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  1. rams80

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    They get their fan ethos from the Croats, right? I'm...not surprised.
  2. rams80

    Football and CTE

    Your standard youth football coach is probably closer to this. Is THIS the male role model you are speaking of.
  3. rams80

    2018 MLB Season

    What you say in the heat of the moment is the real you. It has always been that way. And yeah ~18 year old me would have known better than to say some of those things.
  4. rams80

    2018 MLB Season

    I was going to say, he'd probably be a hero to my "fellow" Cardinals fans.
  5. rams80

    2018 NFL Offseason

    Yeah, the writers and voters hate receivers. The writers and voters also suck.
  6. rams80

    2018 MLB Season

    I'll settle for the new manager not letting his grumpy veteran closer turn the stellar rookie closer into Rick Ankiel because "that's just how the game works" or something like that.
  7. rams80

    2018 MLB Season

    Per wikipedia, Joe Torre was informed his services would no longer be necessary in June 1995. That worked out well.
  8. rams80

    2018 NFL Offseason

    T.O.'s almost certainly not the only friendless arsehole in the Hall.
  9. They don't have enough money to pay off the clubs in Europe.
  10. rams80

    Football and CTE

    The Illinois bill died. Arguments were a combination of "the important character values of playing football, concern trolling over not knowing how to tackle in high school (and increasing the risk to life and limb), and a lack of realization that your average JFL coach probably has more in common with John McGuirk from the Home Movies cartoon than say Vince Lombardi."
  11. 1. That's next year's problem. 2. Which of Iguodala and Livingston would command starter money for a contender?
  12. rams80

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    OFC is only guaranteed the one spot in the expanded field.
  13. The crew that missed the World Cup this year by losing to friggin' Trinidad and Tobago? LOL NO.