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  1. Other than that, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln?
  2. Hell, we've still got 5 weeks to call for a passbook system. /We really need to rein in "reasonable suspicion".
  3. Houston vs. New England Arizona vs. Buffalo Oakland vs. Tennessee Cleveland vs. Miami Baltimore vs. Jacksonville Detroit vs. Green Bay Denver vs. Cincinnati Minnesota vs. Carolina Washington vs. NY Giants Los Angeles vs. Tampa Bay San Francisco vs. Seattle NY Jets vs. Kansas City San Diego vs. Indianapolis Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia Chicago vs. Dallas Atlanta vs. New Orleans
  4. So who's going to bell the ing cat Bern? You don't need to just introduce and present the issues and talk about them. YOU NEED TO GET CANDIDATES TO RUN FOR OFFICE AND GET ELECTED. AT ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT.
  5. http://arenadigest.com/2016/07/28/plans-scrapped-for-owensboro-arena/ Yeah, going with the Icemen being dead thanks to their own self-inflicted injuries and stupid gamesmanship.
  6. Electors presumably vote for the VP as the President and the party picks a new VP. The only precedent we have is that "everything goes pear-shaped" though.
  7. Ultimately politics is an incremental process. If America is to pull itself more to the left, it needs to reverse 40 years of rightward pull AND to exorcise the memories of an ideological geopolitical confllict that lasted more than 40 years dating back to the 1940s. So, no, you can't jump all at once to the left, at least if you want to govern. And you're going to have to start from the ground up, winning lots of local elections, not from the top down.
  8. I think we've pretty much established that the Old Left is so assured of its own righteousness and correctness it cannot even comprehend why a majority of the national electorate will not pull a ballot for them or understand how to alter its platform to secure that majority. Especially now that Scotland decided to vote for the Nationalists instead. I mean, they're planning on reading the only party leader to have actually won an election for them in the last 40 years OUT of the party. If you're scoring at home, this is akin to those Tea Party loons proclaiming that Reagan was a RINO. Anyway they keep losing vote share in the general, overwhelmingly so. I mean, if being in the permanent minority is your thing, well do it, but you even get less of a say in a Parliamentary model than you do in the American.
  9. *checks general election UK polling, including Scotland* Invest in thermal underwear because Hell done froze over.
  10. The fact that "the dying person no one liked much to begin with" had a much better shot in the general election that "the Israel-Hating Commie Jew who wasn't even a member of the party two years ago" is apparently irrelevant to this discussion. Labour was equally stupid to hand the keys to Corbyn and their punishment will be another majority mandate for the Tories in the next general election in the UK.
  11. I....don't think you understand this team's fanbase. At all.
  12. They really should be forced to get medical treatment from a crazy homeless person if this is the case. Same principle. Domestically. All business background candidates have an agenda: get rich at the expense of everyone else. Foreign Policy: Doing whatever the hell Vladimir Putin wants him to do. Also sell out our allies. Except Trump holds back a lot when discussing his own flaws.
  13. NY Jets vs. Buffalo Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh Tennessee vs. Detroit Baltimore vs. Cleveland Dallas vs. Washington New Orleans vs. NY Giants San Francisco vs. Carolina Miami vs. New England Kansas City vs. Houston Seattle vs. Los Angeles Tampa Bay vs. Arizona Jacksonville vs. San Diego Atlanta vs. Oakland Indianapolis vs. Denver Green Bay vs. Minnesota Philadelphia vs. Chicago