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  1. Warriors ain't sweeping. Cleveland's offense is too unstoppable to get outgunned every time.
  2. If PIT goes back-to-back.... they'll have as many Cup as Chicago this decade with a repeat- something that hasn't been done in almost 20 years. The Blackhawks might have some company in terms of team of the decade/dynasty in a couple of weeks.
  3. Under Mike Sullivan, the Penguins simply don't lose when it matters. They always come through when they have to. I know a lot of us are tired of them and Crosby and blah blah blah...... but You know what? They have the heart of a champion. And as Rudy Tomjanovich once famously said, never underestimate the heart of a champion. Until someone else takes the Cup away from them, bet against Pittsburgh at your own peril. This Penguins team with Kessel-Murray-Crosby-Malkin etc. under Sullivan until I see otherwise is basically one that knows how to win. This year and last year, EVERY playoff test in front of them, they have ALWAYS come through. And until they don't, they should be the favorites as long as they reign.
  4. Still Mighty and Duck fans on here, I don't meant any disrespect, but..... I think starting Bernier was a mistake. They damn near pulled that out in spite of him. Hate to this, but.... I would have never traded Frederik Andersen.
  5. Now you know how Wild fans felt against Jake Allen in round 1
  6. And the joyless dominance continues.
  7. Well, now that they finally conquered the 3-2 lead, lose game 7 jinx, now there wouldn't be the same dread if they host another game 7.
  8. Well, the last time a team lost 7-0, they rebounded to win the next two. If Edmonton can do it, why can't the Sens?
  9. I honestly don't see Anaheim forcing a game 7.
  10. The last time Anaheim trailed in a series 3-2..... Nashville, 2011. Lost game 6 and the series.
  11. Plot Twist- Anaheim is DOWN in a series 3-2!
  12. John Tavares His rookie year was the last year of that Islanders uniform experiment
  13. I'd say the Celtics are frauds, but we'd probably be saying the same thing about the Wizards had they made it to round 3
  14. And we thought Sharks 7, Oilers 0 was lopsided
  15. Sonehow the freaking Pacers were a Myles Turner shot and a 2nd half disaster from a 2-2 series with Cleveland
  16. The Celtics could have traded for Paul George AND Jimmy Butler and it wouldn't matter. Basically, the NBA might as well stand for National Bron Association.
  17. To think these Celtics actually beat Golden State at Oracle.
  18. What Subban did isn't going to register anywhere on the pantheon of boneheaded playoffs blunders. Compare that with this: [YT] [/YT[
  19. Fixed. Seems like whenever they win in OT, it's the odd bounce that goes their way.
  20. Anaheim is like Jason from Friday they 13th- they won't die (figuratively). They just keep coming and coming no matter what. I don't know if this is sustainable with the penalties and the soft goals and falling behind multiple goals and Gibson (whom I think is 2010 Niemi- a goalie carried by the roster) winning games at times in sptie of himself. But it sure as hell ain't boring to watch.
  21. Kyle Calder, Chicago Blackhawks
  22. Todd Helton. No, really. (His first two full seasons were the last two with those Rockies jerseys before they changed to COLORADO as what was on those jerseys)
  23. A 2-1 lead in an NHL playoff series is no sure thing- see Toronto and Edmonton this year- but it's nice to have through 3 games.
  24. Are we SURE we want to see CLE/GSW again?