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  1. We are under a hurricane warning here as well. A bit inland but still preparing for heavy wind damage, flooding, power outages etc. Not to panicky about it, but am prepared.
  2. At this point, I would be over the moon thrilled if they just called them the "Braves".
  3. So what is the news on MLS expansion? Last I saw Minnesota has a TBA date, Atlanta is next year and LA after than and Miami is up in the air. So is Atlanta going to possibly be a one team expansion next season?
  4. I still am not thrilled with the nickname choices, but Kissimmee or Osceola in front of them instead of Florida would be more stomachable.
  5. A bit late but:
  6. It's a relocation so I understand wanting to rebrand. But yeah. My submission was Osceola Spurs, or Kissimmee Spurs. Either way it should reflect the community. It's one thing if this is a major league club, but sorry people in St. Augustine, Vero Beach or Key West aren't going to give two craps about the Florida Rodeo Clowns. Don't name it after the state when your ticket buyers are going to be locals. Tourists aren't going to drive all the way down US192 away from all the parks for a Rodeo Clowns - Tortugas match up.
  7. As someone who lives in the Kissimmee area and is excited for the team, these names are awful and extremely disappointing. The trend of over the top wacky names is getting a bit old. It's minor league ball, I get it, and it's all good fun but this is just so forced. At the least I wish they had used Kissimmee or Osceola as the location name. It's the Florida State League, all 12 teams are in Florida, why name it Florida!?
  8. Wikipedia has this list which seems to be fairly extensive: It goes down to NCAA Div III anyway.
  9. They still use the Wonders of Life building for the Food and Wine and Flower and Garden Festivals.
  10. Sadly I found out there are some friends/acquaintances who were there, I don't know if they are okay yet or not. I am at a loss for words right now.
  11. I have no words to describe how I feel right now. This is my own city. This is a club I know that friends and coworkers have frequented. There are some people I know who may or may not have been there that I'm not 100% sure are ok or not. My heart is broken right now for all those people and for the city I call my home.
  12. NYCFC fans right now;
  13. I hate NYCFC but even I feel bad for them watching this. Geez
  14. I don't think there is a manager in the world who could make anything out of that roster to be fair.
  15. Braves fire Fredi Gonzalez.