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  1. Lazio third:
  2. Bristol Rovers:
  3. With the new sponsor, the back of Juventus' kit looks even more ugly.
  4. Girona:
  5. This looks like a jacket to me. The swoosh is on the chest and the NBA logo is on the right sleeve. Could also be a folded jersey though. With the seam beeing part of the new backshoulder.
  6. GFC Ajaccio:
  7. This looks like someone wanted to make a counterfeit of the Rockets jersey, but mixed it up with the Raptors by mistake.
  8. You can at least hope for something along these lines.
  9. Derby and Charlton away:
  10. CD Legan├ęs:
  11. Panathinaikos:
  12. This will sell well. It's like a streetwear collection.
  13. Lokomotiv Moscow:
  14. Huddersfield third:
  15. Brescia: Torino: