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  1. Hopefully, with both teams doing that, something that hasn't happened since 2002 (thanks, @McCarthy), this can be the start of a new trend of teams picking up the trophies once more. Only hockey could have a "tradition" that caught on like wildfire where the original player and team to do it, Eric Lindros and the '97 Flyers, got swept in the Final. Not sure how that made one ounce of sense.
  2. Guess we're about to learn that it wasn't that the Capitals have a Penguins problem but rather that it's that the Capitals have a MAF problem, huh?
  3. Can't possibly come a minute too soon at this point. Under Jon Cooper, the Lightning have: *18-16 home record in the playoffs, which is pathetic *4-9 home record in the ECF ans SCF, which is worse *1-5 record in potential close out games in the ECF, which is worser *blown a 3-2 series lead in their last two ECF appearances, which is the worst part of all (@Still MIGHTY can relate to this; dick move on my part to link you, btw, my many apologies) That's not entirely Cooper's fault, sure. It would be nice if the $8.5M captain could do something more than be a one-timer from the left face off dot on the power play, for instance. 3 assists and one empty net goal in 17 playoff games at even strength, and this is far from the first time he's been a playoff dud but it's also his biggest dud yet too. Turns out bringing in a bunch of Rangers players who never got over the hump there aren't the recipe for getting over the hump here, either. Go figure. Never would've imagined that could be the case, huh. I was disappointed of course but at least slightly at peace in both 2015 and '16 because the Lightning lost to objectively better teams, and given the status of their roster in May 2016 it was impressive as it was to go seven against Pittsburgh ( the offside rule forever) although up 3-2 at home they should've been able to close it out. But losing, once again up 3-2, to a Capitals team that was, by consensus, the underdog in this series? There's no excuses. Pathetic end to the season after missing the playoffs in the worst division in the NHL a year ago. I'm ready for change, because this team, with this coach and this core (beyond just Hedman, Stamkos, and Kucherov mind you) has gone as far as its gonna go. We're either the Sharks East or the Ducks East at this point, but this team isn't winning the Cup as currently constructed. As I think I might've posted somewhere above, but maybe not, the NHL's highest scoring offense just got shut out for the last 159 minutes and 27 seconds of this series. Laugh out ing loud, 'mate. That's absolutely pathetic, I don't care how good Holtby was in these last two games.
  4. I was 100% going for the reverse jinx with that post but when Burakovsky scored against because the Lightning can't make a ing line change, I knew I had run out of luck with those in this thread.
  5. It was over 62 seconds in, 'mate.
  6. The highest scoring offense in the NHL is on the verge of not scoring in the last 159 minutes and 27 seconds of this series. Honestly, not enough words to describe how pathetic that is. Time for an overhaul. This core has gone as far as they're gonna go.
  7. 2018 MLB Season

    It is easy to forget that Jay Bruce was there for about five minutes last year, you're correct about that; guess I successfully blanked that home run he hit against David Robertson out of my memory. It would also help Cleveland out a lot if Encarnacion stops looking washed up like he does. .212 average with a .719 OPS can't possibly be what they are paying $13M for.
  8. 2018 MLB Season

    The Indians were 48-45 at one point last season and finished up with 101 wins. They didn't exactly lose much over the off-season; Carlos Santana, but his AB's have mostly been taken by a (finally) healthy Michael Brantley who is more-or-less a DH at this point of his career anyway since his throwing arm is shot. Their rotation is still fronted by Kluber, Bauer, Carrasco, and Clevinger. It's their bullpen that has been a tirefire and that might cost them at some point without either some serious upgrades and/or performance improvement from within but I would be surprised if the Indians don't make it to around 93 wins or so by the end of the season. It's a weak division and they're too good to not improve at some point. And I can vouch that facing those four starters in a playoff series is not a fun thing to think about. Tito screwed things up badly last year with his playoff rotation, surprisingly so given his impeccable playoff track record, but I don't think he'll be making those mistakes again.
  9. They've looked like garbage most of this series. It's incredible that they're still in it. The Capitals have been the better team in at least four of these six games, and truthfully probably five of the six games. Game 5 is the only time the Lightning looked better for the balance, and even the last half of that game was spent doing nothing but dumping the puck in and sitting on the lead and not doing jack squat offensively, and, look now - the Lightning haven't scored a goal in nearly the last 100 minutes of play. There's zero cohesion on the attack, they can't handle the Capitals physicality in the middle of the ice, and the few times they get good looks Holtby has taken care of the rest. For anyone who's watched this series, there's no reason why the Capitals shouldn't be favored on Wednesday.
  10. DGB pretty much already covered this topic.
  11. The Blues actually did reach the Stanley Cup Final in their first season in existence, much like what Las Vegas is on the verge of doing, but for the purposes of not giving you a coronary I'll just point out that, obviously, I'm aware of the differences in conference structures between when St. Louis went to the Final in 1968 and Las Vegas this year and that, unlike this year, the Blues literally had no chance in the world of winning in '68...or '69...or '70...
  12. Pretty much. 1/2 on the power play but the winning goal was, for all intents and purposes, a power play goal as well. They're 6/14 strictly speaking and 7/14 effectively speaking, and as much as it hasn't been pretty at times, I'll take a 79% kill through four games against Washington's power play. The Capitals power play has cut through the Lightning like butter for years now, so even in a small sample size 79% actually seems acceptable even though it would be trash over a full regular season. Besides those two, the Lightning's first goal tonight was off a careless turnover and the final one was obviously an empty netter. Nothing to apologize for but also not really a byproduct of sustained zone time. Lightning have got to get that part of their game figured out. The power play has saved their bacon to this point but continuing to rely on a 50% conversion rate is not realistic. They dominated the Bruins at 5v5 play and the Capitals were a worse 5v5 team this year than Boston was, but watching these games you would never think that. Matchups always play such a big role; Capitals are a faster team and do a better job at getting through center and getting the Lightning off their spots in transition. It's been a problem spot this entire series, and while shot blocking is neat and everything it really should be a last resort and not actually an integral part of the game plan. Otherwise I hope Callahan is already prepared for when one of those Ovi one-timers gets under the visor because that's gonna be a problem for him. Most importantly, the Lightning need to learn how to win home games at this stage of the playoffs. Under Jon Cooper, the Lightning have a 3-8 home record in ECF and Stanley Cup Final home games. They've lost two Game 6's when up 3-2, they've lost two Game 5's when tied 2-2. They've had problems at home for years and I don't understand why. They rescued themselves from one serious hole, but I'm not about to start feeling comfortable about going to Washington again with elimination at stake. That undefeated record in D.C. is eventually going to burst; if it happens on Monday, I hope it's not with the links next on the players' schedule.
  13. Definitely did not deserve that one, but no apologies at this stage of the playoffs. It's silly as hell that the Lightning can't win in Washington to save their lives in the regular season, yet are now 7-0 in franchise history in Washington during the playoffs. Hope that's 8-0 and onto the Final come Monday night.
  14. Home teams are 33-39 this playoff year, and only 11-18 since the second round began. The road dominance is really unusual.