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  1. Indeed. Plus we ought to have an Aqua Teen team and Robot Chicken team as well. That Turner League logo could be used for the top level of a soccer pyramid. If you need help with teams, how about... Williams Street United Dark Water United ("The Pirates of Dark Water") FC South Jersey City ("Aqua Teen Hunger Force") Radical Squadron FC ("Swat Kats")
  2. They might as well be. Russell, Nike and I think Bike, Champion and MaxPro had outfitted the league in the past if I'm not mistaken.
  3. But isn't showing Chargers games on KFMB, KSWB and potentially KNSD after the team left kinda like putting salt on the wounds of the team's departure?
  4. Isn't Pac Pro gonna take the field next year? I certainly hope they are able to play. Also, I really do wish the A11FL was able to play. Especially when there are guys coming in to the NFL that could've either stayed in college another year OR could have took the time to develop had there been a spring league still active.
  5. Hopefully PacPro can bring pro pigskin back to SD and heal the scar of the Chargers leaving.
  6. Such a shame to see the AFL in the shape that it is now. I feel like they should do a whole lot more to bring people to their side, especially those disgruntled with the NFL the way that league is nowadays. Teams in Oakland, San Diego and St Louis might help heal the wounds of the NFL leaving those markets, if only for just a couple years.
  7. Nice to see the Bulls return. Pretty much adds more coal to the nostalgia train engine, right?
  8. Now, with the Draft having gone to Chicago and this year's Draft being held in Philadelphia, does Los Angeles have a shot to host the Draft after the Rams' new stadium opens?
  9. Has anyone gone 17-1 in this league yet?
  10. Does this mean people have warmed up to the Chargers or do they still have a ways to go?
  11. So I take it the Packers don't color in the green part of the midfield logo since the grass is already green? Makes sense I guess. I believe the San Diego text had been gold in the years leading up to the 1987 field you just posted. Also, there had been a time, in home games after baseball season, when they would have bolts pointing towards the kickoff lines instead of a regular X right on the lines.
  12. For some reason the Maryland uniforms from about 2011 or so reminded me of those old NFL Europe uniforms. Must be the shoulder yokes.
  13. Wouldn't be surprised if many San Diegans adopt the Rams as their new "home" team just to stick it to Spanos.
  14. Too easy for me...