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    Atypical and Defunct Uniform Suppliers of Note

    How long was Mitchell and Ness around before they became and online throwback shop? The former Fab Knit company based in Waco, TX made the WLAF jerseys for 1997.
  2. INTERCONFERENCE ROTATION: European North: Dublin Druids, London Monarchs, Manchester Machine, Scottish Claymores European Central: Amsterdam Admirals, Frankfurt Galaxy, Rhein Rhythm, Stockholm Aesir European South: Barcelona Dragons, Milan Vipers, Paris Musketeers, Rome Centurions Canadian East: Atlantic Schooners, Montreal Alouettes, Ottawa Renegades, Toronto Argonauts Canadian Central: Hamilton Tiger Cats Saskatchewan Roughriders, Thunder Bay Muskies, Winnipeg Blue Bombers Canadian West: BC Lions, Boise Miners, Calgary Stampeders, Edmonton Eskimos American East: Baltimore Stallions, Ohio Glory, Orlando Thunder, Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks American Central: Birmingham Fire, Memphis Hound Dogs, Oklahoma Wranglers, San Antonio Texans American West: Las Vegas Outlaws, Los Angeles Avengers, Mexico City Aztecs, Sacramento Surge 2002, 2005, 2008 Canadian West vs American West vs European South Canadian Central vs American Central vs European Central Canadian East vs American East vs European North 2003, 2006, 2009 Canadian West vs American East vs European Central Canadian Central vs American West vs European North Canadian East vs American Central vs European South 2004, 2007, 2010 Canadian West vs American Central vs European North Canadian Central vs American East vs European South Canadian East vs American West vs European Central
  3. The 1991 and '92 seasons in the World League went as scheduled. The London Monarchs shut out the Barcelona Dragons 21-0 to win the first World Bowl in front of the London faithful at Wembley. The Sacramento Surge defeated the Orlando Thunder 21-17 in Montreal to win World Bowl '92. There was talk about shelving the World League to retool it without any of the North American teams, but the NFL owners ran in to resistance. The sports talk radio stations in Birmingham, San Antonio, Orlando and the other North American markets were dumbfounded by the amount of angry phone calls. Europe also had its share of angry fans calling to their local radio stations, especially in London where a few passionate Monarch fans express concerns that any time taken off to retool would hurt their team's fan support. After the backlash reached uncomfortable levels, the NFL owners voted 25 to 2 with one abstention to keep the WLAF open for '93. When the NFL announced it would expand by 2 teams for 1995, Memphis was in the running for a short while until potential owner and FedEx founder Fred Smith picked up the paper one day. The Memphis Commercial Appeal ran a survey that revealed a large number of Memphis fans were unwilling to pay hefty NFL ticket prices. Smith, who was to co-own the Memphis franchise with Elvis Presley Enterprises, offered to drop his NFL expansion bid in exchange for an expansion franchise in the World League. When the NFL owners agreed in August of '92 to keep the World League up and running for '93, Smith paid a handsome, generous expansion fee split among the WLAF teams already in existence. Smith chose the "Hound Dogs" as the team's nickname and the colors chosen were forest green and copper. Bidding is still open for the second expansion team that'll join the Hound Dogs in 1993. Among the bids are Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Paris, Milan, Mexico City, Omaha and a bid from Raleigh-Durham looking to revive the Skyhawks. WORLD BOWL CHAMPS 1991: London Monarchs 1992: Sacramento Surge 1993: Amsterdam Admirals 1994: Ohio Glory 1995: Amsterdam Admirals 1996: London Monarchs 1997: Amsterdam Admirals 1998: Orlando Thunder 1999: Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks GREY CUP CHAMPIONS 2000 Memphis Hound Dogs 2001 Montreal Alouettes 2002 Teams EUROPEAN Central Amsterdam Admirals Frankfurt Galaxy Rhein Rhythm Stockholm Aesir North Dublin Druids London Monarchs Scottish Claymores Manchester Machine South Barcelona Dragons Paris Musketeers Rome Centurions Milan Vipers CANADIAN East Montreal Alouettes Ottawa Renegades Toronto Argonauts Atlantic Schooners Central Hamilton Tiger Cats Saskatchewan Roughriders Winnipeg Blue Bombers Thunder Bay Muskies West BC Lions Boise Miners Calgary Stampeders Edmonton Eskimos AMERICAN East Baltimore Stallions Ohio Glory Orlando Thunder Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks Central Birmingham Fire Memphis Hound Dogs Oklahoma Wranglers San Antonio Texans West Las Vegas Outlaws Los Angeles Avengers Mexico City Aztecs Sacramento Surge
  4. Here's a more simplified 2002 Grey Cup logo. C&C Welcome.
  5. News Conference July 1, 2002 Disney Headquarters Burbank, CA ROY E DISNEY [Chief executive offcer; The Walt Disney Company]: "Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce the new president of World Championship Wrestling..." ***APPLAUSE***
  6. STUART SCOTT: "Welcome to SportsCenter. I'm Stuart Scott. Now normally, we don't get a chance to cover wrestling as much as old school wrestling fans feel we should. Today, we couldn't resist sharing today's top story with you. Earlier this afternoon, The Walt Disney Company, the parent company of this network, has whittled down its list of candidates to become the first full time president of WCW since Disney purchased the promotion a year and a half ago." SCOTT (Cont'd): For CEO Roy E Disney, it has come down to five men... The Nature Boy Ric Flair, himself a former WCW performer. Paul Heyman, former head of ECW Jerry Jarrett, who was rumored to be in the running to take over the WWF until Vinnie Mac beat the steroid rap in '94. Jim Ross, who has now developed a falling out with Vinnie Mac. JR is also part owner of the Oklahoma Wranglers of the World League. And then, there is Jim Cornette. *cut to Rich Eisen* EISEN: "In football this week, the World League kicks off another season on June 25th, when the Los Angeles Avengers visit the Las Vegas Outlaws at Sam Boyd Stadium. The choice of a Tuesday night comes as the WB's biggest ratings draw, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, switched networks last year. The WB is also reportedly bracing for a teeny bopper meltdown should the World League dare pre-empt Dawson's Creek or Charmed."
  7. I figured the Inter Milan blue was a little too dark to go with black, so I used Carolina Blue instead. C&C Welcome.
  8. Which colors do you think would work better?
  9. Milan Vipers' statement on color choice: "We wanted colors that did not favor strictly AC Milan or Inter Milan fans. Our goal was to create an identity based on the snake that appears on the city crest, make a commitment to unify our community and encourage fans to put aside the AC/Inter rivalry during the Serie A off-season."
  10. Here's a slight tweak with the tail added to the sleeves. The snakes on the jersey are supposed to encircle the TV numbers a la the horns on the Rams' old jersey shoulders. C&C Welcome.
  11. MICKEY MOUSE SCORES TAKEDOWN ON VINCE MCMAHON Say what you will about Disney's acquisition of World Championship Wrestling (WCW) roughly two years ago, but so far, WCW has enjoyed great success. During the fall and winter months, Nitro had been shifted to Tuesday nights to avoid conflicts with ABC's Monday Night Football. WCW has also helped revitalize ABC's once proud TGIF lineup by shifting Thunder from Thursday nights to Friday nights. Booker T had won WCW's most coveted belt at least twice before Disney acquired the promotion. Since then, Book has hosted ABC's annual Saturday Morning preview last September, and won the belt a fourth time at last week's Bash at the Beach pay per view in San Diego. Walt Disney Company CEO Roy E Disney is currently interviewing candidates to become WCW's full time president by early next year. As for the WWF, the court battle with the World Wildlife Fund was decided in the wrestling company's favor. The arbitrator determined that while the conservation firm had used the acronym long before it was adopted by Vince McMahon's wrestling promotion, which he inherited from his father in the early 1980's, the public's association of the acronym WWF with wrestling had surpassed that of the conservation nonprofit by a 4 to 1 ratio. As a result, the World Wildlife Fund will rebrand as the Wildlife Conservation Fund (WCF). New York Times July 14, 2002
  12. For 2002, pretty much yeah. Nickelodeon Studios was still up and running back then at Universal Studios in Orlando.
  13. 2002 WORLD LEAGUE PREVIEW The 90th Grey Cup will be played at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, FL. The World League selected this site as part of a cross promotion with Nickelodeon, which is scheduled to launch a World League themed game show later this fall. With the league now at 36 teams, four more than what the NFL has, the World League has ratified a new scheduling format... Each team plays twice against each of the other three teams in its division, home and away. Once against each of the four teams from a division in the second conference. Once against each of the four teams from a division in the third conference. Once against one team from each of the other two divisions within its own conference, based on previous year's standings.
  14. NEW CHARGERS STADIUM OPENS TO THE PUBLIC! The San Diego Union Tribune May 22, 2002 The reborn San Diego Chargers, under new CEO and former quarterback Dan Fouts, cut the ribbon on Jack in the Box Stadium in Mission Valley. The new ballpark sits east of Qualcomm Stadium on Friars Road off Interstate 15. The Chargers return to the NFL with the expansion Portland Platypodes added to even the league at 32 teams this fall. The Padres will play this year and next year at Qualcomm Stadium before moving into their new ballpark in 2004, as part of a bigger project to redevelop the Gaslamp and East Village. Jack in the Box Inc, based locally for half a century, paid $51 Million for the naming rights. The Chargers open their 2002 campaign on the road against the Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football, and on the following week, will host expansion rival Portland Platypodes for their home opener. 2002 Expansion Draft PORTLAND Charlie Batch QB; Lions Willie McGinest DL/LB; Patriots Bruce Matthews OL; Oilers Seth Payne DL; Jaguars Ken Dilger TE; Colts SAN DIEGO Jermaine Lewis WR/KR; Browns Aaron Glenn CB; Jets Danny Wuerffel QB; Oilers Roman Oben OL; Gunners Anthony Parker DB; 49ers
  15. The 36th franchise in the World League, the Milan Vipers. C&C Welcome.
  16. The Machine are back, but this time, as a whole new franchise in Manchester at Old Trafford. C&C Welcome!
  17. Here come the Boise Miners! C&C Welcome!
  18. Here comes the smallest Canadian market in the World League, the Thunder Bay Muskies! C&C Welcome!
  19. The San Diego Chargers are back! C&C Welcome!
  20. Here come the long overdue Atlantic Schooners! C&C Welcome!
  21. The uniforms for the expansion Rome Centurions have been revealed! C&C Welcome!
  22. How about this alignment? EUROPEAN EAST Amsterdam Frankfurt Rhein Stockholm *Expansion *Expansion WEST Barcelona Dublin London Paris Scotland *Expansion CANADIAN EAST Hamilton Montreal Ottawa Toronto *Expansion *Expansion WEST BC Calgary Edmonton Saskatchewan Winnipeg *Boise AMERICAN EAST Baltimore Birmingham Memphis Ohio Orlando Raleigh-Durham WEST Las Vegas Los Angeles Mexico City Sacramento Oklahoma San Antonio
  23. This will be the alignment for 2002: EUROPEAN CONFERENCE BRITISH Dublin Druids London Monarchs Scottish Claymores *Expansion CENTRAL Amsterdam Admirals Frankfurt Galaxy Rhein Rhythm Stockholm Aesir SOUTH Barcelona Dragons Paris Musketeers *Expansion *Expansion CANADIAN CONFERENCE EAST Montreal Alouettes Ottawa Renegades Toronto Argonauts *Expansion (New York, Maritimes or Quebec) CENTRAL Hamilton Tiger Cats Saskatchewan Roughriders Thunder Bay (expansion) Winnipeg Blue Bombers WEST Boise (expansion) British Columbia Lions Calgary Stampeders Edmonton Eskimos AMERICAN CONFERENCE EAST Baltimore Stallions Ohio Glory Orlando Thunder Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks CENTRAL Birmingham Fire Memphis Hound Dogs Oklahoma Wranglers (From XFL) San Antonio Texans WEST Las Vegas Outlaws (From XFL) Los Angeles Avengers (From XFL) Mexico City Aztecs Sacramento Surge CBC's ratings in Canada were higher than last year. USA Network carried this year's Grey Cup w/ the Helmet Cam.