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  1. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    ... the french, the british, the scott and the irish.
  2. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    I think the pinstripes are silver, not white. I suppose they were added to make the jersey different then the 3rd they used couple years ago.   Look the fun pic MTL tweeted 1 hour before the unveiling.. lol
  3. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    Nice nice MTL good job
  4. Ah OK, let's say more or less modern.   They are, say on the border..
  5. I would've put only TORONTO in the logo.   You see, its fine for a league to pay tribute to history, tradition, the gud old times.   I feel like, its a missed opportunity. You got plenty of teams with look "legit - à la rétro"   MTL CHI NYR BOS DET EDM VAN BUF NYI PHI STL   There are the "faux à la rétro", more or not recent franchises who adopt retro look for commercial reason mostly   TB CAR DAL * (I find them more appropriate, in the end, its the old stars) MIN   And more modern concepts are   FLA WAS PIT NJ OTT CLB LA SJ ANA COL NSH AZ WIN CGY   Everybody knows the Leafs had a hard times since many many years. Last championship 1967 etc..   Was time to take this 100th anniversary to turn the page on those bad souvenirs.   They didnt, instead, they stay in the same mainstream, dictated by "fashion".   I feel it was time for out of the box, going modern, turn your back to the trending retro jerseys that are not fun anymore to Watch.   They dug themselves a hole now, to the point we all can predict the uniforms coming.   Not fun, another missed opportunity of going creative, lets take the old leaf, change a bit , give poor and stupid reasoning 17 points for this and that reason.   They should have gone SparkyChewbarkys way. This league is going BACKWARD in terms of design.   My opinion, probably, few shares it :-)
  6. 2015-16 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    You guys are all wrong. Those jerseys are perfect... Perfect representation of the event itself: DULL DULL DULL
  7. Toronto Maple Leafs Modernization Throwdown

    Theres a T and a M shape here. Donno if chew could add a sort of L somewhere.
  8. Expos logo discussed on sitcom in 1988

    They all say its gonna be the return of the Expos. It still means something for baseball fans in MTL. But as no investor has gone public on the name, who knows.
  9. Expos logo discussed on sitcom in 1988

    Was'nt a failure in 1969, thats my point. Its not perfect, its not a failure IMHO. The current Jacksonville Jaguars helmets would be a terrible failure in 1969, and even today..
  10. Expos logo discussed on sitcom in 1988

    My take Yes the name "Expos" was well, so so. But you have to keep in mind they needed a bilingual name, majority of Montrealers beeing french. There was very little options down there. The logo red white and blue, because those were colors of the NHL dominating Canadiens, came immediately into mind. The logo design: at same time far from perfect, BUT perfectly in mood with the era of symbolic logos. Its a big M with a small e and a b at the end. Montreal Expos baseball. Doesnt represent "something" like the Phillies P, the C Cubs, to an extent, the B Bruins etc. Unfair to state in 2015 this is the worst logo in sports. It was "in the mood". And in the end, its "strangeness" (which I agree, its a strange graphic logo) now make its renommée: we're still talking about it 45 years later. It WORKED.
  11. Toronto Maple Leafs Modernization Throwdown

    This has my vote but something is missing. I'd add some sort of outline or something to give a more "solid" or "robust" allure. But really, great job.
  12. Toronto Maple Leafs Modernization Throwdown

    Its a fun thread, lots of nice things here.
  13. This is more accurate regarding the tones.
  14. For some reason, I expect something like Dallas. Time will tell.