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  1. Minnesota North Stars Rebrand Petition

    This analogyis starting to get a littletooreal for some people...
  2. 2016 MLB Season

    The Cubs are not going to be as good as most people peg them to be I don't think. They will compete but I can't see that pitching staff getting them very deep let alone a World Series title. Just my opinion I am not expert by any means. As a fan of an AL team, I am very excited for the season. Top to bottom there isn't a wide gap in the AL, it's going to be a fun and competitive race all season long.
  3. CCSLC Loveline

    My girlfriend of over 8 years (and friends for a while before that too), about half of that living together, left me a couple months ago for her "just a" friend, and is now likely going to move half way across the country to live with him despite only meeting him in person back in December. I feel totally wrecked right now, and it doesn't help that she is trying to force me to pay the rest of the lease of the apartment we lived in. I feel just totally gutted. She's the only real relationship I have ever had, since meeting in high school. I was never in doubt she was the one. It's an awful feeling. I am not really asking for advice, just ranting and letting it out. It's been a painful few months for me and this is the icing on the :censored: cake.
  4. From what? Like 2 users? Most of the posters there are constantly posting/worrying about the league dying and every season how it's probably the last
  5. infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL Week 12

    I'm just glad the Bears actually wore their regular uniforms against the Packers and not those stupid throwbacks.
  6. The best looking year

    1995 NFL season. Can't think of a single bad uniform. The worst set that year imo was the Jets but they still looked pretty solid.
  7. There has been no rumor that I have seen of the Storm "biting the dust", only a throw away line in a blog article about them defecting but nothing far from solid. The Storm have also been active in the offseason. They are one of like a couple of teams that are pretty sure fire not to back out this offseason.
  8. And the Cleveland Deal should never be invoked ever again under any circumstances.
  9. Big 4 preview yearbooks/guides...

    The last few years I've been buying an NCAAF one. NFL as well except for this year I couldn't find one I liked. Athlon is the one I usually get but this year I got Lindy's for NCAAF as I couldn't find Athlon's in the store. I'd love to buy old ones but really only for ones from the 90s and before.
  10. Who to support in the Premier League

    As a Man U whatever you want. You don't have to justify your rooting interests to anyone but yourself. Sports are just supposed to be for fun after all
  11. SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling

    First off, I think you mean the Republican Party.Secondly, you assume support for same-sex marriage is a libertarian philosophy. I can't speak for anyone else, but I disagree with that notion. I've been for legalized same-sex marriage since high school. I've never found myself identifying with "libertarianism." That political ideology is, in my brutally honest opinion, the right wing equivalent of communism. It's an ideology that only works in theory because it relies on people not acting like people. It doesn't take human nature into account. My support for legalized same-sex marriage doesn't spring from any "live and let live" libertarian philosophy. It's grounded in two distinct beliefs. The first is the belief that rights need to be universal. Marriage bestows rights onto couples that non-married couples don't have. Therefore the institution of marriage needs to be open to everyone, regardless of sexual orientation. The second is personal, and religious in a way. I'm a left winger, and I also do believe strongly in family values. My parents have been happily married for over thirty years. I see that, and it's beautiful. I'm also bi, and I'm currently in a same-sex relationship. One that's been going on for a few years now. If things go far enough, I want to marry him. Marriage, to me, means something special, something beyond government benefits. That too should be available to any couple that wants it. Basically? I believe in "family values" and I believe that those are strengthened immeasurably when you allow all orientations access to the institution of marriage. Now polygamy. Let's deal with the obvious right away. It's used as a method of control with a high abuse rate. It's not an equal partnership. It's a means for one man to have a harem of subservient wives. Now you might say that the male-female model of marriage wasn't equal for the longest time, and you'd be right. Difference is that evolved into an equal partnership over time, at least ideally. Polygamy has yet to make that leap. Let's move on though, and assume that it works out to all polygamist relationships are equal, and that everyone involved is a consenting adult. Here's where your first assumption gets you into trouble. You assume all same-sex marriage advocates are libertarians, and that this means support for legalized same-sex marriage must lead into support for legalized polygamy. Except it's a faulty assumption. My support for legalized same-sex marriage came from a few different places ideologically speaking, but none of those were "live and let live." To me? Marriage as an institution between two people. One that, for a variety of reasons both morally and legally, needs to be open to all couples of all orientations. To me a gay couple have always been as worthy of a straight couple of marriage as a civil and, if they desire it, a religious institution. Polygamy, on the other hand, simply isn't marriage. It's not a civil rights issue, because the right is marriage. Which is two people. Now I'm open to having my mind changed, but that's on the institution of polygamy and the sects that practice it. Show me that your version of marriage is more then just a means of social control. Show me that it's not just one man looking to assemble his own harem. Show me that it can be a union where all members of the union are treated equally. Until that time I see it as an entirely separate issue. 1) It's not really an opinion so much as fact. If you take Libertarian to it's full definition Communism is a form of Libertarianism (Libertarian Socialism aka Anarcho-Communism). When people say Libertarian today they mean Libertarian right, which includes philosophies such as Objectivism or other more moderate versions. At the extremes ends of it, the only real major difference between them is economic theory; both are big proponents of social liberty but while far right Libertarians support a laissez faire pure free market approach, Libertarian Socialists believe in more of a collectivist approach (communes, workers councils etc) . And of course I don't use the USSR or Chinese definition of Communism which are Authoritarian Left as opposed to Libertarian. But at it's core, it's just a belief in social liberties and it covers a wide and massive spectrum of beliefs with the majority of Libertarians falling more in the middle. 2) I think polygamy as a term carries a negative connotation. I think group marriage is a better term. It could carry any number or variety of genders and not just one guy and a bunch of women. I know people in open relationships and group relationships and I see no reason their type of love or relationship is any less valid or real than just two people. And to be honest, even with 2 people, people can be coerced into marriage for wrong/abusive reasons. It happens all the time. I think if it's consensual and everyone is an adult, they have every right to enter into a marriage contract be it between 2 people or 5, or 6, or 8 etc.
  12. If you screw up at your job and break a huge rule, you probably won't ever get rehired by that company. It's the same concept here really. And the HoF is a nice little perk for doing well at your job, but it's not like the death penalty or something. It just means you don't get a bronze plaque so I really can't feel to bad about him not getting in "deserved" or not.
  13. Glad to see lacrosse grow in the south, first with the MLL Florida Launch and now Georgia in the NLL (and Orlando briefly for that matter). But wish it wasn't at the expense of another market and solid fanbase.
  14. North American Pro Soccer 2015

    I'm a big Orlando City fan, despite what you hear OCSC games aren't like this giant gang fight or something. I've never personally seen any problems myself either and most people there are great. There is a small group I think that has ruined the reputation for the rest of us and I know the team is cracking down and working on it and as the year goes on I do think it's gotten better. It's embarrassing though and I wish they'd grow up and represent the better side of our city and team. It's disgraceful I agree.