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  1. May I introduce you to the Jaguars helmet??? Otherwise, I like the blue helmet. I would like to see these helmets in action. @FFWally are you planning on doing uniforms?
  2. Okay... No concept??? Please refer to the rules of the boards that our moderator @LMU has provided Avoid the "teaser image" when starting a thread. Start your thread after your concept is done and include it in the first post. Starting a thread with a "coming soon" type image only bumps current concepts down the page without adding anything new to the forum.
  3. Intern: Look at this logo I designed!! Chargers: Good job! Let's use that as our twitter avatar! Intern: Ummm.... I'm still working on it... Chargers: Too late!!! *1 day later * Chargers: Our fans don't like our new logo. Intern: Let me finish it and it'll be better... Chargers: NOPE!! We'll just recolor it to our current colors. *few hours later* Chargers: You know what, this logo sucks.. Just put "Los Angeles Chargers" and we'll be fine. Intern: Ugh....
  4. Stay classy, San Diego! I do understand their frustration... But still, eggs are going to change their mind.
  5. I really like the concept that you have created. I enjoy the pattern on the side and I agree with you, I don't care where the name is(especially for the All-Star Game). I totally forgot about the year when it was "The East" and "The West". Didn't like those uniforms.
  7. I like that idea.
  8. The talons look to much like the beak. Not a big fan on the helmet strip. I would flip it so it fades to the back, not the front. I like the uniforms.
  9. You are correct, but if you file for discrimination, is hard to be proven. The boss could easily say "oh well Steve has a better resume(or something along the lines of that)" and everyone knows that you're the better worker, but he gets the promotion because of being a man. It's very hard to prove discrimination, unless it's blatant, in the workplace because it is easy to dismiss it because of the point that I gave earlier. Everyone should be fighting for equal rights, but they're not. Your views are your views and I respect that, but please stop trying to force then on everyone. All we're doing is proving a point that there is still discrimination going on and you're completely blind to it. I'm done dealing with you. You can't see that we here have given VALID POINTS for discrimination and injustice and you're ignoring them. So please, let's end this argument right now because there's not going to be a real winner.
  10. But the reality is we don't get equal protection and opportunity. I believe @dont care made an excellent point with his employment. It happens everywhere and you can't say that it doesn't happen, because it does.
  11. THANK YOU!!!
  12. Well here it is... Women are still being oppressed, whether you see it or not. I'm getting personal here, I'm an overweight woman majoring in Sport Management. Do you know how hard it is to move up in an organization by my standards?! It's very hard. People view me as "lazy and not willing to work" because I'm fat. And on the other side of the coin, my opinions get squashed in an organization because I'm seen as "a women who doesn't know how a sport organization works." It's sickening to be honest. And when people get to know me, I'm a hard worker and I understand the business of sport. So don't tell me that women aren't getting oppressed, because they are and I'm seeing it first hand and I'm going to try and change that.
  13. This thread is getting better and better as it goes on. Can't wait till they start playing!
  14. I think @worcat is taking about the second version of the 3/4 profile (correct me if I'm wrong), which I also like!!
  15. I like the first one better.