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  1. It doesn't work well. I say this as someone who has stripped jerseys and had them recustomized (LOL authentic Nick Swisher Sox jersey for $20). By the way, if anybody knows a place that redoes NFL jerseys, send me a DM. Anyway, I bought a $10 Marlins aqua hat on eBay for the purpose of taking the logo off, because if I mess up, who cares? It's the Marlins. Anyway, the NE logo is too intricate at such a small size. Too many turns and such. I got it all off, but there are a few small nicks and holes in the fabric and you can see a substantial outline of where the logo was. I'd probably just try a marker, but not a Sharpie. Get a fabric marker, but test it on paper and make sure the blue is close to the hat color.
  2. No reason they can't, but also no reason they should. People might think "well, that will help eliminate commercials," but it won't. They might trim 15-30 seconds off between each inning, but that's in exchange for the above crap after every out. No, it's not that burdensome here, but it will only get larger and be on the screen more time. Also (this is more in general and not to your post), this does absolutely nothing to stop ads on jerseys. No matter what the NBA may say, no American pro sports team (other than about a third of the NHL) is in financial ruin to the point where it absolutely has to have that last bit of advertising income. The Padres and Reds will survive just fine without ads on jerseys or post-AB sponsorships. But that is money the league knows is out there. It's not going to pass it up for other income. It'll just take that in addition to the other income. Baseball has been great with minimizing manufacturer logos in the past, but the NE logo on the caps looks terrible and intrusive. And in a few years we'll get an UnderArmour logo on each jersey chest. It's sadly a matter of time before baseball stops feigning being "better than that" and puts ads on the jerseys. Having in-game commercials won't do a thing to stop that. We'll still have lengthy commercial breaks (longer in the playoffs), we'll have ads taking up half the screen after each AB, and we'll have ads on the jerseys. And we'll accept it because us, that's why. There's no better solution here.
  3. I know what you're saying, but I think that's just a product of that particular time in merchandising. I loved the hats and locker room shirts that teams got in the '90s, but in retrospect, they included a lot of graphics just for the hell of it. I mean, sure, a Bulls jersey makes much more sense for the Bulls than Mardi Gras stuff for the Packers, but I think they just fall in line with "lets throw more crap on there because screen printing is cool." And that Bulls had had real leather stitched on for the basketball. Because why not. I've still got it somewhere. I have the shirts, too, although I doubt they fit me anymore. Actually, they probably do. I was a big kid. Anyway, I think in recent years the Super Bowl merchandise hadn't taken on too much of host city of logo. Around the time Reebok started making the locker room gear, it became bland and "fill in the blank," which in retrospect was maybe good. While I dislike them moving away from unique logos for each game, I think the particular logo they chose was horrendous. 51 and 52 are slightly improved with the color thrown in, but even with that, the L is separated from the I's for no reason. The trophy should be behind those letters, but they didn't want to cover the damn shield. But jokes on them, but the league logo doesn't even appear cleanly on the logo. It appears distorted: on an angle, moving toward the viewer, and in monochrome silver. Dumb.
  4. I agree. Since the advent of Coolbase jerseys in 2007, the White Sox have eschewed their BP jerseys to wear the black alts during ST games. That was until last year, where they made a Spring version of their black alts with the '80s logo to be worn only during ST. Anyway, before last year, the Sox would wear the crappy black alts for the entire spring, and then when they made their way home to start the season, it was refreshing to see them in their normal home and road jerseys. Of course, more than once they ruined that by wearing the crappy black alts on opening day.
  5. I don't hate the Nationals using the flag-logo alternate. I don't think it's particularly well done, but they play in the nation's capital and are named the Nationals, so it's not out of place. Plus, they rarely wear it, and it's better than the awful red jerseys which they wear all the damn time. But for the Blue Jays, this makes zero sense. It's unnecessary, has nothing to do with their identity, and they will wear it once a week. Was there a clamoring among the fans for a red jersey? Probably not. But worse than just wearing a red jersey and hat, they're both horribly done. They could have made an attractive jersey which featured red and, you know, their primary color, but they chose not to. Making the logo monochrome red is inexcusable. The hat is laughably bad. The S&S caps teams are forced to wear every year are crap, but at least they feature the teams' logos! This hat has literally nothing to do with the team, and won't be recognized by anybody outside of this message board as a Blue Jays hat. This hat would be a boon for local value stores and gift shops selling nearly-identical reproductions, except I don't think anyone will actually want to buy this hat. Lots of American kids will inadvertently get a Blue Jays hat as a gift when their parent comes back from a business trip to Toronto, but that's the extent of this alternate's success.
  6. Not sure if you're joking, but that's literally the worst thing I've ever seen. Nothing to inspire the fans like gray and yellow!
  7. The Cardinals moved twice. They started out in Chicago.
  8. I know, and I agree it's not a problem. But I've said before that set would look just as good, or even better, if the numbers were changed to white with the horns staying yellow. I don't know if the next set will have white outlines considering recent trends. The Vikings uniform would have looked great with yellow outlines, but they went single color on both jerseys. And while I think outlines are almost always better, I feel that the balance of thick yellow sleeve horns with white numbers would work just fine. Or maybe they do something like the current stripes, with white and yellow both on the stripe/horn. In that case, they probably would need a white outline to balance it out.
  9. I agree that this combo is the best each team has ever looked and the logical solution. While both are awful franchises, the possibility exists the Rams will bring back something similar to this set (although it'll likely be Nikefied in a hugely detrimental way). However, we know that the Chargers are intent on complementing their garbage organization with garbage uniforms. And the last decade has seen them pissing off San Diego fans who wanted a return to that classic set above. Unlike with the Rams, there were no groundswell of support for the Chargers to move back and restore the classic look that fans watched for years. The Chargers were only there for a year, it was 50 years ago, and they didn't even have color TVs, so very few people accurately saw what the team looked like. Now that they could be moving to LA and abandoning probably 95% of their fanbase, there's no reason at all for Spanos to switch back to that set. They'll probably change to something else modern, but keep the navy and keep looking terrible. 1. Hell no. The solution is to incorporate white into the jerseys, not to remove it from the pants. 2. That goes without saying.
  10. That Indians' set blew hard. It took a classic set and made it worse in pretty much every way. The addition of silver (which looked white on the jersey numbers from a distance). The shrinking of Wahoo on the caps, the triple-outline Wahoo on the sleeves. The swapping red for navy piping on the homes (which persists today). The forcing silver into the sleeve piping so it didn't match the plackets. Maybe the worst of it was the change to the lighter navy caps. The lighter navy absolutely doesn't look good with red. and the caps suffered big time with that switch. Luckily, they switched back to the dark navy on all caps a year or two ago. I've said it before, but the '90s Indians set was pretty much perfection. Their current set is every bit the Sabres/76ers/Suns "We made a mistake, so we'll go back to the great look we had. Except we'll change it in several inane ways to make it worse than that set just to say we're different." The Mets are the only recent team I can think of which was smart enough to go full-sail back to a previous great set without "modernizing" it in some stupid way. Teams shouldn't be afraid to go back to something which was great.
  11. In a quest to use every color combination possible, the White Sox wore royal blue and white in 1969 and 1970. They missed the red the Cubs use, but it was still horribly inappropriate to take a primary color associated with an in-town rival, without at very least using a noticeably different secondary color.
  12. I hope so, but I fear that died with George. In the past few years, we've seen the Yankees wear BP caps during games, wearing red hats with stars and stripes on the logo and wearing jerseys with camouflage numbers. George would have told the league to blow it out their asses and paid whatever fine they gave him.
  13. The UA chest logo is bad. It's HORRIBLE. There's no excusing it. It doesn't matter if they do it at college. It looks bad and it's awful for the major leagues. The fact that "it happens elsewhere" is not reason enough to pretend it looks decent. The NFL, which has effectively whored itself out better than any other league, has refused to allow manufacturer logos on the fronts. And it would at least be a more natural place on a football jersey, by a seam instead of just awkwardly placed in the middle of the chest. Also, you'll notice that the single color logo gets lost against the Yankees pinstripes. I'm guessing that against pinstripes, the logo will have a colored outline to make it stand out. It'll probably just be a white outline on the Yankees jersey, maybe silver on the White Sox'.
  14. The marketing team is a bunch of dopes. They said they want to emphasize "the Sox brand." Apparently, they felt that people would see a Chicago jersey in black and gray, with a white sock on the sleeve, and assume it was a Cubs jersey. "Our primary logo doesn't appear anywhere on the road jersey." So? The only team with an iconic look who features their primary mark on the roads is the Cardinals, and that's dumb of them. Basically, their marketing team is a bunch of George Constanzas, and every two or three years the high-ups catch them tossing pencils into the drop ceiling and ask, "What the hell have you guys been doing for the last year?" So, they did something like this, backed by no sound reasoning or evidence it would improve the brand. Just as stupid, the next year they suddenly changed the road pants to piping after 20 seasons, despite the fact that it drops a unique element (in which the team won a world championship) and creates an awful mismatch with the jersey.
  15. I agree, and at the risk of being attacked by a mob, I don't particularly care for either the Yankees or Tigers home uniforms. Bother are iconic and should never be changed, but if either were an expansion team starting fresh, I'd consider the designs and the lack of a tertiary color underwhelming.