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  1. I'm just curious here. Is there any possibility that the St.Pats might have been.....Red? Check this out You notice how the newspaper article states that Querrie "dyed the old red blankets of the club a vivid green"? This was before the 1926/27 season. He did change their uniforms for that year (their last as the St.Pats). Wouldn't it be funny if the "St.Pats" actually had red sweaters all this time from 1919/20-1925/26? And we in our ignorance think they were green. Heck the Notre Dame Fighting Irish wear blue uniforms so it might not be as crazy as it sounds.
  2. The more I see those St.Pats jerseys, the more I want to drink Shamrock Shakes. Anyone want any?
  3. What a thing of beauty. I want the team to change their name back to St.Patrick's, just so they can wear these full time.
  4. Just for laughs they should have this guy come out to unveil the St.Pats jersey for the press. Then he could vomit Guinness all over the media guys.
  5. Is it so hard for Minnesota to make a green version of their white jersey?
  6. Not only that, but any revenue generated by parking and concessions sales would go into the Timberwolves pockets. It wasn't just Norm Green that thought this was ridiculous. The Gund Brothers also felt that way as did Richard Burke and Steven Gluckstern. Who are the latter two gentlemen? They are the guys who bought the Winnipeg Jets and moved them south. They wanted to go to Minneapolis but couldn't get a decent deal without putting them into bankruptcy. Burke was commenting on how it was unfair that the Timberwolves would control everything in what was essentially a publicly funded arena.
  7. Nope its the fans fault. They are the ones that never supported the North Stars. The North Stars only sold out all their home games for one season (1971/72). Even after the team went to the finals in 1990/91 they averaged 2,000 empty seats per game the next two years. People cared more about collegiate and high school hockey then the North Stars.
  8. I was asking about that Penguin logo on Page 27 of this thread!
  9. Has anyone ever seen this before?
  10. I don't mind oil. What do you think powers the flatbed truck that carries me to the market when I need to do my shopping?
  11. You know. I was upset about this at first. But I actually dig those GULF OIL uniforms. In fact wasn't that why they were orange and blue to begin with? I remember reading (I think it was in Scott Surgent's WHA history book), that they were sponsored by Gulf in 1972 so they picked the Gulf colors for their uniform.
  12. When I was a kid I thought the Habs logo was a horizontal Horseshoe with an "H" inside it. I miss being a kid. I would always watch hockey in my comfy little shell. Sigh. That was before the weight of the World crushed my spirits.
  13. Its not a capital O. Its a zero.
  14. Streets of Rage 2 was my favorite Sega Genesis game. I can't remember how many times I cut class (I was in High School at the time) to go home and play that game. My favourite character was Max Thunder. I even named my dog after him.
  15. Everytime I see those jerseys it makes me want to eat Fruit cake because it reminds me of Christmas. And order a pizza because it reminds me of Italy