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  1. I love how some try to make it sounds pretty much "acceptable" because they were on a boat and in Miami. Let's say Stephen Strasburg kills himself plus two while doing 120 mph driving recklessly on the I95 in DC while high on coke and drunk. Does he gets as much recognition?
  2. We're far from a dumb accident, that was criminal. If he had been 38, been playing a hall of fame career for 15 years, I could maybe live with a number retirement for his whole career after waiting at least a couple years after his crime. Now we get a number retirement for his cut short career (two all star games in four seasons) and the "dramatic" nature of his death. I can't be alright with permanently honoring a criminal right after the fact.
  3. The Clippers are looking like :censored: and the Celtics shouldn't wear their alts that much?
  4. Holy crap. This is horrible...
  5. I can't believe they'll end up like that. I hope they have a surprise on hands for the jerseys...
  6. Aren't they allowed to wear throwbacks (alts) twice a year?
  7. I own all of those and they're the exact same shade as the Red Sox, Tigers and Yankees.
  8. Clearly one of the worst ever. These are absolutely horrible, what a terrible mashup of stupid/trendy :censored:...
  9. After watching some highlights, I've gotta say the "spring training" numbers are one of the worst gimmick I've seen. Nothing says who gives a :censored: about spring training anyway like ridiculing your uniforms that much...
  10. Except Uber drivers don't usually get drunk as :censored: and do coke with you then drive right through something that should kill you on the street going at full speed...
  11. The Marlins are a decent number font away from being very acceptable.
  12. Going back to you original jersey isn't really BFBS...
  13. And the dropshadows and the ugly pant stripes. Then you end up with the red and white Raiders and we all know it won't happen...