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  1. The good thing is, I think the contrasting socks were only for this one season.
  2. Galatasaray: Estudiantes:
  3. Europa League could get interesting this year. There are no Iberian clubs left, except Celta Vigo. I hate Iberian clubs in the Europa League, because they seemed unbeatable over the last few years.
  4. Force India looks like the old McLaren cars.
  5. I wanted them to go back to a retro look back then. But a few years later I realized, I kinda miss those.
  6. The Lakers should just modernize these: Update the Lakers script, new font and tweak the shorts a bit. But I'd love to see them using some shorts only side panels again.
  7. Does someone remember the older Fifa games? Total disaster.
  8. You're wrong. 'Die' is plural and just singular for words that are feminine. Jedi is a masculine noun. So the singular term in this case would be 'Der letzte Jedi'.
  9. I guess they will when they relocate. I hope so, don't like their uniforms.
  10. Can't be for real. Lewandowski with the equalizer against Hertha in the 97th (!) minute. 1:1.
  11. Special Betis kit for Andalucia:
  12. What's wrong with Arsenal?
  13. That looks like freaking Darth Sidious!
  14. I like it, too. But I wouldn't celebrate yet. Maybe they get a gradient on their helmets or something.