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  1. Let's hope so. The current logos look so "blah" compared to these ones. I felt the same way about the original logos once the current ones came out. Each set improves upon the previous.
  2. I'm glad they changed the name. Although I would have preferred Cleveland Lake Monsters.
  3. Man those sharks logos look great. Hopefully they will get new uniforms with those logos on the front. I would put the shark head on the front of the jersey and the full body shark on the shoulders. The current logos look boring now by comparison.
  4. Those Jets heritage classic jerseys are OK I guess, but they are so bland. That logo is the epitome of generic. Lets write the team name and have a little generic drawing of a jet inside a red 7Up spot. There you go done. But lets face it. Every logo/jersey the Jets have ever had were dull. Including the current Jets. Its a pity that Edmonton didn't come up with something instead of just using the alternates. It would have been kinda cool seeing those old orange logo jerseys.
  5. Hows about the Las Vegas Gamblers? This could be their logo Jerseys with that logo on the front would sell billions of dollars worth of merchandise!
  6. Out of all the names being kicked around here Black Knights still owns them all.
  7. Watching Portugal wear those awesome minty uniforms. It made me crave Chocolate-Mint ice cream. I must have eaten about 20 tubs of that stuff during the tournament.
  8. That logo is way better than the logo they use now. But then again, a picture of a German Shepard's shaved ass would look better than the logo they have now.
  9. Can someone explain sumpin' to me? How does a team that won only one game in regulation time (after 90 minutes), finishes third in their group, won as many regulation time games as Turkey and Albania, won less regulation time games as Iceland and couldn't score a goal against Austria win this tournament? I'm confused!
  10. That's not a hockey jersey. That's a piece of Disney merchandise. That's something that a cartoon character would wear. When I watch the Ducks I want to see a hockey team. If I wanted to see Disney paraphernalia I would watch Disney On Ice.
  11. I agree.
  12. Yes it is.
  13. Its a great dynamic design. Doesn't look poorly rendered at all. And yes a Ducks foot in the shape of a D is just as clever as that hidden "H" between the whales tail and "W" from the old Whalers logo or the "MB" in the shape of a baseball glove for the old Brewers logo.
  14. I love Portugal's minty green uniforms. As for Croatia all I see is a picnic table cover.
  15. ^ I only lost to King Kong. I beat Godzilla and a giant Frankenstein monster