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  1. Some quick screen grabs from a live stream of HR derby from The Show 17 has an orange jersey for NL and a blue jersey for AL. I don't mind it, just don't like the black sleeves.
  2. I was happy they finally got the DR. This US team is pretty talented. Adam Jones is playing the best important ball I've seen him play! I wish there was a better answer at 3B... Arenado has been the rally killer.
  3. The annoying part about those NFL uniforms is that all those uniforms are just basically variations of one another with different coloring.
  4. That was my issue with 'his and hers'. Every time I turned it on to try and give them a chance, she seemed to try and make a race based argument about a topic...
  5. Cuba looked strange without their Red jerseys or pants. I wonder what Mexico's away jersey is?
  6. that ramp is ridiculously short tonight...
  7. I expected it... but that was really sloppy... ugh.
  8. Here's is your card for Fastlane: Rich Swann & Akira Tozawa (5 points) vs. The Brian Kendrick & Noam Dar (5 points) Sasha Banks (5 points) vs. Nia Jax (5 points) Sami Zayn (10 points) vs. Samoa Joe (10 points) Roman Reigns (10 points) vs. Braun Strowman (10 points) WWE Cruiserweight Championship Neville (15 points) vs. Jack Gallagher (15 points) Raw Tag Team Championship Gallows & Anderson (15 points) vs. Enzo Amore & Big Cass Raw Women's Championship Bayley (15 points) vs. Charlotte (15 points) WWE Universal Championship Kevin Owens (20 points) vs. Goldberg (20 points) Bonus Questions Surprise Returns/Debuts? (5 points for each correct, -5 points for each incorrect) Undertaker How long will the Owens/Goldberg match last from bell to bell? (15 points to closest time without going over) 12:24
  9. I would like the royal and athletic gold myself. But I dont think that they would go total throwback, because they lose the ability to make money off the throwback merchandise and jerseys. I don't mind the navy and white, but I dont want to see the grey facemask with it. The only way a grey mask would work for me is if they used grey in the uniforms instead of the vegas gold.
  10. I wanted them to use the white front panel hat in a regular season game with the white jersey.
  11. psn: dmh4atl
  12. But it feels like this year the WBC is even more than an afterthought. The shop feels like its a bare bones store, and it doesn't feel like there is that much promotion, other than "so and so is playing for team_________".
  13. Her gear isn't that flattering either. It doesn't do enough to show off her physique, and makes her look not nearly as impressive as she did earlier in her career
  14. A different Mexico jersey has appeared on the WBC shop site... The other one is still available for purchase as well
  15. ^that is pure gold! Also, this Strowman wanting better competition feels like I'm watching the last few months on replay with him... ugh.