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  1. Just a couple of mock-ups I made emphasizing the white, and getting rid of the gold.
  2. Not sure if anyone has seen this. But something I saw on the Ram's facebook. It's a picture with potential free agents.
  3. This is something I made up.
  4. The Saints could have done something with the throwback helmet/facemask.
  5. I agree. If they're going with silver numbers, why not just go with the throwback helmet decal as well. Same with the Saints.
  6. Thanks. Just something I made up real quick in Photoshop. I wouldn't mind seeing the blue and white every once and a while.
  7. I'm just saying. There shouldn't be any question as to what uniforms they should be wearing as the L.A Rams. Just definitely not the blue and gold they're currently wearing.
  8. Thanks. The L.A. Rams Facebook group has had some good insight and articles. That's where I found it.
  9. Just wanted to share in case some of you may not have seen. Not sure if this means much, or holds any weight, but there is an article saying there is going to be a re-brand for the Rams in May. It is the internet, so I think it's just speculation. I guess some writer has an inside scoop or something. http://theramswire.usatoday.com/2016/03/17/new-york-times-rams-will-rebrand-in-may-new-uniforms/
  10. I see what you mean now. My bad. I would still take that Deacon Jones jersey though.
  11. The Rams did have the shoulder horns on the blue and white uniforms. The blue jersey had sleeve stripes.
  12. I noticed when the Bears wore their throwbacks, they had a grey facemask. They normally have a navy facemask, right? So doesn't that mean that a team could still keep the same helmet (shell) and change the facemask?
  13. Thanks for the comments. I might try messing with it some more.