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  1. My attempts at quelling the rage:
  2. I love this new logo. A club like Juventus can get away with something iconic. B&W stripes says it all for Juve, a logo need not say more.
  3. That might be because this is my recycled Rochester logo.
  4. As long as the Chargers can't decide what logo to use I thought I'd keep playing with this concept. And because they'll be sharing a city with the Rams, I thought I'd try changing their colors even further. What better than volt for the bolts?
  5. I was just looking over some of the Madison Hatters stuff at the Madison Parks Division (they played at Warner Park, a city park stadium where the Mallards now play). It's a fantastic name. I'd love the Mallards to do a throwback to that identity. The Thunder Bay Border Cats recently wore Whiskey Jack throwbacks, so it's not unheard of for a Northwoods League (collegiate) team to throw back to a Minor League identity.
  6. Defining the top jaw, shortening the lower jaw, making the eye-white a bit more round, and giving the ears some forward direction should help get rid of that feline-feeling.
  7. That brings me to my next question: How does the Rx play with the locals?
  8. I love their R logo.
  9. I think I'll probably bring back the Thunder Bay Whiskey Jacks. I might get real minor league-y with the identity - a mix of whiskey label style/playing card jack/the bird - or I might go with just the bird. We shall see.
  10. Yup! I reworked my Rochester concept when the Chargers rumor mill started churning at full speed.
  11. When I first re-did the Northwoods League logo I struggled with coming up with a solid containing mark for the N logo. I think I've got it now. I might pick the team rebranding back up in the coming weeks.
  12. Thanks @kroywen and @Zeus89725! Here's another idea for the wordmark. Opinions on the direction of the cut in the O would be great.
  13. Okay maybe it hasn't bursted yet, but decades from now we'll know what year photos were taken by the amount of pallet wood and undercut haircuts.