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  1. rams80

    Flyers introduce terrifying orange mascot Gritty

    Five Nights At Gritty's
  2. rams80

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    NY Jets vs. Cleveland  Indianapolis vs. Philadelphia Tennessee vs. Jacksonville San Francisco vs. Kansas City Buffalo vs. Minnesota New Orleans vs. Atlanta NY Giants vs. Houston Cincinnati vs. Carolina Green Bay vs. Washington Oakland vs. Miami Denver vs. Baltimore LA Chargers vs. LA Rams Dallas vs. Seattle Chicago vs. Arizona New England vs. Detroit Pittsburgh vs. Tampa Bay 
  3. rams80

    2018 NFL Season

    I cannot emphasize enough how the Bills arrival at this point is self-inflicted by management. They dumped the QB who drug them to the playoffs for a hack who played in snow on occasion in college....and then wouldn't even start the hack in week 1.
  4. rams80

    2018 NFL Season

    Why should the employee care when management clearly doesn't? Especially in a sport fraught with physical peril?
  5. rams80

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Baltimore vs. Cincinnati Philadelphia vs. Tampa Bay Indianapolis vs. Washington Kansas City vs. Pittsburgh Cleveland vs. New Orleans Minnesota vs. Green Bay Carolina vs. Atlanta Miami vs. NY Jets Houston vs. Tennessee LA Chargers vs. Buffalo Detroit vs. San Francisco Arizona vs. LA Rams New England vs. Jacksonville Oakland vs. Denver NY Giants vs. Dallas Seattle vs. Chicago
  6. rams80

    2018 NFL Season

    Welcome to the light.
  7. rams80

    2018 NFL Season

  8. rams80

    Introducing the Rocket City Trash Pandas

    There's a difference between irreverent and utterly, stupidly kitschy. The most bat insane moniker in Southern League history was probably the utterly 90s "West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx", followed by the Montgomery Biscuits and " Nashville Xpress (90s again)", and that second one at least was slightly grounded. Prediction, they will sell some merchandise on startup online, battle declining attendance, and have a mascot that scares small children at best.
  9. rams80

    Introducing the Rocket City Trash Pandas

    Oh, my backbreaker was a long time ago. Now I'm at the point where I just quietly and caustically denigrate Brandiose and their catastrophic lack of taste, creativity, and interest in local themes (outside of a perfunctory scan of google or wikipedia) and just wonder when they'll accidentally overshoot into something that's actually offensive.
  10. rams80

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Atlanta vs. Philadelphia Buffalo vs. Baltimore Cincinnati vs. Indianapolis Houston vs. New England San Francisco vs. Minnesota Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans Jacksonville vs. NY Giants Tennessee vs. Miami Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland Kansas City vs. LA Chargers Dallas vs. Carolina Seattle vs. Denver Washington vs. Arizona Chicago vs. Green Bay NY Jets vs. Detroit LA Rams vs. Oakland
  11. Wake me when we get the logo with the bat-swinging cartoon raccoon.
  12. Like the logo/crest. The name, or at least the Inter/Internacional part needs to go unless I get a promise from team management that they will cheat financial rules, shave points, work actively with the mob, and have the players go down like they were shot whenever an opposing player gets within a foot of them.
  13. rams80

    2018 NFL Season

  14. rams80

    2018 NFL Season