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  1. Taking another stab at this.
  2. What would be the best name -Forkhorns -Fork Horns -Forks -Spikes
  3. The Bucks will have a D-League team in Oshkosh and so far they've been using 'Fox Valley Basketball' in official announcements. A few drinks with some friends during tonights tough loss led to this:
  4. Everything about this is is great. I love the backwards logo. I wonder how many people just assumed that that's what Wisconsin looks like.
  5. I love the direction, and have been working on something similar. I've always thought the logo could use a bit more 'cloudiness' near the bottom. I would agree with others that the puck is too smoothed into the snow, making it a bit hoof-like.
  6. I'm definitely not working with the arsehole. I never intended for the logo to be sold (unless Navy came'a'callin).
  7. The thief has removed everything and apologized, so that's a plus. But now I know it looks pretty good on a helmet.
  8. They've removed all social media posts and apologized...and now want to inquire as to purchasing designs from me.
  9. They've posted this but have failed to remove the stolen work.
  10. Back on subject though, I just use the blur tool, nothing special.
  11. None are all concepts from various artists, the youtube poster doesn't claim to have made them, just presenting them without giving credit. Nothing yet.
  12. I haven't been able to find this helmet template, it looks like Fraser isn't on deviantart anymore. Care to share the template with me?
  13. No response as of yet. Facebook has removed their post. Instagram and ebay haven't so far. I haven't sent any official cease and desist yet, that'll be the next step.
  14. Stepped away for a bit and came back to see some pretty glaring issues. I think I can say that they're fixed with this update: