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  1. The Gambler

    Baltimore Bombers

    not bad. not sure if i like the explosion background...makes it look like box art from a GI Joe toy in the 80's. i like the stealth bomber plane.
  2. Josh not sure if this is how to.send a PM on here. I saw what you did for that chrlston team and man it looked great. I was wondering if you could help me on a few I have? I'm not like that one guy. I am open to paying you for your services. Let me know if your interested. Email me at



  3. The Gambler

    NY Knicks Concept (Logo and Uniforms)

    Not bad. Keep up the good work
  4. The Gambler

    NCAA Basketball Court Series

    Simple and clean looking, I like it. Try this year's national Champs next, Kentucky
  5. The Gambler

    Don takes on MLB

    I love the Sox home jersey, looks sharp!
  6. The Gambler

    Nike Pro Combat Series

    I like the idea behind the tree pattern. I think it just needs to be fleashed out a bit more, less green. I like the tree gloves, maybe get rid of the "S" on the palms of the gloves. Keep up the good work Kenny
  7. The Gambler

    NCAA Basketball Court Series

    I disagree, I like both. But I really like the BC one. Nice Job!
  8. The Gambler

    VOTE - Logolympiad - Event 5

    G - 10 S - 9 B - 2
  9. The Gambler

    Oklahoma City Thunder Concept ( secondary logo)

    Go Sonics!
  10. The Gambler

    Anaheim Royals

    Not bad
  11. The Gambler

    Fixing the Senators

  12. The Gambler

    NCAA Football Realignment Concept Project (ACC)

    Not a fan of the shoulder stripes
  13. The Gambler

    Atlanta Thrashers Jersey Concept

    Not bad