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  1. mcrosby

    Canadian Premier League

    I wish Halifax had used the actual shape of the Citadel, either horizontally or vertically it's a far more unique shape.
  2. mcrosby

    Inter Miami Logo

  3. mcrosby

    Inter Miami Logo

    International Miami FC A concept for a Miami MLS club. Art deco and colors for Miami, and every attempt to solidify this as MLS' first internationally known club.
  4. mcrosby

    American Premier League

    I'd like to see the Milwaukee crest turned at the same angle as the Bavarian pattern.
  5. mcrosby

    Pittsburgh Steelers Unveil 1979 Throwback Uniform

    Also sleeves. Bring us a modern sleeve!
  6. mcrosby

    MLB Scripts by mcrosby

    Atlanta Braves: an older concept, recolored.
  7. mcrosby

    MLB Scripts by mcrosby

    New York Mets: Fauxback for the Big Apple's little team
  8. mcrosby

    MLB Scripts by mcrosby

    New York Yankees: Founding fathers script +bat Boston Red Sox: Tuscan script Miami Marlins: Vice Sunrise Houston Astros: adapting the Colt 45s
  9. mcrosby

    My OFFICIAL Personal logo

    Judging by the rest of your threads this is definitely not the case.
  10. mcrosby

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    The crossmarks of the G's are just slightly lower than those of the E's, R, and H too. This bothers me.
  11. mcrosby

    Dribbble Invititations

    I've got 6 invitations. email me at with some of your work.
  12. mcrosby

    Stolen Work

    At least he put my Behance link in the video description. Could've used my name at least once though.
  13. mcrosby

    Unabridged Stanley Cup Infographic

    ILANDERS, LEAES, AND BQSTQN are mistakes on the actual Cup.
  14. mcrosby

    Unabridged Stanley Cup Infographic

    Mistakes I made on this so far: Shouldar???? That should be shoulder 04-05 season is on the 2nd from bottom ring, not the same ring as the LEAES