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  1. Over the weekend, someone leaked on Reddit what the Cleveland Browns may be doing with their uniform redesign. If you haven't seen it, this is what was said. I wanted to know if anyone would like to join me in making a concept as to what this may look like. My idea may not be up for a couple weeks, but I will do one. I'm just curious to see what everyone else thinks this design would look like. I look forward to seeing everyone's ideas.
  2. NFL 2013 by DeFrank: AFC SOUTH 4/12/13

    Love everything you did with the AFC were able to keep the classic looks of the Browns and Steelers, you made the bengal stripes look good and did everything i would want with the ravens...good stuff here
  3. March Madness Jersey Sigs

    Could i get a Davidson one from their 2007-2008 elite eight team? thanks in advance
  4. NCAA March Madness Jersey Wallpapers

    well as somebody already requested Ohio, i wont have to do that but I would like it if you could do one for Davidson #24. Thanks
  5. NFL Pro Combat Concepts

    heres the finished product of the home uniform the shoulders, sleeves and pants stripes have the subliminated chainmail pattern
  6. New Jaguars Uniform Concept

    heres my first shot at an alternate
  7. New Jaguars Uniform Concept

    finally got a mouse heres the 2nd half of my second concept
  8. New Jaguars Uniform Concept

    i look to have the next away concept up in a day or so. my mouse broke and that has derailed my progress. i also am going to work on an alternate. if youd like to see other teams ive done, head over to my "NFL Pro Combat" forum
  9. NFL Pro Combat Concepts

    heres a preview of what im working on for the vikings
  10. New Jaguars Uniform Concept

    i made some fairly major changes. I changed the jaguar spot patterns to a more digital camo-based pattern. The jaguar spots on the pants are also digital camo, along with the heltmet. The helmet is a matte finished, digital camo fade. And before you comment wonderng why the digital camo is there, Jacksonville is a big military town and some rumors have them going in this direction for their update Let me know what you guys think
  11. NFL Pro Combat Concepts

    this is the script
  12. New Jaguars Uniform Concept

    here is the roads i used the third font option the only thing im not sure about is the gold numbers what do you guys think?
  13. New Jaguars Uniform Concept

    heres another font option I keep gravitating towards the pointy fonts because it matches the wordmark
  14. NFL Pro Combat Concepts

    I can work on a vikings update. They probably wont be exactly the same as I did those concepts almost 2 years ago, but the basic premise should stay the same.
  15. New Jaguars Uniform Concept

    I actually think that the half collar can work in certain situations anyway, here is a couple options for the font change