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  1. Kramerica Industries

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    Btw, out of the " coinflips" department... During Brady's career, the Patriots have played three overtime games in the playoffs. They've won all three. How many snaps of defense did the Patriots play in OT in those three games? 0
  2. Kramerica Industries

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    Here I am, waiting for the day when there will be a Super Bowl where I don't care who wins.
  3. Kramerica Industries

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Rams and Chiefs
  4. Kramerica Industries

    2018-19 NHL Season

    I mean, zero they do in the regular season is going to make anyone think any different about them. I want to enjoy good hockey and I think I'm doing that but they aren't putting those blown leads in the '15 SCF, '16 ECF, and '18 ECF behind them until they actualy win it all. And, frankly, if they don't get it done this year, this core will probably never get it done. They won't have an accumulation of talent this good again for a long time. Apropos for a team called the "Lightning", this is a perfect storm of emerging talent and manageable cap figures. This is the best chance they're going to have, in a given season, to win the Cup. Don't ing blow this. I realize you're joking, but as I've said before and I'll say again how tired I am of hearing about the President's Trophy "curse". There are 16 playoff teams; 16 playoff "seeds" if you will. In any given playoff year, 15 of those 16 seeds will fail to win the Cup. So, with unweighted odds, the President's Trophy winner has a roughly 6.25% chance of winning the Stanley Cup. Now, sure, we should probably provide some weights, whatever the hell those might be, because it's far more likely to expect the #1 overall seed to make a Cup run as compared to a #16 seed, of course, but regardless of what weights you apply, the general idea maintains. If we go back 20 years, which is both a nice round number but also arbirtarily convenient as it turns out, there have been five President's Trophy winners to double as the Cup winner. 20% 26.3%* success rate. If that seems selective, fine, because that means only two of the last fifteen have succeeded. Guess what? Two out of 15 is still a 13% success rate, double the unweighted percent I mentioned earlier. I was quasi-trolling on HF boards a week or so ago when Ovechkin scored his 700th career goal in the NHL. I mean, I'm right, it was absolutely the 700th goal he's scored in NHL sanctioned competition, but it was only (lol, "only") his 639th regular season goal; the other 61 come from the postseason. But, you know, as hockey fans, we're so conditioned to treat the postseason like the be-all and end-all; Ovechkin himself got so much over the years because his teams never won the Cup. His Caps teams, as well as the Sharks and Lightning of today, are derided to because of their great regular season successes and subsequent spectacular postseason failures. And I'm not here to turn the tide on that at all. What I am here to say is that, when it comes to talking about player statistics over the courses of their careers, we seem to only ever mention regular season numbers and get nothing mentioned practically ever about their playoff numbers. Did you guys know that Sidney Crosby is only three goals away from 500 NHL goals? Or that Wayne Gretzky once had a 100-goal season? True story. 1983-'84. 87 (reg.) + 13 (playoffs). Tell me what those numbers add up to. Gretzky scored over 1,000 goals and recorded over 3,000 points in NHL games. Sounds cool, doesn't it? But we never talk about this stuff. We talk endlessly about the importance of postseason success, but we only ever seem to mention regular season statistics when it comes to the players themselves. Ass. ing. Backwards. *cancelled season doesn't count, of course
  5. Kramerica Industries

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Divisional Round: Conference Championships: Los Angeles vs. New Orleans New England vs. Kansas City
  6. Kramerica Industries

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Updated standings go today.
  7. Kramerica Industries

    2018 NFL Season

    That's it?
  8. Kramerica Industries

    2018-19 NHL Season

    So if we apply common sense, Alex Ovechkin scored his 700th career NHL goal tonight. Well then. Congrats, Ovi. Here it is, btw. #Ovi700
  9. Kramerica Industries

    2019 NFL Off-Season Thread

    Adam Gase and his 23-25 record in Miami doesn't sound all that terrible as long as you don't mention what their point differential was and realize they could've easily been 5-7 wins worse than what they were, which already wasn't good enough obviously. Quarterback whispering seems to be at an all-time high now. There's only been one hire that hasn't been an offensive-minded selection, Denver, and that's obviously its own kind of deal anyway where, clearly, it's going to be some kind of "Fangio runs the defense and Kubiak runs the offense" kind of deal, where, and correct me if I'm wrong, but it's almost like a co-head coaching situation there just in a way where Kubiak doesn't nearly kill himself again by taking on all the responsibilities of actually having to be the head coach. Almost everywhere else, and especially with the Kingsbury hire more than some of the others, it's all about trying to either unlock disappointing talent or getting future HoF'ers back on track ('cuz Rodgers was fricken' awful by his standards this season, subpar supporting cast or not). Kitchens is obviously a continuity hire and, my goodness, talk about finding yourself in the right place at the right time because I doubt Kitchens was considered a likely head coaching prospect as recently as 12 months ago, to be hired as one this soon. Timing is everything in life, once again.
  10. Kramerica Industries

    2018 MLB Off Season Thread

    Oracle Park, just as the Warriors are about to move into San Francisco itself. Gotta love some of that corporate synergy.
  11. Kramerica Industries

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Wild card weekend results: Divisional Round: Indianapolis vs. Kansas City Dallas vs. Los Angeles Los Angeles vs. New England Philadelphia vs. New Orleans
  12. Kramerica Industries

    The Sports Media Thread

    On YouTube, there's several of those NHL-produced VHS recordings from postseasons back in the late '80s and early '90s, and last well, a couple of July's ago now, I was watching the 1990 edition and, during their brief recap of the Whalers-Bruins first round meeting, I heard a voice I didn't expect to hear - Rick Peckham. Turns out he did the Whalers from '83-'95 before coming to Tampa, where he's been ever since. I was surprised, because I can't really remember ever hearing Peckham talk much about the Whalers. Not even recently after the Hurricanes did their Whalers Night promotion (incidentally, Carolina is Tampa Bay's next opponent; off chance there might be some talk only because that promotional event was still a pretty short time ago). If I hadn't stumbled across that video I might've never realized that part of his background. I guess there was something marginally appropriate about that the Lightning were the last team to play the Whalers in Hartford, meaning Peckham would've been in the building for that game, assuming that the Lightning's television partner(s) - the main one of which, it appears, has remained a constant throughout seeing as how Sun Sports, nee Sunshine Network, was their partner in the link above - aired the game to begin with. John Kelly, huh? Looks like even I can figure out some of the dominoes here. Kelly left Tampa to go to Denver when the Nords moved, and Peckham moved from Hartford to fill Kelly's vacancy. Thus creating an opportunity for John Forslund to enter the ranks. On a non-Lightning note - I came across the CBC broadcast in Windsor and Western Canada of the final original Winnipeg Jets game. Apparently Brian Heyward did color commentary for CBC once upon a time. Who knew? EDIT: Not 11 individual games on 11 individual Sundays, but 11 games in regional coverage beginning in April. And while I know this was the 48-game season, I'm assuming based on how every other broadcast schedule that this was based on an 82-game season, so, yeah. This was a national television partner 25 years ago. That package sure feels pathetically weak.
  13. Kramerica Industries

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    Chiefs - 1 Bengals - 0 Lions - 0 Bills - 0 Browns - 0 And, for the fun of it, lemme see... Dolphins - 2 (wild card round wins in '99 and '00) 'Skins - 2 (wild card wins in '99 and '05 - screw off Edell Shepherd) Which vary narrowly would put you over Nick Foles and the Eagles' total from these past two posteasons.
  14. Kramerica Industries

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    Technically a fact: Yesterday's Eagles game represents the first time since their 2009 playoff game against Dallas where the Eagles quarterback was their Week 1 starting quarterback. The "technical" part is because, whereas in their previous three postseason trips they had replaced their Week 1 starter either due to injury and/or player effectiveness reasons, in this case their Week 1 starter wasn't (and isn't) their preferred QB to begin with, but was in there because Wentz was either still rehabbing his previous injury, or now sidelined due to a subsequent injury. It's a manipulated fact, in other words, which is something I'm far from being above doing.
  15. Kramerica Industries

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    I'm thinking the Chiefs better win their game on Saturday, because if we go into Sunday with a real chance of the Patriots having the AFC-CG at home, then I'm just going to assume right then and there that they're going to make it to the Super Bowl again. AFC teams piss their pants every time they go to Foxboro. (Patriots have won their last 15 13 home games against AFC teams and, in the Belichick/Brady era, they're 19-3 at home in the postseason, and 8-0 since 2013. So, yeah.)