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  1. I completely disagree with you on this one, I think the pink and brighter aqua scream Miami similar to the Heat's alternate uniform they're wearing this season. These scream South Beach. They scream Don Johnson in loafers without socks. They just feel oh so right.
  2. College Football uniforms- 2018

    These uniforms looks like the angsty teenage kid of the 90's gold uniforms and the last Nike set... doing everything to piss off its parents.
  3. Funniest Sports Logos

    Graduated from Hoopeston Area High School, home of the Cornjerkers. Even growing up with the name, I still laugh.
  4. XFL Return, new logo

    The blue reads closer to purple, am I seeing it weird? Am I broken? I'm not crazy right, that's "Blurple" right? HELP.
  5. Albany Empire

    First thing that came to mind was the character from Dead Space:
  6. NHL 2017-18

    I got a Fanatics brand Red Wings sweater for Christmas and I have to say, I am a HUGE fan of it! After checking out the new Adidas jerseys in-store I decided that the extra money for the logo just didn't make sense to me so when asked what I wanted for Christmas, I pointed my family in the direction of the Fanatics brand sweater. They're basically the Reebok Premier jerseys I've been buying for the last few years, they've just sewn in a fight strap. What I really like about the Fanatics jersey is the fact that the crests and numbers are a much softer material, it feels really nice to the touch and when I have the jersey on. The fabric is a lot softer than the Adidas jerseys and previous Reebok's, which has been a complaint I've had for a while, why were the Reebok jerseys so much coarser than the old CCM jerseys? I just bought an AHL CCM jersey a few weeks ago while at a game and was amazing that the fabric was different than the Reebok jerseys, it felt much smoother and softer. The Fanatics jersey has a different cut that is really comfortable, I don't feel like the jersey is going to get in the way or end up somewhere I don't want it. Tighter tailoring is nice and while initially I thought the collars were goofy looking, now that I've worn mine a round I'm a big fan of it! The collar is a thicker material than the rest of the jersey and falls flat nicely, I think it's going to be a really nice sweater to wear over a hoodie in a few weeks when I venture to Chicago the Wings vs. Hawks game! I'm really interested in seeing how the jersey holds up over time, I tend to wear my jerseys A LOT, so this one is going to get some wear early in its life. Has anyone else bought/been gifted a Fanatics jersey? What are your thoughts on them and have yours worn well?
  7. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    Western Michigan looks horrid, I want to rip my eye-balls out, but the one thing that drives me nuts about their uniforms for the last three years is their inability to wear the bronco logo correctly. They also seem to have invert the logo and it doesn't look right... EVER!
  8. Hardest City for Fictional Concept Leagues

    For Salt Lake City, I have used bee names (since Utah is the Beehive State) so, Swarm, Killerbees blah blah blah... once for a football team I used Salt Lake City Valley Cats and I know someone on this very board did an awesome hockey concept with the name Salt Lake City Scorpions.
  9. Las Vegas Aces- NHL Expansion

    Bravo! I was floored by Hockey Hound, the style of it is something I could see die-hard fans getting tattooed.
  10. Custom Football Tips/Advice Thread--Share Your Pictures!

    Sorry boys, I haven't had a chance to get pictures of my helmets and facemasks. I'll get them up once things slow down between work and the holidays. I hope every enjoys celebrating their chosen holidays!
  11. Custom Football Tips/Advice Thread--Share Your Pictures!

    I might actually be interested in that deal. Rough estimate....how much would shipping be? I will get back to you on that next weekend. I'm currently at school and can't get anyone at home to take pictures for me. I'll have to go over to the post office and see if I can get the helmet to fit in flat rate shipping box.
  12. Custom Football Tips/Advice Thread--Share Your Pictures!

    I literally have a couple trasbags full of helmet shells and I have two big boxes full of facemasks if anyone would be interested in them I could part ways with them if you're willing to cover shipping. They're taking up way too much space and need to get rid of them. I have all the inner "guts" of the helmets and chinstraps too. If you want pictures let me know.
  13. Custom Football Tips/Advice Thread--Share Your Pictures!

    When I need a helmet painted I call around to the local body shops. When I had one of my helmets painted black a local guy was already shooting black and was able to do my helmet for $35. He did helmets for a teacher of mine and was able to beauitfully match Minnesota's old paint for a helmet and only charged him $40.
  14. Custom Football Tips/Advice Thread--Share Your Pictures!

    I am going to be ordering decals for my Kentucky helmet and now I'll have to be deciding on what decals to put on my all black Xenith (suggestions would be weclomed) Thanks for sharing the site, anyone know of any places that will do small lots of custom decals? I have a fantasy football helmet I would like to have a custom logo put on. Also, do you guys think a Revo back bumper sticker would fit on a Xenith helmet bumper?
  15. All-exclusive cap discussion thread

    I apply to Lids every thirty days... keep praying they call!