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  1. *Gurgle*
  2. I'm glad they're getting their own look but really? Stealing the LA Dodgers cap logo and turning the "L" into a lightning bolt? Blah!!
  3. Only in Bizarro World.
  4. ^ I was hoping for Polar Lights. I remember when they announced Wild. I groaned so loud my brother came running downstairs thinking I was having a heart attack. Every time I hear the name Wild even to this day I still groan really really loud. The other day my neighbor was knocking on my door to see if I was OK after she heard "loud unhuman-like groaning" coming from my home. Its funny you would think that after a decade and a half I would be use to that stupid name by now but NO!
  5. Out of all of those I would love to see Calgary (darker shade of red), Anaheim (D on front with no Disney duck), Columbus and Vancouver (with Johnny Canuck instead of Hockey stick on front) become full time homes.
  6. I wouldn't mind New Jersey getting a new logo (on a third) but not to ditch thier inconic NJ logo. Thats going to far.
  7. Didn't this happen in 2007/08?
  8. Wow how cool is that. Actually wearing the prototype jerseys from 1967.
  9. Something surreal about seeing SJ Sharkie in a Seals uniform.
  10. My mother-in-law was in the movie King Kong. She played the giant ape. They used her so they could save money on costly special effects.
  11. Those light blue jerseys are a thing of beauty. If they were a woman, I would make sweet sweet love to her for 23 hours a day. I would take her to all the most exotic locales on the planet. I would buy her only the most exotic foods and the most fragrant of perfumes. I would buy her the most rarest of gems and jewels. I would buy an island in the South Pacific and name it after her.
  12. It's cool that Len Shapiro will be at that game in San Jose. He's a nice guy who politely answered alot of my questions about the Seals a few years ago via E-Mails. I also didn't know the team was actually called the Bay Area Seals for the first 2 months of the 1970/71 season. I knew they were going to be called that and those SEALS wordmark jerseys were designed for that name but I always thought they changed the name to California Golden Seals BEFORE the season started!
  13. Not me. It just makes me want to eat even more. Cheers. Buuuurrp!
  14. Sorry not buying that. And I'm the kind of guy that's been known to make foolish purchases. Did you know one time I bought a boat even though I live in a landlocked desert? And another time I bought a gun rack even though I don't own any guns? And don't get me started on the time I bought an Ice Cream making machine even though I hate Ice Cream and are lactose Intolerant!! And who can forget the time I bought a 25 Karat diamond wedding anniversary ring for my wife before I realized I wasn't married!!!!!