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  1. It is not the new one, I own it since a while. It has been the sideline hat since New Era took over but the weird thing is the fact that it's still full price everywhere. That's why I asked if anyone had seen next year's version.
  2. Anyone seen the new sideline hats? Those are still full price everywhere but can't really stick around with the black outline. I hope they keep the grey crowns and blue brims...
  3. Silver helmet, silver mask, blue logo outlined in white and blue?
  4. As much as I hate pajama pants, I'd take pajama pants all day every day over the douche styles they came up with.
  5. It looked like :censored:... Glad they figured it out so quickly.
  6. - The helmet logo being blue white blue along with a blue silver blue stripe doesn't look right at all. - The facemask should be blue. - The number font is terrible. - Sleeve wordmarks are stupids but mismatched sleeves styles are even worse. - The blue pants need white striped socks or at the very least silver ones. - Mono-blue will be absolutely terrible. (It will surely happens...) - The color rush set is a :censored:ing pain. - Thank God for the throwbacks, I'll at least be able to get some new Lions jerseys...
  7. Seems like a stupid lateral move. Helmet is a downgrade, number font is at least as bad, striping pattern is a downgrade, wordmarks on the sleeves are ugly as :censored:, blue pants with blue socks look like crap, we'll see mono-blue and the pants might still have truncated stripes/wordmarks.
  8. Blue leggings... Let's hope there's no wordmark on the side.
  9. I'm a too old 32 years old for Twitter. What if I say they suck here?
  10. Too bad my "gift" will probably feels like a kick in the nuts...
  11. I'm gonna hit the clearance racks before my favorite team merchandise looks like clothes from Jersey Shore...
  12. These socks are actually the worst element we've seen in the big four yet... Mismatched, garish and classless... As bad as some NFL uniforms are, these ridiculous socks take the palm.
  13. Nickle-sized white logo? No, I don't actually give a :censored: about it. Ugly garish designs, three to four different styles worn by the same team in the same game, messing with classic designs do though. Socks like the ones worn by Harper and Odor shouldn't be allowed in the regular season.
  14. These are all :censored:ing horrible...
  15. As a Lions fan I thought I had already suffered enough... If these end up being modern clown suits I'm seriously done with this :censored:.
  16. I love how some try to make it sounds pretty much "acceptable" because they were on a boat and in Miami. Let's say Stephen Strasburg kills himself plus two while doing 120 mph driving recklessly on the I95 in DC while high on coke and drunk. Does he gets as much recognition?
  17. We're far from a dumb accident, that was criminal. If he had been 38, been playing a hall of fame career for 15 years, I could maybe live with a number retirement for his whole career after waiting at least a couple years after his crime. Now we get a number retirement for his cut short career (two all star games in four seasons) and the "dramatic" nature of his death. I can't be alright with permanently honoring a criminal right after the fact.
  18. The Clippers are looking like :censored: and the Celtics shouldn't wear their alts that much?
  19. Holy crap. This is horrible...
  20. I can't believe they'll end up like that. I hope they have a surprise on hands for the jerseys...
  21. Aren't they allowed to wear throwbacks (alts) twice a year?
  22. I own all of those and they're the exact same shade as the Red Sox, Tigers and Yankees.
  23. Clearly one of the worst ever. These are absolutely horrible, what a terrible mashup of stupid/trendy :censored:...