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  1. Nice to see Nike found a use for those leftover mid-2000s era Penn State jerseys.
  2. Lafarge

    Finest City Pogo Sharks: A Brandiose Design!

    Haha, besides me, nobody would want to see that happen. That's a good point, though may I counter with a pogo stick swinging a shark while riding a pogo stick? I've been thinking about doing more. I started this as a one-off joke but quickly realized why they do such weird names and designs. It's a ton of fun. If I do continue, I'll probably start with the logos I listed as well as the 80 others required by Brandiose law before moving on to another team.
  3. Lafarge

    Report: Miami Marlins Getting New Logos for 2019

    Oh god, it's that dress BS all over again.
  4. Lafarge

    Report: Miami Marlins Getting New Logos for 2019

    It's exactly what we were expecting! Woooooooooooooo....
  5. Ready for the 2019 season comes Minor League Baseball's newest branding sensation in sunny San Diego, the Finest City Pogo Sharks! The Pogo Sharks name honors San Diego, famous for its constant movement and growth. The seaside city is home to many forms of sea life, none more jovial and active than the shark. The pogo stick represents the city's and the franchise's readiness to soar leaps and bounds above the competition! Be on the lookout for more upcoming logos in the set, including: A shark swinging the pogo stick like a bat, Hoppy the happy pint of beer for random food based logo and uniform promotion night, a surfboard with a bite taken out of it forming the letters FC! And of course, no shark-jumping identity is complete without a logo featuring an anthropomorphic Henry Winkler on water skis!! Stay tuned!!
  6. Lafarge

    MLS Kits 2019

    Yeah, I honestly find it laughable that people are claiming that this logo's aesthetics aren't fit to be in "the top league" when the MLS probably has the worst overall logo aesthetics in the five professional US sports leagues. There are maybe five really good crests in the league right now
  7. Lafarge

    Redesigning 90s NHL Alternates

    Next up, the Kings' opponent in the worst dressed game in NHL history, the Anaheim Ducks. Funny enough, I don't think I'd ever seen a picture of that game, and the only closeup I found was from actual footage of the game, which was captured in glorious 360p HD. Obviously, the jerseys are known for its depiction of Wild Wing, the main character from Disney's Mighty Ducks cartoon, bursting through the hem stripe, depicting ice. It also features a horrible hand drawn style font that matches no other part of the uniform. Otherwise, the uniforms are rather normal. Ultimately, I realized that this uniform isn't actually so over the top once you take away the gigantic crest/hemstripe monstrosity. The first thing I did was remove all the extraneous details from Wild Wing. In oder to make it a more viable crest, I added a hockey crest staple, good ol' upside-down triangle. On the hemstripe, I simply followed the sleeve and shoulder pattern. Finally, I toned down the triangle point on the yoke and shifted the sleeve striping so that it was flat, not angled. I went with the current Ducks font because, it works fine, and is a lot better than the original font. Ultimately, it's not that much different, but honestly, compared to the others, it didn't need that many changes.
  8. Lafarge

    Redesigning 90s NHL Alternates

    Interestingly, I actually did both of your suggestions at first, but ultimately just felt like neither hit what I was going for. I'm definitely willing to post other versions including the suggestions, but I'm going to post the others first, then do revisions/other ideas.
  9. Lafarge

    Redesigning 90s NHL Alternates

    Recently, the alternate uniforms of the 1990s have come back into popular focus. I've always loved the uniforms specifically for the fact that each of the original five designs from the 1994-95 seasons are objectively terrible. Like many others, I'd love to see the uniforms make a comeback, but instead of going with the exact design, coming up with a Winter Classic style fauxback that several teams have used. These uniforms would be inspired by the 90s uniforms, without the rampant abuse of new technology seen during that time. Originally I wanted to call this series "unsuckifying the 90s alts." This series will have several rules: 1) The uniforms must be directly based upon the original 90s alternates. 2) I can make any changes otherwise that I see fit. Currently, the series will focus only on the original five third jersey participants: The Los Angeles Kings, the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, the Vancouver Canucks, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and the Boston Bruins. First up, the LA Kings: The Kings' alternate is easily a top 3 worst NHL uniform of all time, and I would certainly accept an argument that it is the single worst. The design is a hodgepodge of bad decisions, from the strange gradient sash and off-centered crest to the use of five different colors that do a terrible job at combining eras. For my redesign, I wanted to create an overall cohesive look, removing the purple and gold in favor of a greyscale palette, which gives a nice black and white film quality that I like. The striping pattern and crest are shifted down, centering the crest (the 94 logo is retained on the sleeves). The stripes are now a double stripe pattern extending from the waist to the right sleeve. Each stripe features three sub stripes, mimicking the gradient of the original without being a gradient. Because the original uniforms did not feature the sash on the left shoulder, only the base stripe is included on the left arm here. Finally, I kept the number font current, mostly because I thought it worked pretty well with the 90s logo.
  10. Lafarge

    Report: Miami Marlins Getting New Logos for 2019

    Question. Did I miss something where the Marlins actually said they were changing their colors at all? I feel like every time there's a rebrand or a new jersey, this site freaks out about all the color differences that aren't actually there. From what I've seen here, it looks like the colors will remain the same. It was pointed out earlier that the orange the Marlins have been using looks much more red in print than in application. Even the social media campaign doesn't actually say the colors are changing. #OurColores could (and I think probably) just means more use of the colors instead of mostly black. Well, there's my triannual, "guys, will you calm down!" rant. I'll see y'all in 4 months for the next one.
  11. Lafarge

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    BECAUSE FOOTBALL IS LITERALLY WAR!!!!! Why else would we have teenagers dying on the field because practices are run like Seal Team Six training?
  12. Lafarge

    2018 NFL Season

    Well, that Jesse James TD should put a bow on the Panthers' annual "We can't hang with the big boys" game.
  13. Lafarge

    Bad Jersey Sightings

    A friend of mine has a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Dolphins jersey from when that situation was a thing, specifically because it was ridiculous.
  14. Lafarge

    NHL 2018-19

    What the is THAT, Tampa?
  15. Lafarge

    Community Members with Successful Sports Designs

    I mean, Brandiose had a presence for awhile.