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  1. *In which Bring Back the Vet complains about aspects of the CBA that at least meant Comcast that private equity bastard who now owns the team wouldn't just rake in revenue sharing money and field a team of losers from the streets of Camden during the height of the process*
  2. Here, I'm going to tell you a secret. The only difference between Philadelphia and Boston is that the Celtics have an organizational culture that values winning and the Sixers don't. Here's hoping somebody offers Simmons or Embiid a stupid poison pill contract in their first RFA year and blows up the Process dead in its tracks.
  3. The same way you sell the NFL product to the fans of historically fire franchises. The same way you sell the MLB product to the historically moribund and butt lost. This isn't a uniquely NBA problem (nor is the Hawks being unable to keep together two years removed from a season that was truly greater than the sum of their constituent parts.) EDIT: No, seriously your complaining seems to be along the lines of "Atlanta should have been insulated from the consequences of choosing Dwight Howard over Al Horford or trading Jeff Teague and Kyle Korver" and no, that's entirely on the Hawks.
  4. LeBron wants to win, which means he won't touch Philly with a 10 foot pole.
  5. 30 games total for Fultz's rookie campaign? Sounds about right.
  6. Not really.
  7. Pre-process Sixers? It depends. Philly was a desirable place to play before Hinkie displayed absolutely no ambition to win ever.
  8. Why Oladipo? Adding a prominent IU alum can't hurt if the Pacers' look to not do as well next year.
  9. They have gotten the second largest campus of the IU system, in the major metropolitan area that the league is headquartered in, and while it doesn't have pedigree, it does have enough resources to, say, cover up any holes in their athletic offerings. Besides, worrying about college baseball in the Great Lakes region is kind of stupid anyway.
  10. Cleveland Cavaliers during LeBron's first stint: 35-47 (missed playoffs) 40-42 (missed playoffs) 50-32 (4th seed, lost 2nd round to Detroit) 50-32 (2nd seed, lost NBA Finals to San Antonio) 45-37 (4th seed, lost 2nd round to Boston) 66-16 (1st seed, lost Conference Finals to Orlando) 61-21 (1st seed, lost Semis to Boston) So, what can this tell adherents of The Process? 1. If your goal is to be in a position to get the literal generational talent because that is the only thing that can get you a championship, well....the literal generational talent is not a guarantee of winning an NBA championship, because the Cavs had his services for 7 years and didn't win one that first go around.. 2. The literal generational talent isn't even a guarantee of having a realistic shot of winning a championship. That Cleveland team in year four had no business being on the same floor as San Antonio, and overachieved heavily just by having LeBron will them past Detroit. It's only Years 6 and 7 that the Cavs were serious title contenders, which means it took a lot of time to not only give LeBron the needed experience to develop and succeed, but also, and this is key, YOU CAN'T BANK ON JUST BUILDING A CHAMPIONSHIP CONTENDER BY AMASSING HIGH LOTTERY PICKS BECAUSE THOSE LATTER CAV TEAMS HAD VETERANS SIGN ON.
  11. *Simmons does that, blows the landing and pulls a Shaun Livingston.* THE PROCESS HAS FAILED.
  12. So the Warriors hurt themselves?
  13. Or, you know, you could get one or two good players in the draft, because those guys do show up every year, actually develop them, and with judicious cap management position yourself as a good team that could be a great team with the right FA or two and look at all of that Max Contract space we have! You think Cleveland, Detroit, Boston (minus "the history") and San Antonio would be attractive FA destinations if they didn't win? Golden State couldn't convince anyone to come there before they won. I bet that would work just as well as gambling you have enough and the right ping pong ball when the generational talent shows up (and banking on the NBA not magically rigging the damn thing in the first place so that talent doesn't end up in a place where they will sit on the bench for the majority of their rookie contract with a nebulously defined injury.) I bet that gets you a ring faster.
  14. No Process could have landed the Sixers one of the two cornerstones for their only title in living memory for (probably) everyone here. If your goal is "Titles or bust" you better make "get past LeBron" as part of your calculations in The Process era, because in all likelihood your path to a title is going to involve facing him. And that was true when this first started. In the last 20 years only 2 #1 overall picks have led teams to league titles: Duncan and LeBron (Irving helps, but Cleveland's not winning a title with just him). It's not just getting the top picks, it's having the top pick on that rare occasion when a literal once-in-a-generation talent comes up. The Process can't plan for that, and The Process can't give you the blind luck needed for that.
  15. This is your reminder that the Sixers' last NBA title came as a result of Dr. J (who only played for the Sixers because the Knicks forced a Nets fire sale upon joining the NBA) and Moses Malone being on the same team. The punch line here is that even if Philly's core does come online and pans out like they should on paper and actually plays something approximately a full season, they'll probably hover around 50 wins. Which is good, except they'd probably not be good enough to get past Cleveland or Boston (at least) in a 7 game series. The Process made you the 3rd best team in the East! Which is exactly what The Process was supposed to prevent! Huzzah!