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  1. "Should only be able to [get one abortion] for the [poker] chips..." If serious, that is truly one of the funniest things I've ever heard in my entire life.
  2. To find coaches below Roy's bar, you basically just have to throw a dart at a list of Oilers coaches in the past decade or so. Otherwise, that might be tough. Patrick Roy played on some outstanding hockey teams but, as a coach, seemed to completely detest the highest skilled players for...reasons, anyway.
  3. Well, there's this:
  4. " Location:Ohio/Florida " You might be the nexus of this election, 'red. Don't screw this up.
  5. Admittedly, one thing I hate about the Olympics, every time one of them rolls around, is the return of the utterly sexist P&G "Proud sponsor of Moms" commercials. What a horrific ad campaign that would never see the light of day or be tolerated if it was the other way around. And they do this every time! It's deplorable.
  6. The Summer Olympics are fine and fun and everything, but I always enjoy the Winter games more and it's not just because the Winter games have hockey in them, though obviously that helps. Bobsled, luge, curling(!!!), cross-country, and the speed skating events are simply more up my alley. Will help fill in a whole bunch of empty TV hours, though, so I'm sure I'll watch some of this. Go US and Hungary competitors (Hungary is good at water polo, right?).
  7. WaPo Shelton D. [pseudonym] v. Brennan, 2016 WL 3361228 I mean, I can't stand the flag because it's associated with political views that I utterly detest. Frankly, I never would've known about its slave-owner origins unless I was told about it. I don't think the Confederate flag and related symbolism should be outlawed, either; the great thing about the First Amendment is that it provides the freedom to express your view on things. Similarly, it provides everyone else the right to call you a complete and utter POS for it, but at least you have the right to allow yourself to be called that in the first place.
  8. You know that St. Louis, with a losing record at home, 57-51 overall, and not likely to win much more than 90 games at most this year barring a scorching run, well, this is the exact kind of season where they end up winning the World Series, so consider this your wet balloon reminder post.
  9. You yada yada'd over the best part.
  10. It's disappointing to see Andrew Miller get traded for a variety of reasons, but if you're getting a top-30 prospect in the sport for what is, ultimatelry, a relief pitcher (a really outstanding relief pitcher, but, nonetheless, a relief pitcher), along with another top-100 prospect as the headliners, well, you just have to do that deal when you're a .500 team not really contending for anything. That's just good business. It's speaks to what kind of sellers market there currently is, as well as how valuation has changed, that Andrew Miller fetched a bigger return than David Price did at the 2014 deadline. Speaks to how nuts it is, anyway.
  11. Figured I'd lean further left than this, especially as a Bernie supporter, but whatever.
  12. Pablo Sandoval first broke Drew Storen, and Yoenis Cespedes did it to him twice in consecutive nights. Poor dude, huh? Judging alone by how that guy always collapsed in the biggest games, it's probably no surprise that he's a mental midget, too.
  13. Couple of things about it: a) Upton has had something of a revival after his career crashed in Atlanta. OPS+ of 111 last season and 100 this season in San Diego. Yeah, he's going to strike out an awful ton, but for someone who might just be a 20/20 player, who is having the major sum of his contract subsidized by the Padres, you can do a lot worse. b ) Bautista is almost surely a goner, and if he wasn't, then Edwin is. Maybe one or the other stays; obviously not both, and not because the Blue Jays couldn't afford him (they actually probably could; Rogers is pretty damn wealthy), but because giving large wads of cash for several years to corner IF/DH's in the mid-'30s is generally terrible business. Getting Upton for pennies gives the Blue Jays some flexibility going into 2017. c) Wasn't going to mention this initially, but do remember that Michael Saunders isn't exactly the example of an iron man out there. He's having a phenomenal season, but it doesn't hurt to have someone who can ably fill in for him if he were to get hurt (hopefully, he won't). d) nitpick, but Chris Colabello, who has missed 80 games due to suspension and had a 2015 season fuelled by a sky-high .420-something BABIP, and is utterly incapable of playing in the field with any competency, is not really the shining example of an "entrenched" roster player. Toronto got along just fine without him; hell, his absence is what allowed Michael Saunders to get everyday duty, righty and lefty alike, and thrive the way he has. In fact, Saunders has a .290/.377/.634 split vs. LHP, which is simply sensational. disclaimer - I'm not entirely sure about that last one. In fact, it was probably Colabello and Smoak who were the platoon mates, but I know Colabello had also played LF last year, which is where Saunders is so it seems/ed plausible to me that they could be platoon mates as well. I'm not 100% sure on this.
  14. Speaking of Tank, btw, look who hit the jackpot in the replies to this 29K retweet/37K favorited sound-clip tweet from last night this morning.