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  1. I hope so, those throwbacks are some of my favorite uniforms in all of football. Along with an orange helmet featuring the V sabre logo, Virginia easily has one of the best looks in college football IMO.
  2. I really dig your take on the Titans, it's a great balance of Oilers and Titans design elements. The sword helmet and pant stripe looks awesome too. The only thing that I might change is the alternate, The home and away barely use navy at all making the navy monochrome not very cohesive with the rest of the set. A red alternate like the poster above me mentioned might be interesting to see.
  3. I think option 1 is a great solution, your designs look so much cleaner without the black lines getting in the way.
  4. He was a great player who was beloved by Titans fans and did a lot to establish Titans fandom. His stats may not be quite HOF worthy, but his number of carries every season shows how tough of a guy he was, and he has left a definite legacy in Nashville. My first jersey was #27, so I really hope that Henry chooses a different number.
  5. The Titans are wearing red, not columbia blue, according to the leak.
  6. Ugh, I really don't understand why Kentucky insists on using the checkerboard pattern when it's been a major part of Tennessee's identity for years.
  7. You're right, this looks surprisingly good. I wouldn't want UT to start mismatching often, but it could be refreshing every once in a while.
  8. Well done Memphis. Not too many schools can choose from stick nike team options and make a decent looking uniform. option 1 for me. please tell me im not the only one that thinks these look like Nope, you are not. I don't think the design itself is bad at all, but that shade of blue looks off, almost teal.
  9. That's a really nice logo actually, not at all what I was expecting. However I do agree with GnG510 in that removing red would be a big upgrade for UCONN. Also, is that a very light powder blue in the husky's eyes? That would be an interesting addition to the color scheme.
  10. Well that's a relief, orange trim will look much better. I hope that the jerseys are not so plain-looking though, a good font would probably solve that.
  11. Why is black even being considered? PLEASE don't let these rumors be true, that would be absolutely terrible.
  12. That's really my main issue with the Cowboy's colors, they could kind of have an excuse if they had been doing it for years, but in those pictures, all of the colors match. It just doesn't make any sense.
  13. Oh ok, I wasn't aware of Arizona's connection to the military, thanks for the info.
  14. I'm really liking these, nice work! One question though, why is Arizona's second jersey so heavily influenced by the Air Force?
  15. I like this Baylor set, huge upgrade in my opinion, I even like the number font from what I can tell. Like others have said though, I don't like that the paw is gold on the white jersey, and that black set has always been ugly, and the gold chrome helmet makes it worse.