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  1. It worked in Week 1 for Denver, too. The game you're thinking of was from early in 2007, FWIW. That year, NFL and college alike, is when this fad (if we can still call it that?) began.
  2. Seahawks Pats Packers Steelers
  3. That Blue Jackets head coach also has his name on the Stanley Cup, too. Maybe not nine times; he wasn't blessed with being able to be head coach of the '70s Canadiens, the Mario/Jagr Pens, or the dynasty Red Wings, but he's also accomplished a lot more than about 95% of head coaches in the sport's history, too. Jeezus.
  4. I've been busy. I'll throw the update in my previous post here.
  5. It'll never happen, but I'd be over the moon if the Lightning went back to black as their primary. Oh yes.
  6. Houston Seattle Pittsburgh New York -- Through the Wild Card round: Divisional Round: Seattle vs. Atlanta Houston vs. New England Pittsburgh vs. Kansas City Green Bay vs. Dallas
  7. For a supposed "up-and-coming" team in the last few years, they went from a legitimately excellent 108 point season in 2014-'15, down to 97 points last year (in a bad division in a weaker conference) and they look even worse this year than last year. They underachieved (or so we thought ) last season, and spent an awfully long time outside the playoff bubble, but, well, it happens once, that can be random. Concerning but nothing alarming. That the Lightning made a deep playoff run, aided by being a #6 seed that got to face a de facto #8 seed and then #5 seed in the first two rounds no doubt helping that, probably helped calm those worries down. I would also argue that Blashill and Capuano represent a very short list of NHL head coaches who I would rate lower than Cooper, and the jury's still out on Blashill (he's got a bad hockey team over there). Except here we are, with the Lightning yet again in the running for biggest underachiever in the league. When that happens multiple times over, it's time to start looking at the coaching staff and asking some questions as to why that might be. Another area of concern in previous years? The brutal power play the Lightning had run despite the talent level of their forwards. Cooper finally gave up PP duties in the off-season. Todd Richards (speaking of Columbus) was appointed to that role. The Lightning's power play this season? Unquestionably one of the league's best. Cooper actually gets credit for that, because head coaches get credit for the accomplishments of their assistants, but that it took three full seasons for that to finally happen was pretty damn irritating. I dunno man, there are other perennial playoff teams in the NHL that have no trouble getting up enough for the regular season that being in the playoff picture isn't any kind of problem for them, at all (the Chicago's, Washington's, Pittsburgh's, etc. of the world), and then there's the Lightning, who haven't actually won anything of importance, in the last couple seasons, and managing to actually be bothered to play regular season hockey is a huge problem. And you know what? It's possible my irritation is misplaced. Maybe it's a personnel issue rather than a coaching issue. I fully disagree, but I'm often wrong. In that case, it doesn't change the fact that there's some serious problems that need to be addressed, and addressed rapidly, because there is nothing worse than watching an underachieving hockey team, and having done so for about 1 1/2 seasons now. I can tolerate bad Lightning hockey teams - heaven knows I've seen many of them - but underachieving teams is a totally different story. Those wear my ass the hell out.
  8. Unless Steve Yzerman comes to his senses, and soon, and fires Jon Cooper, the Lightning aren't coming anywhere near the playoffs this year. Frankly, it boggles my damn mind that he has survived this long, seeing as how this is the second straight season where the Lightning are the biggest underachieving regular season team in the NHL. It's ridiculous. This guy sucks.
  9. That's a big reason why the World Juniors are so much better when they're over in Europe. Morning hockey games that don't interfere with the NHL are a hell of a lot more enjoyable.
  10. Yes. A team taking a 2-1 lead on the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Final. What can possibly go wrong? ...
  11. Final regular season results are in: Week 17 winner(s): Chawls and logo-maker both imitated the Patriots this week. I hope you're both very happy about...that. Week 17 loser: Astro-Bull imitated the Ravens. Hey, at least it wasn't any 7-9 bull , so enjoy that. The playoffs DO carry over into the standings. Point values remain the same; maybe in the future (though I doubt it) I'll consider making playoff games count for more, but that's really not an idea I enjoy very much. Oakland vs. Houston Detroit vs. Seattle Miami vs. Pittsburgh NY Giants vs. Green Bay
  12. I felt it was a bad example too! But, of course, I'm a little biased. I didn't know if you might've been saying the Bucs were a rather crappy team with a fortunate record (which...isn't entirely far off from the truth, to be perfectly honest; they were 6-3 in single-digit games this year, so fortune favored them). In any case, I was having a little fun with the "burn" comment. -- I picked Seahawks over Steelers in August...I'm not particularly confident in the Seahawks at this point, but I'll ride with it anyway.
  13. Felt that burn all the way through the computer screen. Ouch, dude.
  14. That same guy then would hold onto Will Muschamp a full year past his very obvious expiration date as the Florida football coach, so that was a fun bit of going back on his word there.