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  1. Balotelli is back!
  2. Great soccer day so far. Except the Manchester derby. Let's see what Dortmund does against the Cans today.
  3. And Pohjanpalo made 4 goals for Leverkusen this season in 30 minutes on the field.
  4. Hertha just made history. This is the first time we won the first two games of a season. Ha!
  5. Celtic - Rangers: 5 - 1!
  6. I hate national team breakes.
  7. Seems like Portugal has a 'new' away kit:
  8. Western Sydney:
  9. Wow.
  10. Seems like the African teams can wear stars for their African Cup titles for the 2017 Africa Cup.
  11. They should've rather recreated the sweatmarks kit. I loved it back then.
  12. Belhanda and Balotelli to OGC Nice. Sick. It will be interesting to see if Favre can get Balotelli back on track.
  13. CA Colon third: