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  1. Road Gray vs alternates: All-star game

    Should definitely be Gray vs White. I'll miss seeing all the different uniforms together on the field during the game.
  2. 2017 CFL Uniforms

    That is a beautiful uniform. Probably one of the few CFL uniforms that would work great as a NFL uniform.
  3. NFL 2017 changes?

    Those tapered stripes on the Titans helmet look so out of place.
  4. Wisconsin Badger Football Jersey

    I have been looking for that old BIG TEN logo/patch for such a long time. Does anyone happen to have it? Being a Buckeyes fan, and a fan of the Big Ten I am mixed about those jerseys. They are a change for what I am used to seeing for Wisconsin, and I kind of like them, probably just because they are so different. But I really like the set they have now, it's simple and classic. But I wouldn't mind seeing those once in awhile.
  5. New College Football Uniforms

    I think Illinois is the same as last year, except now they have an orange jersey and pants.
  6. New College Football Uniforms

    Thats a shame. I thought the uniforms BC had been wearing were some of the best looking in college football. The white pants just don't say BC football imo.
  7. New College Football Uniforms

    I love that helmet, that is a great logo. Very original, but I don't think it looks like it should be for a team called the VIKINGS.
  8. Taking it back to the U-N-I-VER-SI-TIES...

    Great job. As a buckeys fan and a Big Ten fan I like them, I just am not sold on the white helmet. As someone said before, maybe a gold helmet would look good. I like the M you included into the jersey, It's alot better then the double M's they had in the early to mid 90's.
  9. New College Football Uniforms

    It looks like Syracuse also added an S and some word mark on the collar.
  10. New Texas A&M football uniforms

    I am really liking those grey pants. I just hope they only wear them for a game or two.
  11. New College Football Uniforms

    What in God's name did they do to Kansas State's jersey? I know the replicas don't have the cuffed arm, but that is one plain and stupid looking jersey!
  12. UCF's new helmets

    Is that their new jersey in the background of the photo?
  13. UCF's new helmets

    Why are they in NFL mini helmet boxes? Also I think they made a nice change.
  14. Obscure Jerseys

    Those are nice. I live about 30 minutes east of Dublin. How many local High Schools have hockey? Again very cool jerseys.
  15. Vancouver Canucks Concept

    Great work! I love it, I love that logo. On the jersey, how would it look it the side stripes formed a V in the front?