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  1. These all have been awesome, but I really think that the Nets have been your best yet. That would seriously make an amazing primary for them right now, no changes needed IMO. I really hope you get to finish the whole league
  2. Since the Preds leak I have been trying to convince myself all day that I like these new jerseys because they are at least free of piping or any other nonsense, but I just can't lie to myself anymore. Nashville downgraded so badly. I totally appreciate thought of cleaning up and alreadycsolid look, but they went too far. Our on ice uniforms now look like cheap fashion jerseys from Walmart, and I am afraid that the aways will look even worse.
  3. That interlocking DP logo looks really awesome, but I wish that the P was positioned below the D because currently I read it as "Pistons, Detroit" rather than "Detroit Pistons".
  4. Actually, Brandiose did already get to work with an MLB team when they worked with the Reds. That being said, I love the idea for this series, and your first concept is very accurate. I really like the subtle touch of the sunrays around the elephants trunk.
  5. I love the promotion of yellow/gold (whatever you call it) over navy, it helps their brand really stand out in an NHL full of navy blue teams. Our uniforms could be executed slightly better with a few tweaks and making the color of the helmet better match the color of the jersey, but overall I think that the Predators look is at its best that it has ever been.
  6. Those new Washington State uniforms are such a massive downgrade. Their last set was one of the better ones in college football IMO., and now they're a block number font away from looking like a cheap high school. Why remove all of the character?
  7. You're right, the shades of yellow are very slightly off, likely due to the reason you stated. Not enough to be obvious, but when you look long enough you can definitely see it. I don't mind them as they are now too much, but I hope that they can be made to match better in the future.
  8. I agree with what the poster above me said, that was the only thing that really bothered my about the concept. Outside of that it's a solid set and that alt is seriously gorgeous.
  9. This set looks really great to me, even better than what I was expecting from the leaks. The helmet looks really nice. Granted, I am a bit of a sucker for metallic facemasks but I think it fits the Lions well. The jerseys are good but somewhat plain, which is why I like the Lions script in the sleeve stripe as added flair. The font looks fantastic- its modern, clean and fits the look well. The pants stripe remaining clean and traditional was a great choice. My only criticism would be that it should say Lions on both sleeves, the WCF breaks up the stripe and clutters things too much.
  10. I appreciate what you're going for here, but I think that a couple choices are misguided. To echo what others are saying, the hem stripe is much too busy as is, especially in comparison to the much simpler sleeve stripes. It really reminds me of a christmas sweater more than a native american pattern. The addition of teal is also really neat idea, but I think that you could find a better way to balance it in the uniform with the other colors. It may even work better with black than the double maroon. Either way, I think this is a few simple tweaks away from being really nice.
  11. You both bring up a lot of really good points, and I agree with you in your examples. I think that the I find it less offensive in this case because the script is actually contained within the stripe so it muddles the design less than some of those logos do. And in the time we live in now, I don't think quick descriptors are as necessary on the sleeves of uniforms. However, it will be interesting to see if the smaller sleeves we see on players today affects the legibility or appearance. Hahaha, I didn't mean to sound like a PR robot there, but I'll still stand by what I said. I hope I am not derailing this thread to badly here (that wasn't my intetnion at all) but both the Bucs and Jags are a few small tweaks away from having great modern uniform sets. The Bucs already have my favorite helmet in the NFL, and I think that simply changing the number font to match their new wordmark would instantly make their sets one of the better ones in the NFL. With the Jags, simply change the current helmet to have the subtle teal finish like the last one had and wear teal jerseys at home and their set is also great. The inaugural Jaguars uniform that is very highly-praised around here is clean and solid, but really lacks in personality compared to the new set. The Buccaneers previous set was also good, but again, a little bit generic to me. I know that these are unpopular opinions for the most part, but I feel like these threads often spiral down into big circlejerks where people regurgitate the same photos of old uniforms and talking points stating that "all they have to do is return to this exact set!" which is boring to me. It feels like many of you think that the basic outline for what a football uniform should look like was decided half a century ago and that any sets deviating from that are too busy, which I really disagree with. Getting back to the Lions, there is a decent chance that I will regret defending their new set once it is unveiled, but I feel that based upon what can be currently seen that we are in for a solid, interesting set.
  12. Again, this is all speculation since we can't even see the whole set, but from what can be seen this looks to be a pretty conservative set with small pieces of flair like the word mark on the sleeve. Thats why I am confused by people comparing it to the much busier Bucs and Jags (which both sets get too much hate IMO but that's an entirely different discussion). I like that Nike is trying to keep things rooted in the past but also adding touches to make it modern and fresh. I am a detail-oriented person as well, which is why I enjoy this site in the first place. I guess I just don't really see how it's any more stupid or pointless putting a word mark on a sleeve as opposed to a logo other than the fact that we're just not accustomed to seeing it there with most uniforms. It appears to be an interesting added piece of flair that doesn't compromise the stripe, so I don't see anything wrong with it. All that being said, I'll give my full opinion once the complete reveal is done.
  13. Honestly, it surprises me to see all of the hate that these are getting. Based on what can be seen, it looks like a really solid modern twist on a traditionally-styled uniform. Sometimes it seems like a lot of you guys are really stubborn traditionalists. Design is totally subjective of course, but how exactly does the entire set become a "failure" simply because the wordmark is placed in the sleeve stripe?
  14. Honestly, I don't think that their current look is as bad as many of you say. Extend the pants stripe all the way down the pants and take away the contrast stitching and I actually think it is a solid look. I do still agree that it was a downgrade from the classic set. but can they PLEASE introduce a REAL LOGO this time? The whole no logo gimmick is stupid and not even something beloved by the fanbase. They can even make it a stylized helmet if they're so insistent on keeping that.
  15. Fair warning, I am very much looking at this concept through very biased/homer eyes. That being said, I appreciate your unique take on the Predators and while I agree that the sabretooth head isn't perfect, I don't really think that your pawprint logo would be a good replacement. Your concept would be much more generic than its predecessor, and the form isn't really recognizable enough to warrant a spot on the front of a jersey IMO. Also while I like the idea of bringing silver back into the color scheme, it's very reminiscent of Buffalo rather than Nashville. Not to mention that whenever silver and yellow are placed next to each other they tend to bleed together and create a really unpleasant murky color, which takes all of the appeal out of the bright yellow in the Preds scheme IMO. I also think that while the Preds identity is so young, if there's one thing that they own it's the yellow primary jerseys, and I think it'd be a mistake to take that away. I understand that many of these choices are likely based on your personal tastes rather than team history or what the fanbase would potentially want, but I figured I'd just leave my 2 cents.