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  1. appleclock

    Bigred's CFL (Winnipeg added)

    I’m gonna have to pass on that Bombers logo... that’s just a little too unusual. I know their logo is a pretty bland collegiate W but even when they tried to spruce it up in the 90s by adding the lightning ball, they at least kept the same vibe. Having said that I think the uniforms are pretty good.
  2. appleclock

    Bigred's CFL (Winnipeg added)

    Except for the weird alt with the football ship on the front, these all look really decent.
  3. appleclock

    Alaska State Lights

    I’m digging this. It’s totally outrageous but kind of works for a northern lights team. The Big Dipper on the alt jersey helmet is pretty sweet too.
  4. appleclock

    NHL 2018-19

    Please tell me it was half price hotdogs... The Ketchup vs Mustard game Carolina vs Nashville, preseason Tuesday, September 25
  5. appleclock

    MLB 2 Portland Concepts

    The buds logo and wordmark caught my eye. Then I looked to the right and saw those uniforms... looks like a sprinkled donut, yeesh.
  6. That Maryland concept has just about the right amount of flagginess. I’m thinking more black on the home jersey somehow but overall I dig it.
  7. appleclock

    Another Set of Basketball Logos!

    Second that. Especially because the flow of the hair kind of gives the illusion of a shoulder. So that arm interrupts that in a physiologically impossible kind of way.
  8. ThIs could be cool, in an “alternate universe” sort of perspective. Can’t wait to see how you divvy up the teams based on geography.
  9. appleclock

    AAF Redux

    Atlanta +++ (killed this—atl deserves a dynamic team and not the cheese-fest “legends” they received) Birmingham ++ (not sure the blob thing is necessary but I think it looks cool. Adding orange was smart too) Memphis + (this concept fits Memphis better than Atl, but it’s still cheesy. You tried something at least with the neon lights look) Orlando + (you didn’t change the logo, but agree this has to have an orange helmet!)
  10. appleclock

    Canadian Football League's New Era

    Those white Winnipeg jerseys look so much better without that ridiculous yoke. Only complaint is using a blue W in place of a white W on the helmets. I think it looks better color wise, but the white one is just tradition. Overall I’d say Winnipeg is my favorite concept. Nice job on this series!
  11. appleclock

    Canadian Football League's New Era

    The wheat on Saskatchewan is a little overdone. That might be okay on an alternate but they deserve a classic look. Edmonton is looking fine except I don’t know why you lightened the green so much, and as mentioned by a previous poster, the numbers should be yellow. It’s what makes the eskimos different than the packers.
  12. appleclock

    National Hockey Federation

    Montreal 67s is a little odd. Quebec doesn’t usually go hard on the mainstream Canadian imagery because a large percentage of the population there aligns more with the French Canadian identity first, and the mainstream Canadian identity second (if at all). I know it gets confusing because the real life hockey team is the Canadiens, but that team’s branding has no mainstream Canadian imagery in it at all. Toronto Parliament is a bit odd too. A group of owls is called a “parliament,” but in Canada, this term refers to the Canadian capital building, which is in Ottawa. That’d be a really cool concept for a team in Ottawa, but definitely not for a team in Toronto. It’d be like calling a team in New York the White Houses. Makes no sense there.
  13. appleclock

    National Hockey Federation

    California is definitely one of the best ones so far. I’d thicken the white outline on the octopus though... it gets lost on that purple jersey. Cleveland... the logo is just all over the place. I like the music note/lightning bolt portion of the logo though. That could stand alone as a really cool logo by itself. The white jersey doesn’t have enough yellow in it to match the yellow jersey.
  14. appleclock

    Canadian Football League's New Era

    Overall, I love it, but agree with above poster... I think that the football ship would be a better logo to ressurect for this look than the 90s Jason logo.
  15. appleclock

    National Hockey Federation

    Rochester looks a lot better now. One thing I would recommend is to raise the stripes on the sleeves on some of these concepts. Some of them are very low and would almost be covered by gloves.. you want them around the elbows, not the wrists.