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  1. Runnin Utes basketball uni's will feature the 3rd different mountain incarnation since the move to UA. It's starting to become a tradition to see all the weird ways UA can render a mountain
  2. I had been hoping Utah would trot out a glossy black helmet for the blackout this year. This was a fantastic surprise. Here's a little article about them
  3. It's this. I remember logging into facebook within about 30 minutes of hearing about this and the tenor of the discussion was already "WHY DIDN'T YOU SHOOT THE PARENTS TOO!!!11!! JUSTICE FOR HARAMBE!!!" This event never had a chance to breathe and to let people accept and move on from it. It went from zero to farce in a matter of tweets.
  4. ah, a great chance to roll out the shame of the University of Utah...the Social/Behavioral Sciences building By far the tallest building on campus, and it peers bleakly over into the stadium
  5. Not even 5 posts in and that spoof account already smells like it's past its sell by date.
  6. This thread...
  7. I said it with Google and I'll say it with this...You're the big dog in the room. You know it, I know it, literally the entire planet knows it. Stop using all lowercase letters in your logo like you're some precious tech startup.
  8. I was watching the Today show live as the events of 9/11 were happening. A few years ago I found the exact broadcast I had been watching was uploaded to youtube. Listening to the on-the-street reporters try to rationalize the horrible events as something...non-malevolent...really struck me. That kind of genuine naivety/idealism made a 15 year old clip feel 50 years old.
  9. Let's just get it out of the way
  10. Glad they went with the classic look rather than the awful New52 coloring Here's his current comics look
  11. As per the thread theme, here is the local: and here is a favorite:
  12. I, for one, have never gotten over my displeasure with how the team's management pushed aside the fan's wishes for their Euro-wankery. Though, I dont complain about it on the internet now as much as I did then. This logo hits pretty much all the highlights that I wanted from a Highlanders identity, short of featuring a Claymore inspired secondary. Fantastic work.
  13. Yeah, because college students are definitely not known for their hypersensitivity and ability to miss the point.
  14. Texit when? Quebexit WHEN!?
  15. That concept art above was released in January with the run up to BvS. Considering the backlash against it the film and the statements WB is making now, it's reasonable to assume that the above image is no longer representative of anything involving the DCU going forward.