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  1. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    Would the Rams be able to forego white jerseys altogether and just have the royal throwbacks and yellow color rush in 2020? It has the same helmet, so that wouldn't be an issue. I really think this would be a great combo.
  2. I miss "Authentic jerseys"

    Yeah, M& N were great in the 90's, had a bit of a dry spell but the last 6 jerseys I have bought from them have been high quality. I just bought the Falcons Deion Sanders and the numbers are SCREENED on like they are suppose to be and they are nice and solid. I'm sure this jersey would have slowed Deion down in his playing days.
  3. I miss "Authentic jerseys"

    Wow, first the Laker jersey and now Lebron's tears in half.
  4. NHL 2017-18

    Won't crush you but there was no need to change, it's a classic and Ill bet that as loyal as Devil fans are, they will not buy the new jerseys for a little tweek. Hell, a lot of people still wear the Christmas jerseys to the game. Their uniform was always considered classic.
  5. I miss "Authentic jerseys"

    If my memory is still intact (doubt it), we have had this "lighter jersey material makes you super fast" thing around for about 10 years now. It also progressed to making the athletes more comfortable i.e. cooler on hot days. Now that this is the norm, I miss the days of buying an authentic jersey and it "feeling" authentic. We all could remember our first one I'm sure and when you made the jump to being able to buy authentic, you would continue buying authentic depending on our bank accounts(and wives). I miss picking up a Mets authentic jersey and it that heavy, tough,well made material with solid logos and patches. Now, we get cool base that actually can get runs in it like stockings if you walk into the corner of a kitchen table. Basketball jerseys I never understood the whole thinner jersey thing(don't they play indoors?).I saw the Laker jersey from last week rip completely down a player's back. Football, I miss those heavy mesh jerseys and it didn't matter if the number were sewn on or screened on. They were solid. That's right, the screen printing WAS THICK AND TOUGH. Finally, it brings me to the numbskulls who started this mess. The 2007 Reebok NHL takeover. Holy S%^t. "Hey let's take off the horizontal stripe on the bottom and their sure to skate fast". Probably the heaviest jersey in the league are the Blackhawks(3 cups),Bruins(1 cup), Kings(2 cups but thanks for taking the stripe off at home and hide it at the bottom) Penguins(Hey they even won last year by going back to the old days).Now I will say, they are starting to put the horizontal stripes back on but ya still have the Sharks,Coyotes,Senators and fix the Kings. Sorry I got off on a tangent but I miss those days of a pretty good replica and that really expensive Authentic that you would save up for and you got what you paid for.
  6. This look was their best.
  7. Who looks better than ever?

  8. Who looks better than ever?

  9. I know we all get on teal as being a product of the 90's but I think it would be a great idea for teams that were born in that decade to use teal as their identity. The first Jags unis were fine and all of the leagues should have a teal team(Marlins,Sharks,Grizzlies). Now I do think the Pistons jumped on the teal band wagon and has no place on a Piston logo.
  10. One Year Uniforms

    My bad. These CAVS unis were worn three seasons. I want that gold one so bad!
  11. One Year Uniforms

  12. NFL 2017 changes?

    Wow, Ryan looks like he's thinking, "I should have tripped over my own feet on 2nd and 3rd down, then we could have kicked the field goal and gone up 11"
  13. NBA Nike: Classic Edition Options

    Me thinks Aaron Dodson is a 90s uni-lover.
  14. NHL 2017-18

    I will say, I will forever dislike Reebok for introducing the no hem pajama bottom. Ruined so many jerseys and over the 10 years they had the contract, the Blackhawks(hem stripes,heavy logo and all) won 3 cups. Throw in the Bruins,Penguins(this year) too.
  15. NHL 2017-18

    I agree, I just wish the blue sleeves came up a little higher. I'm glad they also kept the strings on the numbers and piano collar.