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  1. There was none. Again, I just went on that for kicks because Jason Spezza is also a center who fell in Dallas' lap who was a former #2 overall selection. I said as much, too. It was obvious you were referring to Tyler Seguin with that comment, and his personal life struggles in Boston were pretty well known. That he also had a poor playoff record during a time where he was part of two teams that made runs to the Cup Final also made him a convenient scapegoat to trade out after 2013, but that might be a different story altogether.
  2. Whatever to the unbolded stuff, because maybe there's merits to some of those, maybe there isn't. I mean, is he actually trying to insult a new teammate with sex cracks, or was there some implied humor there? Maybe if Jamie Benn is the low hum mind you figure him to be then perhaps. I also very seldom go to TPT so stuff like that is going to miss my radar basically every time. I'm also not sure how it's his fault that the NHL's goal scoring was at such a depressive low in 2014-'15 that winning the Art Ross at 87 points is something to kinda/sorta knock him for; if not for a cheap assist on an ENG, he and John Tavares would've tied for it at 86 points; not really sure you would hold anything against Tavares in that case. I guess it all goes back to the intellectualism that you often endorse, explicitly or otherwise, in several of your thematic posts, which is fine, really. As for the bolded - Lindy Ruff has never been my idea of a go-go coach; if anything, I tend to think that Ruff has adapted his structure to fit the personnel that Dallas has, which is a plus, not a negative. It's something that I've ripped Jon Cooper in Tampa for virtually all season long, and something I've praised Mike Sullivan for quite a bit in Pittsburgh since his appointment there. And is it Seguin who makes Benn, or Benn who makes Seguin? Seguin has played all of 15 minutes this postseason (in a game where Dallas scored two goals of the 25 they've scored this postseason), and Benn has 11 points in eight games with Cody Eakin as his center. (Of course, in a twisted sense, that #2-overall center could also be referring to Jason Spezza from wayback when, but besides the fact that Spezza and Benn have not been linemates much, if at all, this season, obviously you wouldn't refer to a #2 overall selection from 15 years ago in any relevant sense, but that was a fun diversion so I went with it for kicks.) In any case, thanks for answering my question, I guess, because I genuinely wasn't sure what the source has been of Jamie Benn jokes around here. Glad we got that out of the way.
  3. I'm really unsure as to when and how Jamie Benn became a punchline around here, but that guy is kinda good.
  4. This unites us, cmm. Yes. We should make a pact right now to root for whoever wins this series to beat PIT/WSH. (that being said, Pittsburgh is far and away the best team in the East when combining personnel and coaching, and it is very difficult to see them getting beaten by anyone left in the East, yes. Washington's a fine team and Pittsburgh has looked much better than them during the first two games of this series, and that advantage only figures to increase in Pittsburgh for the next two games. He shouldn't win it only because there were other head coaches who did excellent jobs this year and had the advantage of 82 games, but Mike Sullivan certainly merits Coach of the Year accolades. Yet, that said, if Tampa survives New York, which I still kinda doubt will happen, I'd rather have the Penguins yet because the Capitals in particular have utterly crushed the Lightning for several years now. Washington swept the season series this year entirely on the strength of their power play construct obliterating the Lightning's penalty kill. Counting shootouts as ties, the Lightning are 1-9-2 in their last 12 games against the Capitals, whereas, useless as this is, they actually did beat the Penguins in all three meetings this year, all of which, bizarrely enough, came after Sullivan's appointment and when the Penguins stopped being terrible.)
  5. As is often the case, I hate it when my head is correct. One game doesn't determine the series, but just about every one of the fears I outlined above has already shown up. And that's discouraging both for the remainder of tonight and this series in general.
  6. Pre-draft 2016 NFL preview

    The Dolphins would be meriting a huge LOL if they were to trade assets to get a running back in the first round in the same off-season where they let their extremely underused incumbent of the past four seasons walk to a conference rival for a very modest sum relative to his worth. I'm not gonna buy that because I don't like to buy irrational decision making by NFL teams.
  7. If I am being completely honest with myself, then I would expect the Islanders to knock off the Lightning, likely in six. The biggest Tampa is key is gonna be if and when Stralman can return to the lineup, because while they have been kinda/sorta able to "replace" Stamkos with inserting Drouin back into the lineup (that it could've and should've been those two as linemates this season notwithstanding...), but there is no replacement for Stralman in the organization. He's a legitimate top-pairing defenseman who could ably serve as a #1 D on several teams in the NHL. Without him in the lineup, Tampa Bay really struggles to contain opposing speed; Detroit did a great job of getting controlled entries through their speed against Tampa's blueline. New York is a much better team than Detroit, and there is plenty of speed in those skates, too; this is the chief reason why, given a truth serum, I would have rather faced Florida, because Florida is not nearly as fast a team as the Isles are. There's also the small matter that the Lightning have not won a game at Nassau/Barclays since November 2010; they've lost seven of the last eight, and the other went to a shootout, so figure it as a tie, really. If the Lightning get breached at all on home ice (something that, frankly, they shouldn't even have, but that's a different discussion), especially tonight, then there's going to be some real concern floating around. The Islanders are underrated when it comes to their defense, and while Greiß likely won't repeat what he did statistically against Florida, well, the same goes for how Ben Bishop did against Detroit (~.950 S% IIRC). Bishop is the better goaltender in general, but has struggled against the Islanders over the years (the whole team has; 5-12-3 [W-L-T] since 2010-'11). Greiß gave up six goals in his last outing against Tampa, which was the same game where Stralman broke his leg; kind of a good fortune for the Isles to break Stralman's leg and then face Tampa with Stralman still on the mend, eh? That the guy who broke Stralman's leg also is now out with a broken leg is pretty freakish, though. That said, I don't have to be objective if I don't wanna be, so... PIT in 6 TB in 7 StL in 6 SJ/ANA - SJ in 6 NSH/SJ - SJ in 5 I really think we're gonna get a Sharks/Blues Conference Final, and it's going to be the greatest hex show on earth.
  8. Still can't wrap my mind around there being a Lightning game tonight. The closer that game comes, the more I utterly hate this scheduling decision from the NHL, regardless of whether it was "necessary" or not. It's too bizarre to me and it doesn't help that I'm tired as it is and have no clue how I'm supposed to do this tonight.
  9. Arena schedules yield some crazy effects, huh? Guess they really did need to get that series started sooner than anyone would have ever expected. There were also some events congestion in D.C., and obviously the NHL was never going to want to have both Eastern series' aligned to play on the same day, if they could help it. So that's the way it goes here. A common theme in Washington and New York is the arenas having Justin Bieber concerts, so, obviously, if Canada couldn't get in the playoffs this year, then they were going to try their best to screw with American team schedules with that guy, eh? Heh.
  10. Montoya is a good 'Cat too.
  11. Erm...welp, there's a misfire. Who's playing the Islanders next, anyway? *checks* oh jeezus. I don't even particularly find the matchup impossible, by any means, but Tampa hasn't won a game at the Islanders in five and a half years, so they pretty much have to be perfect on home ice otherwise. Game on, Isles fans. (in my defense, I'm pretty sure that post was written when it was still unknown if/when Hamonic would return. Travis Hamonic is kind of a big deal for the Islanders as far as them being successful goes, after all.)
  12. Some good goalies have given up some really bad goals tonight. Luongo simply whiffing on an unscreened shot from distance that he was squared up to is going to be tough to beat, though.
  13. I think that's 86 saves out of 87 shots on net for Michal Neuvirth in these past two games. This is rather quite cruel, and shades of what Jaro Halak did six years ago to the Capitals as well, albeit, on a much worse team than these Flyers are. Yeah, this isn't gonna quell the fears of Capitals fans at all regardless of how well they've actually played in these two losses.
  14. Once upon a time, Tampa Bay head coach Jon Cooper thought Jonathan Drouin was not qualified to play top-six even strength minutes, or power play minutes. That was...oh, just a couple months ago, and it damn near led to Drouin being traded out of Tampa. ... Yeah, good thing common sense (appears) to have prevailed on this one after all. Because Jonathan Drouin is on the verge of a superstar-esque breakout, if he hasn't already had one so far this postseason.
  15. I'd place a pretty confident wager right now that one of the two LA-based teams is going to erase their 0-2 on-the-road deficit and win their respective series'. I'm leaning towards Anaheim if only because Nashville doesn't give the perception of being as good as San Jose, but that's obviously being very unfair to Nashville, for a few reasons. Specifically, the fact that they had a very good record this season in regulation decisions; 3-on-3 OT decimated their record more than anyone else in the league. Furthermore, their play took off after the Johansen trade that balanced their forward and defense units. They were one of the very best possession teams in the NHL this season. Their biggest weakness, as weird as it is to say, has been Pekka Rinne. I'm going to be fascinated to see how LA bounces back tonight. Missing 1/3 of the defense unit isn't easy to overcome, because the McBain's and Scuderi's of the world are utterly terrible defensemen. Doughty and Muzzin can only do so much to prop them up.