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  1. New font of Roma:
  2. Thankfully, Ajax will wear their (new) home jersey for today's EL final. So United will be in blue.
  3. So, the most exciting two weeks of the year for soccer fans roll on. Well, at least it is for me. German relegation matches, playoffs to the PL, Champions League final and of course I'm excited because of the Europa League final today. Go Ajax!
  4. I just noticed. Why does the back of the sleeves has a darker shade of red at all? Do other Nike kits also have that feature this year?
  5. Nike doing these Puma-style gradient stripes on their training gear?
  6. Wizards:
  7. That's insane.
  8. CSKA Moscow home:
  9. That's why they won't get leaked before the official release. But they got an exclusive contract with Nike. So they'll get the new Aeroswift template. It amazes me how the Bundesliga got 4 clubs with exclusive Nike contracts, but none of them is a top club. (I don't count Leipzig as a top club yet)
  10. Here's your Pacers:
  11. Stade Rennes:
  12. Hertha and Eintracht Frankfurt will most likely have striped kits, too. As both aren't world clubs, leaks are very unlikely. Let's see what they will come up with. I love that Schalke third kit!
  13. I know im being optimistic but I think that if the celtics really give their best they may force a game 4.
  14. The new Hoffenheim kit, I like that:
  15. Chapecoense: