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  1. This is good. Like really good. I just don't like that the stripes and the cross are curved inside the circle. But I don't like that on Juventus' current crest either.
  2. Me too. I'm not a fan of the Lakers jerseys for a few years now. Your idea is good, would make them look a lot better.
  3. I love Darmstadt and Dortmund, too. But I'm a sucker for simple kits with small details like pinstripes or sublimations.
  4. I also slightly changed my Sixers concept (new primary logo, new court and Phila-script on away jersey):
  5. Did a couple more:
  6. Bristol City:
  7. Does that mean they could've just 'relocate' to Lob City?
  8. Yup, I love the 90s NBA.
  9. I also refreshed my favourite Sixers look:
  10. I just did this:
  11. Dinamo Zagreb:
  12. Bayer with stripes looks right because they reached the Champions League final with such a kit. BUT I'm curious now what you'll do with Frankfurt and Ingolstadt as they both need some sort of red and black stripes in my opinion. That's why I never used a striped design for Bayer. But as I said I still like it.
  13. I just went through the NBA 2k17 soundtrack and I think it is fantastic... for Fifa 17. But it's a horrible selection of songs for an NBA 2k game. It even has a Cro song in it, my least favourite German musician.