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  1. Kramerica Industries

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    But, in line with that, there are plenty of us out there, I'm sure, who aren't opposed to there being either a spring football league or a, ahem, "Tier 2 football league" that plays in the fall, whichever, that can effectively serve as a minor league to the NFL and, in the process, subvert the NCAA. Within proper legal parameters, of course, I'm open to literally any viable solution that subverts the NCAA.
  2. Kramerica Industries

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    I'm just gonna give my two cents here, independent of previous discussion and related context, but if this league was smart (and I have a suspicion that Vince McMahon, being the exact kind of no s given kinda person that he is, will do exactly this), they would not have followed the NFL's model of three years post-high school completion before allowing athletes into the mix. I mean, with the way that it is, what is the league composed of? Basically, NFL has-beens and NFL never-weres. I'm not sure what the appeal to the average person is going to be. Quality of play would probably be right on par, maybe even slightly above that, of college football, but college football has literally decades of alma mater appeal and assored crap that works in its favor to bring in fans. Something that a start up league, of course, can't offer to provide. It's 2019, there's no reason why we should be forcing some of these people who hate school to have to go to school to play professional football if they don't want to. Is the quality of their coaching or the quality of their facilities going to be as good? Who knows. But that's a choice that adults can make for themselves. Making people have to work for an organization as corrupt and immoral as the NCAA is something we should have been finding alternatives to for a very long time now. It's disappointing we still haven't succeeded in doing that.
  3. Kramerica Industries

    Brian Burke Would Have Changed Ducks To Patriots

    Which makes perfect sense as well. Those involved in physical warfare, or whatever you call it where there's weapons being used and deaths occur, would generally not want to discuss it too much because, for the average person, we're not designed and not meant to subject ourselves to seeing people, enemy or friend, dying around us. It's a very unsettling thing. As with most unsettling things, you generally do everything you can to not be reminded of it happening. So it stands to reason that vets who had to go through that, generally won't care to discuss too many details of it. You know how, when you wake up after dreaming, all the details seem to dissipate almost immediately? Well, think of what that would be like for veterans, only those dreams (or nightmares, in this case) aren't actually dreams, but things that actually happened, and those details don't just vanish the moment they wake up. That's kinda what it's like. There are good war stories these people are willing to share. The ones that involve masculinity at it's most dominant, or whatever you wanna call it? Nah.
  4. Kramerica Industries

    The Sports Media Thread

    The transformation of Tom Ricketts into Ted Cruz continues.
  5. Kramerica Industries

    2018-19 NHL Season

    Every NHL coach should now point to this and say "you know, as long as I haven't lost 19 of my last 21* games, I shouldn't be up for getting fired". What an absurd degree this took to finally happen. I saw on HF yesterday that the Ducks in their last five games, having been on the receiving end of 83% of the goals scored, is one of the worst five-game stretches in the NHL over the past several decades. Imagine that; when your comparisons are the expansion Capitals and Senators, you're scraping the bottom of the barrel. *including four OT-SO "losses".
  6. Kramerica Industries

    2019 NFL Off-Season Thread

    I was about to mention Manning, and then you did so yourself. He suffered a quad injury late in 2014 and, pretty much in a snap, he went from being the league MVP to being a complete liability. It was stark how quickly things fell apart for him, it really was.
  7. Kramerica Industries

    2019 NFL Off-Season Thread

    And then it's "he doesn't have more championships as a player than the Packers do as a franchise" and, before you know it, he's playing until he's won 14 Super Bowls.
  8. Kramerica Industries

    NFL Playoffs: Super Bowl LIII

    Just to further your point re: Dallas - I think I can speak for a decent chunk of the population now, even those who have a few years on me even, when I say that, in my football-viewing lifetime, I've only seen the Cowboys win three playoff games, none of them beyond the wild card round. Dallas hasn't played in a conference championship game since 1995; I was two years old when that happened, needless to say I have no memory of it. Dallas has not played in a truly high-profile playoff game in two and a half decades, whereas New England has played in at least, what, 20 of them by the criteria I established? So, yeah. Maybe the Patriots, at least in your experience, get spared a little bit because they share a market with the Red Sox and plenty of people have grown to hate the Red Sox. For me, it's become an all-encompassing dislike of the entire sports market. Doesn't help that even the one championship the Bruins have won, they had to win a Game 7 against the Lightning to do so. There's no avoiding being in their path at some point in time or another it seems, which only intensifies the dislike, naturally. I mean, I'm thankful that I've generally been able to avoid bandwagoners. Don't have time for that nonsense. The Boston-area sports fans I know, which is of course a bunch of them (as it is for us all) are generally decent people I get along with well and have few bad words to say about them as people. They just have ty taste in sports teams, in my own opinion obviously, but that may not even be their fault. If you're born into it, what the hell are you gonna do about it?
  9. Kramerica Industries

    Worst Game You Ever Saw

    For those inclined, NFL Network now does this every year the weekend prior to the Super Bowl. Problem is, they always start their marathon at the same time of the same day, which means the same Super Bowls end up airing overnight when either the West Coast, or nobody, is able to watch. Which is why the Super Bowls between, oh I dunno, probably 1975-1990 remain as much a mystery to me as they do. Maybe I'll watch those games on YouTube some day.
  10. Kramerica Industries

    NHL 2018-19

    @Chromatic, appreciate your response to that. As to the above quote, I do understand why this would be the case, because gloves are equipment, and equipment like that usually needs to be broken in, so I can understand why something like this would be the norm. The breezers have always been the one I was curious about. Some teams, in theory, would look better if they wore their home colored jerseys as their road breezers, but seeing as how literally nobody does that, there surely had to be a rationale behind that.
  11. Kramerica Industries

    NHL 2018-19

    That looks better in concept than it would look on the ice. An acceptable fashion jersey but nothing that should be worn in NHL-sanctioned competition. I like the idea of a black-gray Lightning; those are two colors you associate with a lightning storm, of course (along with white). But this isn't the way to make it look. And while I'm here, serious question - NHL teams have different colored jerseys, helmets, and socks depending on home-and-road, and even different colors for their alternates. Why are alternate breezers such a rare item, comparatively speaking? Some teams might have a different pant color for their alternates, but every team going back as far as I can remember wears the same breezers home-and-away, even if that means their secondary color is more prominent with their away uniform than their primary color is (i.e. - Rangers wearing red breezers with white jersey, Habs wearing blue with white, etc.).
  12. Kramerica Industries

    Rare team matchups

    Not sure if it's been posted, and if I can find literally anything of higher quality I'll post it, but Islanders in their fishsticks-designed uniforms against the black-and-red Sabres. Would've been even better to find the Gorton's crest Isles but it appears they may have been able to ditch the logo by the time the Sabres went black.
  13. Kramerica Industries

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Final update from 2018: 2018 Champion: @McCarthy And with the unsatisfying outcome, for many of us, in tonight's Super Bowl, so ends another NFL season and, with it, this year's weekly picks competition. Four years of running this thing now complete. My g-d, the time really does fly by faster with each passing year. I can remember so well doing this back in 2015 on an emergency basis, and now look back and realize that over 1,000 NFL games have been played since then. Where the hell did all the time go? But it's been a fun competition to run since then, and while I look forward to the off-season from the NFL, I also do look forward to Labor Day 2019 when I begin the next edition of this competition all over again. Set your calendars seven months from now, I guess is what I'm trying to say. My appreciation to all participants; you are the ones who make running this worth it for me. And congrats to McCarthy for winning the competition this year. You see, this may be a competition based around what happens in the NFL but, unlike the NFL, we don't have the same person winning it every single year. Thank g-d. Four different winners over the past four years. None of them myself; I need to work at rigging this thing better I guess. But I'm glad to congratulate Mac on his accomplishment. Into the off-season we go. Thanks again for playing everyone. See you in September. Go Bucs.
  14. Kramerica Industries

    2018-19 NBA Season - New and improved!

    He ain't the only one with a Tampa connection, 'mate. Many of us here.
  15. Kramerica Industries

    2018 MLB Off Season Thread

    One of the happiest coincidences in general that I realized a few years ago with the people I tend to follow closest online, be it on Twitter or blogs or whatever, is that, for a great many of them, their views tend to align very well with mine. Coincidence, because those things didn't mean nearly as much to me years back when I first started following and interacting with the people I tend to follow and interact with. It just kinda happened, and I'm thankful for that. I'm saying that to say this - Mike Axisa is a writer for CBS and has run, what I'm guessing, is the most viewed Yankee weblog on the internet for over a decade now, and he has made no secret about his pro-labor views and his own contempt for what has become of MLB as well. And it's refreshing. Fact is, I've gotten to the point now where, if you gave me two groups of people I would be forced to associate with - one group being fans of teams that I support but who hold societal viewpoints I find grotesque, and the other group being the exact opposite of course - I wouldn't hesitate to choose the latter. Having terrible taste in sports teams is, ultimately, more forgivable than having terrible taste in things that actually affect people's lives in ways that actually matter. With regard to baseball specifically, I've always heard about how MLB is, traditionally, a conservative sport where most of its players tend to be conservative as well. To that end, it's so funny to me that, traditionally, they've also had the strongest labor union of the four major North American sports leagues, and why it's been such a problem in recent years, having an incompetent negotiator like Tony Clark being the head of the union, that they've been losing power battles vs. owners. Funny to me, because it's almost like labor unions, in their inherent nature (if not necessarily in their application, in certain cases) are inherently a good thing designed to promote worker's rights. Yet, that's traditionally something that conservative politics frowns at.