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  1. neo_prankster

    Hardest City for Fictional Concept Leagues

    Anyone else having issues with Buffalo?
  2. neo_prankster

    The World (League) According to Neo (2004 WLAF Week 3)

    Week #3Dublin Druids (W) at Scottish ClaymoresLondon Monarchs (W) at Manchester MachineToronto Argonauts at Montreal Alouettes (W)Ottawa Renegades (W) at Atlantic SchoonersSan Antonio Texans at Memphis Hound Dogs (W)Oklahoma Wranglers (W) at Birmingham FireParis Musketeers at Rome Gladiators (W)Milan Vipers at Barcelona Dragons (W)BC Lions at Calgary Stampeders (W)Edmonton Eskimos at Boise Miners (W)Orlando Thunder at Baltimore Stallions (W)Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks (W) at Ohio GloryRhein Rhythm at Frankfurt Galaxy (W)Stockholm Aesir at Amsterdam Admirals (W)Hamilton Tiger Cats at Saskatchewan Roughriders (W)Winnipeg Blue Bombers (W) at Thunder Bay MuskiesSacramento Surge (W) at Los Angeles AvengersLas Vegas Outlaws at Mexico City Aztecs (W) Terrell Owens and the Fire are now at 1-2, and the locker room has already become unglued thanks to TO's antics. The Monarchs record their first win of the year at Old Trafford, only to be pelted with empty soda cups on the way to the locker room when the game was over. Barcelona also win for the first time this year, defeating Milan in a low scoring defensive struggle at Montjuic Stadium. Tom Brady against the Aesir...
  3. neo_prankster

    The World (League) According to Neo (2004 WLAF Week 3)

    The Glory, Stallions, Dragons and the Thunder might change way before the Claymores. Scotland still has a pretty solid logo right now.
  4. neo_prankster

    The World (League) According to Neo (2004 WLAF Week 3)

    Oh yeah. My bad.
  5. neo_prankster

    The World (League) According to Neo (2004 WLAF Week 3)

    @RedfieldNick Just found a better photo with Cena and Book facing each other and replaced that earlier Cena picture.
  6. neo_prankster

    The World (League) According to Neo (2004 WLAF Week 3)

    I tried to find good images of Cena and Book circa 2004, but not too many in that great of quality.
  7. neo_prankster

    The World (League) According to Neo (2004 WLAF Week 3)

    NEW WCW CHAMP! WCW Bash at the Beach '04 The Ice Palace Tampa, Florida The long championship reign of Booker T ended when up and coming challenger John Cena took the belt in the pay per view's main event.
  8. neo_prankster

    The World (League) According to Neo (2004 WLAF Week 3)

    Week #2 Scottish Claymores (W) at London Monarchs Manchester Machine at Dublin Druids (W) Montreal Alouettes at Ottawa Renegades (W) Atlantic Schooners at Toronto Argonauts (W) Memphis Hound Dogs at Oklahoma Wranglers (W) Birmingham Fire at San Antonio Texans (W) Rome Gladiators at Milan Vipers (W) Barcelona Dragons at Paris Musketeers (W) Calgary Stampeders at Edmonton Eskimos (W) Boise Miners at BC Lions (W) Baltimore Stallions at Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks (W) Ohio Glory at Orlando Thunder (W) Frankfurt Galaxy at Stockholm Aesir (W) Amsterdam Admirals at Rhein Rhythm (W) Saskatchewan Roughriders (W) at Winnipeg Blue Bombers Thunder Bay Muskies at Hamilton Tiger Cats (W) Los Angeles Avengers (W) at Las Vegas Outlaws Mexico City Aztecs (W) at Sacramento Surge PRIMETIME PLAYERS TOM ARTH (Claymores) Formerly Peyton Manning's backup in Indianapolis, Arth completed 56 of 71 passes and threw for 2 touchdowns to put the Claymores even at 1-1 in their division. CLINT DOLEZEL (Texans) The aging veteran must have visited the Fountain of Youth before taking on TO and the Fire. Two touchdown passes to wide receiver Reggie Newhouse and a another to slotback Daniel Wilcox helped the Texans douse the Fire 24 to 10. TONY GRAZIANI (Avengers) The Avengers were picked to win their division last year, but lost many games that they should have won. Graziani helped the self proclaimed Superheroes of the Gridiron spoil the Outlaws' home opener through the air, completing 63 of 70 passes for 490 yards and five touchdowns.
  9. neo_prankster

    The World (League) According to Neo (2004 WLAF Week 3)

    2004 WLAF SEASON WEEK ONE Week #1 Dublin Druids (W) at London Monarchs Manchester Machine (W) at Scottish Claymores Ottawa Renegades (W) at Toronto Argonauts Montreal Alouettes (W) at Atlantic Schooners Oklahoma Wranglers (W) at San Antonio Texans Memphis Hound Dogs at Birmingham Fire (W) Paris Musketeers at Milan Vipers (W) Barcelona Dragons at Rome Gladiators (W) Edmonton Eskimos at BC Lions (W) Calgary Stampeders (W) at Boise Miners Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks (W) at Orlando Thunder Baltimore Stallions (W) at Ohio Glory Rhein Rhythm (W) at Stockholm Aesir Amsterdam Admirals (W) at Frankfurt Galaxy Winnipeg Blue Bombers (W) at Hamilton Tiger Cats Saskatchewan Roughriders (W) at Thunder Bay Muskies Las Vegas Outlaws at Sacramento Surge (W) Los Angeles Avengers at Mexico City Aztecs (W) The Monarchs made their debut at Twickenham Stadium, where they will play until the new Wembley Stadium is completed in 2007. The party was spoiled by a hungry Druid team looking to make their presence felt early. Tom Brady got the Admirals off to a fast start, silencing the usually wild Waldstdion crowd with 4 touchdown passes to beat the Galaxy. In Rome, it was the same old Dragons, falling to the Centurions in a humiliating blowout loss. Terrell Owens wowed the Legion Field crowd, catching 17 balls and scoring 2 touchdowns in the Fire's 42 to 21 rout of the Hound Dogs. Tony Romo helped the Stallions gallop past the Glory 21 to 3 in his World League debut. The Texans' fans booed the Wrangler offense every time they had the ball. However, rookie quarterback Ryan Van Dyke was able to drown out the boos and lead Oklahoma past their arch rivals 26 to 17 at the Alamodome.
  10. neo_prankster

    NFL Fields - 2015 Chargers throwback (2/10/18)

    Very nice work on the Chiefs fields.
  11. neo_prankster

    The World (League) According to Neo (2004 WLAF Week 3)

    2004 WORLD LEAGUE PREVIEW Terrell Owens was once the hottest receiver in the NFL. Fast forward to 2004. Owens and the San Francisco 49ers agreed to part ways and TO became a free agent. Concerns about Owens' attitude in the locker room raised red flags among NFL GM's. Apparently, somebody forgot to tell the Birmingham Fire of the World League, who signed him out of desperation to lift their team out of the doldrums and put butts in the seats at Legion Field. Statement from Birmingham Fire CEO Joe Namath: "We expect Owens to be the final piece of our championship puzzle." Won't be easy for the Fire though. The American Central is one of, if not the toughest division in the World League. Clint Dolezel and the San Antonio Texans are on a Grey Cup or Bust mission and the Oklahoma Wranglers hope to ensure continued success under owner Jim Ross. Age has caught up to the Memphis Hound Dogs' quarterback Andy Kelly, and his successor Tee Martin is expected to struggle. Injuries to offensive linemen sank the Amsterdam Admirals last year. As a consequence, Tom Brady was sacked 80 times, which gave Amsterdam pole position in sacks given up last season. This year, the Admirals hope they can reclaim first place in the European East after Rhein and Stockholm snuck up on them. Another rock in the Admirals' boots was guard Jamar Nesbit being called up to the Portland Platypodes after the Ads won the Grey Cup. Another quarterback to keep an eye on is Tony Romo, who hopes to jockey the Baltimore Stallions back into the playoffs. The undrafted free agent saw limited action last NFL preseason with the Dallas Cowboys. Currently, he is second on the depth chart behind aging veteran Jim Ballard, acquired as a free agent from the Claymores. With Brian Finneran landing an NFL gig with the resurrected San Diego Chargers, the Barcelona Dragons' receiving corps sank to the worst in the World League. The downward trend hit rock bottom when Barcelona finished last in their division last year. Fakhir Brown, who was part of the Renegades' secondary in their Grey Cup triumph, is leaving the Canadian capitol for the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. The Avengers signed Brown hoping he can shore up a porous defensive backfield that was constantly burned on long passing plays. Quarterback John Kaleo is on the hot seat for London. The Monarchs have become increasingly frustrated with early playoff exits, with Kaleo getting much of the blame. If he can't get the job done, look to former Northern Arizona QB Travis Brown to assume the throne.
  12. neo_prankster

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - San Francisco Seals Added

    And would the Kansas City A's have come to San Francisco?
  13. neo_prankster

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - San Francisco Seals Added

    If Horace Stoneham had moved the Giants to Minnesota and the Dodgers stayed in Brooklyn, where would Griffith have been able to move the Senators?
  14. neo_prankster

    First MLB Game Memories

    My first Padres game was probably around the time Tom Werner bought the team changed the brown to navy blue. Don't remember too much else.
  15. neo_prankster

    The World (League) According to Neo (2004 WLAF Week 3)

    Here you go. BTW, what do you think of the Surge's new look?