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  1. And the joyless dominance continues.
  2. Well, now that they finally conquered the 3-2 lead, lose game 7 jinx, now there wouldn't be the same dread if they host another game 7.
  3. Well, the last time a team lost 7-0, they rebounded to win the next two. If Edmonton can do it, why can't the Sens?
  4. I honestly don't see Anaheim forcing a game 7.
  5. The last time Anaheim trailed in a series 3-2..... Nashville, 2011. Lost game 6 and the series.
  6. Plot Twist- Anaheim is DOWN in a series 3-2!
  7. John Tavares His rookie year was the last year of that Islanders uniform experiment
  8. I'd say the Celtics are frauds, but we'd probably be saying the same thing about the Wizards had they made it to round 3
  9. And we thought Sharks 7, Oilers 0 was lopsided
  10. Sonehow the freaking Pacers were a Myles Turner shot and a 2nd half disaster from a 2-2 series with Cleveland
  11. The Celtics could have traded for Paul George AND Jimmy Butler and it wouldn't matter. Basically, the NBA might as well stand for National Bron Association.
  12. To think these Celtics actually beat Golden State at Oracle.
  13. What Subban did isn't going to register anywhere on the pantheon of boneheaded playoffs blunders. Compare that with this: [YT] [/YT[
  14. Fixed. Seems like whenever they win in OT, it's the odd bounce that goes their way.