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  1. I think Washington will be better off playing a road game 7 instead of at home. The nervous energy won't be there.
  2. 2018 NBA Post Season

    One game closer to the most joyless rerun of all-time. This is why I'm not complaining about Vegas- because it's something DIFFERENT.
  3. 2018 NBA Post Season

    No, because they actually played defense.
  4. 2018 NBA Post Season

    Breaking: An NBA playoff game decided by SINGLE digits
  5. Getting back to the other series..... why the hell does Tampa play SO much better on the road? Save for 1 bad third period against New Jersey, they've been so much better away that if I'm the Caps, I wouldn't mind taking my chances in a game 7 on the road.
  6. 2018 NBA Post Season

    Yeah, but they only have 1 Cup and that was a LONG time ago with nobody from that 2004 team around. Plus, it has a different dynamic. And a guy like Stamkos having a chance for Finals redemption is compelling.
  7. 2018 NBA Post Season

    At least the NHL is going to give us a different look in June- no Pens, no Preds, no big markets, none of the usual suspects. If we get Cavs/Warriors part infinity, I'm going to embrace Vegas/whoever because at least it's something different. Like, let's be honest- the Pens/Wings Cup Finals 2008-2009 back to back years feel more like an exception.
  8. Bettman has to be crossing his fingers the Capitals win games 6-7
  9. 2018 NBA Post Season

    The question is how hungry will Cleveland be going forward? the narrative is that the Celtics are the hungrier team and that the Cavs are an entitled aging champion. Cleveland knows the clock is ticking: oldest team in the league, uncertain future, trying to stave off the inevitable (I can’t see them bringing back the whole band back together next year). When you are trying to stave off Father Time, the Cavs play desperate knowing they want to squeeze out 1 more Finals run. where the hell was this effort in the 2nd half of game 2? do the Cavs play when they want to play?
  10. When was the last time a team lost a conference final after going up 2-0?
  11. 2nd time in 4 years. They lost to PIT in the 2016 ECF
  12. 2018 NBA Post Season

    But I don’t think the Cavs are better than Milwaukee/Philly.
  13. 2018 NBA Post Season

    The margin for error is thin, as we saw in games 1-2-3 as well as the Indiana series.
  14. 2018 NBA Post Season

    Cavs may be long in the tooth, but they still have bite.
  15. One step closer to Bettman’s worst nightmare: an all-Sunbelt Final. i don’t Know if Vegas-Tampa ratings would be Ottawa-Anaheim bad, but....... after a decade of Boston-Chicago-Detroit-Pittsburgh-LA Kings, guess they were due for one of these matchups. From a business/ratings/marketing perspective....... how do you spin THIS possible matchup?