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  1. NBA Changes 2017-18

    It's navy. I had a game worn.
  2. Denver Nuggets New Logos Details, NBA Trademarks Wordmark

    Prime example of a team hitting a home run (2003) and than jogging around the bases and forgetting to touch first. I always liked the rainbow but 2003 should have been the identity of the 21st century for the Nuggets.I'll miss the baby blue too. This navy blue thing has to stop too. Not on topic but it really screwed Edmonton's jerseys up too.
  3. Denver Nuggets New Logos Details, NBA Trademarks Wordmark

    No everyone, this is the NBA of the 2010's. The Nuggets can have 8 different uniforms with 65 different colors.
  4. This one REALLY pisses me off more than any team in any sport! Even though I'm a purple and gold lover, The Gretzky era or 90s would have been wayaaaay better. Terrible. I may bump this one for the next year(hehe,kidding mod).
  5. Most of the NFL teams won the Superbowl in their best set(off the top of my head the Patriots and Broncos eliminate 8) but if you go down the rest of the list, every other team was OK. I am Giants fan so I'm OK with both although I ironically liked the 80's blue and the 00's white jerseys better. I'd like as many opinions on this one because I had a three hour drive the other day and just happened to be doing this same thinking in my mind(NFL only).
  6. MLB changes 2018?

    While always believing the 1993 unis were the best the Marlins ever had and then screwing them up for BFBS (another team wearing junk while winning the championship) but they did a good job in the revamping. I do like the grey roads with with script(maybe because no one else has it now) but I remember being on this board and some of the rumors were horrifying. Sort of like the Diamondbacks unis
  7. Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil Stripped-Down Uniforms

    Just outline the numbers and we would have had a winner! Still, a pretty good upgrade.
  8. UA - MLB Deal Delayed Until 2020

    I really like the uniforms overall in MLB. I can honestly say the Brewers unis just suck, Padres (I'm on the brown bandwagon), Reds ((BFBS) and the Arizona mess are the only unis I would change. Compared to other leagues, 26 out of 30 isn't bad.
  9. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    I had a nightmare last night that the Titans uniform reveal came out this week so I ran over to the Chris Creamer website and now Ill need a sleeping pill to go back to sleep. I kept seeing backwords "3s" flying around. I'm surprised they didn't have 4 different color shades on the helmet. Well, at least they have the Bucs in the league.
  10. Biggest Upgrades in Sports history

    I'll try to explain my list. The teams on the list are the teams that were eliminated for a new uniform. 1. Mets (BFBS).(they look the best they have been now) 2. "V" Canucks 3.Blue Jays (BFBS) 4.Rockets(cartoon) 5.Avalanche(Reebok) 6. Buffalo Slug 7. Bills(we know the one) 8. 76ers(BFBS) As the list shows, gee, I'm not a fan of BFBS.
  11. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    Perfectly stated. I was never impressed with their first unis but now i miss them.
  12. I guess what bothered me the most about this set was the lack of gold. Maybe three color numbers and add gold to the jersey lines. This does look boring though.
  13. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    Just to clarify, The Rams would have to wear yellow ala the Cowboys more than blue but I was just looking for something stable and different. Gothamite's renditions are what i was thinking.
  14. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    I'm ready for the tomato throwing but as I watched the Colorush Ram set I thought that they would make a nice home yellow jersey uniform(while paying homage to the Rams of the 50's) while perhaps using white pants and go with the regular blue jersey and yellow pants for the road. The Rams would be unique and I don't believe they would ever have a jersey conflict with another team while playing them.
  15. NFL 2018 changes

    I totally agree!! I HATED the whit pants on the Redskins.