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  1. So much yellow last night watching Nashville and Pittsburgh. Sooo...much....yellow... It gave me a unnatural craving for yellow lollipops and then I ate lots of yellow Jell-O and then I drank gallons of Lemonade So I looked in the mirror afterward and looked what happened to me!!!! I used to be a brownish grey color and now I'm this?!? My friends at the Coral Reef where I work were making fun of me all day today. I swear if I hear another "Yello-0 there Octo. You're looking sunny today" I going to punch someone in the back of the head!!
  2. Did you buy a box of Boo Berry cereal by any chance?
  3. Riight. So that justifies making fun of a certain ethnicity then right? Because Italians aren't oppressed and we are considered white that makes us fair game to be ridiculed and made fun of? I tell you when someone tries to justify racism towards a certain race or ethnicity it makes it even more offensive to me.
  4. Yeah. I have mixed feelings. On one side I'm upset because I loved that modern take of their original jerseys. I thought the (now retired) third needed some work (Boston Bruins logo rather than Bruins/Boston logo, hem stripes and being brown instead of black), but overall was a really nice alternate. On the other hand I'm happy because I really do dig those Winter Classic jerseys. Again I just wish they were brown instead of black.
  5. Why is it people find Chief Wahoo offensive but don't find Alfred E Neuman or the Super Mario Bros offensive? I'm Italian and my friends always mimic the Mario Bros when they talk to me "Its-a Me Mario" "Mamma Mia" Lets-a Go-a" in a degrading manner speaking with their hands and using the "bad English". I tell you people are very selective with racism, making fun of a certain ethnicity, or what they deem offensive.
  6. I think the current Senators logo the Sens use is the best logo they ever had. I even bought some merchandise with it. And I hate the Senators.
  7. Here's a photo to illustrate your point ..
  8. He looks like a Chianti bottle.
  9. I was hoping they worn this St Pats jersey
  10. No its the pure white one. The same as on the helmet and front of the jersey. When I was watching the Flames home opener last night and the players all skated out on the ice one by one via their introductions I noticed it. I'd say about 5 guys had the logo while everybody else didn't. Edit: You know now that I look at it more closely it does look like the black trimmed version they have on their black pants. This was from last year when they wore it only once.
  11. Can someone explain sumpin' to me. How come the Calgary Flames players don't all have consistent pants? Look at their third uniforms. Most of the team doesn't have the team logo on the pants. But there are about 5 guys on the team that do. Why is that? Either they all shouldn't have the logo or they all should have the logo. What's with this lack of consistency?
  12. I hate that roundel logo at center ice in Dallas. I don't like roundel logos. If I was the master of the World you know what I would do first? No. Not end poverty. No not bring World peace. It would be to arrest anyone that comes up with a roundel logo for their sports team. And the prison would be on an orbiting comet in space.
  13. When are they going to unveil them? The season starts tomorrow and they have yet to unveil their 50th anniversary jerseys. Philadelphia and Los Angeles did it quite some time ago.