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  1. Damn, right. I always confuse these two.
  2. Look at Wigan's washed out backside:
  3. So, of course team 19 is Leeds, otherwise the last team wouldn't be a surprise anymore. Btw. the map is totally packed now. So don't see it as an actual map but as an overview of the clubs of my project. 19/20 Leeds United As Leeds is my favourite club from England, it was certain that I put them into my project. I really thought about updating their logo and even developed some ideas, but then I came to the conclusion that I don't want Leeds to change their logo at all. I mean a more traditional logo would look nice, but I don't want to see another blue and white roundel in the league besides Chelsea, Blackburn and Leicester. I also recognized that I actually like Leeds' current logo and I kinda grew up with it. The only bad thing is the stupid 3D effect on the logo officially used by the club which makes it look ugly as hell. For the uniforms I could see Leeds getting NB as their supplier for a PL comeback. The uniforms are something I would buy as a Leeds fan and a mix between classic and modern.
  4. Lokomotiv Moscow, don't know about a green home shirt.
  5. Glad to hear, that people like my Everton concept as much as I do. 18/20 Manchester United ManUtd is the next club. They'll most likely still be the biggest club (or the most prestigious one at least) in the league in 2024. I always like to design kits for them. I prefer when they only use red and black on the shirt because it actually looks 'devlish'. Nonetheless did I put some slight touches of white into it. So the home and away kits are pretty traditional for ManUtd. For the third kit I used the colours of their precursor club Newton Heath.
  6. I'd love this with a proper V-type or round collar.
  7. And thank god Rubin Kazan got a new logo. The old one was the worst in professional soccer.
  8. AS Roma will go back to traditional colours next year:
  9. Zenit away: Anderlecht away:
  10. The transfer window does not close on monday, it closes a month later.
  11. 17/20 Everton FC One forum member was wondering weather I'll throw Everton in or not, because there was no space on the map anymore. Of course they're in. I mean how many years did they not play in the top flight over the last 130 years? Like five or so? Nonetheless, while I made the other Umbro teams super classic I wanted to try something more out there for Everton. The home kit might be my personal favorite from this entire project. I know that many will not like it because of the bfbs, and I actually first had this kit blue and white only. Then I tried out to make the shoulder stripe and collar black and it looked super cool. So I chose this path.
  12. I'm waiting for an NBA player to cut off all unnecessary sleeves.
  13. 16/20 Tottenham Hotspur I had a hard time with Tottenham. My first attempts were very simple and I wasn't happy with it so I added a few little gimicks to every kit and these are the results. I'm actually satisfied by them.