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  1. Davis_Irish

    1969 Padres Questions

    Hold on the horse, man. I have also that book. I watched the 1969 unis of the Friars and I found that the second 'white' uniform isn't too white. The color appears like a very light gray. And have a different patch in the left sleeve. You are right, the two home uniforms are slightly different colors.
  2. Davis_Irish

    4th of july oakland a's jerseys

    I saw an auction for a game worn Buddy Groom jersey on MLB.com. It is a white jersey with red and blue script on it that was worn on the 4th of July in 1999. How many times have the A's worn this jersey? Did any other teams wear red, white, and blue jerseys on the 4th of July? What hat did they wear with this jersey? Just curious. Thanks for your help.