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  1. Kind of symoblic in a way that Utah came up big today at STAPLES Center of all places considering that arena was their house of horrors for a long time.
  2. OK, maybe I'm not overconfident in Toronto's chances against the Cavs, but..... there's a case for Toronto. Cleveland has a lot of 3-point shooters. And three point shooting runs hot or cold. What if they aren't hitting a lot of threes like they did against Toronto last year? What if they go cold by their standards? And they don't have the length of Milwaukee that gave the Raptors fits. Like, other than LeBron/Tristan, nobody on the Cavs defensively reminds me of Thon Baker or even Greg Monroe. Cleveland has zero margin for error on offense- I don't know if these Cavs are capable of winning consistently if they are held under 100 points. They can be had. And I think if they go ice cold from downtown just long enough, I don't know if even LeBron can make up for that.
  3. When McDavid scored that goal to make it 3-3, you think Carlyle was having flashbacks to the last time he blew a 3-goal lead in a big road playoff game? Fortunately, less than a minute after that..... seriously, that 4-3 goal by ANA might be the softest goal allowed by any goalie these playoffs. That took the air out of Edmonton.
  4. I wish the NHL had moved the Penguins to Kansas City.
  5. I hope the Pens get David Volek'd at this point. Seriously, this team would have never done anything in the Dead Puck Era. Basically, all the fast guys and a bazillion shot blocks ala 2010 Halak.
  6. History is not on the Ducks side. The Edmonton Oilers have never lost a playoff series in franchise history when they go up 2-0.
  7. Gilles Gilbert played 7 season with the Boston Bruins, but only 1 in that specific Bruins uniform design (They modified it after '74)
  8. Screw LeBron and his soft no defense playing perimeter three point dependent arrogant Cavs
  9. Raptors in 6. I think the Cavs are about to get blindsided ala the Lakers vs. the Mavs in 2011. Cleveland is an overconfident arrogant team that thinks the Finals are their birthright- they're about to get some humble pie.
  10. If that's the best effort the Caps can put together, they're screwed.
  11. Ottawa/Boston was one of the better round 1 matchups, so those who didn't care- their loss.
  12. On one hand, 3 of the 4 teams that lost game 1 in the second round last year came back to win their series. On the other hand..... Friday is a must-win for the Ducks. If you go down 0-2 going to Edmonton, that's not something you want to do.
  13. This Pens/Caps feels a bit like Chicago/Vancouver 2011- two straight series losses against their nemesis with these current cores (The 1991-2001 playoff series were with completely different rosters). if not now, when? I could also analogize this to Boston/Montreal back in the day- if you think WSH's 1-8 playoff record vs. Pittsburgh is bad, the Bruins lost 18 straight playoff series vs. the Habs from 1946-1987.
  14. Looking back on the Pens-Caps throughout the years..... Pittsburgh has crossed off damn near every bingo space on Caps-Pens bingo.
  15. For all the flaws of the first round and the divisional format, I think what compounds the issue is NO RESEEDING! Once again, we get 1-2 in the East standings wise in round 2. And remember, last year, we had that same situation with STL/DAL in the West. Here are the round 2 matchups by comparison if you simply reseeded: WSH/OTT PIT/NYR ANA/NSH EDM/STL