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  1. Orlando City fans have been pretty well behaved since entering the MLS. The supporters groups especially, we have had a couple of small incidents but I don't think any of them linked to the SGs. And I just have to say the new stadium is beautiful and that crowd was amazing. Orlando is a diehard soccer/football town no doubt about it.
  2. Houston Astros from National League to American League.
  3. The homes in general I really like, a lot of unique cool places. I spent a couple hours touring every single one until I could settle on one.
  4. Peter Pan is a good one for a FastPass, as the line is ALWAYS long on it.
  5. Yeah, when the ride ended the first thing I thought was "That's it?". Not worth the wait. I also wasn't thrilled with the new Frozen ride. It's alright though, the animatronics are pretty good.
  6. Some of the best nachos I have had, very good. Dwarves Mine Train is extremely disappointing imo, it's a very short ride. As far as food, Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Lodge is amazing. Ohama at Polynesian, Tusker House at DAK, Wave, just a few off the top of my head that I like. Cape May at Beach Club Resort is like a Red Lobster but buffet style. There are a lot of really good places I'll try and remember.
  7. I hope this isn't too early or I missed another post, but... Today pitchers and catchers reported to camp for the Cleveland Indians. Over the next few days the rest of the MLB will report and in 13 days the first Spring Training games will commence. Baseball is back!
  8. Orlando is up in Atlanta a couple times late season. I want to catch a road game up there then catch a game at the Braves new stadium, for a nice weekend. Can't wait for the season
  9. I am looking forward to Atlanta in the league, it makes a reasonable road trip for a game, and I plan to drive up and catch an OCSC in Atlanta for my first road MLS experience. Another Florida team would be fantastic.
  10. MLS releases it's first weekend/home openers schedule: Seasons starts on March 3 with Minnesota United at the Portland Timbers. Orlando City opens their new stadium against NYCFC on the 5th.
  11. If the Rowdies got in I would be a bit conflicted. I would never stop supporting Orlando City, it would be the only case where my primary team wasn't the Tampa Bay area team.
  12. The new Orlando stadium coming along:
  13. The MLS Cup will feature two teams who have never played in it before. Very cool, should be a great Cup no matter who wins the East final.
  14. My biggest fear at this point is his promise to defund all climate change R&D and ignore the Paris agreement. Hopefully that is something he will move to the center on. Even with Clinton the effort is not nearly enough for how dire the situation is, but it is at least something. I am terrified for the future because of this.
  15. For you and everyone else in similar situations...I am deeply sorry