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  1. shstpt1

    MLB changes 2018?

    Their games are also indoors, in the winter/spring... Marlins games are in the middle of the summer.
  2. shstpt1

    NFL 2018 changes

    Its also not practical... not many players even wear sleeves, let alone under shirts, so you'd have 1/4th of the team in sleeves and the rest without. It's the same reason that I hate sock stripes. It's so inconsistent between players, that it looks horrible on the field.
  3. shstpt1

    Pittsburgh Steelers Unveil 1979 Throwback Uniform

    Do they still have the color rush option? That would be 3 similar Black jerseys in their rotation if they do...
  4. I love the presentation, and the drawings! I would like if some of the players were a tad smaller, because it’s kinda hard to get a feel for some of the combos, especially that Vikings with the white over purple. other than that, keep up the awesome work!!
  5. shstpt1

    NFL 2018 changes

    I think that all they need to do is to switch to the new template and they would look immensely better. They could keep the shiny pants, but a change to a new template for the jersey would take care of the inconsistencies the jerseys have.
  6. They could do it if they weren't so insistent on waiting on the new stadium for a rebrand. A lot of the blame should go towards the team. They are the ones that don't want to fully change their look right now, because they want to roll out something completely new in 2 years.
  7. shstpt1

    MLB changes 2018?

    I would love for them to be the day game alternates, similar to how the Phillies do theirs. Have the previous red jersey for a Friday night alternate, and a navy jersey with red lettering for the road alternate.
  8. shstpt1

    2018 NBA Post Season

    Even if it were between games 3 & 4, 2 days for travel between Philly and Boston is kinda weird... I agree, they do some strange things
  9. shstpt1

    2018 NBA Post Season

    Also... Why such a long break between games 1 & 2?? For not having to travel, that's pretty dumb. I don't understand NBA scheduling at all...
  10. shstpt1

    2018 MLB Season

    Imagine if they got rid of him, how empty would that stadium be?? The fact that he keeps hitting and producing like he has, when he knows that they are going to loose a lot of games every year is pretty impressive. It makes you wonder too how much better he would be if he played for a competitive team.
  11. shstpt1

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    also looks like there will be the Pirate head on the sleeves with 3 Jerseys and 4 pants options, not too crazy. The new "pattern" looks like it is on the legs in place of a stripe
  12. shstpt1

    NFL 2018 changes

    Really? I'm glad that they moved on from it, you can see the mismatched the greens are on the jerseys. I like the stripe down the side, but hate how its cut off from the top of the pants. what they have now is much better
  13. shstpt1

    Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    If the shoulder yoke was a singular color, it would look so much better. They could have even left it Columbia, but in the new shape and it would've been fine, and an "evolution" of their look. Do that, remove the underarm color, eliminate the "Tennessee Corner" on the numbers, and make the pants stripe in team colors instead of silver, and go stripeless on the helmet, and you have a decent look
  14. I get that you don't like the company for some reason, but ultimately it is the team that signs off on it. if you want to blame someone, blame the team. They get a few concepts and decide what to go with. This off season uniform changes shows how much teams are involved in the redesign process. Amy Adams was a big part of the Titans, Tom Coughlin was a huge influence in the Jaguars. Nike didn't tell the Dolphins to change their uniforms, the dolphins made that choice on their own. Adidas has some huge misses, as does Under Armour. But that isn't on the company, someone ultimately has to sign off on new uniforms, and those people's decisions need to be blamed more often. Sure, a company can suggest something, but ultimately a rep from the team says yes to something or sure, but lets change this little thing.
  15. This just became one of my favorite uniforms in the NFL, absolutely awesome work!!