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  1. Personal Logo/Brand Redesign

    Thanks for the comment, glad to see you like the design. Regarding seeing an N, I actually noticed the same thing, and looked into making a bunch of different variations to make the M more obvious. Ultimately I found the other ideas took away from the overall look I was going for, and I decided to stick with the more obscure version for the sake of the entire design.
  2. Since I joined the CCSLC back in 2011, I've been attempting to develop a brand for myself and my designs. Over the years I've developed several personal logos, none of which I've been 100% happy with, and all of which reveal flaws in my abilities/technique at the time. I've also seen a transition in what my brand was, starting with Lafarge, moving to my name/initials, and further developing into Mindgap Creative. The name itself is based on my many instances of losing hours on end while working on designs without realizing it. In branding and apparel applications, Mindgap is stylized as MDGP (no vowels, no "N"). The design itself is very influenced by the 80s futuristic aesthetic, particularly by fronts from films like Tron and Blade Runner, as well as the logos of numerous 80s bands (an era of design that has been particularly influential on me). For instance, each letter is designed so that it also helps form the letter adjacent to it, expanding upon the use in the prior examples. The letter M itself is a callback to my original personal logo, which featured a similar stylization. Finally, I've also created versions that utilize a neon rainbow color scheme that further evokes the 80s aesthetic. I also wanted to include a retrospective of my personal logo development over the years, since I've had a ton at this point. The grid below features three versions of each logo: black on white, a white on black, and as applied in my actual works. 2011: This logo was posted with my first posted design on the site. The concept itself, a 1916 New York Giants Plaid Uniform inspired design for the Tampa Bay Rays, appears to have been wiped from the site, and may be lost to the ether entirely. Next to this concept was what might be my first ever logo in general, two simple right angles with the L forming the bottom bar of the letter F, representing Lafarge, my screen name. This lone appearance would be the first and final appearance of the elusive LF logo, never to be used with another concept again. 2013: Two years later, I wanted to develop an actual personal logo for myself using my initials. I actually remember first sketching this idea during a french class. The stylized M is broken into two parts, with the second point representing my middle initial "A," while also serving as the leg of the letter "R." This design is an obvious precursor to the current design, and the act of combining letters has been used in each design since. This design is rather unwieldy and bulky, the R was formed rather poorly, and the A isn't at all noticeable. 2015: A refinement of the original design, taking on a "classier" look. The letters are thinned out considerably and the points of the M are symmetrical. The letter A is much clearer, with the bar created by the curve of the R. The line weight is a bit too thin here, and struggles to stand on its own. I continue to struggle with the letter R, which sags a bit in this design as well. The R also only has one leg. 2016: The logo gets a tad more cryptic. Now featuring an interlocking M and ?. This logo looks to capture the same idea of the prior design while also working in the Mindgap brand. The A and the R are less visible than the prior design, but are still formed by the interlock. Spaces between the letters have been removed, creating a single shape. This logo features inproved construction compared to the 2013 design, with the sagging R problem finally fixed, and an overall more sturdy (see: thicker) line work. The leg of the question creates a bit on an awkward shape with the M, as the leg is meant to form the both the bar and the leg of the A, but is a bit offset, and doesn't perfectly form the leg. As was a relatively common problem, the few spaces between the question mark an the M are inconsistent sizes. 2017: Extra care taken in order to ensure consistency and cohesiveness throughout the design. Thanks for viewing guys, I'd love to hear what you think!
  3. Good Albums With Bad Artwork

    Musically, one of the greatest rock albums ever recorded. Visually, just blah. ----------------- I own this own this on vinyl and look at the cover regularly, and still have trouble figuring out everything that's going on. Phenomenal jazz album though. ----------------- An absolutely beautiful and haunting folk album that has the same issues a lot of 60s albums have, boring with a strange layout.
  4. Indiana Pacers Concept

    I liked the idea that Indiana had to create a design featuring stripes to represent cornfields. However, like a lot of others, I think the design felt a little bit disjointed with an uber-old school wordmark compared with modern side striping. I wanted to try my hand at a design for the Pacers that would better incorporate the ideas, and then ultimately scrapped the circle wordmark idea. The two main issues I had with the uniforms (particularly the home) is 1) The primarily blue side panels with smaller yellow stripes. For as long as I can remember, Indiana has worn yellow side panels, and to me that look is iconic for the team. The fact that golden state also wears blue side panels with yellow stripes is annoying to me. 2) The strange modernity of the pattern. It just doesn't fit the whole "home grown" classic theme they seemed to be going for. So, without further ado, my concept. The design retains side stripes, but does so in a more traditional manner. The yellow panels with the horizontal stripes are meant to evoke the uniforms of the Reggie Miller era with its yellow side panels and pinstripes, while maintaining its own unique identity. The panels also taper, getting thinner and thinner towards the top, a much less drastic nod to the FloJo era. Finally, the chest wordmark, back names, and numbers are italicized, reminiscent of the italicized wordmarks worn by the team for nearly two decades starting in 1981. Finally, white was eliminated from the road uniform. Ultimately, adding white outlines created an inconsistent striping pattern with the panels (which look terrible with white lines). Obviously, nothing too over the top, but something that I feel is a bit more "Pacers" while still creating a unique identity.
  5. Some NFL WAH episodes I don't understand

    I always heard it was the Bills who switched from white to red to make it easier, since four of the five AFC East teams at the time wore white helmets.
  6. NBA Changes 2017-18

    My favorite part of the jersey is easily the swoosh with a random red segment. Whoever made the fake apparently doesn't understand shadows.
  7. NHL 2017-18

    Ughhhhh, this is gonna be some of that slow burn crap. Best case, Carolina's twitter is just wrong. Middle case, they release one by one throughout the show. Worst and most likely case, we get 2 hours of them talking about how great the uniforms are, but we just have to wait.
  8. NHL 2017-18

    Yeah, I honestly really like the white numbers better. They kinda remind me of the Brees era Chargers numbers. So, that's 1 for 2?
  9. NHL 2017-18

    Well, that picture settles it, I hate both.
  10. NHL 2017-18

    Ok cool, that's what I figured, but my brain's been on the fritz about this sort of thing lately. I figured I'd make sure I haven't completely lost it, haha.
  11. NHL 2017-18

    So, on the Avalanche jersey... Is that a silver/grey stripe or is this just a situation of different materials of the same color reacting very differently to light?
  12. NFL 2017 changes?

    I really dislike the dark grey outlines. The numbers would be perfectly visible without the outline; it just muddles things up
  13. Notre Dame Logo Update

    Thanks for the comments, guys! I came up with a few different options for the design with your comments included. Top Left is the original design. I know which one I personally like the best, but I'd love to hear what you guys think.
  14. Notre Dame Logo Update

    Hey, guys! Thanks for the comments! Good call on the key line. While doing most of my work, I was looking at the logo at a larger size, and didn't notice that it got lost at a distance. I initially tried to keep the shamrock in there, but struggled to make it work, ultimately choosing to leave it out. If I get the time in the next few days I think I'll take a look back and see if I can make it work this time around.
  15. Notre Dame Logo Update

    Recently I came across a logo I had made awhile back for a college hockey series. I wanted to post the logo itself with some recent edits made, because I kinda feel like it got shoved in the back of the project as a whole, and I'd really love to get some feedback on the logo itself. The motive for the logo was pretty simple. It's, at least for me, one of the most iconic and memorable mascot logos in all of college sports. Despite the fact that the logo is from a conceptual standpoint, pretty great, I feel like it really hasn't aged well, like many logos from its era. So, I decided to give the classic a modern tough. To put it simply, I took away a look of the extraneous details that all old logos seemed to have, streamlined the figure a bit (no more weird flat head), and made he leprechaun a bit younger looking to match. I also made the decision to add a bit more blue to the logo itself. I realize that the leprechaun is supposed to be wearing a green and yellow suit, but I felt that the increased blue better represented the more balanced use of green, blue, and yellow/gold that the university sports these days. Finally, I added a vegas gold to emulate the color the sports teams generally wear. Thanks guys! I'd love to hear your C+C!