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  1. bkknight95

    First attempt...

    Wrong, Oregon 2011 BCS, Texas PC 2009, Oregon St. PC 2010 all over lapped. Not try to be mean, but just letting the masses know if they didn't
  2. bkknight95

    interesting uniform "discovery"

    I was on my PSP, playing madden 10 and a I stumbled across a 49er's uniform. It was gold and in the style of their current uniforms. I've never seen anything like it.
  3. bkknight95

    interesting uniform "discovery"

    I don't mind them, most are pretty cool, actually.
  4. bkknight95

    All-Sports Championship Signature Images

    Canada's Gold Medals, ice hockey thank you !!!!!!!
  5. bkknight95

    NHL Redesign

  6. bkknight95

    All-Sports Championship Signature Images

    Yeah, Sox.
  7. bkknight95

    All-Sports Championship Signature Images

    I'm Back! Could I, PLEASE, get the Red Wings Stanley Cups, and the Boston Red Socks World Series'? Thanks and take your time.
  8. bkknight95

    All-Sports Championship Signature Images

    Oh. I thought you were insulting his Bears by saying that they didn't deserve to be in the playoffs. I wouldn't be surprised, given most people's opinion throughout the season on the Bears, especially the guys at Turducken is Tasty, who predicted before the season that it was possible the Bears could go winless. Nevertheless, I can't wait. It will be a great game, I'm sure, and I'll be glad with whichever team wins. Whoever wins, I hope they'll be playing the Jets. erict22 I put them in the order you said, as I do for everyone, but do you want them in the order of your current sig, so it matches? Of course, you may just be moving around the teams' order in your sig or get rid of that list alltogether. Lemme know if you want me to change that. And finally, The Golden One I didn't notice you'd said to use Raiders colors in your original post. As always, lemme know if something's not up to snuff. Sabrecat was a bit tricky. EDIT: A bit of an extra note: Does anyone know when the NBA Conference trophies were first awarded? If this whole experience has taught me anything, it's that it is absolutely pitiful how much information there is on trophies out there. I can't even find out how long the Warren C. Giles Trophy has been awarded. It's terrible. Boise State. Sorry.
  9. bkknight95

    AFL 50th Anniversary Nike Pro Combat + The Rest of the NFL

    I added a new template to San Diego, it is now divided between tops and bottoms. I decided to not do a 50th to an extent. the design will be contained within the Pro Combat design
  10. bkknight95

    2011-2012 NCAA Football Uniform Thread

    I like 'em, Mostly because I am a Bronco Fan but these look great.
  11. bkknight95

    Bmac's NHL

    Nice. Can you get me that template?
  12. bkknight95

    All-Sports Championship Signature Images

    Could i get the Steelers SB, Canadiens SC, and BSU Fiesta Bowls. Thank you.
  13. bkknight95

    College Football Concepts

    could you try a checkerboard in the collar please?
  14. bkknight95

    NHL All-Star Jerseys Revealed!

    i like the new collar.
  15. bkknight95

    NCAA uniforms

    It just hit me, but what about the LSU 07 commemorative uniform with the white helmet?
  16. bkknight95

    AFL 50th Anniversary Nike Pro Combat + The Rest of the NFL

    Fixed the pants and added the first shoes concept for SD. Baselayer and collar up next.
  17. bkknight95

    AFL 50th Anniversary Nike Pro Combat + The Rest of the NFL

    Yeah I forgot the pants and i can't find a good sock template that goes with the jersey.
  18. bkknight95

    San Diego Chargers

    eh, i like it!
  19. bkknight95

    NCAA uniforms

    I can't tell because of how dark the helmet is. This site, i think, shows the frog skin.
  20. bkknight95

    NCAA uniforms

    Wasn't the frog skin on the 09 PC helmet too?
  21. bkknight95

    NHL 2012

    i like the return of the old eagle.
  22. bkknight95

    The Everything Concept

    could you give me some help as to where i can find the team?
  23. bkknight95

    The Everything Concept

    Well, My NHl a-z concepts kinda blew up in my face. (I blame my too busy school schedule) So here is a concept that has no rules, except 1. If you want soccer, go somewhere else. I have no idea on what soccer uniforms are sposed to look like so... If you have any requests, PM me and i should be able to get that moving. (clarification: If it is a team that i dont' know, add a url so i can find the team. Thank You very much!) USC
  24. bkknight95

    ncaa helmets

    i cant believe i forgot about this thread, sorry. thanks for reminding me thanks. i want to see the helmet that auburn will fizz out against
  25. bkknight95

    Ohio State Hockey concept

    not sure about that alt....