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  1. Go right ahead.
  2. The uniforms for the Dublin Druids. C&C Welcome.
  3. Here is the logo in full color: C&C Welcome.
  4. How's this?
  5. You mean have the hood be a wolf or bear skin?
  6. Here's a sneak peek at the Dublin Druids logo: C&C Welcome.
  7. At long last, here are the Rhein Rhythm's inaugural uniforms: C&C Welcome.
  8. Here is the final short list for the name of the Dublin expansion team... Brawlers Brewers Druids Trinity Other (please comment)
  9. Supposed to be a deep blue.
  10. At last, but not least, the eighth and final XFL franchise, the Los Angeles Avengers: C&C Welcome.
  11. EASTERN DIVISION NY/NJ Hitmen Chicago Enforcers Oklahoma Wranglers New Orleans Voodoo WESTERN DIVISION San Francisco Demons Las Vegas Outlaws SLC Punks Los Angeles Avengers
  12. Helmet will likely be black.
  13. Which one of those do you think would look best on a helmet?
  14. Decided to make a new Rhein Rhythm logo since the sideways keyboard wasn't really working out. C&C Welcome.