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  1. Lafarge

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    Whatever helps you sleep at night.
  2. Lafarge

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    Woah, man! Put some oven mitts on, you're liable to burn yourself on a take that hot! Seriously, Spygate was literally the Patriots filming another team's signals in the wrong place on the field. Filming signals itself isn't illegal, everyone does it, they just did it in an illegal spot. If it were any other team in any sport, nobody would have cared. Case in point, the Astros had personnel sneak into the tunnels behind opposing teams dugouts and film them during games. This happened this year and nobody discusses it.
  3. Lafarge

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    I think the NFL should do a modified College OT. Have each team start at their own 40 yard line and play it out like college would. No clock, no quarters. You go until one team outscores the other. This would force offenses to gain at least 20 to try a 57 yard field goal while guaranteeing both teams a shot with the ball.
  4. Lafarge

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    That was the exact reaction we all had in the MLB Playoffs thread.
  5. Lafarge

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    The Chiefs had PLENTY of BS go in their favor. This isn't the refs being on the take, this is refereeing in the NFL being fundamentally broken to its absolute rotten core, and today was the absolute worst day of refereeing I can ever remember. The Saints-Rams was so blatantly bad, I was legitimately angry that the Rams won, and I was rooting for them until that point. Patriots-Chiefs was a master class in just making calls to bump the score up to fit the narratives. It will never get better until some real changes are made and the refs are actually held accountable, because it's honestly ruining the overall game.
  6. Lafarge

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    Agreed. And no matter how this season ends I think Edelman has to go. He's become a liability. Tons of drops this year, tons of stupid penalties, generally making stupid plays.
  7. Lafarge

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    Yep. Belichick choked it with that play call.
  8. Lafarge

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    He's 7th round rookie. Insanely athletic, no other skills.
  9. Lafarge

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    If the Patriots lose it'll be because Keion Crossen is somehow on an NFL roster. Edit: Add JC Jackson to that list.
  10. Lafarge

    Mexican College Rebrands

    So, I like the separate parts of the logo. However, you've got some serious perspective issues going on, which makes the back half the logo appear to be in profile view while the muzzle area is in a 3/4 view. I think this is caused in two places: First, looking at a 3/4 view of a lynx, as you have here with the muzzle area, you would be able to see the opposite side of the Lynx's face. The second issue I see is where the jaw meets the neck. In your logo, they meet at a clean edge, which would work perfectly for a side-view. I'd suggest making the neck a little bit thicker, and extending the line of the jaw beyond the neck in the same way the bottom of the ear does witg the back of the head. Overall, you're very close to absolutely nailing this one.
  11. Yeah, this is real nice. Monochrome is weird for me. I love this, I love Clemson's orange, and pretty much nothing else. Regarding the helmet inconsistency as discussed above, I actually used to hate it, and eventually just stopped caring. Some inconsistency isn't the end of the world.
  12. Lafarge

    "Desecrating" the NFL

    Thanks for the reply, I’m really glad you like what you see. I actually do agree with you on the numbers on the Titans jerseys looking back. They do seem a bit “puffy” to me. Regarding the Chiefs, the drop shadow might actually be my favorite part. So, while I completely understand where you’re coming from, that likely won’t be changing. In regards to the thread disappearing? A combination of hitting a creative wall and life happening. I’ve been working on designs and soon I should have enough where I’m ready to post most of the rest in pretty rapid succession. Is it it better or worse that I was well aware at the time I was creating the equuaslug? Worse, I imagine. Thanks for the comment! Those three are actually my favorite three designs I’ve done so far, so I’m really happy to see that they’re being received so well.
  13. And so the most boring college football season I can remember watching comes to a close in extremely boring fashion.
  14. Lafarge

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    Yeah, I was pretty sure two of them were the same, but couldn't remember which two. Before going back to the NFL 2013 changes thread the only thing I specifically remembered was BradyIsMyHomeboy claiming I was a Nike spy. Seriously, people who weren't around for it, read the thread, it's an amazing hot mess.
  15. Lafarge

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    I am. I believe you're right. But it literally doesn't matter until the actual uniforms are released. Ignoring leaks and having patience is a much easier way to live. That was either a funny post or you need to learn that not everything is a slight. I honestly can't tell at this point. 2012-13 was a glorious time. SoundOfThrowingPennies, Cody21, BradyIsMyHomeboy, Cody21's two hundred personas to circumvent bans. That was the golden age.