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  1. Also, a lot of secondary logos are used in broadcasting. Take the Cavs for example, it's either the Sword C or the 3D C, the primary is used little, even in merchandising. I work in their team store. There are items with the primary on it, but a majority of the stock is with secondary logos. I agree with you. The team uses different logos and you just have to show your professor that most teams now use secondary logos.
  2. I just find it ironic. I think it'll change soon too.
  3. I know they are two different bodies, but you see Oregon play with at least 5 different helmets a year and no one in the NFL can have 2. It makes no sense to me. I love seeing the throwback helmets and I'm still upset the NFL has the rule. They need to change it.
  4. The pun... God the pun....
  5. Good start, but I find it wired the the R and S are very big in relation to the rest of the letters. I understand what you were doing, but maybe try to reconfigure the logo so the letters aren't so big.
  6. And yet no Stanley Cup banners
  7. This cannot be said enough around here. I'm not a fan of the blue and white, but I'm hoping they switch to the yellow and blue in 2019.
  8. @woody86 did try it before, but didn't have concepts ready so it was locked. Here's my take. Make the crest larger so we can see the detail in it. That's what makes a soccer concept for me. Other than that, good start.
  9. I know. I've been busy with school, work, and then on top of that, my computer died. Luckily, I had these backed up somewhere else, but I'm still trying to figure out how to modify them. What will more than likely happen, I'll post all the teams and then modify them.
  10. Sooo, sorry about bumping this, but I'm ready to introduce the rest of the teams. Next is the Stars, and appropriate since it's St. Patrick's Day!!
  11. Yep. This past season, our last home stand we played the Washington Wild Things. I believe they wore their grays, but the next day and the day after that, they wore there red caps and jerseys. Now that created a problem because the Crushers also wore red caps and jerseys. The only difference was the pants... That game was fun and that's kind of what into the rebrand. In the league alone, there were 4 teams(counting Crushers) that used red and black and the owner wanted to stand out. @Gothamite I do wish it was a little bit better, but I'm okay with it. For me, I would rather have a great fan experience than a great logo. I think it works for an Independent League.
  12. Some teams do have grey jerseys (obviously for away). The Crushers use to have pinstripes and a grey vest jersey in the "early"years(2009-2012).
  13. @The Mojo Maniac no worries. When our owner talked to me about it, he was expecting people to bash it. Some of the comments on our FB page are mean and we can't control that. I'm more upset for the people that won't give it a chance. The owner stated before that he didn't want to change the colors and uniforms to make a quick buck... He wanted to embrace the identity that was introduced back in 2009. I wasn't expecting anything mind blowing with the logo and I'm very happy with the logo. Like every logo, it has it issues and you can't make everyone happy. I'm looking forward to this season working with them again and I think the fans will warm up to the new identity.
  14. Yes, the hat is pinstriped and the road hat is grey.
  15. Got pics of the uniforms including our newly designed mascot, Stomper. I really like the rebranding. I like how they stand out and really think they(no pun intended) knocked it out of the park.