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  1. DnBronc

    Forgotten Rivalries

    If they would have had the post-1994 playoff format from 1983-90, there may have been at least two Oiler-Flame conference final meetings, if not more.
  2. They should go back to the old creamsicle look (with red pants on the road instead of orange), but replace Bucco Bruce with a smaller flag (not the big flag they have today. The person who designed their current unis is a moron).
  3. DnBronc

    If You Ruled The World of Sports

    It may have.
  4. DnBronc

    If You Ruled The World of Sports

    I'm with you. These sports are a front for <MOD EDIT> and God knows what else.
  5. DnBronc

    Worst owners in Sports

    Fair enough. That video made it seem like they were always trading off star players, though.
  6. DnBronc

    Worst owners in Sports

    You're welcome.
  7. DnBronc

    Worst owners in Sports

    Jones must not care about winning titles that much, though. He keeps Jason Garrett as HC, a guy who should have been fired years ago.
  8. DnBronc

    If You Ruled The World of Sports

    All sports Have all teams community owned. No more single-person ownership. NFL Kick Brady, Belichick and Ernie Adams out of the league. They cheated, and they got away with it. Also, force Kraft to give up his team, and take NE's SB titles away (they would also be banned from the HOF). Reduce # of teams to 30 (contract Buffalo and Jacksonville). Go back to three divisions per conference. No Pro Bowl (or All-Star games in any league) Reduce # of games to 14 (with two bye weeks). Only have three pre-season games, and start the regular season in mid-August. Get rid of Thursday and Sunday Night Football (Make Monday Night Football great again!) except for the season opener and Thanksgiving. MLB Reduce season to 100 games (starting in mid-April). NBA Reduce season to 50 games (starting in early November) Reduce # of teams to 26 (contract Magic, Grizzlies, Kings, and Pelicans) and move the Thunder back to Seattle. Go back to two divisions per conference. NHL Reduce season to 50 games (starting in early November) Reduce # of teams to 27 (contract Coyotes, Blue Jackets, Hurricanes, and Panthers) and move the Vegas team to Quebec.
  9. DnBronc

    Worst owners in Sports

    Ron Fowler-San Diego Padres He was part of the previous ownership group led by Jeff Moorad that was also terrible. Under these owners, they have been Pittsburgh Pirates West. There is a Facebook group called Change the Padres that posted a video on Dailymotion talking about the recent owners: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/xxbap0
  10. DnBronc

    Forgotten Rivalries

    In the late-60's, the Jets and Raiders did have a little rivalry going. I am not sure when it ended, but my guess is that it was around 1970.
  11. DnBronc

    Unpopular Sports Opinions

    1. Jerry Rice isn't the GOAT WR or NFL player. He was good, but he was a product of a dink and dunk offensive system where he really didn't run real pass routes, and he really didn't face a lot of CB coverage because they were in zones against SF a lot of the time. 2. Bob Knight is more admirable than John Wooden. Knight was a bully, but at least he wasn't a cheater. All of Wooden's titles are tainted. 3. Pete Rose shouldn't have bet on baseball. He should have been punished. And, he should have admitted it instead of being an ass hat. That being said, I think that he should be in the HOF. Someone got those hits, and at least he didn't steal WS titles by using cheating equipment like Belichick, Ernie Adams, and Brady did. What NE has done was way worse than what Rose did.
  12. DnBronc

    Football and CTE

    Yeah. There's not only those examples, but here's another one (the Washington Post link wants you to pay if you have clicked on their site too many times): https://superfraud.blogspot.com/2016/05/another-case-for-complete-abolishing-of.html Apparently, this was done by football players. One of them was a huge troublemaker who was moved from Texas (naturally) to Idaho so he could finish high school.
  13. DnBronc

    Football and CTE

    Penn State says hi. Montana says hi (a girl was raped by some football players several years ago, and the president of the university told her to not say anything). Texas youth football (I posted an example a few pages back. Maybe you didn't read it) says hi.
  14. DnBronc

    NY Jets

    They should go back to the green helmet. There are already two other teams in their division with white helmets.
  15. DnBronc

    Alternate SPORTS! History Thread

    On the Alternatehistory.com forum, I started a thread about sports trades that you would have liked to see (or almost happened). Here are a few that should have happened (in my opinion): Spring 1990: Roger Craig (and a third-rounder) from the 49ers to the Raiders for Marcus Allen. Craig was washed-up by 1990, and Allen's career was stuck in LA with his nemesis Al Davis. Craig could have provided the Raiders with a decent backup, and Allen could have been a key piece in keeping the 49er dynasty going. Spring 1993: Jeff George from Colts to Vikings for 21st overall pick. The Colts were 9-7 the year before, but not because of George. They should have gotten rid of him a year earlier (and brought in Viking QB Rich Gannon as FA). Then, with the 21st overall pick, they could have drafted RB Robert Smith (or packaged the 16th and 21st picks in an attempt to move up to the top eight and take Jerome Bettis).