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  1. Dallas vs. Minnesota Kansas City vs. Atlanta Detroit vs. New Orleans Los Angeles vs. New England Denver vs. Jacksonville Houston vs. Green Bay Philadelphia vs. Cincinnati Miami vs. Baltimore San Francisco vs. Chicago Buffalo vs. Oakland Tampa Bay vs. San Diego NY Giants vs. Pittsburgh Washington vs. Arizona Carolina vs. Seattle Indianapolis vs. NY Jets
  2. So Kevin Wilson probably shouldn't have attended that Tim Beckman coaching seminar. /BRB throwing a monkey's paw against the wall.
  3. Well, there was a bit of that at work too, although that was more because Baylor's non-conference schedule had 5 FBS wins between it than because of what they did off the field.
  4. Emergency draft from the rest of the league. /May have looked this up during the "Triumph of Death" years for the Rams.
  5. I think the Baylor/TCU precedent had as much to do with "the committee doesn't want to pick one of two identical teams with virtually the same resumes, especially when you can grab a team that just eviscerated the #11 team in the country by almost 60 points" as "they put a premium on outright Conference titles."
  6. Combination. Especially since Spartans weren't knights.
  7. We weren't wrong...
  8. And the fact that folks might assume you are a serviceperson and defer some benefits to you is entirely uncoincidental to this...(Keep in mind I'm pretty sure impersonating a serviceperson IS a felony) See what Mingjai said above, if you use the Army logo (or the logo of any other government agency) it is typically assumed that you are acting at least in affiliation with them or with their support, if not as part of them. Which is an assumption that can easily be abused ABSENT trademark protection.
  9. Per the US Flag Code....
  10. If you have that many Top 10 wins, you should be in.
  11. OSU isn't playing in the championship because Michigan lost to Iowa. That's what cost them the division. I'm not entirely sure we should fully penalize them in light of the unbalanced conference schedule. Absent that Michigan loss, there'd be a 3-way circle of death for the title because each team held serve at home in their mutual matchups, which Ohio State would win because overall record is a tiebreak in a 3-way tie and Penn State lost to Pitt. Granted that's not much better because it still involves events outside of the division, but the tiebreak after that is "random draw".
  12. Well, none of the rest of the league wants to be rivals with you....
  13. Fortunately Wisconsin will probably burn them to the ground.
  14. That wasn't a rule. That or St. Louis counted as "East Coast." I'd be fine with binning TNF with the caveat that each team still gets one actual primetime game. It's good for the out of market fans.
  15. I assume the restriction is for religious reasons, given what is written on the flag.