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  1. Or find a happy medium, you know...
  2. I'm still trying to comprehend Donald Trump roasting Hillary at an event named after a Democrat who lost in a huge landslide. Everything about this is awful and doesn't compute.
  3. Chicago vs. Green Bay NY Giants vs. Los Angeles - AT London New Orleans vs. Kansas City Indianapolis vs. Tennessee Minnesota vs. Philadelphia Cleveland vs. Cincinnati Washington vs. Detroit Oakland vs. Jacksonville Buffalo vs. Miami Baltimore vs. NY Jets Tampa Bay vs. San Francisco San Diego vs. Atlanta New England vs. Pittsburgh Seattle vs. Arizona Houston vs. Denver
  4. Friar is a profession, not a race. "Catholic" is a faith, not a race.
  5. "I prefer for protests to come in a manner, timing, and venue that allows me to politely ignore them."
  6. Mad about folks in Washington being unaccountable? Then you don't want term limits, because that basically empowers staffers and lobbyists (who are now the institutional memory) rather than the voters.
  7. Added context, Adams and the rest of the Federalists took advantage of the Quasi-War to pass the Alien and Sedition Acts, which, since we were pretty much flying by the seat of our pants on what was and was not cool, were used as excuses to jail political opponents. That he went that far, but was still willing to step down when defeated, says a lot. Russia in the last 2-3 years has invaded a neighboring country for daring to place a more Western-leaning government in power at the expense of a pro-Russian one, and is trying to actively destabilize other bordering countries. Some of which are NATO Allies. Put simply.....if it seems like the Cold War's come back recently, that's on Russia, not us. And yeah, the chances of us becoming Allies at the moment are about as good as a genetic clone of Hitler showing up and leading Germany on another attempt to conquer the world, primarily because Russia isn't exactly being a good neighbor to US allies and potential allies at the moment. (Also trying to influence our Presidential election)
  8. /lives an hour from Mexico //is white ///has a greater risk of being gunned down by the local constabulary (4 kills in the last 2 years) than by some illegal immigrant.
  9. I'm not sure if that's even enough. The church isn't going to go quietly, and by and large, the conservatives control the seminaries and pastoral training programs, so the next generation of pastors are going to be just as conservative. It's going to take a crisis brought on by crashing attendance and declining offerings revenue for them to give up on that.
  10. Guys, remember the owner is a macho military fetishist. This spartan locker room is probably an intentional effort to cultivate some sort of "warrior" ethos in the Goddamned Knights. /I'm going to now assume Foley looks like Joe Don Baker's character in The Living Daylights
  12. Someone is going to get shot at a polling place on election day. It's coming. Also we might want to consider expanding the legal definition of electioneering.
  13. That's not happening. Too many people have insurance because of it now. We're not going back to the old system where folks could be denied insurance because of pre-existing conditions.
  14. The fact that Johnson was kind of a crappy governor whose policies laid the foundation of New Mexico's current economic and fiscal crisis might actually be a consideration as well. Ironically, I don't think Johnson has been making much of an effort to hang his hat on being a successful businessman despite, you know, being a successful businessman (he's never filed for bankruptcy/posted a billion dollar loss in a year).
  15. Aside from having Benjamin Netanyahu's arm shoulder deep up his ass anyway. Which is a problem for US policy. Kirk made the mistake of picking a fight with the Tribune last year. And then blew them off during the endorsement interview.