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  1. I'm not inclined to hold San Francisco blameless here given that the only DeBartolo/York who had two brain cells to rub together hasn't been involved with the team in a decision-making capacity since 2000.
  2. 2 out of 32 NFL teams thought they were "better off without him" at a time when that could be used as an indictment of him personally rather than his skills. The reality is San Francisco drove off a cliff the first season he was gone and didn't get back on track until they hired Jim Harbaugh. So I'm not sure you can make that claim. Philly maybe, but how much of what went down in 2005 could also be laid at the feet of "post-Super Bowl hangover"?
  3. Shouldn't the fact a sizable number of NFL GMs are risk-averse morons also be a consideration? For Owens while he was an elite receiver-the decision to cut ties with San Fran was driven by him wanting out rather than him being a "cancer". Philly dumped him because he got Drew Rosenhaus as an agent and, well, acted like a player who has Drew Rosenhaus as an agent. (hardly a HOF-chance damning offense, that).
  4. The Aces historically subsidized travel to Anchorage as well-they got around it some by having teams play 3 game "series" and vice versa. But yeah, with the loss of Victoria and then the California teams, Boise's the closest market now and it quickly (Salt Lake City, Loveland, CO, Rapid City) gets worse from there. Probably not sustainable any more.
  5. Presumably Edwards' car was already in and ready to go, while Stewart's wasn't (because it didn't need to be.)
  6. "Invade Russia in winter" -level bad.
  7. MUCH. LESS. Your blue blood programs became blue bloods for the most part during this era because they could spend most of the time clubbing the baby seals that were the rest of the college basketball landscape, and at the same time the men's college game wasn't nearly as "professionalized" (complete with constant training programs) as today. And yeah, the one team per conference rule (as well as actual geographic regionals) did UCLA a lot of favors come tourney time.
  8. This won't end well at all. Granted this is the Knicks and Dolan we are talking about, so nothing ends well at all.
  9. That can't be it. The team's been on the brink of financial catastrophe for far longer than that-this goes back to the Checkerdome days.
  10. MOD EDIT That said, the Blues want out of Chicago because the Wolves historically murder an NHL team's player development efforts by focusing on winning with their own players rather than giving the parent team's players playing time. Las Vegas is probably going to end up with the Wolves because 1) They don't really have a fully stocked farm roster because DUH. 2) they are the lowest, lowest man on the totem pole. The Blues are going to push for some sort of local option (Illinois or Missouri area), with the caveat that the Blues ownership group probably doesn't have a lot of money lying around, which is why they dumped the Peoria AHL franchise off to Vancouver (to be moved to West Coast location TBA/Utica as a halfway house) and then affiliated with the independently owned and operated Wolves despite the known damage it will do to player development because a few bread crumbs are better than nothing. With regards to the Komets, you got confused. The owners are anti-union (something about owing a couple years' worth of back dues to the Professional Hockey Players Association), so they jumped from league to league until the last remaining non-union league began to burn down around them, leaving them no choice but to move to the ECHL. Historically the Komets have pursued a me-first policy, and to be honest its less of a problem at the ECHL because most NHL teams don't have that deep of a farm system. The ECHL aspires to be like the AHL from a player-development perspective but its not quite there yet. The Blues, probably due to the aforementioned financial problems and hollowing out of their farm system, don't even have an ECHL affiliate right now and haven't given any real signs of wanting to address that.
  11. Depends on who you're asking about. The Komets are a Wolves situation, with some additional anti-players union sentiments mixed in.
  12. Apparently Kansas City might not be happening now, though. The Blues owner must have demanded a bigger cash infusion from the Hunts that was thought.
  13. Yeah, I think number 2 on the list for this "era" is Steven Jackson and no way the HOF voters give him THAT BIG of a mulligan for "played for the Rams".
  14. Because affiliating with the Wolves is generally a bad idea.