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  1. I don't know where the 'rotating the three stripes every year' rumour comes from. I don't think it's true.
  2. Colo-Colo away:
  3. The new MLS ball has been leaked:
  4. Germany Women:
  5. I guess it's Rabona Week.
  6. Love that Umbro logo.
  7. The next Real Madrid home kit will feature teal.
  8. What Besiktas did yesterday:
  9. It's always good for German football when Bayern has a crisis. They lost 3 - 2 to Rostov.
  10. The last NBA finals would've been amazing like ten years ago. Hell yeah: Nah:
  11. AS Roma anniversary kit: And the Manchester City home kit will feature some maroon next season. That's great, I loved this:
  12. Bayern are evil. But I would actually be for them against Leipzig.
  13. Colo-Colo: