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  1. Not surprised that the Panthers didn't change. Richardson has labeled himself as a traditionalist and has stated that he won't change the uniforms in his lifetime.
  2. "I'm a Blues fan!! Honest!!!"
  3. There we go.
  4. Good job with Anaheim. Did you try to use eggplant on one of the jerseys? I think that would scream 90s too.
  5. Sooooo.... Did a quick Google search and this popped up, and it's from 2013. Please don't steal anyone's work without citing them. Yes, you added a body but the face isn't your design. If I'm wrong, tell me, but I highly doubt this is your design.
  6. Work on the body of the yellow jacket. It's rough and it needs to be smoothed out. Here's my thing to, the face is a side profile and the body is front facing. Could you try designing the yellow jacket with the front facing logo? I think that's the strongest of the logos.
  7. We need t-shirts with this on it.
  8. Because duck tape fixes everything!!!
  9. Yes, after the Haslems took over.
  10. Nope. I agree with you. And going back to the Rooney patch, the Steelers will probably do something like a patch on the front or something like that.
  11. Sunglasses.
  12. Wow... These are horrible(in a good way). Great job!!! Can't wait to see the rest!!
  13. Agreed, but I always forget about them because it's not that noticeable. I have no problem honoring them, even if they want to extend the patch into the next season, but if it's on the uniform for more than a year or two, I don't like it. And that's my opinion and I respect the other members here that feel the opposite.
  14. Oh God... They kept it on there. No offense Lions fans, but get over it. Yes, it's sad your owner died, but c'mon. It's been 3 years. These permanent patches/decals(looking at you Chiefs and Raiders) need to end.