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  1. The handshake line is more or less irrelevant and harping on it like Bruce Boudreau personally shivved a baby is overdoing it. So the Wild coaches bailed, at least they didn't call a Code Red during the line. Such is life, let's move on and worry about Nashville. "Class" is a peculiar obsession of the Best Fans in Baseball. While I am a Cards and Blues fan, I have little time for that segment of the fanbase and its desires n'est-ce pas. As for the Rams, they don't have a 1st Round pick to throw away this year, so I've actually been able to avoid draft coverage because I'm not one of those maniacs who does an ungodly amount of 7-round mock drafts that seem....really, really pointless. Also attendance did fall, but it had the benefit of getting Jeff Fisher fired, so there.
  2. I'd rather not touch Bruce Boudreau for fear of catching whatever curse he has myself. Honestly throwing a fit about a handshake line is ticky-tack Cardinal fan stuff and we should all be better than that.
  3. 6 exactly. Come join me at the bar of nihilism.
  4. Fine. The Blues were sellers at a time when they were in a tight fight for any playoff spot (the Kings only fell apart after the deadline). It's not like they tried to get better.
  5. Pretty much. Also you can't lose in 6 if the series only lasts five games. /wink
  6. @OnWis97 Stayed with them, but I was functionally an out-of-market fan my entire life.
  7. They don't, however, have NBA teams. Seattle undoubtedly would.
  8. "If there's blood on the ice/uniform" should be a pretty easy rule of thumb to follow.
  9. Hell, if they reviewed a goal in Ottawa-Boston because Boston might have been offsides 45 seconds before the goal was scored they should have reviewed and waved that off.
  10. /Glances at Canada with Jets, Senators, and hypothetical Nordiques. I dunno, you tell me.
  11. It's going to suck to end the playoffs on a 4 game losing streak.
  12. Welp, "untouchable" sure is the right name for this.
  13. Not really. WHA incarnations were named the Nationals and Civics, the OHL team was named the '67s, and we've got a couple of other names too. There was nearly a 3 decade interregnum at some point. One person's trivia is another's mythic history and vice versa. And besides, something to being the first American team to win the Cup. /Glances at teams with "generic" animal names. Your point? Look, the Jets were cool with the Winnipeg Jets both times, so I'm not sure where the concern here is coming from. Not really, but rename it the East Division if you must. ..... ........... IT'S ING SEATTLE! I MEAN, ITS NOT SAN FRANCISCO BUT STILL SOMEHOW I DON'T THINK YOU ARE GOING TO TURN OFF POTENTIAL FANS WITH THAT SHORTENED MONIKER! It's no Aqua Knightz, I'll tell you that. Because the NHL is stupid. Granted I think that potential to offend might be a deciding factor, although on the flip side hello local junior hockey team that is named after a Native American cryptid!
  14. Nautical =/= Navy
  15. Any Seattle team would be almost certainly called the Metropolitans/Metros, with only Totems having even an outside shot at being the name.