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  1. DnBronc

    Worst owners in Sports

    Ron Fowler-San Diego Padres He was part of the previous ownership group led by Jeff Moorad that was also terrible. Under these owners, they have been Pittsburgh Pirates West. There is a Facebook group called Change the Padres that posted a video on Dailymotion talking about the recent owners: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/xxbap0
  2. DnBronc

    Forgotten Rivalries

    In the late-60's, the Jets and Raiders did have a little rivalry going. I am not sure when it ended, but my guess is that it was around 1970.
  3. DnBronc

    Unpopular Sports Opinions

    1. Jerry Rice isn't the GOAT WR or NFL player. He was good, but he was a product of a dink and dunk offensive system where he really didn't run real pass routes, and he really didn't face a lot of CB coverage because they were in zones against SF a lot of the time. 2. Bob Knight is more admirable than John Wooden. Knight was a bully, but at least he wasn't a cheater. All of Wooden's titles are tainted. 3. Pete Rose shouldn't have bet on baseball. He should have been punished. And, he should have admitted it instead of being an ass hat. That being said, I think that he should be in the HOF. Someone got those hits, and at least he didn't steal WS titles by using cheating equipment like Belichick, Ernie Adams, and Brady did. What NE has done was way worse than what Rose did.
  4. DnBronc

    Football and CTE

    Yeah. There's not only those examples, but here's another one (the Washington Post link wants you to pay if you have clicked on their site too many times): https://superfraud.blogspot.com/2016/05/another-case-for-complete-abolishing-of.html Apparently, this was done by football players. One of them was a huge troublemaker who was moved from Texas (naturally) to Idaho so he could finish high school.
  5. DnBronc

    Football and CTE

    Penn State says hi. Montana says hi (a girl was raped by some football players several years ago, and the president of the university told her to not say anything). Texas youth football (I posted an example a few pages back. Maybe you didn't read it) says hi.
  6. DnBronc

    NY Jets

    They should go back to the green helmet. There are already two other teams in their division with white helmets.
  7. DnBronc

    Alternate SPORTS! History Thread

    On the Alternatehistory.com forum, I started a thread about sports trades that you would have liked to see (or almost happened). Here are a few that should have happened (in my opinion): Spring 1990: Roger Craig (and a third-rounder) from the 49ers to the Raiders for Marcus Allen. Craig was washed-up by 1990, and Allen's career was stuck in LA with his nemesis Al Davis. Craig could have provided the Raiders with a decent backup, and Allen could have been a key piece in keeping the 49er dynasty going. Spring 1993: Jeff George from Colts to Vikings for 21st overall pick. The Colts were 9-7 the year before, but not because of George. They should have gotten rid of him a year earlier (and brought in Viking QB Rich Gannon as FA). Then, with the 21st overall pick, they could have drafted RB Robert Smith (or packaged the 16th and 21st picks in an attempt to move up to the top eight and take Jerome Bettis).
  8. DnBronc

    Alternate SPORTS! History Thread

    Here's the thing: If the Bears only have the fourth pick that year, do they take Butkus or Sayers?
  9. DnBronc

    Alternate SPORTS! History Thread

    Good point about Butkus. Another scary point: In 1974, the Steelers got Jack Lambert. If Butkus can play by then, maybe him and Lambert are on the field together (I think that some people looked at Jack as an OLB when he came out) for a year or so. Not a pleasant thought for offenses. Back to Miami without Marino. In reality, they were 5-11 in 1988 with Marino. Without him, they probably go 2-14, and get the #1 overall pick. There is a certain local coach who is getting ready to leave the local college football team. In reality, he goes to Dallas. However, with the #1 overall pick, and a chance to stay in his beloved Miami, we may have never seen the Jones-Johnson pairing.
  10. DnBronc

    Alternate SPORTS! History Thread

    For this entry, I will discuss what may have happened to Miami. Shula holds on to Woodley for two more years, but by 1984, he implodes due to alcohol abuse. He was a ticking time bomb waiting to happen. He really didn't enjoy playing in front of large crowds (in fact, it scared him to death), and he drank to get over his fears (there is an ESPN link at this link): https://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/2b14hf/the_sad_case_of_david_woodley_you_might_want_to/ With no good replacement for Woodley (for some reason, I have the Fins missing out on guys like Esiason, Randall Cunningham, and Jim Everett), the Dolphins are one of the worst teams in the NFL by 1987 and 88, and Shula is fired at the end of the 1988 season.
  11. DnBronc

    Football and CTE

    I would like to see Texas do that, but they probably won't. I am looking at that article I posted on the last page, and it is sad. This guy is telling eight year olds to practice full throttle and be tougher. Several families took their kids out of the program because of that letter (and they were scared of repercussions, including the guy that e-mailed Rick Reilly). Heck, in that same Frisco, TX league, a coach was caught telling his eight year olds to hit someone in the face the year before. Those kids are Junior High age now. If those same kids that quit football (because of that letter) are still not playing today, I wonder if they are taking abuse from other students.
  12. DnBronc

    Football and CTE

    This is from 2012, but it is a good example. Here is a piece from Rick Reilly: http://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/8217949/do-pee-wee-players-need-killer-instinct Here is a two-part piece someone did on their blog about this idiotic Texas coach: http://superfraud.blogspot.com/2012/08/another-example-of-how-completely-out.html http://superfraud.blogspot.com/2012/08/and-another-example-of-ugly-american.html
  13. DnBronc

    Football and CTE

    Two more articles about the subject for today: http://www.leagueoffans.org/2018/07/11/why-are-we-still-letting-our-kids-play-football/ https://www.menshealth.com/health/a21346159/should-kids-play-football/
  14. DnBronc

    Choking / Cursed Franchises

    During that time, the Blues made one of the worst trades ever: http://ottawacitizen.com/sports/hockey/nhl/senators-extra/the-most-lopsided-trade-deadline-deals-ever SI used to have a section on their website in the early-00's called Say It Ain't So that dealt with bad trades and other player transactions that fans didn't like. In the Blues section, this trade was mentioned. This one fan said that he was raking leaves on the day of the trade, and he threw his rake in another yard when he heard about the trade over the radio. He then called the sports radio stations in St. Louis, telling them that this was a bad trade.
  15. DnBronc

    Choking / Cursed Franchises

    The one year they get a first-round QB in the 2000's, they trade up for J.P. Losman. If they would have kept that pick (a 2005 first-rounder), they could have had A-Rod, and they probably don't have to waste picks in this decade on E.J. Manuel and Josh Allen.