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  1. How about the 45th overall pick?

  2. The Dumbest Song Ever

    Sorry for the mega bump, but this is too god awful to not be posted here O Death
  3. The Pop Culture Game

  4. http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/44319078/ns/today-today_people/t/judge-dismisses-kids-suit-against-their-own-mom?gt1=43001 This is a sad day in US history.
  5. NCAA Football Realignment Concept Project (ACC)

    The back numbers are a little big, other than that, you hit a home run
  6. capitalcanuck's NCAA top 25 Takeover

    He didn't do USC, he did South Carolina University of South Carolina Most South Carolina fans refer to the school as USC, and I don't believe they like it when Southern California gets dibs on the acronym. That Joke --------- Your Head
  7. The Pop Culture Game

  8. Javaris Crittenton wanted for murder

    Am I the only one who finds it funny that all of this is happened/ing on a team formerly known as the "Bullets"
  9. Hurricane Irene

    So fitting right now My town is in the county that is supposedly going to get most of the Hurricane in our area, but we are pretty much the farthest western town in Delaware County.
  10. Name That Font!

    Here it is for download
  11. Hurricane Irene

    This is the latest map on the Weather Channel, I pointed out where I live.
  12. NCAA 12 Teambuilder Thread

    Sorry for the mega bump, but here is mine Because I feel that Golden State Warriors sounds like a college Home combo is Blue, Blue, Yellow Away combo is Blue, White 1, Yellow Alt combo is Yellow, Yellow, Blue No mono