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  1. It looks very robotic looking by the shape and everything and it's a penguin, obviously.
  2. God... He sounds like a .
  3. world series

    It suppose to represent the old Jacobs Field logo.. At least that's what came to mind the first time I saw it.
  4. I went a little wild with this concept, which was fun for me. Next up, the Flames!!! I took inspiration for the helmet on the Jaguars, but this was fun to create!
  5. Two toned? ✅ Mountains? ✅ Denver skyline? ✅ Way too busy for my taste.
  6. Wow... That looks like minor league hockey...
  7. From his father's, brother's, nephew's, cousin's former roommate.
  8. Thanks for the support everyone! On to my next team, the Sabres! I had fun with this, especially the helmet stripe!
  9. Okay I'm back. I updated the Coyotes with sand color numbers and a black helmet instead of the red, and I'm also posting the next team in the series, the Boston Bruins!
  10. Downgrade for me
  11. BOOOOO!!!!
  12. Dan Gilbert tweeted out that the Cavs will tweak the new floor and the old floor will be used in the opener
  13. Thanks for the feedback. I'll do the update tomorrow since I'm away from my computer for today.
  14. Okay....I'm going to post the next team in my series, the Coyotes. Please feel free to comment.
  15. I understand, but it's just a crossover series with the current logos. On to my next team, the Ducks!! The sleeves are kind of based of of their jersey. The nest team will be up within the next couple of days!