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  1. Also, re: kicked in goals - there's some level of intuition involved there in that, even in real-time, we can generally see the puck was kicked in (generally...sometimes scrums make it difficult), and depending on how it was kicked, we can sometimes discern, with reasonably good accuracy, whether it was a clean goal or not. Sometimes a stunner comes in, and the rules were broadened a few years back, but we know how to react to those. On a sequence like Drouin last think anyone thought, in real-time, "offside?". Outside the Pens coaching staff maybe, no. So, as a fan of the scoring team, especially in such a game, you are ecstatic as can be until the review is announced, then the replay showing the most insignificant of infractions (though, per the rule, yes, an infraction) appears, and it's just a terrible feeling to know that it's going to be wiped out due to something that had zero bearing on the actual goal. Review is good! Not wanting offsides goals, in theory, is good. But that goal, a couple StL goals, and others, are not in the intended spirit of the rule. At all.
  2. In the NFL, their rules changes serve to make things needlessly complicated. In the NHL, their rules changes are actually worse than the previous rules. I would find it a lot more hysterical if it wasn't my teamthat just got burned by it last night in...oh, a potential clinching game to go to the Final. (Not that it's any excuse for the overall poor game they played. Need to be much better, especially since they did the exact same thing last year against the Rangers. But...jeezus did it take no time to realize this rule sucks, and having it influence an enormous late-round playoff game was plainly inevitable from the start. It kinda sucks when, as a fan, you have to now train yourself to really wait for "was it onside?" before you can really celebrate. It's the NHL's version of yellow flags, and that sucks enough watching football. Football/hockey fans are really taking it in the ass now.)
  3. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    Exhibit A for "Why Watching NFL Games From Several Years Ago Can Actually Be Wonderful":
  4. 2016 MLB Season

    On one hand, I get it. It slows down the game, it's usually automatic in how it is executed, so just get it done with and improve the "pace of play". Counter-point: Make them throw the pitches.
  5. There are a few arenas like that. I'm pretty sure Montreal is another place without a place where the backup goalie can sit. Nassau used to have the backups sitting somewhere in the crowd. Also observe that San Jose doesn't have a true "inside the glass" position either. That analyst sets up their perch on the far right-end (viewer perspective) of the Sharks' bench. Hard as it might be to believe, that arena was built a good 20 years ago before some more modern standards had been established.
  6. 2016 MLB Season

  7. If I wasn't a TB fan, I'd say this series is already over. 2-1 isn't a problem. That the Penguins have just about twice as many shots on net as the Lightning do, however, is a major problem, and it looks like that dam has just about broken with what happened in the 3rd period tonigh. And until the Lightning are able to figure out how to adjust to the Penguins' aggressive forecheck, and find ways to actually exit the zone with the puck so that the Penguins D's aren't simply re-grouping and starting new zone attacks, this problem will only exacerbate itself some more. The simpler explanation, and the painfully truthful one, is that the Penguins are simply the better team. I just didn't think the discrepancy was this enormous.
  8. 2015-16 NBA Thread

    Toronto has played six more games than the Cavs have, two of which went to overtime, and two of which were elimination games. Just on fatigue alone, they have no shot against Cleveland.
  9. Flaming pile of crap performance from the Lightning tonight, too, in mentioning things that actually are relevant in a playoff discussion thread.
  10. 2015/16 International Football

    April Fools Day?
  11. 2015/16 International Football

    Spurs...jeezus, you guys.
  12. One of the Sharks or the Blues is going to be in the Stanley Cup Final. I'd be over the moon excited for this development if the team I root for wasn't still playing as well. As it is, I hope the Lightning beat whichever of those two teams it is in the Final, but, back to the main point, we're going to get the Sharks or the Blues in the Final! This is the best thing that has ever happened in the history of the NHL. It's truly too good to be true.
  13. I'm not saying the Lightning will beat the Pens or the Caps, but I highly doubt it's going to be a rollover. Underestimate Tampa at your own risk. I never thought they could win this series in five games with zero contribution from Anton Stralman, who should be back in time for the next round, btw.
  14. Will the CFL ever expand?

    I think you have just made the most convincing argument you can for the folks of Windsor to support a Windsor CFL franchise.
  15. Can't say anything for certain going forward, but Murray has played very well this postseason and there's no reason to turn away from him in favour of a twice-concussed MAF until Murray struggles enough to create a problem. So far, Murray has been superb in net. MAF is on the books for $5.75M for the next two seasons after this and Murray is only 21, so no reason to make any big decisions yet for the Pens.