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  1. I'm enjoying watching the meltdowns in this thread.
  2. As a Bolts fan I am not saying series over until we have won 4 games. Here's hoping they close it out though.
  3. Norva

    2018 MLB Season

    Greatest day of the year. Opening day!
  4. Long overdue. I think one reason logos like this have survived so long over other caricatures like Sambo, is that Native Americans are so marginalized in society that you can spend your whole life without seeing one or hearing from any of them. They have historically been brutalized and to this day are still pushed to the very edge of society and taken advantage of time and again by the US government, you can't claim to 'honor' them with sports teams while largely ignoring their very existence.
  5. The Storm are ceasing operations. This hit me hard, some of my best childhood memories were going to Storm games with my dad, we had season tickets for many years, up until 2009 when the league didn't play and our personal lives got in the way as well. While I haven't been as die-hard as in the past I still followed them and enjoyed the ArenaBowl this last season. I think for me this kills whatever connection I had left with the league for good. A shame, I have amazing memories. Those games were a blast.
  6. As someone who grew up in Tampa I love the name change. The Tarpons name is great and has a lot of history in the city and league. I'm excited
  7. Norva

    Football and CTE

    For whatever little it's worth, I work at a large sports complex (and also home to an MLB Spring Training team), and we have baseball/softball year round, most of it youth. I also see a lot of other diamonds and smaller complexes across the metro here. Purely anecdotal for sure, but youth baseball is still going. And this backs me up: Again for whatever it is worth.
  8. Norva

    Football and CTE

    To be fair, people have been saying this about baseball for a hundred years. I can dig up articles from the 20s, the 50s, the 70s, all lamenting the death of baseball and how youth are going elsewhere. Yet the game is still doing just fine.
  9. Norva

    2017 MLB Season

    That article was the first time I ever heard of the D-Rays were originally going to be in the AL West! But it appears to be true: That would have been interesting. NFL levels of geographical weirdness.
  10. Norva

    Football and CTE

    Yeah, this is just one reason of many I don't watch football anymore. Amazing how a sport that was such an obsession to me as a kid means so little to me now. It's cannibalizing itself and now the thought of it dying off doesn't even bother me anymore.
  11. Norva

    North American Pro Soccer 2017

    Yes, the supporters section is standing room only.
  12. Norva

    2017 MLB Season

    Rays vs Marlins World Series, Florida Cup, Sunshine Series, make it happen! As a Rays fan, great win yesterday too bad I missed most of it at work but was able to catch the end of it. Today I am enjoying as much baseball as I can, Rays get back to the field tomorrow.
  13. Norva

    North American Pro Soccer 2017

    Orlando City fans have been pretty well behaved since entering the MLS. The supporters groups especially, we have had a couple of small incidents but I don't think any of them linked to the SGs. And I just have to say the new stadium is beautiful and that crowd was amazing. Orlando is a diehard soccer/football town no doubt about it.
  14. Norva

    2017 MLB Season

    I hope this isn't too early or I missed another post, but... Today pitchers and catchers reported to camp for the Cleveland Indians. Over the next few days the rest of the MLB will report and in 13 days the first Spring Training games will commence. Baseball is back!