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  1. NBA Changes 2016-17 Season

    I hate it when teams go the lazy route of bringing back an old logo and then boast about how they have a new logo. Also the mountain is superior because its more "Utahish". That music note logo is more "jazzish" and we are talking about a state that doesn't even have one jazz club in it. This is why I prefer a logo that emphasizes the state than the stupid nickname.
  2. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

  3. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    I miss that "Fla" logo. Then again I miss those beachy third jerseys. I just didn't like the roundel Panther head on the front. If I was the owner of the Panthers I would keep the home and away as is because I think they are the best uniforms the Panthers ever had. Much better than their over-rated 90s jerseys. But I would bring back the old third jersey and put the new logo on the front (sans shield).
  4. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    Not everything new is good. This new Panther logo is not as good as the original one.
  5. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    A little off topic but isn't this a cool picture of a Black panther?
  6. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    Its an "OK" logo. But pales in comparison to the previous one. The previous panther is far more dynamic, fierce and impressive. This one looks like a bland soccer logo with a tame unimposing panther.
  7. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    The Panthers leaping panther logo is one of the best in the NHL. Its so dynamic and effective. To swap it out with this tame panther/shield logo begs the question. Why? Also that sun patch was great. They had some of the best logos in the league and now they are both gone for a bland makeover. Bleh!
  8. New Sacramento Kings Logo Unveiled

    The lion with the Basketball should be the primary because its the best logo of the bunch. Simple. Effective. And frankly cool.
  9. Minnesota North Stars Rebrand Petition

    Denial isn't just a river in Egypt.
  10. Minnesota North Stars Rebrand Petition

    The change was done because of lousy merchandise sales In fact Howard Baldwin, who bought the team from the Gunds and then sold them to Green a few months later, wanted to change the logo too. Green never intended to move the team until 1992. At that point he already had owned the team for two years. When he bought the club in 1990 he actually bought property including a cottage in Minnesota because he wanted to stay there. Green was a Northern guy who was from Calgary. He also put $2 million dollars of his own money into renovations at the Met Center in 1990, and at the same time took huge loses by coming up with promotions to give away free tickets in order to entice fans*. So yeah, I'm not buying that this guy wanted to move the team from day one when he bought property and sunk a huge sum of his own money into the club. Around 1992, he started looking to get out, and Phoenix was his first choice not Anaheim. After realizing it wouldn't work in a basketball only facility he looked at Anaheim as a second option before settling on Dallas when the NHL put an expansion team there. Whoa whoa. You have to stop making up bull to try to get across a inaccurate point. Green didn't alienate fans by changing the N logo. The N logo wasn't selling. The NorthStars were the worst team in the NHL in terms of merchandise sales. The "Stars" jersey was actually pretty popular when it came out and put Minnesota into the top ten in teams merchandise sales. Also while the team came within 2 wins of a Stanley Cup they still averaged 2,000 empty seats the following season and only drew 5,000 for their home opener in October 1992. That wasn't on Green. Also the Timberwolves didn't offer him a sweetheart deal. The Timberwolves wanted to cut into revenue streams by refusing to advertise North Star sponsors and wanted a huge cut of concession sales and parking. He would have went bankrupt if he took that deal. Its the same reason the Gunds didn't move into the Target Center before they sold the team. Its also the same reason Steven Gluckstern and Richard Burke moved the Jets to Phoenix. Their original plan was to move the team to Minnesota but couldn't get a decent deal at the Target Center. Then the Suns owner offered them a sweetheart deal to bring the team to Phoenix. The same thing applied to the Minnesota Moose of the IHL who ended up playing most of their games at the St.Paul Civic Center due to the fact that the Timberwolves were going to control everything. The Timberwolves had so much power in that building even though it was funded by public money. *
  11. Minnesota North Stars Rebrand Petition

    Also the fact that the North Stars were ranked dead last of the 21 teams in merchandise sales in 1990 (according to the Hockey News). Green wanted to change the logo and look immediately when he bought the club but it was too late to apply for a uniform change so he had to wait for the next season. 1991/92. I had so much trouble finding sports shops that carried North Stars merchandise here in the GTA. Seriously I found more Hartford Whalers stuff than North Stars. I still remember (and this was in the Spring of 1990). I had gone to a sports shop at Sheridan Mall to buy a Charlotte Hornets garbage can for my brother. (He's not a basketball fan but he loved that logo which was really popular in the late 80's/early 90's). I was looking around for North Stars merchandise and they had NOTHING. Not even a hat. I asked if they had North Stars merchandise and the guy laughed at me. He said something along the lines of "North Stars? No we only carry good teams". Yeah? Hartford Whalers were a good team? New Jersey Devils were a good team? I felt like punching that little punk in the face. I still remember him with that dopey smirk. He kinda looked like Doug Flutie with a stupid mullet. Its funny how the memory works. I can remember such trivial things (like wearing the new Sharks jersey at the Mall in the summer of 1991 and getting all these compliments from people about how cool it looked), but I can't remember my own name sometimes. Look I know I'm well into my 40's but sheesh.
  12. New Sacramento Kings Logo Unveiled

    I don't give a s**t about NBA logos but those two Lion logos are epic beyond epic.
  13. Minnesota North Stars Rebrand Petition

    She cheated on you because Mike Minnesota neglected and ignored her and spent more time with that hoochie down the street known as Georgina Golden Gopher. So you can't blame Mary North Star for going elsewhere for love and it just so happened Dave Dallas showed her the love and respect Mike Minnesota didn't.
  14. Minnesota North Stars Rebrand Petition

    Boy tell me about it. The Golden Gophers were far more popular than the North Stars. Ralph Strangis. said it the best. When you grew up in Minnesota and you were a hockey player, you had two aspirations, You want to play in the state high school tournament, which was huge, and you want to be a Gopher. Nobody ever wanted to be a North Star. Tom Reid played for the the North Stars back in the 70's. By the late 80's he had opened a sports bar in Minnesota. I remember reading an interview he did back in the 90s where he talked about how no-one wanted to watch the North Stars and would ask him to change the channel to the Golden Gophers games. He was pretty shocked at how there was far more interest in Minnesota for the high school and collegiate teams than the North Stars. And its not like the North Stars sucked. Between 1980 and 1993 they made the playoffs 11 times and went to 4 semi finals and 2 Cup finals!! I'll never forget what Mike Modano said to me brother back in 1993. In 1993 Montreal was hosting the NHL All Star game. My eldest brother (who was working for Kraft and at one point even became the president for Kraft Canada before he retired a couple of years ago), got VIP treatment at the game since Kraft was a sponsor of the NHL. He got to meet Modano and told him how his kid brother (me) was a huge North Stars fan and how we were from Toronto. You know what Modano said to him? (And I'm not lying either) Toronto huh? Wow. There's not to many North Stars fans outside of Minnesota. Come to think of it, there aren't too many North Stars fans in Minnesota either (laughs). Whether people in Minnesota want to admit it, they took the North Stars for granted, didn't care about them, and then missed them when they left. You never know how much you'll miss something until its gone.
  15. If you could make one change to each team...

    Three for me 1. Florida Panthers. Bring back those awesome beachy third jerseys. Just use a non-roundel version of the panther head on the front and make it look just like the primary logos panther head. In other words keep the whiskers. 2. San Jose Sharks. Swap out orange for grey. Ditch the numbers on the front. Add hem stripes. Put the shark fin on the shoulders and ditch the giant SJ. Also lighten the teal shade. And bring back that awesome Stadium jersey logo and put it on the shoulders of the black third jersey. Just have it say "Bay Area" instead of "Northern California" , have it just focus on the bay rather than the whole state and put the fin inside the bay on the map. 3. Anaheim Ducks. Ditch that "Mighty Ducks" Disney cartoon logo on the shoulders of their home and away's and the front of that orange third jersey. (Put the D in front instead).. The team is no longer a Disney product or affiliated with the Land of Micky Mouse. Try to look like an actual hockey team and not some piece of Disney fluff.