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  1. Unpopular opinion, but I love that Jazz uniform. Cut the sleeves off and its a winner in my eyes.
  2. ACC - I think North Carolina should be considered. Virginia Tech would be right there if they made the helmet stripes consistent with the jerseys B1G - Like you said, hard to pick. There are more good uniforms than bad uniforms which is nice. I'm going homer pick and going with Michigan State. Rutgers and Northwestern are up there for me. I'd go as far to cal the B1G the best dressed conference. Big 12 - Like the other B1G conference, hard to really nail down to one. Texas/Oklahoma are hard to beat. Kansas State looks very clean and simple. Same goes for Iowa State IMO PAC - I agree with USC. Colorado isn't too far behind them. SEC - LSU is hard to beat. Classic shoulder stripes, nothing too gaudy. Now for the G5: AAC: Navy. Simple and easy C-USA: Louisiana Tech. Really clean uniforms. Glad Adidas didn't ruin them MAC: Miami (OH). The MAC might win for worst dressed conference. MWC: This one was tough for me. But I think I'd choose Air Force. Just a clean, overall nice look Sun Belt: Louisiana-Lafayette. The Fun Belt isn't a badly dressed conference, but not great IMO. Just my $0.02
  3. So I went back through the entirety of this thread, and I took note of all the requests that were made that I somehow missed. So I have one of those requests ready. My plan is to after today's post, get through the new requests and then roll through the old requests. So for now NO REQUESTS. Anyways, that's my soapbox for the day, here's the ever traditional Iowa Hawkeyes. Where have I seen this before? C&C welcome!!
  4. I like it. The color balance is really nice.
  5. Texas State:
  6. nfl

    While I figure out the next team up, I revisited Detroit and added some new jersey/pants combos Nothing too earth shattering. Just getting some different looks at what the Lions could wear. Probably unpopular, but I actually like the blue jersey with blue pants. Meanwhile, I sat back and looked at it and decided to add an alternate jersey for the Lions. Went the route of the Seahawks and added a grey alternate set. C&C welcome as always.
  7. Definitely better than what I came up with. I would be happy if the Lions used something similar to the top, even as one color.
  8. nfl

    It's going to be interesting to see what Nike does for the Lions fontwise. I feel like they'll do something that mimics the new wordmark. but we'll have to wait and see. As for the white/white combo, it's just how I display the uniforms. I try to do home jersey, away jersey, alternate jersey (if applicable). I just try and show off the different pants options. I'll throw together some more options, like I did the for the Broncos.
  9. It probably is a good idea to go back over my own rules for this thread: One color head to toe. NO WHITE. Unless you're Alabama and you have 2 colors. Or just have 2 colors No entirely new designs. Might add a stripe to pants or helmet, but nothing new. All teams will be on the Mach Speed template. I don't have good working Adidas/UA templates yet. All teams will be on the Mach Speed or Vapor Untouchable template. So while I was at it, I did use a little bit of anthracite... Just playing around a little. C&C welcome as always!
  10. nfl

    Picking the next team was harder than I thought, but I settled on the Lions I'm hoping the Lions don't go too drastic on the changes because they don't look bad at the moment. That being said, a few changes here and there are needed. -the helmet is relatively unchanged. Helmet stripe actually looks like it fits on the helmet now. -blue jerseys get a northwestern stripe, white jerseys get a modified version. -the font was tricky for me. Building one from the new wordmark didn't work for me, a block font didnt fit right, so I stuck with the old font. -pants keep the triple stripe. Yes there is a blue set of pants. C&C welcome!
  11. Here's the rest of New Mexico: First one is simple, flipped the red and grey. Second one, used the darker grey and added turquoise as a trim color. I really like this one. It just pops. C&C welcome!
  12. Here's the first of a few New Mexico uniforms: This one is pretty simple. Red and Grey throughout. I tried to throw turquoise in on this design and it just didn't work out. But there will be turquoise in the future, so stay tuned.
  13. While I was at it, I did an orange and white one as well. Definitely. If anyone has more requests, that would actually be appreciated right now.
  14. nfl

    These aren't direct throwbacks. These are modern navy and white uniforms, using the navy they've used since 2000 and white.
  15. nfl

    Next on the list: The Los Angeles Rams. The more and more I looked at it, I like the Rams in navy and white. It just pops. While I did love the yellow, it just didn't look as good. And with the Chargers moving into LA in the near future, I think this would work well. This way, the Chargers can be the blue and yellow team and the Rams can be the blue and white team. -Basically took the Color Rush uniform and dumped the yellow. -Beyond that, there really isn't a whole lot that changes -Biggest change is the facemask is now white. C&C welcome. Still deciding who to do next.