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  1. 2017 NBA All•Star Logo

    Haven't done a logo and posted in a while. What do you guys think?
  2. Unused Logos and Uniforms

    But this could be an eBay hoax, but glad they didn't. They look way too much like the Ravens, sans purple. It isn't a hoax, it was an actual prototype. They used to have a section in the teams HOF inside the Superdome called "The Locker Room" that featured all of the teams previous uniforms that they wore. When I looked around I saw this prototype on the floor and posted on the wall next to it were it's concepts and a write up about the proposed change. Apparently the NFL was toying with the idea of letting teams wear alternate helmets and the Saints proposed a black one similar to their illegal '69 version but with their current logo. That section in the Superdome has since been closed off for more player portraits and the uniforms relocated to an inclosed glass wall section. I didn't see the prototype amongst the uniforms although it was only about three of them in there. I snapped as many pics as I could at the time, they're crude, but so was my Samsung slide out at the time LOL.
  3. Embroidered Imaging - Requests?

    Feels weird seeing my artwork come to life like that...thanks!
  4. Embroidered Imaging - Requests?

    Here are a few logos that I did up. The Bobcats and LSU one's are not mine I just re-created them.
  5. Embroidered Imaging - Requests?

    I am totally gonna' learn how to do this but in the meantime can I get a Saints logo in both the black and gold verison like their helmets please!
  6. Browns in brown pants?

    Here ya' go! Away and Home set's have my same modifications... Jerseys: Wordmark (gold), Reebok logo (gold) Socks: Medium Stripe (gold) Helmet: Enlarged logo MOST IMPORTANT: All gold's match Pants variations include... > Classic gold with b/w/b stripe > Black with g/w/g stripe > Black with w/g/b/g/w stripe and hip logo Enjoy!
  7. Browns in brown pants?

    Here is the away set with brown pants and orange/white/orange stripe. IDK...I'm a bit partial to the other one's, I guess because they follow the pattern of the brown jersey!
  8. Browns in brown pants?

    Here are the unis with a grey facemask and brown pants with white/orange/white stripes as requested! Also a 'brown-out' set for selby56...enjoy!
  9. Browns in brown pants?

    I don't know why this is so hard to achieve? Hands down classic look if it ever hit the field IMO!
  10. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Never knew MJ wore #12? When did this happen?
  11. New Orleans Zephyrs Concept

    THE DESIGN... I think it's cool to see the baseball worked into the 'wind' part of your concept. I agree with my fellow home folks that Mardi Gras, colors are not what's been used but for the sake of using something other than what the Hornets, call themselves already using, I credit you for that. The colors that you have all go together being from the 'blue' spectrum but i'd add some white accents to the inside of the main logo cause' there's just too many dark ones taking over. The only white you have is the small 'wind' accent at the bottom and it's not enough to stand out! The other thing would be to clean the letters up a bit or should I say 'streamline' them a little more. They look a little too cartoonish, something that might have flown during the 80's or 90's but not now. THE REST...TO MY FELLOW NEW ORLEANIANS 1) I don't know if we could get away with a rollercoaster as a logo considering it isn't even there anymore but it would be different. 2) For that sake wouldn't it have been cool to resurrect the 'Pelicans' when the team decided to rebrand a few years back? I mean it's as common to the area as a neutria but I mean damn who want's a rat as a mascot. And it's a little too much to have it taking a bite out of the 'Z' on their cap's I mean you can barely see the detail. Clean and simple is best! 3)
  12. New Superdome logo

    Yeah I can see that! I guess it would have been nice to make the logo black and gold to represent the Saints, but considering they have the arena in their as well....I don't think teal woulda' worked too good! Think of yourself as Don Imus! We here in New Orleans, are a select few who went through a terrible situation so I would say treat the word "Katrina" as the "N" word! You can't say it if your not from New Orleans, sucka!! (Just kidding)
  13. saints unis ?

    My final explanation about this...... Believe me or not, I have no reason to lie about what I reported! I honestly think people on this board take things too seriously and if certain aspects of my statement didn't come through because of other reasons, the Saints, will still be getting new uniforms just not this year as I ''read'' was planned. Be whatever the circumstances for the team not following through as I reported I have no control over that and just as any other Saints, fan I too am dissapointed! I have been a conceptual artist on this board for a while now and have had the pleasure to bring my designs to life and present them all to you to view. Aside from my job as a sports bar owner, the last thing I have any time for is to lie about something that regardless of who say's what, is still intended to go through but not at this time. Orginizations push events back all the time so the Saints, should be no different although it would have seemed fitting to do a uniform change after coming off of a remarkable season as they did and also since they would not have been the only team to do so (i.e. San Diego). I was looking forward to attending the unveiling as it was supposed to happen but since it did not happen this year I will not cry myself to sleep from the misery of not going! Like someone stated 'There's always next year!' So to those of you on this board that feel I let you down in some sort of way (Cavalier) I'm sorry! Please find away to deal with your sorry like grown men/women and when it happens it will happen! Regardless of what others think I stand by my source because I was shown proof of the plans. Plans change! Like I said before that doesn't make me a liar cause' had I not been shown the letter sent to Budweiser, I would never have reported it. And to those of you who will find a side with me on this issue, I thank you!
  14. saints unis ?

    If they are still planning on changing their uniforms next year why is it that I am considered a liar since I was the one who reported it in the first place? The document I read stated it would be for this upcoming season but anything could have prevented the team from doing so, so by pushing it all back a year instead of going as the team planned... I am not a liar!
  15. Steelers unveil new uniform today.

    Yeah you got me on that one! I was rushing to get it posted so to all of the 'kids' on the board...I'm sorry! Now that I look at it...neither set of pants work for them cause there is just too much gold in there.