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  1. MLB Scripts by mcrosby

    New York Yankees: Founding fathers script +bat Boston Red Sox: Tuscan script Miami Marlins: Vice Sunrise Houston Astros: adapting the Colt 45s
  2. MLB Scripts by mcrosby

    Atlanta Braves: an older concept, recolored.
  3. MLB Scripts by mcrosby

    New York Mets: Fauxback for the Big Apple's little team
  4. My OFFICIAL Personal logo

    Judging by the rest of your threads this is definitely not the case.
  5. College Football uniforms- 2018

    The crossmarks of the G's are just slightly lower than those of the E's, R, and H too. This bothers me.
  6. Dribbble Invititations

    I've got 6 invitations. email me at with some of your work.
  7. Stolen Work

    At least he put my Behance link in the video description. Could've used my name at least once though.
  8. I made a version of this last year but found myself unsatisfied with what I'd done. Here's an update. Enjoy! Open in a new tab to see in full.
  9. Unabridged Stanley Cup Infographic

    ILANDERS, LEAES, AND BQSTQN are mistakes on the actual Cup.
  10. Unabridged Stanley Cup Infographic

    Mistakes I made on this so far: Shouldar???? That should be shoulder 04-05 season is on the 2nd from bottom ring, not the same ring as the LEAES
  11. Other Birds as the Orioles Logo

    Congrats. You've made it. Don't forget us from on high. edit: except for the part where they don't bother to name you...I guess you're just another Floridaman.
  12. Logos that Look Alike

  13. EDIT: A gif of all teams: I've posted two of these already, and I've got a few more. Instead of making a new thread for each of these I'll transition to one thread for all of them. Of course, I'd love C&C for all of this. Chicago Bears Indianapolis Colts Detroit Lions Minnesota Vikings
  14. NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    But would Steelers' fans wear a shirt that says PGH or PITT?
  15. NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    If the NFL is going to go international, and specifically to London, I'd like to see enough teams to allow for each team to play 6 games in division without leaving the continent but still enough to give an even number to each conference. AFC+4 NFC+4 Sidenote, Pittsburgh got a lot of flak, so here's that concept with some brand context: or
  16. Lacrosse Loggers Baseball Logo

    The Lacrosse Loggers of the Northwoods league currently sport a pretty bland look, especially for a collegiate club. The Brewers barrel-man stance takes the place of the ever so popular swinging friar stance and a beaver takes the place of well...nothing. I wanted Mr. Cleaver to look like he's got a bit of a lumberjack's beard without being too over the top. Old logo for comparison:
  17. Lacrosse Loggers Baseball Logo

    Some quick updates. Beavertailtm Pattern in the bill of the cap Neckline Teeth Jowels Angry eyes
  18. Lacrosse Loggers Baseball Logo

    You know how hard it is to find a sleeveless, pocketless, collarless, green flannel on the internet? This is the best I could come up with. I think some orange piping would make it look a bit more like a baseball jersey.
  19. Lacrosse Loggers Baseball Logo

  20. That whole saga sucks. The fact that they worked with you to resolve it but still insisted upon using part of the stolen logo is ridiculous. My guess: they already had a bunch of merch with the new wordmark.
  21. Lacrosse Loggers Baseball Logo

  22. Mankato has updated their update. Probably time to scour the internet and see who they may have 'borrowed' this logo from. New new logo: New logo: @Derek Yoder's hounds lacrosse logo: and for what it's worth, their old logo:
  23. What If....the XFL was a success??

    Guess it's probably time to remove it and the other artists work you've used without permission.
  24. What If....the XFL was a success??

    new thread title: What if.... @BengalErnst just stole logos and said that he doesn't have the ability to make his own so that makes it okay to take others and not give proper credit or ask if he can use them??