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  1. Sorry I've been away for a few days. Just wanted to take a break from the Color Rushing a little and I took the time to start my march madness thread a little late, but better late than never. Anyways, here's UK: So I personally think that Kentucky regressed a little with the jump to the Mach Speed template. Going full checkerboard rather than keeping it sublimated was a mistake in my opinion. Anyways, I know UK has dabbled with grey and black in the past, but I decided to keep them out of it this time and just went blue and white C&C welcome! I'll start to work through more and more requests as I can.
  2. march madness

    Since this is my first real foray into basketball concepts, I'm still learning the placement of numbers, names and such. The template doesn't really lend itself well to names on the back. I'll keep playing with it, but I'm sure experience will help the more and more I do basketball concepts. In my first entry in the "Upsets that blindsided me" is South Carolina. I really have no issue with their current look, but its tourney time, lets do something new. I was really inspired by these uniforms, but I kept a little bit of the current thread to them. Baylor needs to do three things: Switch to Nike across the board, drop the old gold and neon, and utilize the bearpaw. So the above is the result. Took the existing look and fit it to the AeroSwift template, added the bear paw to the shorts and changed the collar striping to match the side stripes. C&C welcome. I know the names and numbers are a little high on Baylor. I'm still getting used to the template.
  3. So I started to make an AeroSwift template when it was unveiled, and I didn't have enough resources to complete it at the time, so I moved on, worked on other things and now, in the the biggest basketball month of the year, I finally have a template. It will be an .ai file and I'm still debating on a release right away. But in the meantime, and to make sure that I worked out all the bugs, I decided to roll in a Sweet 16 concept thread with it. First things first, here's the template. And starting off the concepts is the Wisconsin/Florida matchup: Wisconsin's newish look doesn't change a whole lot with the move to the template. Biggest difference is the leg stripes wrap around the legs this time. So I do not like Florida's current uniforms, the panel design just isn't doing it for me, so I mixed the HyperElite Disruption uniforms with the sublimated gator pattern, and the stripe pattern from the 2013 uniforms and you get the above result. I know I'm a day late dollar short for the whole set of games, but I still plan on getting through them all to the finals. C&C welcome!!
  4. Minnesota's current look pretty much excludes white, unless they're wearing white jerseys or pants, so there really isn't a whole lot different here than what they normally wear. And even though I'm not normally one for BFBS, that helmet does look kinda cool in black. C&C welcome!
  5. nhl

    Unfortunately probably not. If I can get it done, it'll likely be its own thread at this point.
  6. Added to the list These definitely ended up being my favorites: I already did OK. State in orange so I went blackout this time. These might be my favorite uniforms so far. Only difference between the two is the helmets. One has the Phantom Pete, which I learned is actually a different logo than the existing Pistol Pete, and the other is the Marshall Badge helmet, with the sublimated paisley pattern and barbed wire stripe. C&C welcome. Not sure who will be next, but I've got a list of requests to look over.
  7. Rounding out the Michigans with Western. Now PJ Fleck has rowed his boat to the Land of A Lot of Lakes, which is sad. But that doesn't mean they can't row the boat in a few more concepts. Personally, I love the RTB motif, even if it is a little over done sometimes. It's even better when WMU wears school colors, but I think that could apply to a lot of teams around the country. Anyways, I used the oar sleeve jerseys as the base design. What I didn't understand is why the brown pants had a white stripe, when white was really minimized on those uniforms. Oh well. Problem taken care of. C&C welcome!
  8. They've been added to the list. In the mean time, here's part two of the Directionals: Central So I guess Adidas got the Directional Michigans in a package deal, but thank god at least one of them hasn't completely mutilated their uniforms. Tried something different on the maroon uniforms, by using the outlines on the number and wordmark. Just to be a little different. It worked on the maroon but looked awful on the yellow, hence why it's only on the maroon. C&C welcome!
  9. FAU was posted on page 8. As for FGCU and Stetson, for the moment I'm staying in the FBS, but once I get through that, I'll see what I can do.
  10. Plowing right along through the requests with the the first of the Directional Michigan Universities, Eastern. I'm a big fan of Eastern's new uniforms, even with the overuse of the diamond steel pattern. I love the use of the Northwestern stripe rather than the stock Adidas wing. I'm also sick of doing blank pants so just for :censored:s and giggles, I added the stripe to the pants. C&C welcome as always.
  11. nfl

    Was out of town for a few days and forgot to get the update posted: Flipped the importance of the greens. Kelly green is now the main green. C&C welcome
  12. I really like working with mid major teams. There's a lot of unique and fun identities to play with. I really liked these. Biggest change is I used the wing from the FAU logo to replace the Adidas wing. Other than that, it's pretty straight forward. C&C is welcome!
  13. nfl

    After a long hiatus on this thread, I'm finally back. Now the Jets could make double green work. The Color Rush uniform was absolutely beautiful. But I didn't want to make kelly green the primary green because I'm still half expecting the Eagles to make the switch to kelly green full time. Plus on the Vapor Untouchable the issues with green should be solved. -not much changes, just added kelly green to the main uniforms and brought back the Color Rush uniform full time. C&C welcome
  14. nfl

    I've been trying to think of the next team I wanted to do, but work and school got me sidetracked from that, plus I revived my NCAA Color Rush thread, which I've spent a lot of time on. I'll give it away that the Jets are the next team I'll be posting, and hopefully that will be tomorrow.
  15. Anyone know the Madhouse on Madison font? It looks so familiar but I can't quite place it.