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  1. This is literally Veep of Idiocracy Throne Cards

    Speaking of Tank, btw, look who hit the jackpot in the replies to this 29K retweet/37K favorited sound-clip tweet from last night this morning.
  2. This is literally Veep of Idiocracy Throne Cards

    Truly, about the only good things that have come out of the RNC is that I've now seen Jon Stewart on my TV twice this week, which is more than I've seen of him on my TV in the last 11 months.
  3. MLB 2016 Changes

    I didn't think so much "low" as much as it just looked disproportionately small. I wasn't around when the Mets wore those but I can't imagine that was the size of the script when they did. As for the Reds...I was around when they wore those regularly, of course, and honestly they looked perfectly in place to me. I preferred the Reds in vests rather than what they currently wear (not that their current set is bad, at all) if for no other reason than because they were the team that brought vests into the sport originally, so there's some historical cache' to them wearing those. Though the subject of vests has me wasn't all that long ago that the Reds and Pirates wore them. The White Sox had a vest home alternate, so did the Indians, the Twins (that they wore about 3 times total), the Rangers wore vests regularly, the Delgado-era Blue Jays, Rays had vests...pretty much, the only vests that remain in the league are the Rockies' black alternates, so they kinda died out about 8 years ago, huh? Probably a minority opinion, but I always liked the vests, so that they're all-but gone does leave me a little bit sad.
  4. 2016 NHL Off-Season Thread

    I know plenty of analytics people on Twitter...I must follow the "right" ones or just have a weaker ability to detect the truthers. Because I actually fully agree with your premise otherwise.
  5. Rare team matchups

    Honestly, I was never even aware of this one. Maybe something was said about it when they met back in 2009 (Week 2, IIRC) but that was seven years ago now and a long-forgotten memory if it ever was one. And, of course, for all the Bills' Super Bowl heart-break, their biggest heart-break came in Tampa as well in SB XXV. That's definitely a strange one. Can't figure out why that ever happened. As is, the Bucs are scheduled to return to Buffalo in 2017.
  6. Say it ain't so, Joe

    You know what's most difficult when bringing up the whole concept of SJW'ing? The fact that one person's interpretation of SJW's is different from another's. There are aspects of what I consider "SJW'ing" that I find annoying as well. Except, well, here's the problem in this discussion - being upset at a figure lionized by a decently sized regional population that undoubtedly enabled a child rapist to do precisely that is...not being a social justice warrior at all. That's an insane and warped interpretation of what it is, and Viola was clearly trolling in this thread to be saying that because liberal vs. conservative politics don't even exist on this subject, and the only way it gets brought up is if you're deliberating fishing for an argument, and, well, mission accomplished there, clearly. *and not that I've been particularly active in the politics thread (some things are better just reading instead of participating in), but, full disclosure, I was a Bernie-supporting leftist Democrat who would be voting 3rd party in November if I wasn't living in a g-ddamn swing state, so my politics are at least a few wavelengths separated from Viola's.
  7. This is literally Veep of Idiocracy Throne Cards

    Well, thanks for the explanation first and foremost, but that means I still completely accidentally stumbled upon a reasonable alternate explanation in that it's likening George's boss to Trump, because "I'll always be a winner and you'll always be a loser" is something that is so Trumpian in nature that I can literally hear his voice in those words. More proof that Seinfeld was way ahead of its time, clearly.
  8. This is literally Veep of Idiocracy Throne Cards

    Actually, call it a hilarious irony here, but that "meme" is gonna have to be explained to me. I mean, that's obviously the boss that George had a tirade against, quit, came back acting like nothing happened, got fired, tried to slip a mickey, got re-hired, and then fired after the mickey incident...but just what part of a screenshot of that guy holding a phone in a caption-less photo qualifies as a meme, especially in the context of mocking Trump? Unless the meme is that the guy was the Seinfeld equivalent to Donald Trump, anyway.
  9. 2016 NHL Off-Season Thread

    I'm going to miss the hell out of Ben Bishop once the time comes to part ways with him, but for all the good news to come out of Tampa the last three days, I just don't see any way back for Bishop long-term at all. Hard to really complain, though. Stamkos took a discount and then Hedman did the very same. Can't ask for any better than that.
  10. 2016 MLB Season

    5/18/2009 That last part was patently illegal, btw. Longoria wasn't eligible to appear in the game after the lineup snafu.
  11. 2016 NBA Offseason thread

    I'm no basketball expert, but, umm, DeMar DeRozan got $27.8M annually for the next five years (5/$139M)? Umm...the DeRozan's of the world are worth that much? Umm...ok.
  12. 2016 NHL Off-Season Thread

    Yeah, I've been meaning to say this, but, assuming I'm still living in the Tampa Bay area come the next hockey season (it's kind of a fluid situation for me ATM), we've definitely gotta take in a game. Ideally if the Leafs were the opponent, though, without looking, I have no clue when they come to town.
  13. 2016 NHL Off-Season Thread

    I'd kinda like to think I didn't exactly overreact too much; you talked about Stamkos spurning a market that "actually cares about hockey" and, well, I'm not exactly a Sunbelt apologist just like I'm not an SEC apologist; I root for my team and don't exactly care about the surrounding stuff because how exactly does that benefit me, exactly? You probably overstated for effect, and I overstated in a converse reaction to it. We're both rational people, so we both know just where to meet in the middle regarding that. And for the sake of fairness, lets not twist words here. I specifically said the Toronto "media" howling about Stamkos. Now, were Leafs fans doing the same? I'm sure. And I have no problem with that, lest that make me an enormous hypocrite. If nothing else, the name value of signing a former 60-goal scorer who was born and raised in the area would sure present a ton of marketing opportunities, to speak nothing of the kind of resource of wealth, knowledge, and leadership he would be a for a very young team (...though I still would assert that those do not make his would-be price-tag for Toronto worth it, personally). However, what I'm sure has been most frustrating for a Leafs fan, basically since Lockout II ended, has been the rudderless front office management. JFJ, Burke, Nonis, none of their crap on a stick worked. There's finally a structure that has been established there, and excellent scouting, drafting, development, and recruiting one of the best coaching minds in the sport has the Leafs poised to really break out within the next couple of years. And I can understand the interest in seeing a current All-Star like Steven Stamkos join ranks, and really try to help jump-start the process. I do! However, I think there will be some more appreciation in a few years when some contracts need extending at decent raises and there's not a potential 30-goal scorer who's not a possession machine clogging over $10M in payroll space, too. I love Stamkos as much as anyone, but there is a reason why I said that I cannot evaluate him much past $9M. His all-around game simply isn't strong enough As a hockey fan, there's probably little more I'd love than to see Canadian hockey teams get their act together. Last season was an embarrassment. That being said, if today is any indication, that train appears to be going backwards before it starts going forward again. At least take solace (and you have been) that your team, finally, has its together. Most Canadian hockey fans clearly can't say that. Appreciate the kind words too, of course. There are still some days where I feel like being a wholesome poster instead of a low-brow joke artist whoring out for "likes". I mean, the latter is fun, but the former involves actually stimulating my brain, and that's probably the better thing to try and do on a regular basis. Anyone, especially on the internet where delivery is irrelevant, can write jokes.
  14. 2016 NHL Off-Season Thread

    Ah, yes. There's a healthy organizational culture right there - "when in doubt, choose the Francophone."
  15. 2016 NHL Off-Season Thread

    Well, he opted to stay with the team that drafted him, who he's played his entire 8-year career with, and is built for success right now instead of still being a few years away, but, sure, I guess that's one way to both attack his character and attack the team's market as well, sure. You should be glad, anyway. I know you read my post a few pages back, because you even gave a "like" to it, and in it I said that Stammer's value is not $10M or thereabouts. I'm thrilled he re-signed with Tampa because he re-signed at $8.5M, the same offer he got back in January, and it actually represents "only" a $1M raise from his previous salary. Lightning still have cap crunch concerns, no doubt, but if they wanted to keep #91, that's about as good as they could have possibly done. He gave them a discount. He was not signing with Toronto (or Detroit, or Buffalo, or whoever the hell) at $8.5M, and, frankly, he has not really been the same player (to date) since the broken leg injury in Nov. 2013 that he was prior to that. The Leafs are stacked in young talent, and by the time the talent truly begins to bloom, odds are Stammer won't even be as good then as he is now, which is still worrisome given the level he used to be at. I know that getting the hometown kid was something that the Toronto media was howling about for the last calendar year, but, truthfully, this is a blessing, and not even one in disguise, really. Value that cap flexibility, because if that cast of kids works out as well as you all hope they will, then there's going to need to be payroll space for their eventual raises, too. -- Not much to say that hasn't already been said about the two Canadian teams that made trades today. Holy jeezus was that a terrible trade from the Oilers; I get that there's a desire to move out some of that "loser culture" talent, but Taylor Hall was just about the least of the Oilers problems. You want to send a message, then get rid of Nail or Eberle or something. Trading Hall for a top-4 D from the Devils, a team that traditionally plays a very conservative style that limits chances in their own zone at the expense of generating much of an offensive attack, is just terrible asset management. I like Adam Larsson! I wouldn't trade Nikita Kucherov for Adam Larsson though, would I? Heavens no. And trading Taylor Hall is just as stupid as that. As for the Habs...there really are no words there. PK should have been a Hab for life. Weber's contract can still ultimately burn the Preds via recapture, which kinda sucks for the Preds if and when that happens, but in the mean-time, Weber or Subban, it's literally no debate there. Subban is so much the better player, and younger too. I can't figure out what Montreal's incentive was here. Idiotic.