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  1. I'm sure she's doing exactly what the script and the director tells her to do, but the execution just seems flawed to me. Like for example, when she's supposed to be angry, it just seems overly fake, and it's just hard to take her seriously. She seems more like a person playing a character, instead of actually becoming the character. This is all just my opinion of course.
  2. mod edit: removed for abusive dialogue
  3. Agreed. I'm not sure if it's the actress playing Piper or the actual script, but there's just something about Piper that I really dislike. I wonder how she'd fair if she was portrayed by a better actress. Oh, and I don't hate Jason Biggs' character, but damn does Jason Biggs suck at acting. Dude is flat out awful.
  4. Just finished Season Two. It was a pretty good finale, and I won't spoil much since some haven't watched it yet, but they didn't really leave many cliffhangers for season 3. A lot of the problems throughout season 2 are resolved by the finale. (But I won't say how it happened or anything like that ) Oh, and that new, young Asian girl has nice boobs.
  5. Okay two things the Lakers had more coverage this year as Losing team than the clippers did a winning won (excluding the sterling situation) and the only time I've seen Ducks coverage on in non NHL primary sources was during the Kings-Ducks series which is sad because they realy are a good team and deserve more than they get. This is some terrible grammar right here.
  6. Trading for a 37 year old defenseman who is still pretty good is not a bad move, considering they only gave up a 5th round pick. Obviously they need to develop D for the future, but Boyle will definitely help in the next year or two, if he does sign.
  7. Both of you just be quiet.
  8. McGuire might not be a bad hire, he might do well.
  9. Definitely an upgrade over what they currently have. Pretty nice. If you want, you could maybe explore with some different number fonts. The number font they use right now is kind of bland.
  10. Did the Giants use that hat for a St. Patty's Spring Training game or something, or is it just a fashion cap?
  11. I don't know, I'm just weird and I like to complain about :censored:.
  12. Yeah, the only time religion is brought up is when it pertains to a Sports related issue, or in The Lounge, a current events issue. I'm sure if somebody created a "Bible Study" thread or something of the like, it would be taken down. Anyways, back to hockey! Sorry Lee, I was just trying to defend myself.
  13. I bet if I used something like this, none of you would give a :censored:.
  14. Did you find a religious thread? and yay Kings lost!
  15. Well, us non-in-your-face Christians are extremely offended by that. Nobody's telling you what to believe, but don't go to the other end of the spectrum just to ruffle feathers. If anything, just think of it as a Metal symbol, since that's what it's primarily used as anyways. Satan's just a concept that was invented by you guys anyways.