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  1. And the DQ was reversed and that runner still got the silver anyway...
  2. The USWNT "Darlings" Press and Morgan choked big time...
  3. Prince Fielder to announce his retirement tomorrow.
  5. And amazing still that they may win the Copa Libertadores before even winning their domestic title which they have never won before, but they have a tough task against Atletico Nacional of Colombia.
  6. Pela Pátria lutar! Contra os canhões marchar, marcharrrrr!!!!!
  7. If France wins this comfortably thank Dimitri Payet for taking out CR7.....
  8. Its looking like France vs Portugal on Sunday....
  9. DWade is apparently going to sign with the Bulls...
  10. They better update the Believeland 30 for 30 film now...
  11. You were close, it was in stoppage time.
  12. US wins Group A thanks to Costa Rica. Who'd a thunk it?
  13. Congrats to Wimbledon on its promotion to League One.