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  1. The jersey is fine. A lateral move. The pants are a god-damned embarrassment.
  2. Sponsor-less kits are the :censored:.<--How does that overwhelmingly positive word get censored? I mean, really.
  3. Nailed it.
  4. Now they just need to fix the colors...and win a championship...cough
  5. Horse racing has enough money, power, and global fans to sustain itself for a long, long time. Plus it helps that it doesn't have to share public venues that can become targets of boycotts and social pressure Bull riding has always had a small, but stable group of sponsors, so it is likely to hang on to the meager attention it maintains. Like Ringling though, they dont operate their own venues. The big factor will always be money. If you're a loser, like Ringling was, then it's going to be easy for people to take a political stand against you.
  6. Logo dust up in Salt Lake, as the local private college changes its logo based on votes from...high school students. Near as I can tell, alumni hate both logos... From this to The new W logo is said to be based on the windows of the campus' first building; conveniently rendered in their original logo. It also appears that the new logo is one of the "skins" type of logos like TBS and Taco Bell are now using.
  7. And just like that Utah hires EWU's Troy Taylor to replace Roderick and Erickson as OC.
  8. Utah has "let go" Offensive Coordinator Aaron Roderick. Meanwhile, Asst Head Coach Dennis Erickson (yes, that one) has decided to retire from football. Could this herald the end of the annual November collapse?
  9. It's an Alien Sequel. "Run" is exactly the thought I had in mind...
  10. That's because they dont want to have symbols everywhere reminding them they dont live in America. U-S-A! U-S-A!
  11. How did they miss such an obvious name...?
  12. Losing gimme games at home is November tradition.