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  1. appleclock

    Notre Dame Shamrock Series Redo

    If anything, the helmet is less subtle, because it’s trying too hard to be two different things at once. I don’t mind the pinstripes on the gold pants stripe. That looks pretty cool. The shoulders, I like a little less though. Almost looks like a western/Native American fringe pattern.
  2. The Sabres one is nice. It just has way too much of a Team Sweden vibe for me with the complete lack of white anywhere. Likewise for the Ott/Mtl... Nice, but the lack of white makes them very color rushy.
  3. appleclock

    Canucks 50th Anniversary Specialty Jerseys

    I always liked the yellow one. Last used in game 6 of the first round of the 1989 Stanley Cup playoffs, it was the last full-time gold jersey in the NHL until Nashville’s 2011 jerseys.
  4. appleclock

    Fantasy Football - Team logos overhaul

    Two very different styles between the profile Viking (which looks a lot like Theodore Roosevelt) and the Viking helmet by itself. I’d just pick one of the two.
  5. Name: Thomas Groves, age 47 Bio: Plastic tycoon, Long Beach, CA. Was part of an investment group that attempted to lure the Washington Senators of Major League Baseball to Los Angeles in 1954. With the Dodgers and Giants having relocated to CA in 1958, Mr Groves has set his sights now on bringing Markball to the west coast. 1. Los Angeles. Markball will succeed in LA with or without a team in San Francisco with the right investors. Breaking into the Pacific coast opens up expansion opportunities for other major western cities all the way from San Diego to Seattle. 2. San Francisco. Although the stadium is an issue, the league should consider expanding to the Bay Area as soon as Los Angeles is awarded a team. The stadium can come later. 3. Houston. Expansion into Texas also creates unique opportunists to bring the sport to an untapped region of the country with a surging population.
  6. appleclock

    AAF Concepts by Logofan

    Utah. That’s how you design a tornado.
  7. You just went up 900 points for simply eliminating the white pants. That was like a bunch of polar bears in a snowstorm.
  8. I really like Portland, the colors are great, the logo is simple and effective, the wordmark looks like a license plate or something but that’s kinda cool... only issue is the lack of contrast in your logo sheet with the secondary logo on the colored backgrounds, I like the improvements to the other teams too. Sacramento looks a lot edgier just with the darker blue. San Francisco is just kinda meh. It’s nothing terribly bad, just not really unique. I guess my advice would be to increase the size of SF inside the sun and be mindful that yellow on white does not contrast enough, especially on the orange uniform. Gets washed out badly.
  9. I like where this one is going. But why two completely different waves? Wave number 2 looks great. Wave number 1 looks terrible. If you’re gunning for two logos, I would tack San Diego onto wave number two and wave goodbye to wave number 1. As for the colors, I don’t mind the red at all, but black has got to go. The wave should be blue in all instances but you could get away with a thicker red circle surrounding it. One thing I don’t understand with your logo sheet is why black is shown as the “dark color background” and blue isn’t, when blue is in fact the uniform color. Anyway good work so far.
  10. Sparks and Gears feel a little too cliche. Hammers would be a little more subtle. Eights is more subtle too and I like that idea, but too subtle. People would naturally ask, “Eight whats though? There are 11 players not 8. A td is 6 pts not 8.” Maybe go full descriptive and actually call them the Detroit V8s?
  11. appleclock

    Slapshot's NHL

    Heck yes. First of all, that was a lot of teams all at once! To summarize my thoughts, every team looks great to me except I think you went a little nuts on Anaheim (mostly the orange D crest looks terrible) and LA is just plain insane. But I could see just about every other team working well. Good stuff.
  12. LA has a good vibe to it. Love the colors. Might try it without an outline, like it is in the wordmark. The outline makes it look less like a palm tree and more like a squashed spider. Good start though. Seattle: again good vibe, good color choices. Degree of difficulty is high with an animal like a mammoth and I don’t think you quite have the face proportioned correctly. I’d look at a few more reference images, but I feel like it needs to be fatter at the top of the trunk, and the eyes separated more. Right now it looks like a monkey peeking out above some tusks. Shading and line thickness are great though. This could be a really great logo with a few tweaks. Sacramento: Not feeling this one as much. I’d simplify this one a bit more. Fitting sAc inside the shark just feels too forced to me. Either shrink the letters or thicken the line around the shark. Need a better balance. The secondary logo looks more like a sorcerer’s hat than a fin. Removing the weirdly-shaped S would help.
  13. appleclock

    Ducks Alternate Tweak

    Good changes. You also made the sticks yellow instead of orange!
  14. appleclock

    Realistic NFL Helmets - 12/32 - AFC South Completed

    These are neat so far. For the Browns you could have just made a completely brown helmet.