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  1. He will be missed.
  2. Is the cap on your avatar a real team or a fantasy team? That logo looks pretty cool.

    1. Whittier S

      Whittier S

      I designed the cap, part of the Clink Club program that Brandiose used to run. Unfortunately, they selected my cap for production only a month before they shut the program down altogether. No one ever bought any--I would have received a commission if they had--so I own the only four in existence, as part of their purchase of my design.

    2. neo_prankster
    3. Whittier S

      Whittier S

      It was a raw deal, I suppose, but I did get paid a modest amount, and I really needed the money at the time, so it worked out in the short term. It's just a shame I don't own the rights to it anymore so I can't do anything with it.


  3. When will the Miami and KC Expansion Draft be held and where? Because I think it would be awesome to see a special logo for that occasion. Also of interest would be the expansion draft rules, who the old teams protect and who Miami and KC select. Here's some examples of the expansion draft boards if these help...
  4. Wasn't Peacock the guy from AB that wanted to keep the Rams in St Louis?
  5. Is there a database for all the logos that have been used over the years? I feel like it's been three years or so since they've introduced this promotion, right?
  6. Soccer City signature drive already under way...
  7. Pretty sad to see the Aces up and leave. Especially since they and the old Gulls used to have a little bit of a rivalry in the WCHL and later the ECHL.
  8. concept

    Pretty good looks so far. For the Chargers, I'd try powder blue pants on the road.
  9. @bosrs1 Wouldn't you agree that the Aztecs should just swallow their pride and take whatever they can get out of the project?
  10. How is the Soccer City project coming along in SD?
  11. Will the CFL be on American TV this coming season? Because I would totally love that.
  12. team reveal

    Will the helmet be patterned after a pharaoh headdress?
  13. Just a quick mockup of a fauxback for the D-Backs had they formed sometime around...1985...ish...anyways, here it is... C&C Welcome.
  14. Jets and Skins circa 1978...