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  1. MC2

    MC2 Redesigns the NFL

    Fixed the numbers on the front of the jerseys. Next up, continuing with the AFC East, the New England Patriots
  2. MC2

    MC2 Redesigns the NFL

    I've wanted to redesign the NFL for the longest time and now that I have enough time to do it I thought I would start. Before I post any teams I want to it to be known that this is fictional and all the rules about only having one helmet aren't relevant to me. With that being said here's my first team, the Miami Dolphins CnC much appreciated, trying to make the best designs I can. Teams Completed: Miami Dolphins New England Patriots
  3. MC2

    College Football 2012 Season

    Green-White-Green for Oregon.
  4. MC2

    2012 NCAA Football thread

    Anyone else think Johnny Manziel looks like Troy Tulowitzki?
  5. MC2

    College Football 2012 Season

    What's that bottom right picture?
  6. MC2


    When you say 2013 will be a big year, are you insinuating there will be NFL changes?
  7. MC2

    PAC 12 Concepts

    The effect you used to demonstrate the reflection on the Oregon helmets looks so cool. Very impressive. Good job.
  8. MC2

    College Football 2012 Season

    Oregon combo is carbob-white-steel. Saving all white for USC if I had to guess.
  9. MC2

    2012-13 NBA Logo & Uniform changes

    New Thunder Alts?
  10. MC2

    College Football 2012 Season

    No. The iridescent numbers are beautiful.
  11. MC2

    High School Football Uniforms 2012

    Next RGIII?
  12. MC2

    2012 MLB Season was unfair?
  13. MC2

    2012 NCAA Football thread

    So if Devon Walker had a tracheotomy, does he have a stoma in his neck now...?
  14. MC2

    oregons new unis

    Read the mods disclaimer regarding megathreads before getting on someone for starting a discussion about one specific (and relatively significant) uniform. I need to a closer shot of the helmet before passing judgement. Also, are those black tings on his calves and black undersleeves part of the uniform or just personal decision? If the former, then something is wrong because the black really doesn't work well in those spots. Personal decision. It's just leg sleeves, a very popular thing in football nowadays.
  15. MC2

    College Football 2012 Season

    This Auburn QB looks eerily like Cam Newton...