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  1. Ooo... I like that update! Nice job!!
  2. That's a delicious mouthful
  3. But don't hijack a thread that designed for updating logos. If you want help, wait for replies on your thread or delete it and put the thread in the request section.
  4. I like this logo. What would it look like if the shield got rid of the ray on the bottom? Also, is there suppose to be an outline after the blue? It could just be my computer, but I'm seeing a thin black outline a few spaces away from the blue. Other than that, I really enjoy this logo.
  5. No, leave Michigan's helmet as it is.
  6. Wow.. Not as bad as I thought.
  7. Someone create a mock up of this... I don't know how I would feel about that.
  8. The bear needs a pupil. It looks like a zombie bear. The word marks and secondary logo look good!
  9. Totally agree. If the Knight was scarlet, it would look great. Still a good uniform, but needs more scarlet in the helmet.
  10. I do remember seeing that, I'm just upset that they chose that. If it was me in the position, I wouldn't do that, but I respect their decision.
  11. I totally agree with you. I believe it's a bad design choice on Miami's part.
  12. The Dolphins graphic looks wrong and weird at the same time. Just color in both logos or don't color them in at all, is that simple.
  13. No, it matches their shoes
  14. Someone get the Nuggets on the phone! These logos are superior to their current set and they should switch to this! Great job Go Red Sox!!!