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  1. I'll edit more later, but in the cases of Nill and Yzerman, I'm sure some of that is coming from Detroit's front office. You know, before we started treating Holland and Detroit like morons.
  2. This was clearly a Lambert article, which made looking it up real easy for me, and I'll bring up a different part of it: Just what is the determining line for this, exactly? I think very highly of Bill Peters as a head coach, but that part focuses on their front office and just what has Carolina's front office done to establish their intelligence? Draft Noah Hanifin and Sebastian Aho in the first five picks of the draft? , I could've done that. Pick up Teravainen by swallowing Bickell's contract (before realizing Bickell's career was basically over)? Ok, I guess; call that the benefit of keeping cap space available, but using a desperate team cap-wise and leveraging a bad contract against them to pick up an out-of-favor prospect isn't a new philosophy. I realize that virtually any team that plays "puck-possession hockey" tends to get plaudits, but that's a useless proposition because virtually every team tries to play puck-possession hockey. It's a nebulous term. Hockey isn't soccer but on ice; you can't play behind the puck and try to attack on counters as a base method for offensive success; the variables are far too different. Some teams are able to play "puck-possession hockey" on the basis that their players collective talent level is better than their opponents. Some are able to do so because they're able to win puck battles; the Kings won two Stanley Cups as a high-possession but "dump-and-chase" team because they were able to win the puck back thanks to their physical advantage over most opponents. It's funny to think that there are multiple methods to success; these methods also have inherent weaknesses, and of course they do, because if any single method were flawless, everybody would be doing it. It's also, of course, quite dumb to overlook the Cam Ward aspect in all of this. Whether a team is very good or very bad with their possession metrics, goaltending is always the great equalizer. This is how Montreal had success a couple years back despite awful metrics; Carey Price isn't human (Montreal's possession metrics are actually really good this year, for a change). That's how the Rangers have had success in recent years and this year, despite being #21 in terms of Fenwick. Minnesota's #25 in the league; have we even noticed? Goaltending can play up mediocre possession teams and play down strong possession teams. Carolina has all those draft picks at their disposal? I don't think much of Brian Elliott (probably underrate him, frankly), but he was there to be had an off-season ago and would've been a much better option than Cam Ward; can pretty much guarantee that. Not all those draft picks are gonna work out anyway; might as well allow yourself to use some of them as capital for actual NHL talent. Alex Nedeljkovic is still a few years off from being a viable option if he ever becomes one at all; can pretty much guarantee that. EDIT - had some bad recollection on Aho's draft status. He was #35 overall in his class. Mea culpa.
  3. Funny enough, I could swear Brian Hayward made Vermette's incident seem like no big deal. Welp.
  4. This is literally the first time I have commented on it.
  5. For the second straight Saturday, the Flyers are wearing their anniversary white uniforms in a game against a California team. Regardless of whether that's scheduled or not (pretty sure the Flyers are wearing them for about every Saturday home game), it's a total dick move given their opponent(s).
  6. Fun fact - after the Giants won the Super Bowl in 1990, Bill Parcells resigned from the head coaching job with the team. Now, eyeballing the timeline, it sure would seem like Belichick would've been a logical replacement. He wasn't. Ray Handley, who was the offensive coordinator for that Giants team, was named to the post instead. He went 14-18 over two years and was fired. One of the reasons why Belichick didn't get the job? The Giants GM at the time, who had actively sabotaged previous opportunities for Belichick to get a head coaching job elsewhere in the NFL, didn't feel he had the right "qualities" to handle the job. Now, granted, his run in Cleveland wasn't the greatest (though I know he had an 11-5 season in there somewhere), but, heh, total misfire in that particular evaluation. That GM, George Young, died in December 2001, so, I guess, thankfully for him, he ducked out just in time before Belichick's Patriots started winning all those Super Bowls. - come to think of it, the Patriots won their last six regular season games that year, and obviously all three playoff games. Think we may have just found out the root of all their success over these past 15 years...
  7. To steal a tennis term - unforced errors. Seen it happen time and time again. Beating Belichick is hard enough as it is. Once you start fighting the Aura of Belichick, you're cooked.
  8. Two minute warning was coming, though, so throwing a rash challenge (:10 seconds ticked off from the catch to the stoppage to announce the challenge) was still a case of getting caught up in the moment and not showing the poise a head coach absolutely has to show in that situation. Wait, literally, three more seconds, and you get: 1) a stoppage of play 2) a chance to let your video staff oversee all available angles (you can still challenge at this point) 3) likely realize the catch will stand 4) give the Patriots one less play to run before the two minute warning and, vitally, save that last timeout if you get the ball back in a tie game. Atlanta has an excellent staff, btw. Saw plenty of their games and have many great things to say. But, you know, we're taught to sneer at the concept of "intangibles" because we can't make record of those things. Well, New England, from their staff to their players, never panicked or out-thought themselves on Sunday. At a certain point, Atlanta did. That experience of having been there before served the Patriots exceptionally well.
  9. I said exactly this in a couple different places after the game. That is definitely one of Belichick's underrated great qualities, and it showed again on Sunday night.
  10. When there aren't better options to replace the head coach, then maybe the head coach shouldn't be fired in the first place. Ludicrous decision on Boston's part. Julien was, in no way, part of the problem.
  11. The obvious solution to overtime, at least in the playoffs if not the regular season, is just a 4th quarter redux. 15 minute period, and go from there. Only difference would be the lack of a 2-minute warning and that's only because playoff football games can go multiple OT's so a 2-minute warning wouldn't kick in until the 2nd quarter of OT. It's needlessly complicated to say "the other team gets a chance, unless they give up a touchdown first". No need for that distinction at all. Although, in this case, no sympathy to the Falcons for not getting a chance in OT, because, well, you blew a 25 point lead first. That's entirely on them.
  12. For the final time in 2016, here are the Weekly Picks standings: Postseason winner: dont care running the fricken' table. Well done, sir. Postseason loser: Well, all of us really with the team that won...but, more specifically, AstroBull coming in at 4-7 for his playoff picks. Congratulations to our medalists: Gold - @winters in buffalo Silver - @DustDevil61 Bronze - @jmac11281 and @Chawls I'll post the champions avatar a little later, Wibby, if you want to put that in your sig for the next year. Thank you all for playing. It's been fun, as always. Looking forward to hosting this competition again come September.
  13. Yeah, on that front you won't get any argument from me. Dawkins is an all-timer in the sport. Really no reason why he shouldn't already be voted into the Hall.
  14. While you don't have to tell me how good Brian Dawkins was and his legacy to the sport...there's no comparing a free safety like Dawkins to a strong safety like Lynch. Those are two completely different positions with different functions. Not really sure what one has to do with the other.
  15. The game was at Municipal Stadium. My Father is from Hungary; moved to Cleveland in 1967. My Mother ended up in Cleveland sometime in the early '80s. At the time, both went to plenty of Browns games. Neither are natives from Ohio, though.