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  1. Cleveland....
  2. Ben Zobrist is the 2016 WS MVP....
  3. I will say this, if there is any team that can come back and win the World Series next year is the Cleveland Indians...I expect them be right back here in 2017.
  4. Fly the Freaking W Chicago!!! For the 1st time since 1908 The Cubs are World Champions!!!!!
  5. Toronto won their 92' title in Atlanta...
  6. Fly the NL Pennant Chicago!
  7. Fly the freaking W!
  8. I don't like it...its too generic.
  9. And the DQ was reversed and that runner still got the silver anyway...
  10. The USWNT "Darlings" Press and Morgan choked big time...
  11. Prince Fielder to announce his retirement tomorrow.
  13. And amazing still that they may win the Copa Libertadores before even winning their domestic title which they have never won before, but they have a tough task against Atletico Nacional of Colombia.