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  1. Playing with the laptop
  2. Vegas Video Vegas Casinos Vegas Placeholders No I got it Vegas Outlaw Golden Knights
  3. Couldnt refrain from doing it. I think it got the spirit!
  4. lol Gee! The new Nords logo have been found!!!
  5. Am I wrong if I say that they could go ahead and dont bother the ruling using the logo and name? The only consequence would be no trademark protection? Meaning anybody could design, produce and sell "Vegas Golden Knights" products as long the NHL logo doesnt appear on the product?
  6. Well yes, but I (we) refrain from saying anything. But yes, Nordiques was still under NHL rights. One day at a time, one day at a time.. But really, the video not working, the trademark issue blah blah I love all this. That said, I love the logo. But man, is it FUN!
  7. Really you got to love THIS STUFF I love the NHL, the "fastest game on ice", the animals branding, the Arizona Coyotes, the Golden Knights of Las Vegas WELL DONE GUYS
  9. exact, the bridge will show more, and really its gonna pop a lot.
  10. Yes fine, did not know about the flag and fort. Keep it up.
  11. This logo idea is great Grey instead of blue. The center shape 4 points, I would replace by a 3 points star for 3 rivers.
  12. I love those colors.
  13. At least, they didnt make the "Desert Knights" error.
  14. Its sad, its over, best laugh since a long time!