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  1. M10

    Usually, post a concept when you start a new thread. Don't start of saying that you're planning on doing a concept and not presenting some sort of work.
  2. Well for starters, you're combining a full body logo view with a side view logo. You either have to create a full body logo or somehow incorporate the side view logo with a full body that is facing sideways.
  3. Well, their username is Meh...
  4. But the Keepers of the Cup get to touch the Stanley Cup, Vegas won't touch it with those gloves.
  5. Feather is still way too big. It has to curve with the helmet.
  6. I believe the collars will be only for a couple of seasons, and then they'll go back to the full collar color.
  7. "So, how should we present these Adidas jereseys?" 1) Have players model them? 2) Hang(or whatever) the jerseys and reveal them with a curtain pull? 3) Have then under a giant tarp and reveal them that way? "We'll go with option 3." Ugh.... Doesn't look finished to me.
  8. Or better yet, his father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.
  9. Well, for starters, the Trojan needs an eye. The feather in the helmet doesn't give it that look of a feather. The sharing is also very weird throughout the logo. I would reference Trojan logos to create a better logo.
  10. Okay... and you didn't post it... Seems a little fishy. Agree with @Jack Holmes and @dont care
  11. You have a source for this is or is this an assumption? If you make claims like this, you better have sources to back them up.
  12. Oooo..... That Suns concept is gorgeous!! Great job @STL_ArchMadness!!