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  1. They oughta do something if Harvick wins the race.
  3. Rod Strickland played nearly 5 years in Washington, but technically only one season as a Bullet.
  4. Is the NHL so watered down that a freaking rookie goalie has 2 Cups? I mean, seriously, what happened to the days of legendary goalies? From Roy and Fuhr to Hasek and Belfour to..... Matt Murray, whom would probably be a sieve if he played behind Arizona/Winnipeg.
  5. I'm more annoyed about the Penguins winning than the Warriors, contrary to the NBA playoff board.
  6. Man, I can't imagine how much less vitriol there would have been in this thread had the Cup Final been Ottawa/Nashville
  7. Dwight Howard and Steve Nash tried to do for the Lakers a few years ago what we thought KD would be. And lest we not forget Scottie Pippen on the '99 Rockets with Hakeem/Barkley/Clyde? Or the '97 Rockets with Hakeem/Barkley/Clyde? Sometimes it doesn't always work out. Durant bucked history
  8. The last 12 months of pro sports haven't been too much fun save for the Cubs.
  9. Pretty freaking astonishing to think Kessel has as many Cups as Joe Sakic and that Matt Murray has as many Cups as Bernie Parent.
  10. A bizarre role reversal considering last year they were wildly outshooting their opponents
  11. I don't care if Chicago/LA win again next year. ANYBODY but Pittsburgh Anyone but them.
  12. If Sidney Crosby is the best NHL player of this/our generation, than this era/generation of hockey is watered down
  13. Ottawa, Washington- you had ONE JOB!
  14. Murray didn't even lead his team in goalie wins.
  15. Guentzel got robbed.