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  1. I'm really looking forward to a nice German style stadium with this: Unless you're planning on doing current stadiums, in which case a retractable roof like Miller's should be fun. Either way, a mascot slide for goals is a must.
  2. Breese Stevens Stadium Concept-MAJOR UPDATE 4/27

    Well then let's stick with the roof. We'll just say this was a multi stage renovation. 2017-New Grandstand Added, current seating completely refurbished. The historic facades are kept in tact. 2026-Addition of luxury boxes and upper decks, a celebration of the 100th anniverary of the original grandstand. 2050-With support from Epic Systems, a booming Madison area company, a roof is added Here's the roof all closed up: And a view from the E Wash Upper Deck:
  3. Breese Stevens Stadium Concept-MAJOR UPDATE 4/27

    Back to rooflessness. Would an atrium like this on one or both of the original grandstand corners be too much? My only hesitation is that it covers what is otherwise the classic grandstand. Without something added on this end the stadium feels lopsided to me. Thoughts?
  4. Breese Stevens Stadium Concept-MAJOR UPDATE 4/27

    Aggressive? I can do aggressive sun blocking. This is about as far fetched as it gets for Breese, and not something I did with much seriousness. As far as your other questions go: They're all good questions and mostly things I had not considered when 'building' this. The tunnels/street entry are something I wanted to add after getting the bones complete, otherwise it's even more to move around with every change. Thank you again for all your help Commodore.
  5. Breese Stevens Stadium Concept-MAJOR UPDATE 4/27

    Well, I told you I'd be tinkering. I used Commodore Crablegs as a soundboard for the changes I've made. He's been a big help in these updates. The biggest changes: Textures. I used actual textures from the current Breese Stevens, and the difference shows. Scale. I really half-arsed it on scale the first time around. I started from scratch here to get it right. Press boxes/Luxury Boxes/Double Deck. New Grandstand facade.
  6. Breese Stevens Stadium Concept-MAJOR UPDATE 4/27

    I think I might be done (read: I'll probably tinker with this for the rest of my life)
  7. Breese Stevens Stadium Concept-MAJOR UPDATE 4/27

    Pretty big changes in this latest update. I wanted to add to the beer garden/standing room only area and add what could be a 7-days/week restaurant. Let me know what you think. I've currently only added it to one of the two corners, awaiting your wonderful C&C.
  8. Breese Stevens Stadium Concept-MAJOR UPDATE 4/27

    Sketchup is pretty easy to pick up on. I found (accidentally) that working your way part of the way through a project and then deleting the whole thing and starting from scratch works great. It's harder to make updates than it is to make it right the first time. I'm no expert, this being my first project, but I figure we'd be in the same skill level to start.
  9. Breese Stevens Stadium Concept-MAJOR UPDATE 4/27

    I used Breese's iconic shield to make a few updates. More to come, these were already in the works before all your comments.
  10. Breese Stevens Stadium Concept-MAJOR UPDATE 4/27

    It has in the past. They would put home plate in one corner of the old grandstand, so right field would be very, very short and left would be very long unless a temporary fence was put in.
  11. Breese Stevens Stadium Concept-MAJOR UPDATE 4/27

    Where would you put a bigscreen? I was originally going to put a scoreboard where one beer garden is and a big screen where the other is. But it's Madison, and a minor league stadium without a beer garden isn't one I want to be at.
  12. Breese Stevens Stadium Concept-MAJOR UPDATE 4/27

    Possibly. I'd like to do as much on my own from other's suggestions before doing that though. Have any ideas for me?
  13. Breese Stevens Stadium Concept-MAJOR UPDATE 4/27

    I wanted to keep that side of the stadium as simple as possible. It is alongside E. Washington Ave, one of Madison's major motorways and it would be great to be able to see a full stadium as you drive by. The area around here is quickly growing up. There were a bunch of vacant used car lots and manufacturing buildings in the area that are now becoming multi-use high rises. Because of the proximity to residential areas the city has been pushing hard for parking structures in any new building. I'll upload another couple of pictures with current and proposed buildings so you can see it in its surroundings, including the many parking structures. The Madison Metro Bus hub is located about a block away, so bus service from just about anywhere is very easy. The stadium would be bench style seating throughout, with bar tables/standing room in the beer gardens. My original thought was that the 'wall' of 3 levels would be for the local high school teams that play there, the supporters of the home soccer club, with the possibility of splitting the wall in two for the annual East-West Madison football games. Thanks for you great analysis! Well, the Mallards are better than the Bullfrogs (Big Top Events owns both, runs Warner in Madison and is now running Breese Stevens as well). The tall end will eventually be across the street from a new multi-use building, 10 stories high on E Washington and down to 4 stories on E Mifflin. The mixed use will provide both parking and dining for the area. Original proposals for the building were for a music venue, but they've fallen through time and time again. I feel like this would be the best space for a 'tall end' of the stadium, and it preserves the rest of the structure in the most complete way possible.
  14. Here in Madison we've got a spectacular stadium, opened in 1926, called Breese Stevens Field. The field is a historic site, is owned by the city, and just recently went under the operations umbrella of the company that runs the Madison Mallards (at another city owned field). The Mallards updated Warner Park into a top of the line minor league stadium, and I've got fingers crossed they'll do the same at Breese. The idea is that the Mallards (who have made the Northwoods League into one of the best collegiate leagues in the nation, and the Mallards at the top of that list) can start a mid to upper level soccer club that can fill a 10,000+ seat stadium. The current stadium seats up to 4,000 and can hold ~7,500 for concerts. The concept would hold ~11,000 and ~13,000 for on field/concert events. This was my first Google Sketchup project, so I hope you enjoy. I did what I could to keep the current structure as untouched as possible, due to it being a registered historic site. New concourse: houses concessions as well as locker rooms. The raised open corners would have shrubbery/small trees because why not? New press box and box seating. View from the upper-deck beer garden. The Mallards have had great success with their "Duck Blind" beer garden in right field. The stadium borders are the same as the current borders, taking up one city block.
  15. New Rochester Rhinos logo?

    Toot Toot