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  1. Odd Names

    Kobe Buffalomeat Metta World Peace
  2. Concept Thread Think Tank

    Maybe that could work in the indoor version of the game. But would these targets be hoisted from the rafters, or could they be attatched somehow to the plexiglass the arena would keep up for box lacrosse and indoor soccer? Or something similar to the Arena football screens? If you're thinking of outdoor, maybe they could be like backstops in baseball? Here are some fields for comparison to try to get the right mix, and also designate places where team logos can go... American... Gaelic... Aussie Rules... Rugby Union Rugby League
  3. Concept Thread Think Tank

    Next we'll need... - Playing field. - Number of players on the field for each team - Roster size - Advancing the ball. - Time of play: (quarters or halves?)
  4. Are they the oldest pro hockey team in your universe?
  5. Concept Thread Think Tank

    That's it! Thanks. And I'm guessing the rebound nets can be put in the "wide" areas. Maybe in a condensed/indoor version of the game?
  6. Concept Thread Think Tank

    And for this Aussie/US hybrid, whatever we end up calling it... Which ball would we use? The giant ones used down under... Or the pebble grained leather more common in the States?
  7. Professional Football in an Alternate Universe: AFL North

    Maybe the creator will surprise us. Ohio always seems populous enough for more than one team in each sport.
  8. Any chance of San Diego getting a team?
  9. Concept Thread Think Tank

    Cool. Kinda like a revival of this, right? What I want to do is a game that combines maybe those two with probably one other minus all the play stoppages for huddles to make for a faster pace of play. As for equipment, I would like helmets that could be something like these... Unless of course, it is preferable to stick to the classics... Besides headgear, maybe the Aussie jumpers with a shoulder pad vest that can be worn on top? As for scoring, I want to be able to amalgamate the Gaelic, Arena and Aussie rules goalposts. How many points could each spot be worth?... Still not sure if I want a rectangular or oval field. As for a storyline, maybe regular American ball falls by the wayside in favor of whatever becomes of this brainstorming session.
  10. Concept Thread Think Tank

    Hmm... Which other games can American football be combined with to make a fictional sport?
  11. MLB: Project 32 - San Francisco Giants, Pt. II Added

    I too have some ideas when you're ready to tackle the next sport.
  12. Professional Football in an Alternate Universe: AFL North

    @8BW14 Cincinnati, Cleveland, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh?
  13. Concept Thread Think Tank

    Sorry to dig this back up... Trying to think of a way to combine American football with Gaelic football, handball, and a little bit of Arena football into a fictional game. The backstory I want to create is one where whatever this fictional game ends up being called supplants American football early in the twentieth century. From American, I want to bring in helmets, uniforms, the forward pass, the touchdown and the field goal. From Gaelic I want to bring in that cool looking goal/net apparatus, the longer field and the different scoring methods. From Arena I want to bring in those rebound nets with the scoring area in the middle. From Handball and Gaelic, I want to bring in the rounder ball and the faster, continuous action without all the starts and stops of American football. Just a rough idea, though I will incorporate any suggestions you guys might have.
  14. Professional Football in an Alternate Universe: AFL North

    Good to see Generals management able to rename without completely rebranding.
  15. MLB: Project 32 - San Francisco Giants, Pt. II Added

    Terrific job on the Seals. Kinda makes you wonder how things would be so much different had it not been for certain events. Would like to see you tackle hockey or football after your break. Maybe some more alternate history scenarios? It'll be totally worth the wait.