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  1. Looking back on the Pens-Caps throughout the years..... Pittsburgh has crossed off damn near every bingo space on Caps-Pens bingo.
  2. For all the flaws of the first round and the divisional format, I think what compounds the issue is NO RESEEDING! Once again, we get 1-2 in the East standings wise in round 2. And remember, last year, we had that same situation with STL/DAL in the West. Here are the round 2 matchups by comparison if you simply reseeded: WSH/OTT PIT/NYR ANA/NSH EDM/STL
  3. Anaheim/Edmonton is gonna be interesting. The Oilers are playing with house money- nothing to lose, everything to gain. Lot of pressure on Anaheim now that the 1-2 teams got eliminated and now all Western roads go through the Pond.
  4. The playoff format strikes again! #2 in the West has to play #5. Seriously, the Blues should have played Edmonton and the Wild should have played San Jose (Or if you didn't give diviison winners an automatic 1-2 seed, Calgary). But hey, gotta build up those divisional rivalries! And here's what the format has brought us- a Blues/Preds series I could not care less about.
  5. The Clippers REALLY want to get slapped around by the Warriors again, eh?
  6. As someone with serious Cavs fatigue and LeBron fatigue, this was annoying to watch. If there are basketball gods, PLEASE for once can we have an NBA Finals without you-know-who? It's not fun watching the conference turn into whoever sells their soul to LeBron. I'm tired of him. I'm sick of him. I'm at the point where I root against him unless the Spurs are involved.
  7. Shellshocked. Did NOT see this one coming.
  8. It's incredibly frustrating that the team with the NHL's 4th best record is out of the playoffs, yet one of Boston/Ottawa (#6/#7 in the East) wlll advance.
  9. THAT close to a Battle of Alberta. But hey, the hockey gods got to make Carlyle happy!
  10. The Ducks are Anaheim's bugaboo. Maybe not quite to the extent of Boston/Montreal way back when or Pittsburgh/Washington, but it seems that more often than not, these matchups go the way of the Cali gang. How many Flames fan wish they were in the Battle of Alberta right now?
  11. Someone had to make the playoffs out of the Pacific Division when LA fell apart. The Kings were so bad from mid-March onward that someone had to make the playoffs from that division.
  12. And somewhere, Gar Forman is grinning like a Cheshire Cat. So much for all that reg. season turmoil and bickering and joylessness. Because playoff experience and offensive rebounds trump all!
  13. No 3rd period cheapshots from what I recall, Did NOT see this coming after game 3. Sharks ate their Wheaties this morning!
  14. Here's my take on Anaheim: Fate may be smiling on them this year compared to previous seasons.
  15. How much you think Memphis wishes they were playing the Rockets instead?
  16. That 4-3 goal should never have counted. That was as blatant a high-stick goal as I've seen. Should have been 4-3 Flames. But nope! Seriously, it's a freaking joke how many breaks are going the way for freaking Carlyle.
  17. Randy Carlyle must have made one hell of a sacrifice to the hockey gods. Barring a set of miracles, the Ducks are looking at home-ice through the West of the playoffs.
  18. The TNT Bulls thing doesn't always carry over to the playoffs. Remember, they went 0-3 in the 2014 playoffs at home against the Wizards. And they've lost TNT road games- only carries over to reg. season home games.
  19. Maybe these Penguins simply can't be stopped. Unless Chicago gets up off the mat against Nashville, this may be their Cup to lose agaIn
  20. Dead Puck Era hockey is alive and well in St. Louis!
  21. Anaheim could have home-ice the rest of the West playoffs (They were #3 in the West standings wise, and the two teams ahead of them are in serious peril down 0-2 going on the road). If Chicago and/or Minnesota don't get up off the mat.... then the road to the Cup on that side goes through the Arrowhead Pond. By denying us a Battle of Ontario/Alberta, I think we now have an idea who The hockey gods may be smiling on: Randy Carlyle.
  22. To think, 7 days ago, Nashville gave up a shorthanded goal in game 82 of the reg. season at Winnipeg when they still had a shot to catch the Blues for third in their division.
  23. Fleury's greatest lowlights have been on the road. Pens fans, don't get too overconfident yet.