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  1. Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?
  2. Also returning everything you took from the locker room when you pulled out last time.
  3. Galaxies are big. It's not that hard to build a trooper army given the amount of territory the First Order seems to control.
  4. Some fence-mending might be necessary, since SMG still runs the Peoria Civic Center.
  5. Nah, the Peoria Journal Star's hack of a beat writer would have run with the Rivermen missing payroll immediately since he knows no discretion.
  6. #Pray4Crashcarson
  7. So, per the hfboards megathread, guess who missed payroll for their AHL players a few years back?
  8. Except for the completely minor problem that those are the 49ers' colors. *flicks open switchblade, starts examining it*
  9. Mild rebuttal. The Jazz bailing on New Orleans for Utah wasn't seen as a completely nutso move because the ABA had had notable success there (Stars folded because the owner lost his money on a bunch of things that weren't basketball, and St. Louis was going to move there if there had been another ABA seaon.)
  10. Unless you're a Rams, Titans, or Jags die-hard, I have no idea why you'd be watching those latter two games.
  11. Try not to torch too much of downtown when you lose in 6 to the 4th place team in the Metro Division in round 1.
  12. Il ne parle pas Francais
  13. Again, its the Rams. Don't assume competence or some shred of a thought-through plan. Ever.
  14. The Rams are playing in London. You're already doing a bad job of showcasing the sport.
  15. #GoColts