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  1. The New XFL

    That reminds me. I've been thinking about doing an Alternate History of the WLAF on the Sports Fan Fiction forum but I don't know where to start.
  2. The New XFL

    Pretty interesting that Arena Football legend Barry Wagner almost played outdoor ball in the PSFL.
  3. The New XFL

    I wonder if a NM team would have to front load their home games, I mean have the bulk of their home schedule in the early part of the season to beat the heat. Would that make sense?
  4. How much longer before we see Markball played globally?
  5. The New XFL

    Interesting selections. I wonder why the WLAF and other leagues never tried Albuquerque.
  6. And I imagine the Space Needle being adorned with "CONGRATS WOLVES!" in huge letters. Here's the parade route for the morning after the Wolves won the cup...
  7. American Volleyball Associaton - Los Angeles

    On Quasar, if you swap the gold with orange, you could re-purpose it as a Frankfurt Galaxy concept. In all seriousness though, I do like the team's primary colors tying the team in with the Lakers. Does Quasar share the Staples Center with the Lakers and Kings, or do they have another venue to host home games? Maybe the Pauley Pavilion on the UCLA campus?
  8. XYZ Channel concept

    Believe it or not, closer to the time The Walt Disney Company acquired the Fox Family Channel from Rupert Murdoch, they almost changed the name to XYZ, but because this guy got in the way... The name changed instead to ABC Family, and most recently, Freeform. Here is a concept for a logo that could've been used had Disney went ahead with cancelling the 700 Club and adopting the XYZ brand... C&C Welcome.
  9. If Miami had won, where would that have ranked among the PHL's biggest upsets?
  10. THIS JUST IN... The NDA owners vote 22-2 to reject the proposed rule changes. The only two in favor were Atlanta and Detroit. Gary Davidson and Dennis Murphy announce their intention to launch their own Driveball league as early as 1976. Stay tuned for more details.
  11. Interesting Field Designs

    I wish that design carried over to University of Phoenix Stadium.
  12. Freeform New Look

    Yeah basically something along these lines... Or maybe this... But also, I feel like XYZ would have been a nice place to lure the WWE from USA Network, either for Raw or SmackDown.
  13. The WCRFL (Combined Rules Footy)

    Copy the URL of the image. Then when you want to post the image on these forums, click the insert other media tab, and select insert image from URL. Paste the URL when prompted to do so, then click insert in to post. Is this inspired by the Driveball and Markball series? Just curious.
  14. Freeform New Look

    With the ABC logo as simplistic and straightforward as it is, I feel like XYZ could have started out in a graffiti or WWE scratch style before transitioning to a cleaner look around today.
  15. WWE Fauxback concept

    Bump. Another concept for the hypothetical scenario in which the WWF adds a third W instead of taking out the F. C&C Welcome.