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  1. Pittsburgh Penguins unveil 50th Anniversary Logo

    I hope so and hopefully it will be all of their jerseys.  Still don't like the Vegas gold...  My bet is an inaugural jersey for the outdoor game 😃
  2. Anaheim Ducks concept, very experimental

    The design with the duck mask looks better, IMO. That is a very unique jersey. 
  3. Utah High School basketball court redesign

    One general rule here is to have the concept ready when you start the topic because we're trying to cut down on "teasers" and this falls under said category. Just some info for next time!
  4. Arena Football League Team Concepts Revised

    Yep,started questioning when I saw the TM on each logo. This is not acceptable...if you want to do a concept, fine, but either create it on your own or credit the owner,plain and simple. 
  5. Alternate Super Bowl Logos

    That's just funny...and oddly unsettling....
  6. 2015-16 College hoops

    FinsUp1214 explains it on the top of the page...The Big Ten should have promo'd the game as "the apple game" with MSU playing in their "mean green"and Maryland playing in their red uniforms
  7. NFL Teams Poster

    Nice job, but you have the old Panthers logo on the helmet
  8. NFL Ravens Concept Logo basically recolored it? Not very creative if you ask me. 
  9. Indy community college 15-16 new look

    I didn't even notice that the first time I saw them,but all I thought was...
  10. Indy community college 15-16 new look

    Already saw this by your post in concept, but it still need saying...Those are probably the WORST uniforms I have ever seen!!! I feel bad for your fans having to see this at a game. 
  11. Indy Community College new football uniforms

    Uhhh.....well,for starters,this should be over in the  "sport logos" forum... as for the uniforms.... Those are probably the WORST uniforms I have ever seen!!! I feel bad for your fans having to see this at a game. 
  12. NFL in LA Uniform Speculation

    Yes!!!  That is perfect!
  13. Columbus Blue Jackets: Branding and Identity

    I love it!!! I would like to see the captain's patch a different color on the home and away jerseys,but I don't mind. I like how Ohio is the patch. Very creative, clean, and appealing. A very nice update to the Blue Jackets.
  14. 2015 NFL Season week by week uniform match-up combos

    Because they want to
  15. Coca-Cola vs Pepsi logos

    ^that's really stretching the explanation of a new logo....