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  1. Lafarge

    "Desecrating" the NFL

    Close, but not quite. The actual inspiration for the yellow comes from a long line of military history. I wanted to combine two eras of the Chargers' history by utilizing elements from the curved lightning bolt logo and original Los Angeles Chargers logo featuring the horse head. Therefore, my first thought for the horse was the historic knights and cavalry units used by practically every nation known to man. Eventually, I scrapped the idea of having someone riding the horse, and just included the horse/lightning bolt combination. The yellow bolt portion is meant to double as a stylized version of armor/covering that were traditionally placed upon the heads of horses during battle as well as during jousting matches. In many such instances, these covers would also cover the mane of the horse, which is the intent here. Obviously, the design isn't perfectly accurate regarding the head covering, but I feel the stylized version gets the point across. Speaking of which, I have a new updated version of the logo that I think is a bit cleaner and gives a better look at the horse.
  2. Lafarge

    "Desecrating" the NFL

    Good call on that, I'll get that fixed up. In the meantime, I have a preview of my next team with a logo design which should be pretty apparent.
  3. Lafarge

    Maryland Football Concept

    Thanks for the responses guys, I took what you said into account and came up with a second option. I still prefer the first one overall, but I figured why not give you guys a look.
  4. Lafarge

    NHL 2018-19

    Definitely a confirms that the B logo from a few pages back is in fact brown. I feel vindicated.
  5. Lafarge

    Maryland Football Concept

    I, like many other here, am not a fan of Maryland's football uniforms. The design is too obsessed with the Maryland flag design, and fails to use the design in a dignified manner. A few years ago, the Terps wore a nice looking throwback uniform against Penn State that I thought could be a solid base for a uniform. The main basis of the design is to create a classic designed combined with the Maryland flag elements used in a more symbolic fashion. The set's main feature is a UCLA style shoulder stripe that had been segmented into three portions, each shifted to mimic the black and gold bars on the flag. The red and white cross is sublimated upon the sleeves. The broken stripe is only featured on the sleeves (wouldn't work on the helmet, didn't like it on the pants). Otherwise, the uniforms are pretty straightforward, hopefully emulating the classic Big Ten look while retaining some uniqueness.
  6. Lafarge

    NBA 2050 - Southwest Division (9/1)

    I knew immediately based upon the pixelation that logo it wasn’t original, but couldn’t find the source. Good find.
  7. Lafarge

    "Desecrating" the NFL

    Okay, sorry for the delay, guys. I couldn't upload images to imgur for the past few days for some reason, but it is all fixed it seems. Next up, team #9, the team you all love to hate! So, this one is less of a "desecration" and more of a "what would I do." As a lifelong Pats fan, I find coming up with a uniform design that I truly love for the Patriots to be a bit difficult. I've always loved the 90s uniforms in spite of the obvious flaws out of nostalgia, and I can't deny the importance of the dynasty era uniforms, so I wanted to combine all eras of the Patriots. First things first, I went back to the royal blue, mostly out of personal preference. Second, I had to include shoulder stripes. Save for several seasons, the Patriots have prominently featured a shoulder element (UCLA stripes in the 80s, Oversized logo in the 90s, Silver stripes in the Brady era). Here, I decided to go with the double stripe element found on the pants of the 90s uniforms. On the home, the stripes are red and silver, on the road and the pants, the stripe is blue and red. The shoulder numbers have been moved to the sleeves due to the issue of the numbers overlapping the stripes on the current uniforms. Not much else to say, a pretty safe concept this time around.
  8. Lafarge

    "Desecrating" the NFL

    I'm not going in on all black. I actually specifically want to avoid the all black thing, hence the heavy inclusion of copper in the overall look. The all black was a request from stumpyremlin, otherwise I wouldn't actually have them go with the all-black look myself.
  9. Lafarge

    "Desecrating" the NFL

    Ask and you shall receive. You're probably right, I can't imagine Nike would ever give up an opportunity to do something like that. Luckily, I'm the one designing these and not them! Although now I can't help but wonder what the numbers would look like with the pattern in a similar fashion to the Vegas Golden Knights stripe pattern.
  10. Lafarge

    "Desecrating" the NFL

    So, due to my own incompetence, I've been a bit slow with getting the net entry out of the door. The original entry I had planned was pretty down to earth, but because of the delay, I've decided to push that back to tomorrow and give you guys a full on desecration complete with a new identity! Say goodbye to Pirates, kids! With the Raiders moving to the middle of a desert, I figured the pirate theme didn't make all that much sense. Because of this, I wanted to make a "raider" identity that would fit Nevada a bit better. Most historical references to "raids" in the area reference raids by Native American tribes, and there's zero chance in hell I'm touching that. Instead, I sort of fudged the idea of raid and combined it with robbery and outlaws. Nevada was home to the Great Train Robbery of 1870, and despite the incident occurring in Reno, not Vegas, I liked the idea for the identity. The primary logo I feel is pretty straight forward, an old timey outlaw head featuring the team colors of black, silver, and copper/brown (Gold is played out with Vegas). The uniforms are also drastically different from the current, classic design. The main feature of the uniform are the stripes. The pattern features a copper-black-silver-black-copper stripe. On the inside of the stripe are angled back segments designed to depict rail tracks. The black helmets are a nod to the depiction of the Old West in film, where the villain always wears the black hat. This also references the Raiders' reputation in the NFL as the rough and tough team, embracing the villain role. The numbers feature a new custom font featuring the same copper-black-silver pattern as on the sleeves. Two sets of pants are included, silver and black, which are designed to be interchanged on the road uniform, but NOT the home uniform.
  11. Lafarge

    NHL 2018-19

    Just did a quick color check. The left color box is the color of the B as compared to black. It's definitely brown, though it's pretty drastically different from any color brown the Bruins used in their other winter classic jerseys.
  12. Lafarge

    NHL Refresh Series - "Desecrating" the NHL

    Welcome to the club, good sir! I'm excited to see what sort of debauchery you can come up with! I really like this Calgary concept. It's pretty down to earth, but definitely not something the Flames have suited up in before, which as you stated yourself is the main goal. I've always been a big proponent of darkening the red/gold color scheme in some way, and the maroon is a good way to go without using black. I also like the subtle reference to the pedestal uniforms in the pants striping. One critique I do have: On the alternate pants, I think it would be more consistent (and better looking in general) if you were to add a red stripe in between the bottom two yellow stripes. That would improve the consistency between the stripes on the rest of the uniform (obviously this isn't a problem on the red shorts). Overall a solid start! I'm excited to see the Original 6 get torn up!
  13. Lafarge

    "Desecrating" the NFL

    After a short delay, I present you the Baltimore Ravens. I hate the Ravens current look. The logo, the number font, the use of black pants with black socks, I'm just not a fan overall. For this entry, I decided to go with a theme surrounding real ravens. For those who are not aware, Ravens have iridescent feathers that appear purple, hence the purple and black color scheme. I wanted to emphasize that with this design. The main feature includes a "feather" pattern on the sleeves that transforms from purple to black and back to purple. The design is meant to be subtly darker/lighter than the main jersey (see below for a closeup, or you could just click on the image I guess. You do you). The number font is inspired by the current font, but is a bit beefier, which I like a little bit better. The specific shade of purple was chosen specifically to blend with the black to further create that dark, iridescent vibe while still having the numbers be legible. The helmet is designed to feature the colored fleck material that was utilized by the Jaguars back in the late 2000s. There's nobody better than the Ravens to wear this type of helmet. Three pants options are available, black, white, and purple, and are interchangeable. The black pants do not feature any stripes because I liked the simultaneous consistency between all black elements not featuring stripes, and the inconsistency between pants that the Ravens already have. There are not black socks because even in my fantasy world NFL, someone would still abuse them. Finally, as is obvious, I removed entirely the red and gold from the uniforms; they interfered with what I was going for. Thanks for the patience on this guys! I'll give you a hint that tomorrow will be a bit more subdued. Edit: Also, go check out OhioSportsMan61's series of a similar name! Gotta spread the love of messing with teams' identities!
  14. Lafarge

    Cleveland Browns re-do in the works for 2020?

    Why does it look better? Literally every other piece of equipments has the stripe. Consistency looks good over randomly removing a piece of the most iconic part of your brand for no reason
  15. Lafarge

    Cleveland Browns re-do in the works for 2020?

    It looks better with the stripes.