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  1. Left, super nice. SImple, great.
  2. If I'm not wrong, the 3D L was in fact the logo of the city of Laval. For which reason they used it on the teams jersey I dont know. But I'm not 100% sure it was the city logo.
  3. Lol Ya but last nite, they went back to silver helmets...
  4. Montreal definitely should wear the white helmet for the whole season. Also, White pants home is a great idea.
  5. Beautiful, just greatness, pure talent.
  6. Am I dreaming?
  7. I did not think there would be that much changes this year, IMHO from west to east BC: While the lion shape on the helmet is not a creation in itself, I kinda like it. We now know the league may be looking at two helmets scheme per team, as surprising it may seen. Jerseys are an attemps for something new, but I don't really like em, despite I believe go out of the box is a good move here. I give a C EDM: Step forward, just with getting rid of the white. I give a B- CAL: Nice number font, pretty standard jerseys, could have gone more modern, C+ SASK: So hard to come with nice jerseys for the Riders, this team should simply go back to the 70's look. Helmet's fine though. C WIN: We knew they were going back and they are clearly the winners here (but, as always, some designers somewhere convinced the league putting blue shoulder patches on a classic team/colors combo?? really) B+ HAM: For some reason, here I like the white jerseys, the black are CFL classics (take note MTL) B TOR: Well, okay, no changes..C OTT: More modern, more contrasts please: C MTL: Its time for new logo, unis, etc... D
  8. FUN POLL OF THE DAY: In your opinion, which number is it? (a) 3 (b) 6 (c) 8 (d) 9 (e) None of the above
  9. Theres a Whale tail in the hat. Well well thought!
  10. I'm in the minority :-) Yeah, sometimes, adding more colors to add contrast doesnt fit. I'd say its fine like it is.
  11. The logo is awesome, I wanted to say I'm not sure its balanced. I'd make the crown say 15% smaller, to emphasize a bit more on the letter Q. I understand we'd see more of the queen's hair. One way or the other, its awesome. Was also wondering if more white (like the eye)was in order, but in the end, no. Its fine like that.
  12. Please uniforms? I'd love to see what you have in mind.
  13. Yes I understand, and I mean, it works anyways. I agree blue would not work and was aware of the New England flag. All fine, that badge is way way way better then what they got.
  14. Logo is fantastic. The whole exercice is graphically awesome. The problem for me is it doesnt fit the name "Revolution". We all understand its historical roots to independance, Boston etc.. I mean, lots of respect for your talent. IMHO, we are too far away from the USA flag colors. Sorry, I like to say what I think, not make cute comments for making cute comments.