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  1. Forsberg, Johansen, and Arvidsson stick out the most in my experiences watching them. And maybe some other Swedes or Swedish-origin guys, I guess.
  2. About two years ago, ESPN changed the look of their scoreboard pages; you can click on MLB or NBA or whatever. Two years later, the NHL scores page remains unchanged. Pretty much tells me all I needed to know.
  3. Zidane pushing for a winning goal in the final minute of stoppage time, in a game where a draw works to their favor and they're down a man, has to be some of the most suicidal managing I've ever seen in my life.
  4. I asked this question to old CCSLC friend @njmeadowlanders on Twitter the other day. He says that they often play this theme (or any NFL themes, really) when the MSG jumbotron shows Giants or Jets players in attendance. Because I had the same thought a few nights ago and found it rather weird.
  5. Darryl Sutter, along with basically the rest of the Sutters, lives in Alberta in the off-season. I have a hard time seeing him going too far to the East of that. At the same time, I have a hard time thinking he'd take the Vancouver job, either, for a couple different reasons, so I'm not entirely sure what his plan is going to be. Winnipeg would be a great place for him if Cheveldayoff would pull the Maurice trigger already.
  6. Ugh where's Pat Foley when you need him...
  7. I'm impressed that the Raptors never fail to lose Game 1 on their home court.
  8. The NHL seriously has a Sidney Crosby playoff game on a channel not too many people get in favor of New York-Montreal and St. Louis-Minnesota. These dumbasses have no clue how to market their sport.
  9. I, for one, am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that Morgo jumped from the Canucks to, of all teams, the Flames. How did that happen, exactly?
  10. About two years ago, I outed one of Cody's accounts out of nothing. And, for whatever its worth, I wouldn't be the least bit shocked if he's still around on an account now, either.
  11. Not saying it can't happen, but I'm pretty shocked by how many Senators picks I'm seeing here. Maybe this is just me selling Ottawa short, yet again, like has been the case all season from many of us, but with the injuries they've had, especially Karlsson who is probably not 100%, I dunno. Of all the 2/3 matchups, this has the highest sweep potential to me, easily. I'd be surprised if it goes beyond 5. Which means, besides making the Lightning's playoff miss be so agonizingly close, screw the Leafs for losing last night because that sure gave Boston a much more navigable playoff road. And the Bruins are the one team I want out of these playoffs as quickly as possible. Just about everyone else is fine by me. (scratch that; even if Toronto won, TB would've missed by one point courtesy of Boston. So it made no difference.)
  12. Montreal Boston (ugh) Washington Pittsburgh -- Chicago St. Louis Anaheim Edmonton -- Last time I actually felt good about the Capitals was in 2010. And what happened that year is the reason it's taken me seven years to finally feel good about them again. I don't know yet if I'm picking them to win the Cup, but I think they'll play for it, finally, this year. Some serious problems with Pittsburgh's blue line situation and I'm not entirely sure they're gonna be able to either fix them, or at least mask them, this time around. I'll take this an extra step further -- Montreal vs. Washington in the East and Edmonton vs. Chicago in the West. Chicago facing Washington in the Final.
  13. Sucks to miss the playoffs, but from where the Lightning were after 52 games this season (19 wins, 27 losses, 6 games ended in shootouts), if you had told me the Lightning would finish the season with a winning record, I would've been very pleasantly surprised. 19-10-1 over the last 30 games. 38-37-7 record. Gonna be left to rue the fact that they only picked up 2 out of 12 points against the NHL's three worst teams this off-season. For today, I'll be happy about this. ---- EDIT - lemme try that again. The Lightning missed the playoffs by one point. They played the Avalanche, Canucks, and Coyotes six times this season. They beat them, combined, one time. The last one of those teams they faced, Arizona, was three weeks ago, and they blew a 3-2 3rd period lead, at home, while Arizona was on the second end of a back-to-back. It wasn't the teams above them, or the teams on par with them, that did the Lightning in this regular season. It was the fricken' bottom-feeders. That's actually pretty painful.