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  1. Mann Theatres please? Thanks in advance.
  2. The actor we all remember as Flounder from Animal House passed away at 63. He will be missed.
  3. Quebec Harfangs, Souvrains, Citadelles Las Vegas Outlaws, Blackjack 21's, Flamingos, Vipers, Scorpions Milwaukee Mustangs, Outlaws, Choppers, Riders, Rebels, Hogs Portland Chinooks, Steelheads, Platypus, Lumberjacks Salt Lake Seagulls
  4. Option 1. Maybe Westgate Park can be doubled or tripled in capacity by the time the PCL Padres join the Majors.
  5. Canada: Halifax (Schooners perhaps?) US: Salt Lake Vegas Portland Columbus I would've voted for LA if that was an option, but it looks like they'll regain an NFL team in this universe, correct?
  6. Don't they have a sweetheart lease with the Staples Center?
  7. Can't we just redraft the whole league? I think three years in a row is enough for Cavs/Warriors.
  8. I think I have a good idea of what San Antonio's new logo is going to be.... Or... Or maybe...
  9. Hopefully the success of Wonder Woman signifies a move in the right direction for DC, since Marvel has pretty much become the Patriots of superhero films, as far as being supposedly unstoppable for so long.
  10. You could be a fan of any league and not have a team from either of the big four to really call your own.
  11. arena football

    I'll take an Arena franchise over the Chargers ever coming back.
  12. I'd try bringing back the orange.
  13. Should Nashville win the cup, where would they rank among the biggest Stanley Cup upsets of all time?
  14. Was that the same game that Shaq broke the backboard?
  15. nfl2 update

    Also, streamline the tail for to make the goat seem more aerodynamic in his jump.