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  1. NBA Football

    Sorry this is coming very late but being on winter break without a computer, it was kinda hard to post anything. But here is the next team; Los Angeles Clippers LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS HELMET: -Plain blue helmet with "Nautical" Stripes sublimated just like Indiana -LAC logo on the helmet. Best logo I could use -White facemask JERSEY: -Nautical stripes on shoulder cap -Collar colored but not sleeve cuffs colored like the real unis -Red numbers on away jerseys with blue lettering like the real unis PANTS: -Different colored stripes like the real shorts STATEMENT -All black uniforms -Only difference is the CLIPPERS on the front instead of LAC logo Thanks for looking guys and hopefully I will be able to upload more concepts soon. And as always C&C is greatly appreciated!
  2. NBA Football

    So it's been a while since I posted but I have been working on a project for the last few months, took some time off, and came back to it. Well my new project is this, NBA teams as football teams. This idea came because I saw the new Timberwolves logo and thought that would look really good on a helmet, just like the old Michigan Panthers helmet. Well I put it on the helmet and then I realized there hasn't been a true concept on these boards in awhile since JPDesigns awesome thread a few years ago. With Nike's takeover of the NBA, I thought this was the perfect time to start a new one. I will be releasing each team alphabetically with the exception of the first team (the Minnesota Timberwolves). Just a few things about the thread that I feel like should be explained: -This is not an "edit the uniform" thread. This is basically just translating the uniforms on to a football uniform. Even though I hate some of the uniforms, I will not edit them. -Some uniforms will have basketballs in the logos because changing the basketball will change the logo. -NO JERSEY ADS. I hate hate hate the idea of them and wished the NBA never had them -One helmet rule does not apply (unlike the NFL). But for the most part, each team will only have 1 helmet. -The Home (Association?), Away (I don't know the stupid name for the away jerseys), and Alternates (statement) jerseys are all done -I created some alternate jerseys that may or may not be used by teams in real life -Once the 2nd alts (Community) jerseys come out I will be adding those -The teams that have unveiled throwbacks, I have completed. I even have completed some fan favorite throwbacks So here is the team that peaked my interest MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES HELMET: -Just like I said, I thought given the Michigan Panthers treatment to the logo, the helmet would be really cool -Normal glossy blue helmet and facemask -Wolf is howling at the star, just like the logo JERSEY: -Took the torso/shoulder stripes and put them on the shoulder caps -"WOLVES" on all 3 jerseys. I couldn't find a "MINNESOTA wordmark that was the same PANTS: -Same stripe, just flipped -Changed the coloring of the stripe on the blue pants that are worn with the green jersey. -Light blue pants would not be worn with the green jersey, and the green pants would not be worn with the blue or white jersey THROWBACK I had high hopes that the new uniforms would encompass and hearken back to the KG era uniforms. I was disappointed but I thought why not make the old uniforms then. Tree design on the collar and sleeve cuffs, just like the real jerseys I also created some concepts about what I thought the uniforms would look like before they unveiled them. I had the same idea as everyone else did, they would bring back the tree theme. Well they didn't, but I thought I would still show them on here. CONCEPT UNIFORMS Hopefully you guys like these concepts. And if not I always look forward to hearing the C&C. I will try to have a team up every day and the next team will be the Atlanta Hawks. Thanks guys
  3. NBA Football

    Ok so I took the suggestions and here's the outcome: I was a little confused so I took advice from the first suggestion And then do you mean the PACERS wordmark would go underneath the numbers? And then I created one where I just deleted the PACERS wordmark and kept INDIANA
  4. NBA Football

    So the next team I had done was the Indiana Pacers. This team I will definitely need help on. I'll explain after the pictures. But for now, here they are: INDIANA PACERS DESIGN: -The "cornrow" design is the main focus on this uniform -The now infamous circle text is included (this is the C&C I need) HELMET: -Glossy blue helmet, gold facemask -Bigger P logo -I thought the helmet looked plain so I added the pattern just like how their court has it. -The pattern would be blended into the helmet, like how Arizona State's helmet was, but this is less visible JERSEY: -The pattern moves from the sides to the sleeve caps -The name is the part I need help on. I put it on there to see how it would look and I honestly don't hate it. The dimensions on a real football jersey wouldn't allow it but I thought I'd try it anyways. I am 100% open to hearing better suggestions though. And, even though I don't have the file anymore, the text would be an easy fix. PANTS: -Blue, gold, and white pants -The design/stripe is cut off just like on the shorts but it is flipped THROWBACK -A red Hickory throwback like the ones from the past 2 years -A home (dark colored) throwback is more realistic than an away (white) throwback -Added stripes like the new throwback but accidentally switched the colors on the white socks -Added a simple block H for the helmet logo -Gray facemask to make it look old Thanks for looking guys and as always C&C is greatly appreciated
  5. All of these of been awesome and it's great seeing my template go to good use. And now my hometown gets a team? I'm ecstatic! The logo and the foxes nickname are perfect for this school being in the Fox Valley area. But for this school I'm wondering why the nickname (Appletown) is on the jerseys instead of the real name. Not a lot of people actually call it Appletown (if we do we call it A-Town but that's more jokingly), but this is a fictional series so that's fine. But I would put the university name instead of a nickname on the jersey. Other than that I love the design, numbers, and logo. Great job!
  6. NBA Football

    Like this?
  7. NBA Football

    I actually had the thought of doing a teal throwback but never got to it but it seems like it'd be popular so here it is: -All teal everything -Stripe from the side of the jersey and pants -Wordmark is skewed a little bit to become legible on a football jersey -The helmet logo is not from this era but I like it better than the DP logo. I recolored it to match the horse in the primary logo.
  8. NBA Football

    Seems like everybody liked Denver so next up, Detroit DETROIT PISTONS DESIGN: -The two thick, one thin stripe is what Detroit has been known for for years. It translates really well to a football uniform HELMET: -Glossy blue helmet, white facemask -New DP logo from the shorts -Stripe on the helmet JERSEY: -Stripe on the sleeve caps -"PISTONS" on home and "DETROIT" on the road PANTS: -White, blue, and red pants -Included red because I created a red jersey and included the red pants and just kept them there. I would remove them but that would be a lot more tedious now without the file. STATEMENT - A recreation of their silver statement uniform -Same color striping and numbers -The helmet is a direct influence of the new Lions helmets. Steel helmet with a chrome facemask. Thanks for looking guys and I'll have the next team up on Monday hopefully. And as always C&C is greatly appreciated!
  9. NBA Football

    Thanks appreciate it. The Pelicans are a team I didn't know what I was going to do but actually turned out to be a favorite of mine. So I can't wait to post it too.
  10. NBA Football

    Thanks! It was tough at first but I'm glad how they turned out, especially the statement. Thanks appreciate it! It's been tough and kind of depressing losing a lot of my work but I got lucky and uploaded all the images to imgur before I lost it. I wish I had completed every team but I'll find a way to.
  11. NBA Football

    Yep I noticed that the real uniforms had the same inconsistent striping pattern that plagues Florida's football uniforms so that's why it's like that on my concept. As for a yellow alt, I'm just doing the uniforms which have been released and if they do release a yellow alt, I'll create it.
  12. NBA Football

    Alright so Dallas was the team I was working on when my laptop got stolen so I'll skip them for now. In the mean time the Denver Nuggets: DENVER NUGGETS I really hate how they demoted sky blue to a secondary color and promoted navy blue. There are too many navy teams in the NBA especially with the pacers being navy and gold. DESIGN: -Stripe from the side of the uniform HELMET: -Navy helmet and gold facemask -Stripe on the helmet -Pick-axe logo without the circle for the logo JERSEY: -Stripe on the shoulder cap PANTS: -Three pants with the stripe STATEMENT I hate how the new uniform made the skyline white and moved the alternating color blocks to the side. But I had to give it the proper treatment here. -Colored blocks on the helmet as the stripe -White skyline on the shoulder caps. Thought they would look better here on a football jersey than across the front -Colored blocks on the pants. They are a little thick but I wanted to keep them as close to the thickness of the real ones as possible Thanks for looking guys and as always C&C is appreciated!
  13. NBA Football

    I never thought of the negative space but I would just have the C on the other side. Yeah I wasn't going to include the navy pants but I thought they looked good with the home uniforms. Plus I'm sure Lebron, being Nike's poster child, would want as many pants, jerseys, helmets anything he wanted. He did this with his high school football team.
  14. NBA Football

    So a little update as to why I haven't posted in awhile. I took a few days off because of Thanksgiving but over the weekend my house at college was broken into and robbed. I got my backpack stolen which had my laptop in there. I still have the pictures uploaded to imgur but editing them might take more time than before. I'm lucky to be in college where I still have access to a computer and photoshop but all my saved files are gone. Luckily I sent files of the templates to my email so I still have something to work with. I'm working to get my computer back but for now the edits will be coming in slower. Thanks guys and I hope you understand. As for the next team, the Cleveland Cavaliers CLEVELAND CAVALIERS So a quick rant for a second. If there could be a team to have an identity crisis in the first year of having a uniform, it's the Cavs. The white uniforms I love because they're simple yet modern and the colors balance out great. But the wine uniforms are so unbalanced color wise. The inclusion of blue doesn't make sense. The numbers are almost un-readable, the fact that there is no blue on the white uniform but there is a lot on the wine is atrocious. But none the less they chose that and that's what I have to go off of. DESIGN: -This translation was hard because I didn't know where or how to put the side stripe on the jersey. But I figured the side would have to do because no other place worked -Gold stripe on both jerseys just like the real ones -Numbers and colors match (even if I don't like them) -Numbers are a little skewed weird because they were taken from a picture and not a simple font. HELMET: -Plain satin wine helmet -Big C. Just like the bulls I had trouble with finding a good color to make the logo. I tried the sword logo but the dimensions didn't work. JERSEY: -Stripe on the side -Cuff and collar colors match the real ones -CAVS on home and CLEVELAND on away PANTS: -Stripe on each of the pants -Inclusion of blue pants for the home only -Moved the C logo from the bottom of the shorts to the hip STATEMENT -A simple translation of their new black uniform. -A matte black helmet to go along with the jersey Thanks for looking guys and as always C&C is greatly appreciated.
  15. NBA Football

    Thanks! And yeah the logo was hard because I didn't want to recolor it but adding more outlines made it look weird so that's the best I could come up with.
  16. NBA Football

    Here's the next team, the Chicago Bulls CHICAGO BULLS DESIGN: -Stripe design from the shorts and jersey cuffs -Diamond design from shorts onto the sleeve cap. I had to adjust the size and shape a little bit HELMET: -Normal glossy red helmet -The logo was an issue for me with it being a majority red logo on a red helmet. I tried a white outline but the horns got lost. -Red stripe design JERSEYS: -Diamond pattern on sleeve caps -No wordmark. Another classic design that I felt did not need one PANTS: -Red, white, and black pants. -All interchangeable but the black pants are primarily for the black jersey
  17. NBA Football

    Here's pants with a thinner stripe Here's teal pants I never thought of the UCLA stripes but here they are:
  18. Hey guys, so it's been a few months since I've posted to the boards (the fault of a hard drive being completely deleted). Recently I saw a few threads that peaked my interest in creating uniforms again, specifically mgdmhl's redesigning college football thread. I tried to recover my work from my old thread but everything was deleted. So I didn't have inspiration for awhile. Fast forward a week or two and I'm watching Marquette play basketball in their new uniforms and, being the uniform enthusiast and designer I am, I wondered what they would look like on a football jersey. BOOM inspiration hit and I knew what my next project would be. I completed Marquette and wanted more so I decided to design what football uniforms would look like for colleges who don't have football teams. For some of these teams I heavily took inspiration from their basketball uniforms. I like when a school has a synonymous design throughout multiple athletic teams (think North Carolina or Wisconsin). For others I take inspiration from something in their logo or something that has to do with the school. I had this same philosophy in my old thread. I'll be unveiling teams by conferences. I have the Big East, Horizon, A10 and West Coast Conference done, except for the Adidas and Under Armour teams (I don't have a psd flat template for those brands). Here's a list of all the teams: Marquette Real template Providence Creighton Real template Xavier DePaul Seton Hall St. John's St. Louis VCU Saint Joseph's George Washington v2 George Mason St. Bonaventure Gonzaga St. Mary's UMASS Lowell UC Santa Barbara V2 Long Beach State V2 Wright State UW Milwaukee Northern Kentucky V2 Little Rock Wichita State Portland V2 College of Charleston Real template Chicago State Grand Canyon Black alternate Real template Utah Valley Pacific Boston Oakland CSU Bakersfield V2 UNC-Greensboro Real Template UTRGV UWGB Cleveland State Florida Gulf Coast V2 & Real Template Iona MARQUETTE GOLDEN EAGLES -Stripe design just like their new stripe -Blue Jersey matches blue -White b-ball jersey doesn't have any gold, so I added it -Gold is the same -Light blue b-ball jersey doesn't have any navy, so I added it. -All helmets are glossy -Socks are different colors so no "color rush" could be implemented. Except on the baby blue uniform. I think a "color rush" baby blue uniform would look great. I thought I represented the color differences well along with representing the basketball uniforms. But if not C&C is always appreciated. Also thanks to Logan Weaver for the template and thanks for looking guys and I'll have Providence up next.
  19. NBA Football

    Seeing as I want to get a team up everyday and I have my only free time of the day right now, I'll upload Charlotte CHARLOTTE HORNETS DESIGN: -Took the stripes and placed them horizontally on the sleeve cap -Stripes only on the left side. Like the real jerseys -Jordan logo, not Nike. Though if Michigan, North Carolina, and soon to be Oklahoma could have it for football, why not here HELMET: -Didn't know which logo to use but then I realized they used the flying hornet on the shorts, so I used that -Glossy teal helmet JERSEY: -Horizontal stripes, left side only -"HORNETS" on both home and away jersey, like the real ones -"CHARLOTTE" on the purple jersey, like the real one -Flying hornet on the right side PANTS: -White, teal, and purple pants -Again, stripe on left side, hornet would be on the right side THROWBACK -Based this one off the one just released (thicker and less pinstripes) -Pinstripes on just the jersey, like the real ones -Glossy teal helmet, white facemask -Hugo without a ball as the logos -White pants. I thought an all teal look would be too much Thanks guys for looking and as always C&C is greatly appreciated
  20. NBA Football

    Alright so I guess I'll move onto the next team, the Nets BROOKLYN NETS DESIGN: -The most boring team gets even more boring being on a football uniform -Chevron stripe is the only element on the jersey HELMET: -Glossy black helmet with a white facemask -Shield logo (I had trouble deciding which logo but the shield with "NETS" reminded me of the Jets helmet logo) JERSEY: -"BROOKLYN" on the front of both jerseys -Only design is the collar and cuff being colored PANTS: -White and black with the stripe STATEMENT -Black helmet, anthracite facemask -Anthracite uniform -3 Stars on the inside of the stripe -BKLYN on the front Thanks for looking guys and the Charlotte Hornets are up next.
  21. NBA Football

    Ok yeah that makes sense. It would be very interesting to see how they'd look for sure.
  22. NBA Football

    Thanks I appreciate it. And I'm a little confused on what you mean by adding the brown from the basketball onto the jerseys? And I never thought of doing throwback leather helmets but with old teams like the Celtics, Knicks, Lakers, or 76ers maybe that's something I'll look into too. It would be really interesting.
  23. NBA Football

    Like this?
  24. NBA Football

    Here's how the green facemask would look: Even though a gray facemask captures the old school feel I was looking for, I got to say I kinda love the green facemask
  25. NBA Football

    Here's an update to Atlanta. I like the no stripe green outline on the logo suggestions Danny the Sheeb had