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  1. appleclock

    Canadian Baseball League (Calgary Logos Added Feb,14)

    Conductors is a really cool name but it conveys the more luxurious/romantic aspect of train travel. You wanna go with the tougher thing I think. Just off the top of my head, Calgary Blue Collars has a nice ring to it, and it’d go really well with the logo.
  2. This looks great. My only criticism would be to point the bear’s front paw straight down and not angle it back so far. It makes the bear look kinda passive, like he’s not quite sure where to step, if that makes sense.
  3. appleclock

    Canadian Baseball League (Calgary Logos Added Feb,14)

    Looks cool but more like an engineer than a conductor. A conductor is the nerdy guy who punches your ticket.
  4. How did I not notice that?? Brilliant! Also I’m hungry.
  5. appleclock

    NHL COLOR RUSH by JB Designs (WPG added 2/11)

    Really like the Nashville jerseys, but yeah those Blues jerseys should be the Nashville jerseys. Wondering if you shouldn’t just say ah to heck with it and find a way to throw red into those Blues jerseys. Go Gretzky or go home.
  6. This isn’t your fault but the Lone Star Brahmas’ logo is kind of a hot mess isn’t it? It does not look good on a jersey. The jerseys themselves are good though. I like the use of gold and purple there, it’s nice!
  7. appleclock

    MLB | Colorado Rockies Brand Refresh

    The Colorado Avalanche kind of own the rounded C from the flag these days (it’s their alternate logo) but I like the mountain inside of it. That’s a solid look.
  8. The octopus logo is based off some easily accessible clip art and so is the Sasquatch silhouette. You mentioned that not all the logos are your own, and that’s okay. Just give credit where it’s due, that’s all. Thanks.
  9. appleclock

    NHL Adidas Concepts

    I really like most of these, but the all red (and cream) Wild third is a little too much red. Colorado is amazing. That powder blue is perfect for that team—why they’ve never tried it is beyond me.
  10. appleclock

    XFL Revisited - Official Cities

    The Washington outline flag logo is really cool! The rest is a bit meh. Brown and green do not go well together... i’d choose one and lose the other. Also the generic-looking pioneer logo is a bit of an afterthought. Honestly I don’t think you need it. The primary logo sells the brand here.
  11. appleclock

    Canadian Baseball League (Calgary Logos Added Feb,14)

    The league logo looks great. Victoria looks great—only thing I’d change is adding a V monogram. Not digging Halifax at all. Hard to make an animal with its mouth wide open show expression. Maybe compromise by making the wordmark a little edgier or at least more interesting.
  12. appleclock

    XFL Revisited - Official Cities

    I think you could make that work if the streaks were leaking down from the wordmark, not oddly located above it. Use the Edmonton Oilers logo for a reference.
  13. Every New Year’s Day they play an indoor classic! I love it!
  14. appleclock

    XFL Revisited - Official Cities

    The US flag in the end zones is pretty sweet.
  15. appleclock

    Dallas Winter Classic 2020 (Brand & Uniforms)

    Love the Dallas jersey. Has the right amount of faux-retroness to it while sticking with the current identity—like the Washington jerseys a few years ago. Minnesota is a little bland... not a fan of the M logo. Maybe just use the full wordmark from their pre-adidas green alts — can’t go wrong there. I like the event logo but maybe you could have been a little more subtle about the crossed T. From far away it doesn’t look like anything really, because of the lack of contrast with the background. I think a regular T with the cross ending in two sharp points would be obvious enough to evoke longhorns. Don’t need a literal depiction there.