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  1. If there really was a grand conspiracy against the league's Canadian teams, Connor McDavid would not be playing in Edmonton and the Senators would not have been a goal away from advancing to the Cup Final. The NHL is much too incompetent to pull something like that off.
  2. I don't think Oregon State wears gray. Nike gave them black, orange, and gold (SF Giants-esque). Could be wrong. That's correct. You guys are right, its more of a copper/golden color. I guess I was trying to say that the right color of orange plays well with a more neutral color, like gray/gold/copper etc. when the third color is a darker tone like black/brown. I am just anticipating seeing some sort of new color injected in to these uniforms, a part from different shades of orange and brown that they are currently wearing. Could see like a metallic "rust" color...tie into the whole rust belt thing
  3. They are wearing that too, along with the Rainbow Guts jersey and 90s uniforms. The Astros are doing what the Angels did last year and wearing 5 different throwbacks for Friday games.
  4. 16 teams, the 11 conference champions and 5 at larges. First three rounds at the home field of the higher seed, last game at the Rose Bowl. Seeding is determined by a selection committee similar to the basketball tournament. If a team loses in the first two rounds, they can still participate in a bowl game.
  5. So wait, the Stars have to spend another year in the Pacific?
  6. There should be a playoff in college football. There should be video review in baseball, but the season should not be shortened and the playoffs should not be expanded. The Colorado Rockies should be moved to the American League, not the Astros.
  7. I really hope they are called the Smythe, Norris, Adams, and Patrick Divisions (or conferences).
  8. That did not turn out very well for the Atlanta Thrashers. Their initial jerseys were pretty good.
  9. It's from the uniform of the Quebec Nordiques.
  10. Those jerseys have the double whammy of being worn during a really bad period in team history, and being really really poorly designed. I imagine they are gone next year. What happened to the plans to introduce a kelly green alternate jersey with a classic inspired logo? Last I've heard is that they postponed those plans till next year, but no one really confirmed that next year would be the year either. The ownership issue killed off those plans, which was disappointing, considering the jerseys sounded FANTASTIC. Thankfully, Gaglardi bought the team early enough in the season so that we could see a complete overhaul next year, which the vast majority of fans are hoping for.
  11. Those jerseys have the double whammy of being worn during a really bad period in team history, and being really really poorly designed. I imagine they are gone next year.
  12. When the Round Rock Express switched affiliations from the Astros to the Rangers, they rebranded, matching the royal and red color scheme of the parent club and adding a Texas flag patch identical to the parent club.
  13. It's gonna be interesting to see how they pull that off, considering the owner has said that he isn't raising payroll.
  14. 1. Game 6 of the World Series 2. The moment I stopped being a Cowboy fan
  15. They were. Up until their recent string of bad ownership decisions, bad seasons, and this season with payroll. Hell, they made a trade for a suspended player last week just so they could be at the salary cap floor. The Stars had been relative "winners" on the ice for the majority of their existence in Dallas. These recent down years have unfortunately coincided with the Rangers' and Mavericks' rise along with new Cowboys Stadium. And of course, Tom Hicks. The past few years have been a confluence of bad for the Stars. The ownership situation will be sorted out by Thanksgiving. The next homestand starts on the 27th, well past the end of the World Series. Attendance should perk up then. Also, if this chart is accurate, the Stars are still easily the best revenue-earning team of all the 90s expansion/relocation teams despite their troubles.