been mono v mono too. It's just so frustrating that people freak out over them so much, and refer to them as the greatest uniforms of all-time because of a stupid fan vote contest. This is just such an obviously superior look in my mind. The thing I will say for all of our mix and matching this year, is I do like the white pants paired with the blue tops. Everything else has been putting different sets together just for the sake of doing it. S/B/S, S/W/W, S/B/W is how it should be in my mind. I guess it could be worse, but still - disappointing.
  4. Its really starting to set in for me that the Panthers are never going to wear silver pants again. Uniform overhaul and a complete removal of silver from the identity is likely on the horizon. We've worn (including socks) like 9 different combos this year but can't be bothered to wear our best one. Whatever, this season sucks - might as well look like trash while we're playing like it.
  5. frosty06306

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    I cannot separate The M with the Marlin logo from the Brewers' M logo in my mind.. Too much black, but an upgrade - I hated that last set.
  6. frosty06306

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    NCSU going with their big game look White-Red-Red against FSU Gold-White-Garnet I love when FSU switches up to the garnet pants, can't remember the last time they did this - I don't recall them ever wearing it under Jimbo. Hopefully the Nike matte pants won't ruin them. (The Louisville G-W-G look doesn't count)
  7. frosty06306

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    The first and likely only step toward accomplishing this would be firing Petrino.
  8. frosty06306

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I was hoping the sarcasm would be apparent. It was a trainwreck.
  9. frosty06306

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Purdue - Mizzou giving it a serious run for its money. The contrast and colors are off the charts.
  10. frosty06306

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    NC State will be "Iced Out" for their September 8th home game against Georgia State. While relatively inoffensive, these are pretty dumb and unnecessary.
  11. There's no real reason to mess with their combos, hopefully this is just a pre-season test. The only thing I'd like to see is for them to wear silver pants paired with the white tops on occasion. The black pants are so unappealing and need to be cast to the wayside - they don't work with any of the tops. The funniest thing to me about this - is it's done purely as a response to a combo that's possible in Madden. All these people think utilizing black pants is worthy of flame emojis. And it's not because its aesthetically pleasing, but simply because its different. Different = Flames, Different = Must Be Better!!!
  12. frosty06306

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    These are going to be so cluttered and weird next year when they apply the new font. I really just don't get what the goal is with these additions after building a pretty cohesive brand identity (by modern day standards) during Doeren's first five years. I'm contemplating emailing a long critique to someone in the department, that would at least set my mind at ease. I can't wait to look back fondly on the redneck state pride brand on the abdomen, the always tasteful wordmark on the pants leg of the same side, and the attempt to make the abandoned UCLA/Miami slitted stripes motif work (in the face of overwhelming evidence that it worked on no level.)
  13. frosty06306

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I hope we aren't permanently rolling with these - would be such a downgrade on the whole. Which is a shame because the new template looks pretty good. But the dumb slitted three stripes on the shoulders, the wordmark on the pants leg are just indefensible. They actually cleaned up the black uniform, but at what cost? They're probably only going to look worse with that weird number font applied. But oh well, why continue to look good once you've found an identity and some success?
  14. Not a fan of the numbers, too sharp and busy. State has a tendency to be too loud with some of their word marks, but the font as letters look ok - I'll reserve judgement to see how it's truly implemented. I just wish we could have a font similar to what Georgia currently wears, they rock red/black just about perfectly. But at the same time you don't just want to look like a knock-off of another school, its a tough balance.
  15. frosty06306

    Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    Certainly bland if that's the real thing - it really just reminds me of the 09-12 set. I don't understand changing number fonts again, as the numbers are probably the highlight of the current set. If these are it, let's just hope they don't overcorrect again in five years, and hit the sweet spot. I'd still say its an upgrade, fixing the worst helmets in NFL history makes a pretty big difference. Hopefully they stick to Black/Teal/White and Black/White/Teal for the most part.