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  1. Will the Browns be the only fly wire collar still left? I think so, right?
  2. FWIW I associate Walton with the championship team look of the Blazers especially this one with the vertical name... The framed one he's holding reminds me more of the Clyde Drexler/TerryPorter 1980's era Blazers.
  3. It really was a bigger thing back in the 80's/early 90's when you had to "win your division" in the playoffs before playing the other playoff division winner in your conference for the right to play the team that won the other conference in the Finals. In those days the ECF was always a guaranteed Patrick vs Adams matchup, with the WCF always being Norris vs. Smythe. During those matchups the teams would always be referred to as the "winners" of their particular division even if they didnt win it in the regular season. At one point the Islanders had a "1993 Patrick Division Playoff Champion" banner after they took out Washington and Pittsburgh that year, even though Pittsburgh won the division going away in the regular season. I don't know if they still do. I believe that was the final year of that playoff format.
  4. They wore road grays for the 3 games in Cleveland, and went with the white pinstripes for 2 games and the sleeveless look 2 games in Florida.
  5. Atlantic Division, you mean. Based on the format and having beaten Montreal and Ottawa, they'd for all intents and purposes have won the postseason Atlantic Division, without actually being in it. The winner of Pittsburgh/Washington would be the Metro playoff champ.
  6. I dont consider Kasper's RIGHT uniform to be a Pens uniform at all.
  7. It's bad enough we're foisting the Brown on the fans in the UK, do we really have to hit them with Color Rush too?
  8. If you look at the logo on the helmet there is a silver outline on it, it just blends in with the helmet.
  9. When the Gunds agreed to merge the Barons into the North Stars, they actually became the majority owners of the North Stars. They then retained that for the next 13 years, and after not being able to convince the NHL to let them move the North Stars to the Bay Area, they convinced the NHL to let them sell the team to Howard Baldwin and start up the Sharks as an expansion team in 1991. When they left they were able to take a certain % of the North Stars roster with him, and drafted the rest from the other 19 teams in a quasi-expansion draft. There's definitely a connection in ownership between the Seals/Barons and Sharks, although whether they're the same "franchise" or not is sort of fuzzy.
  10. Image of a game between the Cleveland Barons and Minnesota North Stars in 1977. The Barons merged into the North Stars the following year. The last real "contraction" of a franchise in North American major sports
  11. Well it's not completely unheard of for teams from warm weather locales to reference that in their uniforms, even if it really has nothing to do with their identity. The Rays just had the benefit of the play on words/homonym....
  12. only if they trade for Marchand and Draisaitl
  13. Interesting... Goddammit! Thompson's Water Seal has been LYING to us all these years!!
  14. Seals isn't bad, but Seattle Sea Lions flows a little better off the tongue
  15. Was always a fan of this one: