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  1. LOL. Good one Goth. I got a pretty funny joke too. Get it? Tentacles? Bwaaa haaaa ha.
  2. If True North was putting a team in the Southern U.S and Foley was putting a team in Canada and the same scenarios occurred you would bitching about True North.
  3. I love to knit. And I can knit alot at once because well you know..
  4. I did and I got this!?
  5. ^You sound like you work for the Cuba Tourism Board.
  6. I love that jersey. Full time thirds please. And yeah that "City of Champions" is pretty pretentious isn't it? As for the Flyers aren't they going to wear those 50th season jerseys for that game?
  7. I heard about his wife battling Cancer but I didn't know that that was what that decal was. Thanks for the info.
  8. The Ottawa Senators are wearing a decal on the back left of their helmets. Does anyone know what that is? And I'm not asking about the Poppy. I'm talking about the logo next to it.
  9. I like the logo but isn't that a Spartan's helmet?
  10. You know I never been to Vegas so I was wondering what that star was. I didn't realize it was a part of the "Welcome" sign.
  11. You know there was an earlier team called the Jersey Devils.
  12. Love it. Golden Knights (while not as cool as Black Knights) is awesome and I actually like "Vegas" better than "Las Vegas". Kickass logo too. Thumbs up from me. We had the Golden Seals now we get the Golden Knights!
  13. The current logo looks like something a corporation would use. It lacks any personality. Its like someone just traced a map of Long Island from an Atlas, and wrote "New York Islanders" using a "NY" rather than the words "New York" and thought it would be clever making the "Y" look like a hockey stick. There done. The fisherman has a personalty. Character. The Atlantic Blue color with the teal and white gives the uniforms a nautical feel. Waves for stripes, lighthouses on the shoulders. It makes me feel like I'm on the coast looking out at the mighty Atlantic Ocean with the salty sea air filling my nostrils and feeling the foamy waves splashing up against me. Those Fisherman jerseys makes me think of this. The current logo and jerseys make me think of any of these ^That came up when I google searched "Boring Corporate Logos". The Islanders logo could fit in nicely with any one of those.