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  1. Fair warning, I am very much looking at this concept through very biased/homer eyes. That being said, I appreciate your unique take on the Predators and while I agree that the sabretooth head isn't perfect, I don't really think that your pawprint logo would be a good replacement. Your concept would be much more generic than its predecessor, and the form isn't really recognizable enough to warrant a spot on the front of a jersey IMO. Also while I like the idea of bringing silver back into the color scheme, it's very reminiscent of Buffalo rather than Nashville. Not to mention that whenever silver and yellow are placed next to each other they tend to bleed together and create a really unpleasant murky color, which takes all of the appeal out of the bright yellow in the Preds scheme IMO. I also think that while the Preds identity is so young, if there's one thing that they own it's the yellow primary jerseys, and I think it'd be a mistake to take that away. I understand that many of these choices are likely based on your personal tastes rather than team history or what the fanbase would potentially want, but I figured I'd just leave my 2 cents.
  2. Those Civil War warm ups are seriously awesome!
  3. those jumpan logos are MASSIVE, looks to be almost the same size as the main logo.
  4. I dig it, a nice timeless look with some added modern flare. But I couldn't help but be reminded a bit of this
  5. hettinger_rl

    Definitely not in my opinion. They match the flag better without a key line. Also, this is absolutely beautiful work, the best Predators concept I've seen. My only nitpick would be maybe to lighten the grey you used to more of a silver.
  6. I absolutely love what you're doing here, seeing all of these logos brings back all of the great memories of playing Madden after school using my created teams. Seeing them again also made me realize that many weren't as good as I remember. Your updates do a fantastic job of making these usable, modern marks. I think my favorite is the rhino, I never liked that logo when I played, but you made it into one of the best IMO.
  7. I think that this is my favorite LA Chargers edit that I have seen! Your version is so much more balanced while still retaining the motion of the real one. Very nice work, I love the powder blue and yellow!
  8. I really like the color balance you went with here, it's a great utilization of the three colors. I hope that the Titans take a route similar to this.
  9. These are both really awesome! I love the idea of the Columbus set being Celveland-inspired, and I bet that Wild jersey would sell tons.
  10. To encourage more discussion, here are the uniforms: They are a sort of combination of eras, featuring the deeper purple from the early Vikings, with striping that combines the modern style and places it on the shoulders like the Randy Moss era uniforms. I have always liked the way that the gray facemask has looked with the Vikings set, but I wanted to modernize that a bit, so ideally it would have a metallic finish like these USC helmets to evoke Viking armor and modernize a classic look. There is also silver outline around the numbers. Anyways, C&C appreciated, I'd like to hear some more input for the Vikings before posting any more teams.
  11. I couldn't agree more, more of a modern Oilers-inspired look rather than a Texans look-alike.
  12. Great news! The Titans set is solid, but it has felt stale for years IMO. I think a modernization utilizing more red could go a really long way.
  13. Happy 2017 guys! So I have begun studying graphic design in college, meaning that I am beginning the dive into Adobe Illustrator. I am really excited to get serious about something that I have always loved, so to kind of celebrate the transition, I wanted to show a couple of unfinished NFL MS Paint concepts I created. They were originally intended for a complete NFL refresh/rebrand series I was planning, but between school, work and other responsibilities I never had the time. Some will be completely new marks, while others are more like modernizations/tweaks. Anyways, without further ado, I figured I'd start out with one that I am pretty proud of, the Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings logo is really unique and interesting, and while the 2013 logo did a decent job modernizing it, I really wanted to take that a step further. One of my first goals was to create a consistency between the horn on the viking's helmet in the logo and the one seen on the football helmets, and I really like the result. I also wanted to streamline the color scheme a little bit, which explains why I recolored the logo in both the classic scheme on the left, and my proposed new one on the right. I think most of us would agree that the black is superfluous for the Vikings, so I removed that. Another common complaint with the Vikings logo is that the helmet doesn't contrast well enough with the hair, so I decided to take that as an opportunity to add silver as an accent. I think it looks great when paired with the deeper purple and yellow I brought back from the throwback uniform. However, the classic option is provided as a comparison, and I am interested to see which you guys will like better. Anyways, C&C is welcome and appreciated, and I may be able to expand on some of these if there is enough interest.
  14. I disagree, they looked unbelievably generic. A team named "Ragin' Cajuns" should embrace a fun, unique look, not recolored Colts uniforms.