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  1. I echo Lights Out's sentiment. In a vacuum, I like these a lot, but something feels wrong about no birds on bat. Regarding the swinging bird logo, I like it save for one tiny detail. The way the bird's eye is drawn, it looks like he's looking backwards. That combined with the overall expression, it looks like the bird got frozen on a called third strike.
  2. Lafarge

    Creamer Concept World Cup 2018 - FINALS VOTING

    Well, second place is nice. Congrats @gswansea! That concept of yours is mighty fine! I knew the first time I saw it that it was the winner. In the third place game, gotta go with Morocco.
  3. So, the article on the main site did a really bad job explaining just what the promotion actually is. The Lugnuts are doing a Backyard Baseball themed night. Backyard Baseball for those who aren't initiated, was a (fantastic) children's sports video game from the 90s (based on the comments, a lot of people aren't familiar). One of the main features was that you selected your team's name from two lists, one of descriptors and one of mascots. Those are the name choices that are being selected here.
  4. Humongous Melonheads is the only truly valid name for a Backyard Baseball themed night
  5. Lafarge

    Creamer Concept World Cup 2018 - FINALS VOTING

    Group A Egypt Russia Saudi Arabia Uruguay Group B Morocco Spain Portugal Iran Group C Australia Denmark Honduras France Group D Iceland Argentina Nigeria Croatia Group E Costa Rica Serbia Switzerland Brazil Group F (Group of Death, IMO) Mexico Sweden Germany Korea Group G Abstained Group H Colombia Japan Poland Senegal
  6. Lafarge

    Creamer Concept World Cup 2018 - PLEASE SUBMIT

    At the very least, a 10% reduction seems extremely low. Just based on the voting from the last World Cup, a 10% reduction would at most reduce a team’s score by 18 points (which was the absolute highest total). Literally only one group had scores close enough to have that penalty make an impact on the advancement. At the lower scores, it’ll be extremely unlikely that the penalty will make any difference
  7. Lafarge

    Creamer Concept World Cup 2018 - PLEASE SUBMIT

    It's been awhile since I've done soccer stuff. Count me in.
  8. Lafarge

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    The Pistons WERE founded before the NBA began. They were an NBL franchise in 1941. Sacramento's is especially annoying since it's by far the oldest team in the NBA. They've been around in some form since 1923. It baffles me they don't want to make that a bigger part of their identity.
  9. Lafarge

    2018 NBA Post Season

    There's a certain type of NBA fan that is the equivalent of soccer fans using this exact argument. There's this weird pretentious thing where the sport is "so beautiful and pure," and that "anyone can win any game." Yet, whenever the fact that the same three teams win the championship every damn year is brought up, it's "Well, yeah. They're the best team! They're SUPPOSED to win the championship," which is usually followed by insulting the other sport (almost always football in the soccer context). I'm a basketball fan, and I like watching, but "NBA people" are so damn frustrating to deal with.
  10. Vegas fans booed Bettman! You've officially earned your place in the club, Knights fans! It only gets more miserable from here. Welcome aboard!
  11. Up in Maine there are a bunch of different unique ones. Here are some off the top of my head: Cape Elizabeth Capers Westbrook Blue Blazes Morse Shipbuilders Edward Little Red Eddies South Portland Red Riots Orono Red Riots Houlton Shiretowners Camden Hills Windjammers Falmouth Yachstmen Brewer Witches
  12. Lafarge

    New Amarillo baseball team announces name finalists

    I literally only read the names list and knew that Brandiose was doing the design. That damn company is too clever (clever is the wrong word here, I just don't have a better one) for its own good. Eventually everyone's gonna get sick of it, backlash against them and their whole style will be spectacular.
  13. Lafarge

    2018 NBA Post Season

    Not trying to take anything away from LeBron, haha. I mostly just wanted to post that picture of Tommy Heinson.