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  1. For discussion sake Heres what they did in 2000 for the QJMHL Rocket. Wasnt a bad idea but execution was terrible..
  2. All is fine except the flame on the back. I would've choose another font for the numbers and no white line in the numbers. But, its me.
  3. We all know they probably ended up with the previous post logo and the released one. So, certainly, they had to make a difficult decision.
  4. I'll try to be serious and please excuse my english In 2017, we are exposed by force or not to 5, 10 maybe 20 times more information platforms, media, graphics, logos, pictures, sounds, and are more and more liviing at a faster pace. We got twitter, facebook, instasomething I dunno, snapple shot (is it?) are linked all and every minutes to internet, even in restrooms. We cannot retain and remember all and every symbols we are exposed. Remember the front page news in yesterdays newspaper? I dont, I'm submerged of ads, pics, media etc. Question is this: Will people recognize this logo without the "Juventus" mention on top immediatly think Juventus? Soccer? in this overexposed era? What the purpose of a logo? Be the graphic mark of a product, organisation, instantly recognized. Imagine the Boston Bruins changing their beloved logo, imagine the Pittsburgh Steelers going with a nice and stylish S, imagine the Chicago Cubs going "modern" You dont need to be told the NY is the Yankees and the CH the MTL Canadiens, but now you need to be told this is the Juve. While I'm not hyper conservative on graphics and logos, I think this is a downgrade, and can smell a lucrative intention of selling merch. Yeah, I'm tough on them, but this logo could represent any product beginning by the letter J. Good try but this is a big gamble, better not miss your shot. Sorry, don't like the concept.
  5. Oh my god.
  6. Los Angeles Jarchers :-)
  7. OOPS
  8. Its a shield. Fun,
  9. Not really, I'd keep RAIDERS ... BUT I'd like a second helmet, black, with this.
  10. If it was the NHL, you can bet you could have two teams sharing the same venue with same colors, say yellow or gold and blue whatever. But we're talking NFL, and serious design people (well, most of the time, forget about TB and JAX) and they will not end up with the same colors. I'm convinced the Rams are going white and dark blue, because of different evidences, graphics they put forward, and as a wink to the 60's uniforms. The Chargers? I dunno.
  11. You can bet Foley and Bettman are praying every night the Raiders stay in Oakland.