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  1. Seahawks Jerseys

    Like many, I'm not in favour of the monochrome. It has to go. I can live with the more aggressive looking Seahawk, but I didn't have a problem with the original. That the new one is roughly the same size as the Reebok logo is a farce. The old wrap-around was one of the most identifying characteristics. When it comes to colours though, I much prefer the original blue and green. I'm not sure if any of you remember, but there was a lengthy delay in getting new Seahawks merchandise out when they made the switch. The reason was that nobody had the ability to reproduce the new blue. That no other teams had used that colour before must say something about it. For me, it's negative. Obviously a lot of people like it. I think blue and green are tremendously underutilized as a tandem in pro sports. I would have preferred the originals, much like I'd prefer the Canucks to go back to blue and green.
  2. College Hockey Concepts

    Any desire to jump north of the border? My alma mater, Simon Fraser University, doesn't play hockey. We have long standing traditions in many other intercollegiate athletic sports like football, basketball (men and women), wrestling, track, but no hockey. Odd, for a Canadian university. If you do, their colours are red, white and blue and the nickname is the Clansmen, Clan for short. Before anyone becomes agitated, it relates to the school's namesake, Simon Fraser, and his Scottish heritage. Here's a link to the website. SFU Athletics Thanks in advance!
  3. Providence Bruins "Friday Night" jerseys

    I'm inclined to agree with Roger. That said, I'd buy one in a heartbeat.
  4. Bills wearing Throwbacks

    These are soooo much better than their regular jerseys. They ought to consider these permanently. And while I'm in the minority on this, the grey facemasks look just fine to me.
  5. Eskimos third jersey worn on Friday?

    You know, I really like them. The sloulder/sleeve striping isn't quite like it was in the prototype and there is none of that foolish piping. The only thing I don't care for is the drop shadow numbers. The rest actually looks good for something from Edmonton.
  6. CFL Signatures

    Thank you!
  7. Nike NCAA Bowl Game Throwbacks

    Kurt Warner, the Seahawks running back, not Kurt Warner the Rams/Giants/Cards quarterback. Different player, different position, different school, different era.
  8. Ebbets Field Flannels

    I'm not Jerry, I'm not even from Seattle. However... My wife and I took the kids down to Safeco for the Mariners-Mets game on Father's Day (which also was my wife's birthday). In any case, I make a point of going into the store whenever I'm there and this was no different. I was wearing a Vancouver Millionaires t-shirt and the two gents behind the counter commented on it and one mentioned that they had even made Millionaires jerseys in the past. I was aware of it. Sadly, I just missed actually being able to buy one and they don't make them anymore. That's neither here nor there, although I would still love to get one. The man behind the till whom I spoke with on my last trip down told me that they were exploring the possibility of doing some Western League Canucks since they're already doing the Shamrocks and Totems. It seems to me they've done a Buckeroos at some point in the past too. I asked it they'd be the white, blue and red with CANUCKS arched across the front and the number underneath. He confirmed that was the one they were thinking about. I assume that if they're thinking Canucks, they're probably thinking of the others. I guess to bottom line it is they're certainly thinking about it.
  9. CFL Jerseys unveiling today!

    No, those would be the yet-to-be-released Lions black thirds. They're Atlanta templates, using orange instead of red on the sleeves. I continue to remain underwhelmed. In fact, if I had any talent and ability, I'd attempt to start a contest about what could have been with the CFL jerseys. They surely could have done more than this. If anyone feels so inclined to liberate this idea and run with it, be my guest.
  10. CFL Jerseys unveiling today!

    I stand corrected. I actually like the Lions road orange pants. The rest of it is still, in the words of the immortal Chris Jericho, filthy, dirty, disgusting, skanky, brutal, bottom-feeding, rancid, reeking, etc.
  11. CFL Jerseys unveiling today!

    Well, Dana Murzyn did patrol the blue line for the Canucks for many years. I personally really like orange. I don't think it's used enough. However, the way they used it here just stinks. It looks like a practice jersey with a little Miami Hurricanes piping thrown in for good measure.
  12. CFL Jerseys unveiling today!

    I am appalled that Reebok actually had the testicular fortitude to be so lazy and use other teams' templates. The 'spy photos' suggested this would be the case. I am stunned that the CFL let them get away with it. "Hey boys, maybe we can give them a template and they can colour it with their own crayons. We just won't tell them they're all the same." The CFL must be in more dire straits financially than I had imagined in order to let this happen. As a Lions fan, I think this sucks. They could do so much with orange. Instead it looks like a practice jersey. Good job Reebok and CFL
  13. CFL Jerseys unveiling today!

    Pixelboy mentioned it in the Ticats thread, but the CFL is set to unveil an entire league's worth of jerseys today. Part of me is school-girl giddy with anticipation while the other part is a little apprehensive given that the Reebok/CFL match is one made in the boardroom. If the 'spycam' photos are any indication, this has the potential to be underwhelming. Nonetheless, when was the last time an entire league had their jerseys unveiled in one day?
  14. New Tiger-Cat uniforms unveiled tomorrow

    Did you realy like the trhowback? I thought it was a great plan but poor execution. The jerseys were ok. Just a solid orange with white/black sleeve stripes, but the solid black pants and solid black paw logo on the helmet left a bit to be desired. I liked them. I thought they could have been done better, but all-in-all, they were fine for what they were which was a one year tip-of-the-hat to teams past. However, they were vastly superior to the one I saw that is the alleged new Lions jersey. If I recall, it was all orange, no sleeve striping and had a paw on either shoulder. Like I said, it looked more like a practice jersey. Personally, I think orange is tremendously underutilized in pro sports. The Lions could have wonderful jerseys but I'm just a bit apprehensive based on what I saw.
  15. New Tiger-Cat uniforms unveiled tomorrow

    Of the original bunch, it was the BC Lions third black if I recall correctly. The only difference was the substitution of orange for red. I hope you're on the money Pixelboy. I recall that there were a couple of Falcons style jerseys but that a bunch of them were based on the Texans template. I was particularly disappointed with the Lions given that they're my favourites. I was/still am really looking forward to the orange home jerseys. However, the phone photos showed something that looked like a gussied up practice jersey. It was underwhelming to say the least. Their throwbacks of two years ago were vastly superior to Reebok's initial efforts.