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    This Sunday: Bills and Dolphins Battle in 1960s Uniforms

    I despise when players do this, and it further proves that the shield doesn't enforce their own uniform policy. Better question... which equipment manager ok'd the arm hole alterations and hemmed his jersey like that. He should not have been allowed to step on the field to play until he switched to a different jersey that met the uniform codes. Same thing for Michael Bennett in Philly as well. I get that the equipment guys jobs are to make the player feel as comfortable as they can to play the game, but they should also have to make sure that it falls within their policy.
  2. They could’ve... but they wanted their new uniforms unveiled with the new stadium, so if they would’ve changed with the move to LA, they wouldn’t have been able to change them until year 2 or so of the new stadium.
  3. shstpt1

    NFL 2018 changes

    I don’t think they do... Dolphins like their current branding/uniforms.
  4. shstpt1

    2018 High School Football

    Virginia State Championship match-ups are set for this coming Saturday. 6A Freedom Eagles vs. Manchester Lancers- 4:00pm @ Hampton University, Hampton, VA Both are searching for their first state title 5A Highland Springs Springers vs. Stone Bridge Bull Dogs- Noon @ Hampton University, Hampton, VA HS has 1 state title in 6 appearances and Stone Bridge has 4 titles in 6 appearances 4A Woodgrove Wolverines vs. Lake Taylor Titans- 4:00pm @ Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA Woodgrove making its first appearance in the big game before moving up 2 divisions next season. They will have their hands full with the 2 time state champs, Lake Taylor. 3A Heritage Pioneers vs. Phoebus Phantoms- Noon @ Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA Heritage has 1 title in 4 appearances facing a Phoebus team that has won every state game that they have played in (7). 2A Graham G-Men vs Goochland Bulldogs- 4:00pm @ Salem Stadium, Salem, VA Graham has won 3 titles in their 4 appearances. Goochland has 2 titles in their 3 appearances. 1A Chilhowie Warriors vs. Riverheads Gladiators- Noon @ Salem Stadium, Salem, VA A rematch of last years game Chilhowie has 1 title to their name out of 2 appearances. Riverheads has 5 titles in 6 appearances and have won the last 3 years.
  5. It’s absurd to push for UGA to get in the playoffs, much less moving them up a spot after a loss. That is manufacturing a rematch in the national championship game and SEC championship game. Everyone gripes about NDs schedule, but honestly, in a normal season, that’s not that bad of a schedule. They can’t help that a few teams were having a down year. Talking heads all week said UGA had to win to get in, or would get in in both OSU and OU lost... well guess what, neither did, and UGA lost. Sorry, that was your shot. If they are in, much less in at a 3 seed to try and guarantee a rematch In the finals, then I’m not watching one minute of the 3 SEC invitational games.
  6. shstpt1

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I read that OU is the home team, because of overall record, and chose to wear these. Edit: just saw the above post...
  7. shstpt1

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Oklahoma going with the Roughrider road alternates against Texas for the Big 12 Championship
  8. shstpt1

    Unpopular Opinions

    Zippers on the front of the jersey probably aren't the most comfortable thing when sliding head first into a bag...
  9. shstpt1

    NFL REDESIGN (Titans 12/15)

    I love it as well, however I would try to place an outline on the numbers, just like the current numbers have. I don't like the recent trend of dropping outlines on the numbers of jerseys.
  10. shstpt1

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    VT in the repeat combo from the UVA game for this week against Marshall
  11. I think if the P5 conference champs, 1 G5, 2 At-large get into the playoffs making it a 8 team playoff, the regular season still means something. You know that your goal at the beginning of the season is to win games to get to your conference championship. Then you know you have to win your conference championship. Regular season also still matters for seeding of the playoffs. Say a 1 loss team gets in with an at large bid, and there is a 3 loss P5 team, the at large would be a higer seed. This still places importance on the regular season games, Michigan/Ohio State is still an intriguing game, because it serves as a play-off to the conference championship, where the winner of that game gets into the field of 8. As it is now there are about 8 teams that truly can play for a national championship, and they will be the same 8 teams for a long time due to financial resources and ability to recruit due to those resources.
  12. If, and I mean IF both Bama and UGA make it in the final 4... after meeting next week in the ESPN conference championship game... they need to meet 1st round
  13. So basically a replay of the last several years. They really need to do 8 with 5 conference champions and 3 at large. The same 4-6 teams getting in the playoffs is not good for College Football. Forget UCF not having a chance... no one except for those 4 have a chance at it because of preseason rankings, and 5 star recruits going to the same handful of schools
  14. shstpt1

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    VT going with Matte Maroon/White facemask/Maroon/White for Friday’s game against UVA for the Commonwealth Cup matchup
  15. Theres another fix for that... Rams wear yellow for home games and Chargers wear powder blues. Both could keep a darker blue for later in the season or a night game. With the materials of uniforms now days, it’s ridiculous for teams to claim that white at home is for the heat. Especially when colleges, who play in the same cities as the pro teams, as well as all over the country can pull off dark jerseys all season long.
  16. shstpt1

    2019 MLB Changes

    Cardinals with a new powder blue alternate for this coming season
  17. shstpt1

    2018 MLB Off Season Thread

    Also... while technically a rookie in the US, he’s played pro ball before, unlike others up for the award. I hate when players who’ve played pro ball in other leagues around the world come in and can win ROY, when their competition are usually 5-10 years younger than they are
  18. I’m pulling for Bowie St for D-II (did the chains for their CIAA championship game this weekend) and Mount Union for D-III. This is a strange year in our city in that for the first time in 20+ years, the Stagg Bowl will be somewhere else. I’ve witnessed most of Mt. Union’s championship wins in person, and they were one of the first college football teams I remember seeing play in person. They became my favorite team as a child, and I have continued to feel that way after meeting several of their fans and coaches over the past few years with the opportunity to work the Stagg Bowl the last 5 or so years.
  19. Marcus Peters from LAR isn’t wearing socks or leggings. Just white ankle socks, and his bare legs. This is a ridiculous look. Between this and Michael Bennett’s tank top jersey, it makes me wonder why uniform rules aren’t enforced any more than they are. To me... if you can’t follow the poster of regulations that’s in the locker room, you shouldn’t be allowed to step on the field
  20. shstpt1

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Virginia Tech going with the same combo from the FSU game (Matte Maroon, White, White) for their game at Pitt on Saturday I was hoping to see their new orange pants for the final road game of the season. It doesn't seem like they will make an appearance this season.
  21. shstpt1

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Virginia Tech going Maroon/Maroon/White with a White facemask this Saturday vs. Boston College.
  22. I like the Color Rush navy pants better than their standard navy pants. The white has always felt strange to me. Using the CR navy pants, the red numbers on the away jersey and the red jerseys in general would make their set more cohesive. I wouldn't want to see the CR jerseys on a regular basis
  23. Has Machado’s lack of hustle and dirty play this post season cost him a bigger payday? He has went from one of my favorites to one of my least favorite players in the last 2 months. Not happy seeing Boston gets another ring, but happy for the guys like Betts, Bogarts, Devers , Benintendi, all of which played High-A ball in my hometown. It’s cool to see those guys on that stage.
  24. shstpt1

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    VT going with Maroon/Maroon/White for tonight's game vs. GT. It's Orange Effect at Lane Stadium, so I was hoping for at least the orange helmet or pants to make an appearance.