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  1. nhl

    Welcome to the West: I don't know how you mess with the Blackhawks' uniforms. They're classic and timeless. So I went ahead and messed with them ever so slightly. I was a big fan of the more recent Winter Classic uniforms and so that played a deal into the design. -jerseys remain largely untouched. Only difference is the Tomahawk "C"'s are on the stripes. The home hem no longer goes all the way down. -away jersey stripes flipped so theres a more bit of consistency. -pants don't change. -socks don't change. Alternate: Rather than recolor a jersey for an alternate, I did something a little newish. -black jersey, roundel with modern logo. -used the hem stripe across the board on this one -Tomahawk logo on the sleeves. C&C welcome!
  2. Moving on to the next matchup: Texans at Patriots Doing this one as a full on Color Rush would be tough. The colors are so similar between both teams that a full CR would be probably impossible. But hey, we can dream. -I saw not a lot wrong with the Pats, but going the full nine yards on the throwback inspiriation would have been nice -Striped the helmet, pants, and socks throwback style. -Texans basically wear the Battle Reds Flipped colors. Not much changed And since one team would IRL have to wear white, both teams get an option. C&C Welcome
  3. I'm a few weeks late to the party but oh well, at least I showed up. Anyways, I like the idea behind the Color Rush games, but think the exection is a few pennies short of a dollar. So basically, I'll take a matchup and make it look all colorful. I'm staying in the lines on this one, meaning I'm working within the Color Rush rules, which unfortunately means I have to obey the one helmet rule. Except the one difference is that regardless of design, every team will be on the Vapor Untouchable template. So starting with the first CR game: Jets vs Bills: So this matchup last year was my personal favorite of the CR games, except for the fact that the colorblind community had a tough time with it. -all blue for the bills, nothing too new except the facemask is blue -jets go all kelly green (the better of the greens) with the striped socks. Don't like blue or green, I have a solution : So we go red vs white. Kind of defeats the idea of "color" rush but we saw what Red vs Green did... -same thing for the bills with a red facemask -also same for the jets, with the white facemask and striped socks. C & C on these, and Houston/New England will be up next.
  4. nhl

    Home and away updates: Dumped the bronze everywhere, except for the logo. The logo still has the bronze outline, which I think makes it pop more than it did on the stripes and the pants Alternate: Got rid of the bronze on the gloves, got rid of the CAPITALS under the W. And I'm not sure why the name and number were so low, but that too is fixed C&C welcome.
  5. nhl

    Metro Division finale: The Washington Capitals I'll admit I was a fan initially of the Caps Edge look, but now, it's so dated and ugly, hopefully they get a makeover when Adidas takes over. -retired the wordmark, the primary is now the Weagle. -shoulder stripes come from a World Cup of Hockey concept that will be released later. -bronze returns to the color scheme Alternate: I played off the success of the Winter Classic look here, but used the brighter red against the navy jersey. -double stripe acrosse the chest, comes from the DC flag. -lots of stars everywhere. The stars on the sleeves homage the uniforms of uniforms past worn by Washington. -stars on the back hem of the jerseys. -used the presidental eagle logo on the shoulders. C&C welcome, and then we adventure to the Wild Wild West.
  6. Minnesota is wearing Maroon/Gold/Maroon vs Colorado St. in Green/White/Green, but Minnesota has "MINNESOTA" on the nameplates rather than the player names.
  7. nhl

    As much as I hate the tapered stripe on the real life set, which is why mine doesnt taper, but I think I'm going to leave the taper on the alternate soley for historical purposes Went back and changed the name and number to yellow. Last words for Pittsburgh welcome, and Washington will be up soon.
  8. I normally can try and defend Oregon's uniform choice for a particular week, but this is too much. Just.... why? Is Nike really this far out of ideas?
  9. nhl

    Philadelphia's in-state rival, Pittsburgh I love the decision to go back to black and gold for Pittsburgh. The edge jerseys were honestly among the worst in the league. However, I think tweaking them to not be direct throwbacks may have been a better way to go. -heavily inspired by the 88-92 set. -home uniform really doesn't change a whole lot, just added Robo-Penguin to the shoulders -away uniform changes a bit more. Sleeve stripe changes a little from the home, the hem matches the home. -Pant stripe no longer tapers -socks have a stripe more befitting to the uniform Alternate: Heritage uniforms are all the rage nowadays it seems. -font comes from the first uniform set ('67-'68) -stripes come from the second uniform set ('68-'70) -sleeve thing the stripes are in (?) comes from the '77-'80 set -socks from the second set -pants from 77-80 C&C welcome as always
  10. Ok, makes sense now. I like the addition of gold to the scheme.
  11. nhl

    So to fix that, I made the keystone white and gave it an outline to keep some orange on it. C&C welcome.
  12. nhl

  13. nfl

    Minnesota is wearing an Inaugural Season patch tonight and it looks big and gaudy.
  14. Just throwing some more options out
  15. Las Vegas Camels? Las Vegas Camel Knights? Las Vegas Golden Camels?