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  1. God those are ugly. But I'm SOOO GLAD they kept the uniforms from their playing days!!
  2. Oh good God....
  3. And yet some people DO think it's a holiday. I just stay home and watch football.
  4. And now we have the C with the trophy on it as logos inside the base lines
  5. I guess it did... This is what happens when you read topics with no sleep
  6. Not bad, not a fan of the green one though. It's a nice uniform, just that color green doesn't work.
  7. I don't think the league will risk it this close to the Thrashers departure. Atlanta has already lost two NHL teams(ironically, both to Canada) and each team in ATL struggled with attendance. Just my 2 cents in this conversation.
  8. Considering the word mark looks awfully familiar....
  9. It's the "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" all over again....
  10. Are you serious?! C'mon people , focus on real problems... not the "supposed" colors of the flip flops.
  11. They didn't want to risk the Quebec team losing money because the Canadian dollar was losing value. I was shocked, too, that Las Vegas received a team before Quebec. I think with the NHL at 31 teams, they'll want to add another team and I think they'll put a team in Quebec.
  12. I just clicked on the picture and downloaded it to my phone and attached it to my signature. Thanks for everyone who voted in this Logolympiad. I had a blast again!!! Can't wait till next year!
  13. God.... Someone's new to Photoshop.
  14. I go to a DIII school and I'm a sport management major. When we talk about DIII, we say athletes don't get scholarships(obviously athletic scholarships). People who know DIII know this, but I wouldn't be surprised if more people don't know this. It's all in the language of how you speak. I have to clarify to people that athletes don't get athletic scholarships. People just assume every school gives out athletic scholarships to the best athletes when they don't.