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  1. Just gonna say that I feel, among the players, Andreychuk has no business being in the Hall either. He made the bulk of his prowess out of being a power play specialist, and that's fine and valuable and everything, but he was never even close to being among the best forwards in the league during his prime and benefited surely from playing the bulk of his career during the highest scoring era in the league's history. As far as the two former Avs linemates and Recchi? I've got no problem with any of them. I probably rated Recchi higher than most during his playing career; I always felt he would end up in the Hall and as a deserving candidate at that.
  2. I'm reasonably certain most of us are trying to not think about Las Vegas having an NHL team, while Quebec City doesn't, for as long as we can possibly help it.
  3. Saying "home and road" and showing the white jersey first and the blue jersey second. I'm not saying, I'm just saying...
  4. In all fairness, that one is a big reason to like him.
  5. Las Vegas might've also found their best goaltending option in the way of the Red Wings exposing Petr Mrazek, which makes absolutely no g-ddamned sense except for that Ken Holland has really lost a lot of his luster in Detroit over the past 7-8 years.
  6. Take a look at Drouin's last name and tell me what's different about it compared to PK's.
  7. Wanna guess who already is a stud? And a proven stud come playoff time, at that?
  8. Someone just ing kill me now.
  9. Eliminating coaches challenge for offside review. No I'm not bitter.
  10. In all fairness, he's not the one bitching about anything.
  11. Horrible outcome, however. Don Koharski, of donut-eating fame, also comes from the '80s.
  12. I still feel like anything would be better than having Finals decided on penalty kicks. I get that Real Madrid won the Champions League last year but, really, penalty kicks are a crappy way to decide the winner. That being said - Perez has adjusted the transfer policy away from being so dependent on high-priced signings and in favor of youth and academy players. Who knows how the results will unfold; obviously, it's hard to keep winning the Champions League and as long as Messi is around La Liga will also be a challenge for Real Madrid to win, but there has to be a frightening sense that Madrid is only getting better the more this roster plays together. It's an impressive turnaround given how disastrous, in terms of on-field performance, Real Madrid were during Perez's first tenure as President (as well as how unsporting the idea of the "Galacticos" even was in the first place).
  13. (I just saw the timestamp...ugh) There's little debate to be had on this, as far as I'm concerned. There's nothing more thrilling than seeing your team make a Cup run, don't get me wrong, but when your team is playing in Game 7, especially later on in the playoffs, the day of the game might as well be filled with anxiety and the watching the game itself, unless you are extremely well adjusted, is not a healthy experience at all. It's a constant oscillation between ecstasy and despair. When you're a neutral, or at least have an enemy but not a hero to root for, it is a lot easier to enjoy.
  14. Switch that around to having a goal erased by ticky-tack offside and the Penguins getting a 5-on-3 later on in the first period, and I feel the exact same way.