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  1. North American Pro Soccer 2016

    NYCFC fans right now;
  2. North American Pro Soccer 2016

    I hate NYCFC but even I feel bad for them watching this. Geez
  3. 2016 MLB Season

    I don't think there is a manager in the world who could make anything out of that roster to be fair.
  4. 2016 MLB Season

    Braves fire Fredi Gonzalez.
  5. 2015/16 International Football

    Even as a Man U guy, I was cheering for Leicester City to win. We have enough history, this year was their's and what an amazing story. Can't help but feel elated for them.
  6. Minnesota North Stars Rebrand Petition

    This analogyis starting to get a littletooreal for some people...
  7. 2016 MLB Season

    The Cubs are not going to be as good as most people peg them to be I don't think. They will compete but I can't see that pitching staff getting them very deep let alone a World Series title. Just my opinion I am not expert by any means. As a fan of an AL team, I am very excited for the season. Top to bottom there isn't a wide gap in the AL, it's going to be a fun and competitive race all season long.
  8. CCSLC Loveline

    My girlfriend of over 8 years (and friends for a while before that too), about half of that living together, left me a couple months ago for her "just a" friend, and is now likely going to move half way across the country to live with him despite only meeting him in person back in December. I feel totally wrecked right now, and it doesn't help that she is trying to force me to pay the rest of the lease of the apartment we lived in. I feel just totally gutted. She's the only real relationship I have ever had, since meeting in high school. I was never in doubt she was the one. It's an awful feeling. I am not really asking for advice, just ranting and letting it out. It's been a painful few months for me and this is the icing on the :censored: cake.
  9. From what? Like 2 users? Most of the posters there are constantly posting/worrying about the league dying and every season how it's probably the last
  10. infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL Week 12

    I'm just glad the Bears actually wore their regular uniforms against the Packers and not those stupid throwbacks.
  11. The best looking year

    1995 NFL season. Can't think of a single bad uniform. The worst set that year imo was the Jets but they still looked pretty solid.
  12. There has been no rumor that I have seen of the Storm "biting the dust", only a throw away line in a blog article about them defecting but nothing far from solid. The Storm have also been active in the offseason. They are one of like a couple of teams that are pretty sure fire not to back out this offseason.
  13. And the Cleveland Deal should never be invoked ever again under any circumstances.
  14. Big 4 preview yearbooks/guides...

    The last few years I've been buying an NCAAF one. NFL as well except for this year I couldn't find one I liked. Athlon is the one I usually get but this year I got Lindy's for NCAAF as I couldn't find Athlon's in the store. I'd love to buy old ones but really only for ones from the 90s and before.