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  1. nhl

    Fixed both problems: All the jerseys got a thicker outline, and I fixed the coloration of the stripe on the back of the white jersey. Anything else need work?
  2. nhl

    Bumpin to keep it moving.
  3. I think the last were the Leafs.
  4. nhl

    I think the response for Toronto was very positive, so I'll be moving onto the Metropolitan (still a stupid name) Division, and leading it off is Carolina: When I made the concept Gerbe was still a 'Cane. Anyways, much like Toronto's redesign, Carolina's redo was underwhelming to say the very least. They easily went from one of the most unique looks in the league to a cheap Team Canada knock off. -dropped grey from the scheme totally. cleans up the look immensely IMO. -compromised the striping from the previous set and the new white jersey. -kept the new font, also think it's cleaner than the '90s font. -warning flag with the stick on the shoulders. -socks mirror the jerseys -pants stay much the same Alternate: I believe that you shouldn't forget where you came from. And in this case, Carolina came from Hartford and rather than throw straight back, I homaged them the best I could. -black jersey, design based on the '92-'97 Whalers jerseys -took the striping and added the warning flag pattern to it, to make it more Carolina-esque. -pants are inverted from the normal home and away -socks mirror the jersey. C&C welcome as always!
  5. I'm surprised it wasn't thought of sooner, given the quality of winters in NoDak.
  6. nhl

    Toronto update: So I guess the "Leaf in the pant stripe" works better with a pointier leaf . Kinda sad I had to remove it, it was one my more favorite parts of the concept. But anyways, I got rid of leaf on the pants but I kept the shoulder design, which IMO is more unique than just a colored yoke. C&C welcome!
  7. If and when the jump to the Vapor Untouchable is made, I think maybe that could solve a few problems.
  8. nhl

    Ok final update for Tampa, and I'll go ahead and finish off the Atlantic with Toronto. Switched the helmet color to black, to help with the color balance. Toronto: I think I wasn't the only one to be unimpressed with what Toronto released for their uniforms earlier this year. This opinion might prove unpopular but I liked the '67-'70 uniforms more than what they've worn as of late and what they will wear when they take the ice again this fall. -used the new shade of blue and new leaf logo. -northwestern stripe can be found all over. -shoulder design inspired by the recent Winter Classic jersey. -socks keep the 3 sets of NW stripes -pants have a modified single stripe with the new leaf inset. Throwbacks: I tried to reach across a few years of Leafs' history for their 100th anniversary. The pre-Leafs era is represented by the 1919-20, 21-22 St. Pats uniforms. Fairly simple. I chose this one because I think it's a unique look, and if Vancouver could have a nameless throwback, surely one of the O6 could too. Finally, we stop at a look I didn't realize the Leafs wore for so long ('70-'92). And because my helmet template doesn't lend itself well to logos: Note that the 1st, 3rd, and 5th logos wouldn't have the outline, but would be hard to see on a white background without one. Since the Leafs aren't doing a patch, I figured why stop at one logo when five is so much more fun. -First two are the new leaves, with 100 appropriately placed where the text would be. -Third is technically out of sync, since the St. Pats never used the "T", but didn't really have a logo. The 100 would have an outline, the T would not. -Fourth is the logo from the white throwback, 100 replacing the text -Fifth is the Ballard Leaf (IIRC), with 100 where words would go. C&C welcome on both teams, I'll start posting the Metro division tomorrow.
  9. The nameplates are one thing I love about Penn State's uniforms. Also, I love stripes on hockey helmets (UM, tOSU, Penn St.)
  10. nhl

    I went the way with the stripes because the point of the Tampa concept was to emphasize blue and silver over blue and black. Plus putting white and silver next to each other makes it hard to differentiate from long distance (in theory at least.)
  11. nhl

    So here's a side by side with white shoulders vs black shoulders. What do you guys think? I personally think the white shoulders flow better with the stripes.
  12. nhl

    I honestly don't know why there weren't shoulder logos, I think that I just spaced on it. Never the less, here's an update to fix that: Flipped the yoke colors on the blue, added the Florida/Bolt patch back to the shoulders. Let me know if anything else needs a fix!
  13. nhl

    Ok, I think the door on Ottawa slammed shut so lets move down south and reveal Tampa Bay: I'll have to admit that when the Lightning released their new uniforms, I was very against them for looking like the Detroit Maple Bolts. However. I've come around to the idea of Tampa being a blue jersey team, but they can do it much better than what they have now. -blue and white jerseys but went back to a look more reminiscent of the '04 Cup jerseys. -yoke and corresponding outlines on both jerseys -return of the #threestripelife victory stripes! -black pants with a bolt. Alternates: Unpopular opinion: I like the new Bolts alternate but still feel like it lacks a little something. -black alternate jersey. excepting the pants, it's devoid of silver -replaced the simple stripes on the real life alt for big ass bolts -vertical side paneling -BOLTS graces the chest -socks match the side panels C&C welcome!
  14. nhl

    Here's (hoping) the final update on Ottawa: You may be asking where the white jersey is. Quick answer: the gold outline actually made things worse. And because the red jersey is now the home, there's now an alternate #2 Litcherally, brought back the Heritage Classic jersey with a major change. Numbers have a double outline to stay with the motif, but the numbers are black this time as opposed to cream like last time. Final C&C for Ottawa and Tampa will be up soon!
  15. nhl

    I did the outline on the white because I didn't think there was enought contrast between the numbers and the stripe, but here's a side by side. Double on the left, single on the right.