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  1. Since the NHL season officially starts tomorrow night, I felt it would be a good time to get this thread underway. Can the Penguins repeat? Can the Capitals get over the hump? Does one of LA/Chicago reclaim their throne in the West after a one-year hiatus, the first time someone else reached the Finals since the 2011 Canucks? Will Lightning strike again in the postseason? Will San Jose make it back to the Finals? Will a party crasher like Dallas/St. Louis/Nashville create Western waves come springtime? Will Edmonton have a winning record? How many Canadian teams will make the playoffs this year?
  2. What if the 1994 Canucks don't win any of those overtime games against Calgary in the playoffs en route to rallying from 3-1 down? Who plays the NY Rangers in the Cup Finals? The 2nd round would have been Calgary/San Jose and Toronto/Dallas, for the record (assuming the Sharks/Red Wings upset still happens)
  3. College basketball's Final Four has had unique logos that go hand-in-hand with the city location. What do you consider the best and worst ones you recall? Personally, here are my 3 favorite logos: 2004 2003 2000 As for my least favorite: Ironically, New Orleans/San Antonio Final Fours are on my best/worst list.
  4. To think when Chris Boucher was declared out for the tourney, I thought Oregon was gonna be Cincy/Kenyon Martin 2.0 I had them getting upset by Iona.
  5. Little dissapointated in UCLA/Kentucky. Once AGAIN, it's Calipari and his joyless one-and-done factory winning. I mean, UCLA had a lot of guys who had been around for multiple years- yet it's the other guys who move on. So much for Kentucky lacking a big guy this year.
  6. Saturday is the biggest game in Gonzaga history.... unless they play beyond tomorrow.
  7. The guy I think about in spots like this Mick Cronin. In his own city, he seems to always get outdone by Mack. Xavier practically lives in the 2nd weekend while Cincinnati has made it past the first weekend FOUR times since the 1992 Final Four. McCarthy is a Bearcats fan and this has to really sting. The Bearcats have made two Sweet 16's this century while Xavier damn near lives there this decade.
  8. Outside of a First Four loss to NC State in 2013, it seems like Xavier practically lives in the second weekend when they aren't a top 5 seed. And amazing to think how much good fortune they have had- benefitting from the LeHigh/Georgia State upsets, getting the shakiest 3-6 seed combo this year. Tonight.... my god, it seemed like everytime Xavier had a 'If we miss this, the game could get out of control the other way' they never missed. They shot like 100 percent on WE CANNOT MISS THIS shots.
  9. Sean Miller is cursed. Freaking Xavier- didn't do anything until March. Loved them last year, thought they were useless for most of this year.
  10. The Manimal's rookie season in Denver was also the final year they wore the navy alternate NUGGETS uniforms
  11. Say what you want about the sponsor, but the actual paint schemes were VERY impressive:
  12. In the spring of 2004, I went to Chicago on a field trip and bought a Blackhawks pennant for..... ONE DOLLAR! This was back in the days when the only way you could see Blackhawks home games was a rare ESPN telecast or you had NHL Center Ice and had to get the opposing TV feed. I remember a time when the Blackhawks having a winning streak was a big deal. It felt like a miracle when they somehow had a 40 win 90 point 2002 playoff season. That was like a comet!
  13. On one hand- DUKE LOST On the other hand- is there any reason for me to care about the East region? I mean, good god, freaking Wisconsin might be the favorite in that region after basically sucking for 1.5 months. Seriously, whoever gets out of MSG will probably be a big underdog against the West Region. Upsets are a mixed bag- you love them initially, but the ensuing matchups can sometimes be less than desired.
  14. Kurt Busch had some gloriously epic cars in his 97 days:
  15. He had a lot of good ones:
  16. I'm biased towards this one because I was at the Michigan race last June and got to see that red/white/blue car in person
  17. Ryan Newman! Who would've thunk?
  18. Nene played 10 years with the Denver Nuggets, but his rookie campaign was the final year before they overhauled their uniforms
  19. Coaching. Matters. Johnny Jones did such a terrible job at LSU with Ben Simmons, if you gave him Gonzaga's talent, he'd have screwed it up. Jones would have found a way to mess up Karnowski/Wiltjer. You think Ben Simmons would have probably made the tourney last year if he was being coached by Mark Few?
  20. I really liked the alternate third jersey black unis for the Chicago Blackhawks they had for about a decade Seriously, I wouldn't mind the Hawks bringing this back on occasion.
  21. Lamar Odom wore the Lob City era unis with LOS ANGELES on front for his last season when he returned to the Clippers in 2012-13
  22. First year of those Hawks unis, last year for those Clippers unis before they added more blue And it was a one-time matchup in the first year of STAPLES Center
  23. Last year of the pre-Cuban Mavs blue unis, first year the Clippers changed their unis up (It doesn't seem so on the surface, but the Clippers added more blue to their jerseys for 2000-01)
  24. This was a one season matchup