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  1. Not that I care about the World Cup of Hockey (or as I call it The Training Camp of Hockey) but I will admit I love those Team Europe uniforms. I love that pop-art style logo and I love those 2 tone blue uniforms. Even the white ones are nice. It would be epic to see an NHL team adopt that look.
  2. I still want Black Knights! And I'll fight anyone who hates the name. Have at Thee!!
  3. About the Flames. They are essentially going back to their uniform set from 2009-2013. I don't understand why they swapped out the throwback for a new third only to swap out the new third for the throwback a few years later? It doesn't make sense. Not that I mind since I don't like that Wal-Mart third jersey but why go back to those garish bright red and yellow uniforms that makes me put on sunglasses whenever I see them? Now if they darkened the red and yellow somewhat to make them less Ronald McDonaldish sure. But it doesn't seem like that will be the case.
  4. Or how about this. A GOLD CROWN! Just for that one year uniform, they should have taken their crown logo and recolored it Gold. That would have been pretty cool.
  5. I like the grey. I think the black and grey have such a cool-combo look to them. The subtle gold touch on the numbers, logo, and name is nice. The only thing I don't like is that logo. The crown on its own would look so much cooler. All in all. Not bad. Not great but not bad either.
  6. Not that I care about All-Star logos (or All-Stars games for that matter) but I'm digging that. It would have been cooler if they had spotlights shining on the "LA".
  7. Bleh.
  8. I agree about Owls being a badass name. Back around 1994 when Toronto got an NBA team they had a name the team contest. I submitted Toronto Snow Owls. Unfortunately they choose a winning entry from a young girl that loved Jurassic Park and named the team the Raptors! I groaned pretty loud when they announced that name. I still groan even to this day.
  9. nfl

    Man wasn't it great seeing the LA Rams back in blue and yellow? That should be their permanent uniform. The navy and gold is St.Louis's shtick.
  10. I didn't realize that Ontario was that old!! Granted its still not as old as Ronnie Wood but hey!
  11. Out of those remaining names Golden Knights is the coolest.
  12. I like those yellow helmets. Good move by Nashville.
  13. I like the Rams uniforms.
  14. I think their primary is the best logo they ever had.