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  1. Bulgaria seems to have a new crest. Also some interesting kits for Perth Glory: And Al-Ahli from Saudi-Arabia:
  2. Lucien Favre is a fantastic coach, didn't I told you? I mean, he nearly won a championship with Hertha and made Borussia M'gladbach a Champions League team.
  3. I wish you luck. Would be great!
  4. What the heck is going on? 8 Bundesliga games played and Hertha is Bayern chaser No. 1.
  5. Frank McCourt is the new owner of Olympique Marseille, wants to spend 200 Mio. over the next four years.
  6. But, this looks way better than their regular uniform. The usual huge round yellow spot on front looks awful.
  7. Well. Six goals in five games so far. Nice still on top.
  8. Melbourne Victory: Gremio third:
  9. Balotelli is back!
  10. Great soccer day so far. Except the Manchester derby. Let's see what Dortmund does against the Cans today.
  11. And Pohjanpalo made 4 goals for Leverkusen this season in 30 minutes on the field.
  12. Hertha just made history. This is the first time we won the first two games of a season. Ha!
  13. Celtic - Rangers: 5 - 1!